The Island

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    ( Idea of @andrew21234 )​

    It was supposed to be just a simple trip. Convenient transportation from one area to another. Something he'd been dreading, but not out of fear, Aril simply hated being around people... The chances of an accident were so low, it never even crossed his mind. The rain pattering against the outside worried some, but it was just rain... More grew antsy as the lightning lit the sky and the thunder roared, but it was just a storm... Fear filled the faces of many as the ship shook and trembled, even beginning to thrash about, but it was just the wind and the waves... Then began the fires, the loud cracks, the screams. And then came the dark. The silence.

    Hours had passed before Aril came to. He awoke up a sandy shore, dazed and confused. Lifting his head, he could see the wreckage spread across the same beach, as well as the bodies. There were a few others standing around in a similar dazed state, but most of the bodies were no doubt simple corpses. The boy weakly lifted himself up into a seated position, barely noticing the sharp pain searing through his leg.

    As his mind steadily cleared up, it became easier to put the pieces together. The ship had gone down in the storm. The wreckage and the few lucky enough to cling to it had drifted to this... Island? He couldn't tell from where he sat it the land was truly surrounded by water. He hoped not. Looking around again, he could see a few of the other survivors walking towards him. Apparently they had come to their senses and were checking for life amongst the corpses...​
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  2. Xavier woke up on a beach, did I fall asleep on the beach? Xavier thought before realizing he was soaked. As he got up his muscle ached and he looked around seeing the wreckage of the ship he had been on. That's right the ship crashed. He saw a few others on the beach and decided to make his way over to them, but tripped on the wreckage cutting his leg great.

    (Let's say only the characters wash up on the beach.....not the dead passengers of the ship)
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  3. Blackness was all she could see. Her mind was fuzzy and every inch of her ached. 'What just happened?'

    She used her current unconscious state to think. Slowly and calmly, images ran into her mind. First, screams from hundreds of people replayed in her head -with her scream being on the loudest. The next mental image was of heavy rain, a quick and panicked heartbeat, and a thrashing ship. Then she remembered the fire. The memories finally came flooding in: the wind and rain was picking up, the ship was hauled around like a ragdoll, and the screams filled the air until it all stopped. It was dead silence. Only an eerie ringing and frantic heartbeat could be heard.

    The haunting visions caused her to come to reality. Her eyes flew open and her arms immediately extended out to prop herself up. With heavy breaths, she looked around and saw dark skies and smoke. She looked all around, feeling the scratchy sand and smelling the musty atmosphere.

    She clumsily stood up. Her vision was still blurry and every inch of her body was sore, with a couple of bleeding cuts and swelled bruises.

    'It looks like I was lucky and didn't get too hurt...'

    She tried to control her panicked emotions and looked at the scenery. About a couple dozen yards away, she could see moving figures. She squinted her eyes and saw a person who also looked dazed and confused.

    Her breath hitched and she immediately set her hopes on getting out of here along with any survivors -though it didn't seem like there were many. She let her hopes up and starting to make her way towards the moving figures, constantly almost tripping painfully while doing so.
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  4. Mags awoke with a start, not expecting to have woken in the middle of a beach in waist deep water. Completely startled, she stood and waddled out of the water. The ship must have sunk. Which explained a lot of what was going on.
    In the distance, she noticed others standing along the shore and trotted over to where they were.
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  5. (Waves don't pick and choose what to wash up, Andrew, but okay. :I Are you gonna make the OOC thread?)

    When Tylin awoke, he was laying on his back in the sand, the hungry waves lapping at his legs. He couldn't do much more than stare up at the sky as the events of the storm replayed in his head, idly wondering whether he was truly still alive. His body was too numb from the cold to feel much... He almost felt like he was floating. Not that uncommon of a feeling, given his usual hobbies, but it wasn't so nice under such circumstances.

    It took a while before he managed to force himself up into a sitting position, then to his feet. He could see others. He didn't know where he was, but there were others, so it wasn't too bad. They could just figure it all out together.
  6. Xavier looked at a boy who had gotten up and decided to walk over to the boy. "Well at least I'm not alone" Xavier said to the boy extending his hand "I'm Xavier" he added as a gust of warm wind blew threw his hair. Xavier smiled warmly at the boy he was naturally a friendly person and wanted to make friends with this boy since they would be together for a while it seemed as he looked around at the wreckage of the ship.
  7. Kimi noticed more survivors now. Instead of running towards them to get help like she normally was, she backed away, watching their actions. Whenever she felt intimidated, she just naturally stood back to see what she could do.

    She stood about a dozen yards away from the two boys, silently rubbing one of her sore arms, while trying to figure out the personalities of each survivor. If at least one of them seemed friendly enough, she would take a chance and try to get along with them.
  8. Aril quirked a brow at the boy holding a hand towards him. "...The hell're you smiling at? You do realized every one of us almost died? If you have some knowledge of where the fuck we are that's keeping you all giddy, I'd love to hear it." He spat, eying the other up and down with a grimace. "Not exactly in the mood for all that, thanks."
  9. Mags finally made her way to the two boys where were standing together, looking exactly like a drowned cat. "Where are we?" She asked dumbly once she was within speaking distance. Mags already knew the answer, but in a way it gave her a sense of security to know she wasn't entirely alone.
  10. Moving back a few feet Xavier frowned at the boy "I was j-just trying to be f-friendly" Xavier said looking at the ground in front of him. Why is he being so mean I was really hoping we could be friends....the boy thought to himself heartbroken. "S-someone needs to keep our spirits high, i t-thought it would be me, but I guess I'm not good enough."
  11. "Oh, don't start crying." Aril huffed, only annoyed further. "It's safe to say I'm not exactly a people person, so if you're wanting to band together and make merry, find someone else." He added, then looking to the girl that was approaching. "Yeah, there you go. You can keep her spirits up all you want." He taunted, gesturing towards Mags, then turning to walk off.


    Tylin watched the first interactions from afar, still letting his mind piece itself back together. Where were they...? Was it an island? Just some beach? Could they find a town or something or were they just completely screwed? Groaning as he thought about it, he began approaching the few people that seemed to be gathering.
  12. Kimi noticed from afar that one of the survivors in the group seemed to be walking away. Quickly, she acted before thinking and finally ran towards the group. "Erm..." She stared nervously at the two other people, awkwardly moving her hands together, not currently paying attention to whoever was walking away. "Does anyone have any guess of where we are?"She asked, looking bath and forth between the two, unable to read their emotions.
  13. Mags only shrugged, looking annoyed. "No idea. Probably the middle of nowhere for all I care." She retorted, moving to wring the water out of her overly baggy shirt. "If I remember correctly," She continued, rubbing her palms on her pants-which were, of course, wet. "We're at least four days away from where we started, though I didn't realize there were islands this far out in the ocean."
  14. Deciding he didn't want to deal with any of the people currently gathered Xavier headed away from the group frustrated with the other boy's coldness. He saw a boy in the distance heading towards him so he went to meet him.
  15. "Mhm." Kimi could only awkwardly manage to make a small sound. She scratched her arm, ignoring the boys who walked away.

    "Well, erm, I'm Kimi." She started using her hand to dust the sand off of her pants, still unsure of what to do. It's not like her school had a lesson on survival skills and what to do when you're stuck in the middle of nowhere with random strangers...
  16. "Mags." She replied stiffly. Leave it to boys to walk off and try and survive on their own. "Well, I guess we're on our own for now." This was on the top 500 list of things Mags of things that she would rather spend elsewhere in place of here. It was a less than ideal situation, especially for not have any idea how to survive on her own.
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