The Iwaku Family Tree

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  1. Ok so everyone is releted to everyone somehow on here. Post down here who your married to in love with, who your children are, your siblings, parents, etc.

    And I plan to create a crazy Iwaku Family Tree...with lots of Incest.

    So in your post write...

    Jinx (Sibling)
    Chanter (Daughter)
    Diana (Grandmother)
    Zypher (Lover)
    Maggie (Daughter)

    ..Thats just an example :P
  2. Re: The Iwaku Famly Tree

    Jinx (Dad)
    Nino (Mum)
    Zypher (ex-spouce)
    Loveless (Child with Zypher)
    Maggie (Grandaughter)
    Dawn (Sister)
    Kura (Sister)
    J.C. Quiinn (long lost blood brother)
  3. Re: The Iwaku Famly Tree

    Jinx (Brother)
    Selenite (Half-Sister/Sister-in-Law)
    Scarlette (Younger Sister)
    Staci (Younger Sister)
    Toast (Brother)
    Zypher (Doppelganger/Husband's Ex)
    Vay (Nephew/Doppelganger/Husband)
    Merrick (Husband)
    Diana (Lover)
    Loveless (Stepdaughter)
    Dawn (Niece?)
    Kura (Niece?)
    Maggie (Niece?/Step-granddaughter)
    XC (Son)
    Kitti (Daughter)
    Darkness (Son-in-Law)
    October (Future Son-in-Law via lovechild with Diana)

    I think that's it.
  4. *is the Iwaku pet* :3

    Also, I am my own grandpa. :D
  5. WTF? I only know I'm Jinx's current Wifey!
    Yay! I gets to be Half-and-InLaw Sister with Osso!
    Then, working out from there, we can say I'm XC's and Kitti's Half-Sorta Auntie,
    Vay's and Merrick Half-Sister In law; Although I should be Vay's Stepmother, too;

    ...and the rest is pretty, um, blurry.
    But I love seeing family trees.

  6. I have all the daddies!
    This is weird. Putting terms to the names is weird.

    I guess Vay and Ozzie can be my (birth parents)...
    And Tribby and Kehvarl can be my (adoptive parents).
    XC is my (sibling).
    OROCHI IS MY (EX HUSBAND). Whose pension I now enjoy. >:[
    Darkness is my underpaid illegal, who's in it for the green card.
  7. I have no family here, because I'm a loner and I'm edgy!

    Just kidding... but idk who they are.

    Except, Dianerp is my almost-cousin.
    And Rory is somehow my grandfather.
  8. Oh, I forgot that Elyd is also Maggie's sister, so I guess she is also either my niece? or another step-granddaughter or something.
  9. I see Diana as a mother figure, then everyone else falls into the category of Friends, allies and potential love interests : )

    I've always thought of myself as that 'Cool uncle that will buy you beer and just got out of prison'.
  10. Octy, Weavel, unanun, Piro, & Miru are my bros.

    Zypher is my sister. lulz

    Tegan is my Gemini.

    Kura is my cardboard box queen. <3 XDD

    Saint Gummy kidnapped me and then everything went black. . . so for all I know we got married in SPACE VEGAS or something.

    Toria is my Pilot when I'm a Gundam.

    Loveless is mah Kitteh.

    Ampoule is my Boss. . . and I am her Snake. . .
  11. I thought I was beyond this, but then I recalled Rory/Leo/(add name here) is my doppelgänger.
  12. Revi is my older sister. That is all I know. =)
  13. Obviously, whoever Osso put in her's would be connected to me somehow.. But on top of my head!~

    OSSO-SAMA - Big sisser
    SARAH-SANS - Sisser
    ILI-SANS- Sisssssserrrrrr
    JINX-BRUDS - Big bruds
    GMK-KUN - Hubbu
    Is that seriously it?
  14. I guess this makes Sarah my sister, too? o__o
  15. 's far as I know~ :3
    She'd be the middle sister.
    I ain't no twin! SHE IS THE..... ALIEN SISTER.
    that means seiji is gonna be married in.
  16. *becomes the family butler*

    I already serve a few people on here anyways. lol
  17. Staci: Sissy.
    Harpy: Female Lovah Lovah~
    Revi: Someone fucking FANTASTIC. (What say you, Revi?)
    Tetsuri: Life Guardian.
  19. ​NOT ENUF.
  20. this fur real? cuz lol, i've seen you guys do some crazy sh** and i cant tell if this is real, or just meant to screw with my head @_@....umm...
    but anyways...

    if this is real...

    Desaecula (fiancee-marriage in october)
    Vladimir Bathory (adopted him as bro)
    Critis (adopted as bro)
    I_AM_THAT_IS (again, adopted as bro)
    Mythril Sage (kinda adopted fiancee as bro)