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  1. Discuss your dreams here, people of Iwaku! And by dreams, I don't mean the stuff that're made of Maltese Falcons. I mean the stuff made up of Freudian fantasies. (That is, not dreams as in hopes and such, but dreams as in slumber-walks and whatnot)
  2. I always have this strange Dream where I am walking with my smart phone and I drop or break the screen somehow. THAN I proceed to eat the glass from the phone and chew on it...I have had this dream a few times in the last year. I think that it may be from grinding my teeth in my sleep but I can't be so sure.

  3. Man, I sometimes have the weirdest dreams. Like, novel length ones. O.o

    The longest one I can clearly remember I had last year... in the Spring, I think. Maybe Winter. Seasons change my dreams quite a bit.

    Anyways, it starts out with me swimming through some tropical ocean wearing SCUBA gear. The water is maybe forty, fifty feet and crystal clear. I become aware that I'm not alone. Most of my ROTC battalion is with me. We're a special forces team of some kind. But, like everything else ROTC does, we have a bunch of hangers-on following us to mooch our food and take pictures for yearbook and newspaper and shit.
    So we're trying to convince all the others not to come with us, since there are a bunch of drug runners/smugglers on the island we're approaching and it could be very dangerous. They blow us off. Then all of a sudden there's a car on the ocean floor- with a dead body rotting away inside of it. Then another. And another. Apparently, these smugglers dispose of their enemies by sinking them in their own vehicles. Weird. One of our officers, let's call him J, comments on a nice BMW with some guy in a suit rotting in it. True to form, a slutty chick I hate makes some comment about how sexy she thinks BMWs are and everyone tells her to never use the word sexy to describe something with a dead body in it.
    So we get on the island and start setting up a forward base in an abandoned restaurant in the middle of the jungle. I'm sent to recon the back, and find a bunch of ghosts acting like they have no idea the place is abandoned and there are trees growing through the kitchen. They ignore me until I crunch a branch or something, then they start moaning at me and I leave, reporting back to our Captain. He decides we're going to stick it out with the ghosts, since we're unlikely to find better cover and the smugglers won't get close to it.
    So we set up all of our gear, and I go out with a small team to recon the HQ of the smugglers. It's a comically oversized (like, doors twenty feet tall) gothic mansion. In the middle of the jungley-swampy island.
    They have a bunch of crates and briefcases full of stuff, and are mostly situated on the lower floor. We report this to the captain, and he reports that ectoplasmic scans have picked up large amounts of hostile ghost activity on the upper levels, which explains why they weren't up there. I'm dozing off while the other officers are deciding on a course of action, when I hear my name and realize that I'm being voluntold (volunteered by someone who isn't me) to go on the mission to rile up the ghosts and pit them against the smugglers. It's just going to be me and J, since he's big and strong enough to carry all of our gear and I'm stealthy and smart enough to set everything up without being caught.
    We have to cross the moat to get to the mansion, and my dream fades out with us knocking over a dead tree to use as a bridge over the lime-green mossy water.

    Some time later I'm running through the mansion with ghosts hot on my tail, knowing that if I can just take them to the smugglers, they'll leave me alone and go to town on the people they really hate, the ones who have been disturbing their sleep for the past few months.

    Weird dream. But fascinating. First person POV movie, starring me. XD Lots of fun, but I woke up and pretty much wondered wtf is wrong with my head.
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  4. I keep getting dreams where I die. Every night.
  5. I am not sure what was going through my mind the night I fell asleep and dreamed this, but I thought it was hilarious...

    So it starts out with me sitting at home, though it looked very different from my actual home. I then hear a voice and it tells me I have been chosen as the champion of God to defeat the evil masters. So of course I accept this task without question (because that is totally what I would do in real life, right?). I then journey to their lair with my trusty companion, Daniel (he is a close friend of mine). When we reach the lair, I find that the five evil masters are also close friends of mine (Brian, Cory, Aaron, Jess, and Karey). So we duel for a while and eventually Aaron is killed. So I am now dueling only with Brian because apparently he was the leader of the five, and Daniel is fighting with the other three. However, in the middle of the fight I drop my sword and say this exact line: "I will not continue to fight someone who is pregnant." Yes, Brian was pregnant. Brian is a guy. And he was pregnant. So we all stopped fighting and just sat down in the hallway and started talking about about random stuff. Keep in mind that Aaron is still dead. I woke up when Karey said something along the lines of, "No, there was too much lasagna." The End
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