The Island

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  1. Nick's mind faded back to the plane... Nick was getting a drink when he noticed how attractive the flight attendant was but he shook the fantasies from his head and took a sip. Nick was a man barely older then 21 he was returning from a trip overseas to south america to study local life and how humans effect ecosystems. "Ah that was a good trip, learned a lot hope it helps with my degree." As he took another sip from his drink the plane shook a little and the intercom flickered to life "We are experiencing some turbulence please buckle your belts and it should be over shortly." The pilot's voice was that of a veteran someone who has done flights many times and is as routine as getting a morning coffee.

    Nick quickly followed the instructions and clasped his 2 buckles together, looking around satisfied as some still hadnt buckled up completely yet. The plane shook once more, this time more violently. People around him started to panic and to be frank he was panicking a bit too. "I-It's just a rough patch right? I mean its not like anything is going to happen, that guy seemed like a pro." Nick's thoughts couldnt be further from the truth.

    It all happened at once, from the front of the plane a sickening CRACK followed by what Nick thought sounded like wet mud being stepped in rang out. The plane began to drop, the flight attendants and those stupid enough not to buckle up slammed upward. Even Nick who was buckled in struggled to stay in his seat as the belt cut in to his waist. "Oh god this can't be happening, no this...cant be real!" A mask suddenly dropped in front of Nick cutting his inner monolog short. Seeing on shows all the time he knew to the mask on. As that was the most he could do Nick looked was pure chaos, children crying, people screaming, those that where trapped against he ceiling were oddly silent almost as if they had accepted their fate. Then it all went black.

    The next thing Nick realized was that he needed air but as much as he inhaled nothing came in, but it wasnt really that nothing could come in more that too much was coming out. Nick coughed up spurts of sea water his lungs burned like fire and he took many deep rapid breathes until he finally calmed down. Nick's whole body ached his lungs felt like sand paper with every breath and his head felt like it was split with an axe. After resting on the beach for what felt like hours he finally mustered the strength to sit up and take in his surroundings.

    Nick was on a beach, plane scraps littering the pure white sand and a thick jungle a walk to the north, the beach continued to both the left and right for what seems like forever. A mountain rose above the clouds miles away. "An Island? Well I guess its lucky I landed here instead of drowning while out cold." As Nick stood up he noticed his clothes where torn in a few places and he had gashes scattered about but nothing too serious. However he did note that he was completely soaked and while it was rather warm right now he feared what might happen if it was cold. "I-I got to see if anyone else washed up here." Nick began walking to the right following the beach checking for anyone else.
  2. Sayomi stood in line for the restroom. Her and her brother were returning early from a vacation with their family. He needed to go back to work, and she was due back at school. She impatiently ran a hand through her long black hair. She was always different then everybody. She had long dark hair, piercings and tattoos, yet she was the top of class, and had started med school by the age of 16. She finally was finished with premed freshly 20 and well on her way to being a doctor.

    Lost in her thought, she was pulled from them as she nearly fell sideways. As the pilot said to buckle their seatbelts she groaned and started to go back to her seat, which was on the other side of the plane. It was a battle to try to get to her seat as everyone hurried every which way. As she fought the people, the turbulence got worse and worse, finally she was close to her seat when there was a deafening crack that made her ears ring, shortly after she was flung up and hit the ceili, her hair blowing around her.

    The pressure that pushed on Sayomi's chest nearly made it so that she couldn't take a breath. All she could do was watch the people under her, the crying and screaming. Them hugging each other. She wondered what they all had planned with their lives that they wouldn't be able to accomplish. Her heart skipped a beat as she thought of her brother. She tried to look around, to see if she could find him. No matter how had she looked, she couldn't find him. Tears ran down her face as she worried more for him then for herself. He had everything going for him. He worked at a great law firm, his wife to be was with child. All these people no matter the darkness in rehear hearts didn't deserve to have it end like this. The last thing that she remembered was being slammed into coldness.

