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  1. It's been three weeks and still no sight of Kahanna Island. A treterous place that has been explored by most but none has ever survived to tell the tale. What was suppose to be a wonderful adventerous expedition turned out to be a nightmare without the crew members knowing. This is their story.

    "Ahh Sarah there you are!" Dr. Fumon smiled and walked towards her. "One of the cabin boys spotted land, it might be
    Kahanna Island! Oh isn't this brilliant?" Fumon asked retorically of course. "Now I've been charting the area and I know that the last known survivors of this place ended up here at one point, I think we might be close."

    Sarah followed her mentor and the lead archeologist of this trip as he headed towards the door to his room. "I just hope we find it soon, otherwise we have to turn back...the funding wont last forever" she began.

    "I know I know" Fumon said "but if we find this island then we find riches!" he explained.

    Sarah rolled her eyes, she was never in this for the riches.
  2. "Dr. Fumon" she sighed "I know your excited about this trip but if you don't mind me asking, how long do you plan on searching for this island? We barley have any food to last us another two weeks and the funding for this trip is becoming very slim!"

    Fumon took out a journal from the last surviving man Hataku Korusugawa and flipped through it. "I know all of this Sarah but these people knew what they were getting into when they wanted to be on this expedition!"

    "I know doctor but I am just trying to be realistic here!" she said then rolled her eyes when the man wasn't paying attention to her. As the two of them headed downstairs Sarah blocked Fuman from going any further by running down the stairs faster than him and standing in front of him.

    "Sarah!" he began but his mentor interrupted.

    "Please listen to me doctor!" Sarah began "please promise me that you will think of the crew before that place!"

    Suddenly Fuman walked close to her and grabbed her arm, he was face to face with her.
  3. "You will not get in the way of this Sarah! Do you understand me? I am so close to finding this island and you will not ruin this for me?" He stood there glaring at her for a moment. Finally barking like a dog he yelled again "DO YOU UNDERSTAND ME?"

    Sarah never saw him like this before, she jumped when he shouted and nodded quickly before he finally let go of her arm. "Good girl Sarah" he said and pushed her aside.

    Sarah just leaned against the wall of the hallway and looked up at the ceiling. Playing with the ends of her straight, light brown hair that was held up in a long ponytail she thought about what her mentor said to her. The young woman had a soft, gorgeous face with exotic blue eyes. With it was her slim but a little athletic body. Wearing a black tank top with cargo pants and hunter boots she took a deep breath and walked towards the railing seeing the crew miserable pissed her off.

    The waves crashed against the ship THE S.S. ARCADIA as Sarach leaned against the railing and watched the waves
  4. Splashing water into his face, Drake looked into the mirror as the boat rocked. He was glad land was spotted not far from the ship: Mostly because the waves made him sick, but partly to explore this dangerous island. Drying his face off with a towel, he left the bathroom and went into his sleeping quarters. Sliding on a black tank top over his athletic body, he looked in the mirror, seeing how he looked.

    His brown hair was spiked up in the front, and went down into a 5 o'clock shadow. His body wore a black tank top, which hid a big scar on his chest, but not the scar located on his right shoulder. A cross necklace hung around his neck, with dog tags behind it. Over his legs were a pair of camo-cargo pants, with black combat boots hiding his feet. Leaving his room, he heard yelling somewhere in the ship and went to investigate. Traveling the halls, the yelling stopped as he became close to the sound. Doctor Fumon, the man who hired him to protect the "science expedition" passed him. Giving him a smile, Drake gave a small nod saying "Doctor. What was all that yelling about?" Continuing down the hall, he finally found the door he wanted to reach.

    Breathing in the fresh air, Drake smiled hearing seagulls in the air, meaning they were closer than he thought. Looking around the deck he spotted Fumon's helper, Sarah, and he approached her. "Morning Sarah, seems like our job is about to begin!"​
  5. Sarah smiled without looking at him. "Hello Drake" she said. The wind blew covering part of her face. She has always had a crush on him but never had the guy to tell him her feelings.
    "I hope we find that island...before we starve" Sarah began.
  6. Standing beside her, he looked at her and thought Damn she looks pretty damn beautiful right now. "What do you mean before we starve!" Drake says shocked. "Doctor Fumon said two days ago we were still well stocked and supplied!" He leaned against the railing beside her and looked overhead as a seagull passed over the two of us.
  7. "Unfortunately Dr. Fumon will do anything to find this island" Sarah said then held her arm that was grabbed by Fumon. Suddenly, as they head towards the island storm clouds appeared out of nowhere. "What the hell?" Sarah said looking at the sky. A lightning striked from the sky onto the middle of the boat over and over again until the boat started ripping in half. The waves crashed against the half sending both Drake and Sarah into the water. Seeing Drake in the water Sarah thought it would be better if they tried sticking together so she reached for him but the waves pulled them apart.

