The Iwaku Drinking Game....Game!

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  1. There are some things in life that are especially hilarious to quote out of context!

    But guess what! That's not what this thread's about! It's only a thinly veiled lead in to my actual topic!

    So in the light of Diana's wonderful quote I got to thinking: "Man... You know there's some pretty crazy personality quirks in this lot." People tend to act, post, say and do things in patterns that if followed can be picked out fairly easy.

    And what better thing to do with things with gratuitous chances of happening than structure a drinking game about them!

    Rules are as follows:

    - Pick a member
    - List a particularly defining action of said member
    - Add a rule to the drinking game that must be carried out when said action takes place.
    - Profit

    ((The following game is a terrible idea and honestly should not be attempted by any man, beast or sentient cucumber. Any liver failings, heart attacks, broken limbs or other less than appealing injuries had in the light of ACTUALLY taking part in the Iwaku Drinking game game will be completely the fault of the persons in question. The Cosmic Weiner Dog bears no responsibility for his own actions, much less the actions of all you weirdos))

    Easy peasy right? Thought so. *Kicks off the game*

    Take a drink after each happening of Jinx speaking an entire Cbox post in all caps.
  2. Take a drink after Vay mentions killing someone attempting to hug/touch him in any way.
  3. One shot every time Myrn-pervs says something perverted!
  4. Drink every time Gibs talks about a weapon.
  5. Drink every time TK posts alternately in the Rant thread and the Rave thread in the space of two days.
  6. Take one shot per each person Jovian hits on in any given day.
  7. Take a shot whenever Asmo rages about a thread.
  8. Take a shot when Dawn posts a Trap picture (some of you will need it!)
  9. Take a shot every time Tribs links doll pictures.
  11. Take a shot every time The Cosmic Weiner Dog says "You crazy kids and your hormones."
  12. Take a shot every time Malkuthe hounds people for posts in his RPs.
  13. Take a drink every time One Direction does something that is adorable to insecure girls.
  14. Drink A WHOLE KEG every time Ampoule posts in an RP.

    Drink every time October takes a drink.

    Drink every time GMK says the word Heresy.

    Drink every time Rory changes his Username.

    Drink every time Paorou posts in the Asylum.

    Drink every time Staci posts new pics in the Picture thread.

    Drink every time Orion makes a terrible joke.
  15. All drinks are replaced by tea when Ocha is present.
  16. Drink whenever Hunter sings song lyrics in chat.

    Drink whenever food and October are mentioned together.

    Drink every time chat whines about having skype night but never actually does anything.
  17. Drink every time there is a "bro moment" in the cbox, IE: Gibs and Oct talking to each other calmly and whatnot.

    Take two shots every time a subject is derailed.
  18. Take a shot everytime Vay jumps into chat then jumps out only to say something snarky.
  19. Take 2 shots every time a cat picture is linked to Cbox! >:3
  20. Take a shot every time Rory says or does something completely nonsensical to the conversation at the time.