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  1. Why is this in the miscellaneous? Because it is a bit of modern, a bit of fantasy, but simply does not fit into "modern fantasy" because there's no elves roaming the Manhattan here.

    Now, that we got this out of the way...

    The PLOT

    You are a passenger of a modern cruiseship S.S. Bluebeak. The weather is great, and you're heading towards a luxurious resort in a warm country. Everything is nice, until a storm brews, causing the ship to crash. The few survivors, including you manage to get to an island. But it's not just any island. It's The Island. The place looks wonderful at day, but is deadly at night. Will you survive? Or will you die?

    Da Rules:
    1. No preschool writing level, please. I mean, you can speak English bad, it may not be your primary language, but heck, at least try to write good.
    2. Do not create the island. "What?" I hear you saying. Well, it means that if I want to place a waterfall on the island, then you don't place a forest there (I've had one accident with players taking control, so I'm more cautious)
    3.type "apples" into your "Others" section of the CS, so I know you've read those.
    4. have fun

    Appearance:(would love pics, but a description is fine for me)
    Events in life before the cruise:(I just like to know the backstories, to maybe use them in the plot)
  2. CS
    Name: RafaDark
    Age: 16
    Personality: He have a friendly personality, but it can change depending on the situation.
    Events in life before the cruise: He was a student of bad grades.
  3. Looks fine, but you did not read the rules, did you?
  4. Yes, I have read the rules... i think i forgot to put the "apples" in the right place...
  5. Name:
    YeJin Ahn


    Don't judge me lmao. I have a reason why this is her face claim.


    If there was one thing that YeJin has aspired to be is to be a sexy housewife. Or that is at least that is what her mother claimed to be. Other than that, YeJin is a very bright girl. She loves to laugh, smile and dance at any given time or on cue and is a natural born performer. She is well balanced in the fact that she knows when to be mature and serious and knows when she can be playful and such. But she is very secretive and shares little with others. Funny how she can be so outgoing and extrovert. She also gets jealous very easily. Once she marks something as hers. She wants it and there is nothing going to stop her to between what she wants. Not even the law.

    Events in life before the cruise:
    YeJin was a performer since she was at a young age. She sang her heart out for the lord when she was in the church choirs, she went to a junior high school that favoured the arts, persuing her career and a singer and dancer, taking up modern, jazz and urban dance in those three years along with an afterschool show choir. In high school, that is when YeJin broadened her stage. She stepped up from mere talent shows and reigonal/national school competions to become an actual singer. She performed as a soloist on a few television shows and was one of the acts for the cruise. However, she has never lost her goal to become a sexy housewife. She had a fiancee but he died in the crash.

    -she is allergic to apples
    -She hates coffee
    -Has Astraphobia
    -her mother is her ∞ idol​
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  6. Name: Enrique Ortiz
    Age: 24
    Appearance: [​IMG]
    Personality: He's a fighter and a dominant guy, in situations of great stress he performs better. He has a need to protect and will fight long enough for his friends to run away. While he has little regard for his own life he appreciates the lives of those who have befriended him.
    Events in life before the cruise: Recently discharged from the army due to a life changing injury (Will be revealed in the RP). His family bought him a ticket on the cruise so that he could go relax for a time while under the care of someone else.
    Other: He likes 'apples', and has a bit of a drinking problem.
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  7. Yup.
    Accepted (allergic to apples? Brilliant.)
    Edit: and also, astraphobia when you know there is going to be a storm at the very beginning of the story? We've got a genius here (and i'm not sarcastic)
    Accepted too (also nice idea to put apples in)
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  8. Say, is a person who has been on the island prior to the shipwrecking alright?
  9. Most characters were expected to be on the cruise ship, but I dont see a reason to not have a person who already has been there.
  10. Very well. I'll get on my app soon.
  11. [​IMG]
    Name: N/A, known as 'mysterious woman'. Responds to 'Tina' for some reason, so let's call her that.
    Age: Presumed 15
    Appearance: She is about 1.67 metres tall, and has fair skin. She does not wear any dons.
    Personality: Tina is a rather shy individual, and tends to avoid anyone or anything that looks the least bit intimidating. Being docile, she spends time with docile animals and to some extent, predatory ones. She believes that she is the only one like her, and thus feels lonely.
    Events in life before the cruise: When she was a mere two years old, she was on another shipwreck, and her baby self floated away from the debris, onto this island. She doesn't remember her parents, or anyone for that matter. She had to survive in harsh conditions, but miraculously managed to, probably because humans were not naturally occuring and the predators had other things to eat. As she grew older, she learnt various animal-like mannerisms and learned how to build fires, allowing her to survive more efficiently. This was her everyday life until she saw an odd collosal sea monster approaching the shores, noticing the various beings - beings like her - emerging from it.
    Others: She has never heard of 'apples'.​
  12. accepted and we could probably start the rp