    Sarah found herself on the sandy beaches of the place they were so desperate to get to. Coughing up water, she looked up. Crew members were scrambling to help others as some laid there dead. Her best friend Claire was too helping everyone. "Claire? Fumon?" she called out to them and slowly stood up. "Oh God, Drake might still be in the ocean!" she said turning towards the ripping waves. "Ive got to go back and save him" she decided out loud to herself but then suddenly someone knocked her out.

    Hours later Sarah slowly opened her eyes feeling a dull pain in her head. She was being dragged somewhere she couldn't recognize. The foul stench of decayed bodies filled her nostrils and as she passed out again she saw herself being dragged across dead bodies.

    She woke up with a jolt and looked around. She was wrapped in a bloody sheet hanging upside down some dead bodies. She gasped as she looked around some more, her mouth quivering from fear. By all the hung bodies was a painting of a woman with some candles next to it. She tried wiggling her way out of the sheets but they were wrapped on her too tightly. She then looked at the shrine and a long sail that was tied next to it. She rocked herself slowly towards the candles and hit them with her body, sending the candles falling with one hitting the main sail next to it. Now that the sail was on fire the young girl knew what she needed to do. Since she couldn't get down with her hands because a cloth was wrapped around her. She had to set herself on fire momentarily so it would burn the rope and the sheet off thus freeing her. She slowly rocked to the fire. " going to hurt" she said a she kept rocking. When the fire hit her it was indeed painful. As she screamed in pain the fire spread all around the sheet an the rope freeing her. Screaming as she fell she landed in a wrong place. A small but long nail was sticking up from the ground. She landed on the floor but the nail went through the side of her stomache.
    She sat up quickly and stifled her cries. She yanked the nail out and shouted again in pain. Holding her wound she looked around and saw a torch, grabbing it she started walking.
  8. As the young explorer kept walking she saw yet another shrine to this woman. "Oh God she said as she saw a woman hanging up with arrows through her. "Oh...that poor girl..." she said walking closer to her.

    Suddenly there was shouting from behind her. "Where the hell is the girl?" the man asked.

    Sarah gasped and looked around. In the distance was a cave opening and she quickly walked towards there. On the other side was barrels and barrels of fuel, and at the very end was a bin of fire. "I've got to do something" she said and threw her lit torch at the fuel. It exploded an entrance for her and she ran towards a light which was an opening.
  9. Drake's eyes flicked open, his head pounding and his leg wet. Starting to sit up, he coughed out some water, and turned to his knee's, throwing the rest of the water up out of his body. Getting a good look around him he was on a beach, half of the ship next to him, most of it on fire. He mostly saw dead bodies, crates, and chard wood. Shakingly standing up, he looked at his leg, a piece of metal sticking out of his thigh. he looked around and called out for survivors but instead of answering him he heard a bloodcurdling "HELP!" from the flaming wreckage. Shaking his head and cursing himself, he took a deep breath and ran into an opening in the hull of the ship, the part not yet covered by fire. He saw the survivor, the ships cook, Morris, trapped under a wooden frame slowly catching fire. Trying to lift it, his leg gave way and he fell to the ground beside the crying cook.

    Pushing himself back up, the ship creaked and some planks fell from the ceiling, nearly hitting Drake. Grabbing a pipe, he jammed it under the frame and started prying it up. Morris managed to crawl out from under the frame, no serious damage visible. Helping him up, Drake pulled him along the wreckage and emerged from the wreckage, just as the ship exploded. Being sent flying with Morris, Drake felt himself land on the soft sand hard, Morris landing on him. Pushing him off, a piece of wood stuck into the back of his head, blood trickling down his neck. Shakingly standing up he looked around and heard shouting behind him. Looking behind him, he spotted another guard, Jason, jog his direction. Waving and smiling he said "Thank god! I didn't think I would see another person alive! Think we are the only two who made it?" Shrugging Drake responded walking toward him to meet half way "Damn I hope not, stuck on the worlds most dangerous island with only two of us!" Managing a weak laugh, the two started scavenging for supplies.