    Sayomi slowly opened her piercing green eyes blinking. She was laying on a beach in the water. Her breathing was shallow and everywhere hurt more than she ever experienced. She didn't want to move, she just wanted to sleep. It was so bright, she couldn't keep her eyes opened without them burning. She laid there, trying to breath without the pain.
  3. Nick walked down the beach, the sand clinging to his water-logged shoes. The jungle remained to the north like an unwavering beast. The sand had bits of metal and cloth washing up on its shore. "Damn the plane must have been really damaged to put this much metal on the shore...and the scraps of cloth dont give me too much more hope." Nick was afraid but not of the island...well not that much anyway, he was afraid of being alone. Nick always tried his best to be a likeable person, he made people smile when he was around and that was good enough for him. But he always dreaded being alone, he had heard stories of people who got trapped alone and slowly turned insane with only their selves as company, he didnt want that to happen to him, so thats why he was so resolved to find another person.

    Looking out to sea Nick noticed a few things, first luggage was floating all around. He thought about getting some of the smaller ones to see what was inside be decided against it having enough of sea water for today. As he walked he saw a backpack that had drifted to shore, it was soaked and covered with seaweed but the bag it self was still useful so he grabbed it as he walked by. Peeking inside, the bag mostly had women's makeup and other products, most was completely destroyed by the water but two of them seemed to be in some decent condition and Nick figured why the hell not keep it. The only other thing that was in the bag was a large nail clipper, again he figured it might be useful somehow at least his nails wont get too long. He held the bag in one hand away from himself as the bag was dripping more then he was and continued along his path. Checking his watch that somehow survived the whole ordeal he knew the time was about 3:00 pm and the sun was high in the sky as if to confirm it.

    While walking down the beach the jungle finally split a bit into a nice flat open plane, the plane had a few trees around and an odd cave in the rock face that jutted out of the ground a while away. Just as he was going to investigate the cave he noticed something...or someone. He saw an odd looking girl laying down in the sand near the shore. The waves licked her heels as they moved up and down. She looked kind of like one of those goth types with piercing all abound and black seemed to be her favorite color. Nick himself was fairly average, he was about 5' 10" and had a medium build. He wasnt very muscular but he was a bit stronger then the average person. His hair now sticky and clumpy from the sea water was normally straight and nearly touched his shoulders only about an inch or two away. His only really describing mark was a large burn scar on his right hand which he got a long time ago. Nick was so ecstatic at finding another person but then he finally noticed that despite her breathing she wasnt moving. Nick bolted over to her and grabbed her shoulder firmly and started to shake her asking "Hey are you ok? Hey come on say something!"
  4. After awhile of just laying in the sun and water, Sayomi drug herself out of the water. The adrenalin of what had happened had worn off, and despite the sun, the water became cold. She crawled enough out that only her feet was in the water instead of her entire body. She propped herself up on her arms, and slowly looked around. The only thing that was there was debris, metal and bits of seating, some wayward articles of clothing that came out of luggage.

    She plopped back down had she had been, the pain was still intense, but she knew nothing was broken, except maybe a rib or two.. One her face was back on the sand, she had to close her eyes, the way the sun lit up the sand burned the green in her eyes. She resumed just laying there, lost in her thoughts. The odds of her surviving
    A plane crash of that magnitude was phenomenal, so the odds of more than just her surviving was even less likely.

    Tears slowly ran down her face as she thought of her brother, and all the children that were on the plane. No one except the wicked deserved to die in fear like that. Death was scary enough without wondering if it would hurt, or if you were going to suffer. This shouldn't have happened. She knew little of planes, but it sounded either that when doing maintenance on the plane something wasn't put on right, or that the metal was weak and withered and no one had caught it.

    Eventually she stopped crying and sighed. She liked this beach, so she thought if she was going to die, she would die right there. She didn't see a point in trying to fight off the island alone. Places like this sometimes could get to nearly freezing at night, which after the the heat of the day could send you into shock.

