The Iwaku Art "Shop"!

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What Do You Think of The Iwaku Art "Shop"?


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  2. I would love to be able to request art, but I'm not an artist myself!

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  3. I wouldn't use it because I'm an artist, but I want to contribute!

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  4. I would definitely use it and contribute my artistic skills as well!

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  1. What IS the Iwaku Art "Shop"?

    Well, as it stands, the Iwaku Art "Shop" is a place where you can go to request either character sketches, landscape sketches, concept art, maps, banners and all manner of art for your RP! If you're the kind of person that really REALLY wants your RP to stand out aesthetically, it's something worth taking a gander at, if I say so myself.

    Alright. Fine. How Would I Go About Getting Some Art for My RP?

    Well, once the project has been launched and all the kinks worked out, hopefully it will be as easy as filling out a form, and maybe scouring the internet for a reference picture if you really want to base your requested art off of it and then waiting for someone to take up your request and finish it. Please do try not to expect too much of our artists since we would be doing this in whatever free time we can afford, and expecting something along the lines of professional art, while it just might happen isn't very realistic!

    Okay. Well, What's the Point of This Thread Then?

    Suffice to say, this is a pretty big undertaking for one person alone, and it can only succeed if there is enough interest in it. The purpose of this thread is to find out whether or not people would actually find this kind of project useful. Hence the poll up there *points* I'm pretty sure, after asking around, that a number of people sure would appreciate something like this, but I wanted to bring the question to a larger audience. Additionally, I wanted to see if there are *cough cough shout* ANY ARTISTS OUT THERE INTERESTED IN VOLUNTEERING YOUR BLOOD SWEAT AND TEARS TIME AND EFFORT FOR THIS PROJECT.

    Okay. I'm Interested. When Can I Start Demanding Pictures of My Hot Smexy Vampire Overlord?

    WOAH there mate, the project hasn't even been launched yet. First thing's first, we have to find out if we have enough interest to warrant making the project a reality, and then we have to scare us up some artists to slave work for the project!

    I-I'm an Artist. H-how do I S-Sign Up? D-Don't Hurt Me!

    Well, for now, it's as simple as voting on the poll and commenting below that you're interested! The real torture work is still some time away, if ever we get enough interest in this project.

    *Raises Sharpened Pencil Menacingly*

    O-okay, I'll stop talking now. Remember, if you're interested in the idea and would like to see it become reality, just vote in the poll above! *shoves you down the stairs and runs for his life*
  2. It's been awhile since I've drawn due to being in an artist block; both for writing and sketching. Maybe this would help get me out of that nasty funk and be able to draw once again. So count me in for contributing.
  3. I be an artist-y type who likes contributing to projects. ;D
  4. I would love to make some artistic contributions! Having something that I have to do would be a good motivator and would keep me from getting rusty. Shoot, I might even improve with something challenging! BRING IT ON!
  5. Erm, I could possibly make contributions in the summer, can't do it during the school year. Also, I can't do humans very well, mostly animals and landscapes. >.<
  6. I wouldn't mind contributing as long as I still have time for classes. I can only really draw animals though ._.;
  7. I will contribute! I can't draw animals for the life of me, and landscapes are a maybe, but humans work! It'll give me more inspiration to draw and get better at it!
  8. Why do you get all the awesome ideas, Malkuthe? On the more serious side, I would be able to contribute 3d models of non-organic stuff, however it may take some time, especially if I am asked for something complicated. To be more specific, I can create machines, devices and buildings fairly easily and I also might be able to do landscapes. I just need a good description of what is expected of me.
  9. i'm not the best artist, but I can somewhat draw, and would be willing to contribute, I need some practice, and it will take me time but I will be able to. I specialize in landscapes, for sure.
  10. I'm a book illustrator, portrait artist, and graphic designer by profession...but am trying my hand in Anima - which is slow going due to time. (I seriously need the practice!) I would love to contribute, as long as peeps allow me clearance to place commissions in my portfolio.

    My daughter (Dragonphi) is also a crazyepic graphic illustrator and has far more time than I do to do commissions and such - animals, creature creations, and a few character designs. Um, if she had the time, she'll probably help out here as well, but she mostly works on DA.
  11. I for one love doing character artwork. something about the process of trying to capture an entire concept with one visual.. ah, i love the challenge. ^_^
  12. Tempting... I hate you Malk, I have education to pursue. (SUPER TEMPTED)
  13. I would love to contribute. Some of us really like having a picture of our characters to use for avatars or just character sheets. Explaining in detail is one thing, but having a physical representation almost makes it more legit. You know?
  14. This sounds awesome! It's been a long time since I have done art. I'm getting a new comp this week *crosses fingers* and once I figure stuff out I will be available for sure. My character really needs an image made too!
  15. I'm not sure if I'd find it useful or not, but I can see how it would be seen as useful, thus voted for it. I'm not the best artist, but I'd be happy to do some for the project at the time when it's needed, too. Still though, it's hard to say for sure.
  16. this is cool, I'd LOVE to be able to request art!
  17. I can draw people, but backgrounds and other stuff are iffy for me. Also, I'm way better at drawing women than men; drawing people of European descent is difficult for me though.
  18. Any updates on the status of this idea becomeing reality?
  19. [MENTION=525]Desaecula[/MENTION]: The only thing holding back the project's launch was thinking up a fancy name for it, but as a good friend of mine pointed out, screw fancy names since "The Iwaku Art Shop" is pretty descriptive of this thing. It should be up soon and I'll be posting a link once it is. :D