The iwaku facebook page is alive!

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What do you want to see on our facebook page?

  1. Roleplay & writing related questions

    40 vote(s)
  2. Informative news & writing tips

    50 vote(s)
  3. Roleplay and writing memes

    46 vote(s)
  4. Group roleplay showcasing

    30 vote(s)
  5. Chat roleplay showcasing

    18 vote(s)
  6. Funny/interesting general chat topics

    30 vote(s)
  7. Iwaku information

    49 vote(s)
  8. Highlighting Challenges and workshops

    40 vote(s)

    17 vote(s)
  10. All of them! I WANT EVERYTHING!!!!

    50 vote(s)
  11. Other idea I will tell you about ;D

    3 vote(s)
Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. After having been dead for over a year, we have finally gotten ourselves some mods for the iwaku facebook page and hopefully we'll be able to keep it active for a while. Now we want you to tell us what you would be most interested in seeing on the page. Of course we will make updates when the site is down and warn people before future updates, so you won't have to mention those things. We also won't exclude things simply because they got fewer votes, the poll will just help us with seeing what interests people the most and what we might want to put more focus on.

    You have an unlimited amount of votes, make sure to use them wisely! THE POWER IS IN YOUR HANDS!

    Explanation of the choices:

    Roleplay & writing related questions

    When our facebook page was active during 2014, a certain owl posted a lot of mini questions related to roleplaying and writing. Do you want to see those come back?

    Informative news & writing tips

    Do you want to get tips on how to improve your writing, or see list of synonyms to commonly used words, or maybe just want some random helpful info about anything roleplay or storytelling related? Then pick this option :D

    Roleplay and writing memes

    These are jokes and other funny things that hits home for us writers and roleplayers. Want a doze of laughter now and then? Well, here's your option.

    Group roleplay showcasing

    If you want to see (open and accepting characters) group roleplays from different genres being showcased on the facebook page, then click that button. CLICK IT!

    Chat roleplay showcasing

    Do you want to be told when there are a chat roleplay coming up, or do you want reminders on the day they'll start? Then you know what to do!

    Funny/interesting general chat topics

    Are you a GC nerd? Do you want topics to spread like wildfire all the way to facebook? Let your voice be heard and we might start posting some of our and maybe your favorite topics to our page.

    Iwaku information

    As I mentioned above, we will tell you if the site will be down, but maybe you want that extra info. Do you want to know about when we are in need of new volunteers? Want to have the PSAs posted to facebook so you don't miss them? Want us to highlight sections that might need a bit more exposure and might be a bit forgotten at times? Then go ahead and vote!

    Highlighting Challenges and workshops

    Everyone loves some good challenges, and workshops are great for learning more about writing and seeing things from a new perspective. Do you want to see more of them on our facebook page?

    Don't be afraid of coming with your own suggestions on what we could do or leave a comment if you want to expand on what you want to see from the things you voted on.
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  2. How did you manage to slip this by the buttery admin XD
  3. She did something crazy and asked about it. O_O
  4. I put a curse on her so she had to go along with aaall my bad ideas :D It's super effective. :3
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  5. Since all of these are roleplay-related, nothing is as good as going 'All of the above'. Memes are not a priority, but they are a must.
  6. Aaw, everything has gotten to a two digit number except for charps. Why you don't love your charps iwaku? xD
  7. Maybe it's because "charps" sounds like an embarrassing medical condition, like herpes.
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  8. Memes are a priority. Memes should always be first priority.
  9. I wanted to post a meme RIGHT NOW but nooooo. My phone doesn't let me post as a group admin. YOU HAVE TO WAIT FOR YOUR MEMES FOR ANOTHER EIGHT HOURS CAUSE PHONE FACEBOOK HATES YOU SOOO MUCH!
  10. You are a meme :3
  11. I'm not just a meme. I'm an actual good meme :D Maybe not viral, but at least I stand for something! I uh... Totally know for what but I won't tell ya, cause uhm... MYSTERY!
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  12. I personally find difficulty in making a good entrance. Depending on size(in which large, bustling ones are supposed to be worthy of featuring and the ones that are too small to feature are good for rookies), it's easier to get left behind and ignored.
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  13. Yeeees, I have figured out how to post from my phone woohooo.
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  14. Honestly of all the things... I think gen chat is the thing that feels kind of iffy... Its pretty broad... And... I think the whole roleplay feature thing could get carried away fast and depends on if people WANT theirs featured? could get abused? Comes across less as a feature tool and more as a promotion one in that case, just saying ^^'' *hand wavers* and even then, there's a lot of RPs, and only so many can be featured without drowning out everything. Seems more like a matter of needing to decide what your desired purpose/media will be. Information, entertainment, etc. How much time will people will be putting into this? How big of a team will be behind the iwaku team be for the FB page? important question imo when you're asking all these things when the expected people who will be handling this are probably staff who already have a bit of stuff they already handle a bit of (site duties, probably jobs and/or school)
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  15. It's nice of you to put a referral link on the Page. Really helps interested people who have no one to latch onto to access the site, while preventing potential bots from slapping ads everywhere.
  16. Why are killer bunnies not an option?
  17. And maybe sometimes I'll post on it as well. But nothing useful, since I am a hobo.
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