    Edit: I'm thinking whether to begin with the cruise and let the people get to know each other or to skip straight to the crash...
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  13. Possibly it could start a few hours or the day of the crash. So it could give some time for the people to mingle a bit and then all hell breaks loose. xD
  14. Alright, let the hunger ga-
    I mean Roleplay...
  15. Few hours before the cruise is best, could establish everyones regular attitudes.
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  16. Is there going to be an IC thread?
  17. He posted the IC thread.
    I guess this means you guys will enjoy your chitchat sessions while I wait for my turn.
  18. I dont see any IC thread.
  19. April Evans
    Age: 15


    Personality: April can be a little on the shy side when you first meet her, but after that first conversation she is friendly and kind. She loves little kids, animals, drawing, cooking, and even if it doesn't seem like it at times, her little sister. When it comes to her sister April is very protective, even if that protection results in fights most of the time. When dealing with her sister she will try to be the bigger person, but when her little sis sasses off to her as if she is a little kid is when she gets really mad. This normally results is them exchanging a few "arm slaps", but nothing that would cause any serious damage. Though she won't admit it, April's attitude is mainly because of their parent's recent divorce. April feels that she must be the mom at her dad's house and the dad at her mom's house. When at home, April spends most of her time in her room, and this tends to make their fights seem more frequent. April and her little sis can have their good times though and have fun when they get along.

    Events in life before the cruise: Despite her young appearance, April has just finished her sophomore year of high school and will be looking into colleges next year. She aspires to become an artist by profession and has started taking courses through a local college and her school's gifted and talented program. The past two years have been a little rough for her. Along with getting used to high school life, she has had to cope with the divorce of her parents who have claimed that they "married too young". The girls had to move out of their current house, which their father had claimed two years before that they wouldn't move out of, and moved into both their mother and father's houses. During the spring, April's Aunt offered to take the girls on a cruise, an activity that would allow for some bonding time and a break for mom and dad.

    May Evans
    Age: 7


    Personality: She may seem very calm in her photograph, but in real life May is a spit fire who must always having something to do and will say anything that comes to her mind, even if it is rude or offensive. In April's words, "She has no filter." She has a sweet side, like when she makes April pictures that April would never through away. She loves her big sister, but tends to fight with her a lot, like when April tries to tell her what is right and what is wrong. In May's opinion, it is none of April's business in the first place and that she should stop being such a jerk. She has learned many words in her and April's fights, some of which are "shut-up", "jerk", and "brat". April doesn't mean to and can't seem to stop the words all high schoolers use from slipping out. She can be very hyper and is often running around the house and doing cart wheels, as apposed to April's calm and collective demeanor. She loves to draw and write her own stories and secretly admires and is jealous her sister's art abilities. May also has a hard time being quiet when she needs to be and will often interrupt adults. Another thing April will get onto her for.

    Events in life before the cruise: May just finished the second grade and is exited to become a big third grader. Despite the past two years being hard for her sister, they have gone by normally for the well adjusted seven year old. From her point of view, she gets two visits from Santa, two birthdays, and when one parent is upset with her for her bad behavior on one week she can start a new slate when she goes to the other parent's house. May is very excited for the cruise their Aunt is taking them on, but doesn't understand why April has to come.

    Both enjoy fruits such as grapes and apples.
    Their parent's have an inside joke: "April showers bring May flowers."
    Despite their names, they are both born in July
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