The Island

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  1. For many years there has been rumors of people living on a island called Kaura. A team of archeologists are sent there to discover what the islanders do and what they have learned.
    Anna sighed as she leaned against the boat she grew up with...The Avenger was a gorgeous, well working ship that sailed gloriously across the sea. The crew was going to stop in a town soon, hoping to bring along new crew members and grab more supplies.
    The young woman played with her long ponytail as she watched the water. It was going to be a long day.
  2. "KANA THEY'RE COMING!" Kana woke with a start. She put on her floral dress and ran out of her hut she shared with her brother Janu. He was calling to her from outside.
    "Where is everyone else?" she inquired. "They are at the other end of the island in the safe hut. You slept in."
    Kana cursed. She was now in danger because she was simply too lazy to wake up. "Come on let's go!" The pair of siblings started running toward the opposite end of the island. If the explorers found out their secret, life would never be the same.
  3. Anna felt the ship stop, she then spent hours getting more members for her crew and equipment. She saw her teacher Dr. Conwell hoard a package of guns on board.
    "Guns? Why in the world would we need guns?" Anna said.
    "We don't know what we will encounter...this is just for protection," Conwell said.
    Anna sat down as the ship sailed once again. They were on their way to the island.
  4. Lisel hummed as she polished her Mk XIX Hand-Canon. This was her favorite gun, powerful enough to hunt, but light enough for her petite figure without compromising speed or agility.

    She was drafted by a Dr. Conwell into an expedition to this island of sorts. The pay was good, but the details were vague. Not knowing what to expect, she came prepared.

    Getting lightly on her feet, she approached the woman who seemed to be the head of this expedition.

  5. Anna looked at Lisel for a brief second "hello" she said then looked back out to the sea. It was getting late and dinner was being announced. "looks like we better get going" she chuckled then stared at the girls gun for a while before noticing Conwell. "Excuse me a moment" Anna said to Lisel before leaving to Conwell who was studying some charts.
    "Dr. Conwell..." Anna said catching up to him "I don't see the need for weapons...what if there are really islanders and they are friendly?"
    Conwell ignored her, "Anna...look!" he said with a look of complete awe and amazement.
    The crew arrived at the gorgeous island at last.
    Suddenly just as the sun shone over the horizon it disappeared behind a sea of gray clouds.
    "What the-?" Anna said not believing her eyes. A lightning flashed across the sky, hitting the side of the boat. A thunderstorm was followed by the lightning strike. An alarm went off and Captain Jessie was barking orders to the men.
    One by one people were forced to evacuate the ship in three large rafts.
  6. Kana was scared. "They have guns Janu!" He nodded. "I know." She fingered her long black hair gingerly. A gun shot rang out in the distance. She heard a scream. "Janu why did they pick our home?" There was an edge to her voice. "I don't know but even I am too young to understand things." Janu
    was 14 years old, edging his sister out by 19 months. Kana still felt like he was much older than her even though she was 13, only a year younger. Another gun shot. "HE'S DEAD!"
    Kana screamed, and Janu clapped a hand over her mouth. They couldn't risk being heard. The two of them were both wondering the same thing. Who had just been killed, and why did they have guns? Were they afraid that the natives of the island would attack? Kana looked around. "Janu where's Papa?" Janu scanned the premecis. "I don't know...." his voice trailed off. "He didn't die. He can't have!" Despite his thoughts, the lingering fear in the air told him otherwise.
  7. Anna was encouraged by captain Jessie to jump on the raft. Anna ran off the boat and jumped, she missed and hit the water. The cold was like 1,000 needles hitting her everywhere on her body. She lurched up from the water coughing and swimming to the shore of the island. Coughing a bit more she layed on her back trying to catch her breath. Moya was ordering people to help others. Anna looked around then was hit on the back of her head, knocking her out.
  8. Kana looked around once more for her father, but instead she saw a woman running off of a boat and falling into the water. Thinking about it made Kana shiver. She watched as one of her island mates pulled out a pistol.
    "What are you doing?" she asked in alarm. "What I have to do," they replied. They pulled the trigger and a bullet flew in the direction of the woman. It went straight into the back of her head, and she fell down into the water. "No!" Kana ran to the shore, and then got into the water. She started swimming as fast as she could to the woman. Janu was behind her,
    yelling "Stop! She could be the killer!" Kana did not stop. She got to the woman. The bullet was not all the way
    in. She carefully pulled it out, revealing a huge gash. The water around them turned deep crimson.
    "Janu! Help me get her to shore!" A
    storm was coming. Instead of arguing, Janu grabbed the woman's arms and the two of them began swimming back
    with her to the shore. "Kana let's bring her to the medicine hut. It will be safer there. No one will know that we
    rescued her." He looked at her for a moment. "Besides, she doesn't look like a killer."
  9. Anna opened her eyes for a split second. People were dragging her somewhere but she had no energy to fight. With a groan she went completely limp again.
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  11. Janice stood, cursing. "Why on earth would she go and get herself shot?" Janice was Anna's partner for the expidition. She had been below deck with everyone else when the accident happened. She looked up at the sky. It was half purple half orange. The sun was setting in the west as normal, but in the east, the storm continued to brew. "WE NEED TO GET OUT OF THE WATER!" she rose her voice so as to be heard over the increasing winds. "LIGHTNING IS STRIKING NEARBY!". Just as she said this, a bolt struck the boat, igniting the bow.
  12. Nicholi saw the girl that was being carried away, he looked around "why are we bringing one of them here?" he barked. "They shot our people!"
    Nicholi was a tribal leader from the other side of the island.
  13. "Nicholi, Umbay shot her. She isn't bad. We are just trying to do the right thing. Besides, what harm can she do us when she is injured," Janu said, setting the woman down on a for in the medicine hut. "We will fix you up like new."
  14. "Fine, but I'm keeping an eye on her!" Nicholi growled as he watched them heal her.
  15. Janice had failed her most important job. Stay with your partner at all times. She didn't have any way to get over to the shore. There were islanders scattered across the entire bay. She needed a plan. NowX