    Prying open a crate, he saw a green rucksack inside, and a pair of pants. "Oh fuck." He said remembering the debris in his leg. Looking into the bag, he was lucky enough to find bandages, rubbing alcohol, a combat knife, and some whiskey. Taking a drink of the whiskey, he used the knife too pry out the metal. Grimacing in pain, he clenched his teeth tightly, and poured the rubbing alcohol over the wound. Cursing now, he wrapped the wound quickly and changed, ready to get a move on. Changing pants, he saw Jason waving a revolver and box ammo at him, a big smile on his face "Yo Drake! Found a gun and some ammo!"

    Something moved in the bushes, and an arrow flew free from the brush, and jammed into the throat of Jason, who fell, the revolver skidding over towards Drake. His eyes widening, three men emerged from the tree's, walking towards their kill. Rushing towards them, two rose up hatchets in their hands, the third reached for an arrow. Quickly disarming the first one he came too, the archer let the arrow loose. The arrow stuck out from his friends throat, blood covering it. The man cursed and reached for another as the second man charged. Dodging the hatchet swing, Drake quickly stabbed the man in the side twice and kicked him away towards the ground.

    The archer quickly kicked Drake onto the ground aswell, an arrow ready to finish him off. Landing next to the revolver, he fired at the man and hit him the chest twice. Standing up shakingly, he started at the three men, each looked like they were on this island for years, barely surviving. Grabbing a hatchet and the box of ammo Drake hiked into the tree's, looking for survivors. ​
  10. The cave started cracking from the roof. Debris was falling everywhere as Sarah ran for the exit. Suddenly someone grabbed her leg. The girl tripped and looked at the man who was grabbing her leg. "Let go!" she shouted and the man claimed over and over again that he was helping her. "No, let go now!" she yelled and the man pulled out a knife and was about to stab her. Sarah used her other leg and kicked him in the face three times before he finally let go. The man growled and crawled to her but a huge rock fell on him crushing his body.

    Sarah kept running and finally made it out alive before the roof of the huge cave collapsed on her. Covered with blood and dirt she layed there thankful that she made it out.

    After about 19 minutes of just laying there she slowly stood up and gasped at the sight she witnessed before her. Hundreds of boats were recked upon the island just like theirs.
  11. She finally looked away and started heading down a small ledge. Running her fingers along the dirt wall next to her she started thinking of the possible women that the painting in the shrine represented. Soon after she thought about Drake and if he was alright, she hoped so.

    Suddenly a firmiliar noise was heard in the distance. Sarah went silent, hoping the sound would come back her luck it did.
    "Is that...static?" she asked out loud to herself and ran towards the sound. The noise grew louder and the woman gasped then took a deep breath of relief, it was a working radio, a yellow one on the ground. Every member had one, every member would need one if they were to stay in touch. More static and voices came from the radio and Sarah grabbed the radio quickly and hooked the device on the back of her pants. Taking a deep breath she started to think logically, which was hard to do in this kind of situation. "I can't just sit here" she said. "I need to find shelter and food." Continuing onto her journey to find food she hoped she would eventually run into an ally.

  12. Drake F.
    Looking into the sky, Drake spotted clouds gathering in the middle of the island, rain following from the clouds and easily visible static arched from the now connecting clouds. Pushing inland, Drake traveled quietly and only encountered a few birds. Coming to a clearing, he took a seat against a tree and breathed heavily muttering to himself "Damn I hope I see some friendly faces soon. Hopefully Sarah and the others survived with the rest of th-" Stopping himself mid sentence as a sound burst from some bushes nearby. Dropping to the ground he drew his revolver and pointed it towards the sound. A deer walked out into the clearing birds flying away from the bushes. Laughing Drake eased up and sat back up, catching his breath as the rain began to fall.​
  13. Abi had spent a large part of the voyage hanging amidst the rigging. Heights didn't bother her, the sway of the boat was relaxing, and she felt like a spider amidst the nets. Her mother had been a Hawaiian, and the skinny 14-year-old felt she was meant to spend her days on an old wooden ship like this.

    The tanned girl's worn T-shirt was tucked into what used to be some nice dress pants, and her oversized shoelaces and long brown hair flapped in the wind. Then Poseidon struck, and the next thing Abi knew she was alone on a beach with some rigging wrapped around her ankles and a mouthful of sand. She coughed that out. Then her thoughts turned to her knife, and her hand lept to her pocket.

    Abi cursed. Her pocketknife was gone. Whether it had fallen before or during the storm she couldn't say; it had fallen before, and she had been careless. As she disentangled herself, Abi looked along the shoreline in case she could spot any other remnant of the ship or crew.
  14. Sarah kept walking until she saw a dead man hanging off a tree tied up. "Oh God, what's happened to these people?" she asked glancing down. "Wait a minute!" she said glancing back up. A bow was wrapped around the dead body. "I could very well use that" she said and looked around. "If it still works that is" she began and noticed a ledge that led to the man. She climbed it and saw the only thing standing between her and the bow was an unstable log that led to it.
    "Okay...take it slow" she said and placed her left foot on the log. She took a deep breath and slowly but surely walked across the log balancing herself. Holding the tree that the log was balancing itself on she looked at the man and reached for the bow.
    Struggling to balance and reach was difficult. She missed and almost fell a couple of times. With one more go at it she grabbed the bow and fell with the dead body. She grunted in pain then saw the dead body next to her. She gasped and quickly got up brushing herself off. Discusted by the body she quickly grabbed the bow and apologized to the dead body. Seeing a dear running through some bushes she snuck up towards it and shot it twice as it ran through them. She ran to the dear and started cutting it for meat. When she was done with that she started making a fire when she saw Drake. "Drake!" she smiled and ran to him for a hug.
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  15. Drake F.

    Quickly grabbing and embarrassing Sarah, Drake smiled and laughed happily "Thank god! Are you alright?" Drake asked looking over her not seeing any immediate harm done to her.


    Elijah I.

    Elijah signaled to the rest of the group, rifle in the other hand. As the group of 4 moved to meet Elijah across the bare rocky beach, Elijah looked over each of them. Doctor Fumon the scientist, a girl he recognized as Claire, another young girl, and a journalist. Looking forward he said to the group behind him, his rifle raised "We could either seek help by heading up inland, or continue along the beach to try and find more survivors, hell maybe even a port town." ​
  16. "There...there was these men" she then paced back and forth holding her head. Just remembering it all was overwhelming. She then stopped and crossed her arms "and a dead body" she said in a fearful tone. She then turned to him. It was a woman, she was burned and strung up..." she said then rubbed her arms. "A man dragged me and tied me up as well but I escaped.."

    She stood there in silence with Drake before a loud hiss of static went off then a clear voice. It was Claire.
    "Hello? Is anybody out there? We are crash landed on this island..."
    Sarah glanced up at Drake before reaching in her back pocket and took out the radio.
    "Claire? Is that you?" She asked.
    There was a moment of yet another silence before Claire spoke again. "Who is this?" she asked cautiously.
    Sarah chuckled a little and held the radio up to her mouth so her friend could understand her better. "You's me Sarah!"
    The radio sent a static like message. "Oh gosh! Sarah! I'm so glad your alright! I've been looking for Drake all day!" It was obvious that Claire also had a crush on Drake. Sarah started walking around as she spoke. She had always liked Drake and was shy to admit it but when she found out that Claire had a crush on him she backed off giving Her friend a chance. Ultimately though, it was up to Drake.

    "Drakes here with me, he's well" Sarah said and all Claire said was "oh, okay..."

    "We will meet you as soon as we can, by the way where are you?"
    Sarah asked.

    "By the beachside, we are trying to fix a small boat we found to get out of here" Claire began.

    "Alright, we will see you bye" Sarah said then put the radio back in her pocket.
  17. The ship had crashed further south along the shore. Abi looked inland, then to the sky. She bit the corner of her lip. Who knew was was behind that foliage? Abi knew the sea, but she didn't want to risk any exploration alone.

    As she walked south along the shore, her shoes filling with sand, Abi found what she was looking for: some of the passengers from the ship. Most seemed older than Abi, and she hadn't gotten to know them very well during the trip, preferring the company of her uncle's crew.

    "...trying to fix a small boat we found to get out of here," one of the girls said. "Alright, we will see you bye," the other responded to her. Actually, they were probably full-grown women. Wasn't the one the doctor's assistant?

    "'Ellew," Abi greeted the others, allowing a bit of an accent to seep through, "you found a boat?" She lifted her leg and grasped her ankle, stretching. It was a nervous habit.
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