    Still lost in her thoughts as always, Sayomi was jolted from them by someone shaking her asking if she was okay. Her piercing eyes shot open as she looked at the man. "Couldn't you just have like poked me with a stick or something?" She was never any good with people. She spent most of her days in her dorm studying, which seemed to be a custom with Harvard students.
  5. Nick dropped to the ground in a sitting position his legs criss-crossed. "W-Well I suppose I could have but I was so happy I found someone else. I was scared that I would be trapped here alone." Nick put on a big smile. "Anyways I'm Nick Sharvont, I was on that plane too...though you probably figured that out already. We should try to find a place to take shelter, its going to get dark soon but you can rest until your ready to move." Nick gets up dusting the sand off his pants and he starts looking over the open area in front of him. The plane had some trees around that seemed to have coconuts on its palms and around on the ground. A river cut the plain in to two halves, a right side which Nick was on and a left side, that looked like it had a path that led deeper to in the island. He also noted a few old looking trees that had no leaves but lots of branches. "Those branches could be useful later and those coconuts could be food if we could get them open. That river will give us water...god we got pretty lucky." Then he turned to the cave.

    The cave was fairly well lit, the light spilling in from the front the entrance revealed that the top of the cave was probably about 10 feet from the ground giving ample space. The cave it self was about 15 feet by 15 feet big and seemed solid enough. Nick checking around didnt notice any evidence that an animal lived here, no droppings, no fur, no nothing just a perfectly empty cave. "We could probably take shelter here and provided we dont make a giant fire the smoke should seep out the hole." Nick checked the rock walls and floor of the cave, he instantly jumped back from the rock as it was ice cold, and now that he thought about it, the cave it self was rather cold too. "Hmpf nothing a fire cant solve...if I can get one started, maybe she knows how to start one?" Nick reached for the rock again bracing himself for the cold, after shuttering a bit he adjusted to the frigidness of the rock, the stone was fairly smooth and didnt seem to chip or break easy. Nick headed out of the cave and back to the woman.

    Nick dropped to a sit again and looked at the woman. "Ok so it seems like we could take shelter in that cave, but its really cold. We would need a fire to keep warm and to dry our clothes, the sickly trees should burn pretty well do you know how to start a fire?" Nick said this with a bit of shame on his face suddenly his face lit up and he quickly asked "Oh I totally forgot to ask your name, I'm so sorry!"
  6. Sayomi was thrown off by how bubbly the man was after just surviving a plane crash and now being stranded on an island. Quickly she pushed herself over and groaned from the pain. She looked at the sun and held her fingers up. She wasn't entirely sure where they were, but she guessed it was about 3-4. It would be getting dark in a few hours, and getting colder in a couple. She was still soaked, he wasn't as much. He must have regained consciousness quickly if he was ever knocked out.

    Carefully she sat up, that movement wasn't as bad as when she was on her back or on her stomach. She didn't venture much farther than that. She took as deep a breath as she could and winced. She knew she had at least one broken or fractured rib on the right side, she was going to have to bound it soon or else it would never heal properly.

    As Nick came back she looked at him as he spoke. There was a cave, but it was cold. She slowly looked about, there was the old trees yes, but they would need more for a fire, and for heat before the fire would heat the cave to a fairly comfortable temperature. When he asked her her name, she blinked a few times as she was brought from her thoughts. "It's uh.. Sayomi Chi.." With nothing more sure set to work as her mind took over. She knew the time crunch they were in, and they didn't know what would come out at night on the island.

    Quickly she stood to her feet inhaling sharply from pain, then ignored it. She went looking about, and found a rather large piece of the siding of the plane and began to drag it close to the cave. " if we can find a rock or something to angle it correctly then we can position it to aim the sunlight inside the cave and some of the heat will warm the rock and trap some warm air in the cave. Then at night we can pull it up to help the heat stay in and the light out.. W dont know what exactly is on the island.. And honestly, I am scared to find out.." She yelled to him as she drug the heavy piece of metal.
  7. Nick rushes over to help move the metal sheet, his shoes still a little soggy. "Hey thats pretty smart, that just might get us through the night." Nick dragged the sheet over to the hole and moved it to just where Sayomi had told him. After a while and many rocks he found just the right one and placed it to support the metal sheet which now directed light in to the cave. "Hey Sayomi I found this!" Nick reaches in to his pocket and pulls out an extremely sharp rock nearly cutting himself on the razor thin edge. "I think its some kind of flint its really sharp and pretty tough I think we could use this to punch through coconut husks. Speaking of I'm going to gather some of those." Nick rushed around quickly gathering 6 coconuts. The coconuts where rather large and thick. Nick guessed that it would take a pretty good amount of force to puncture the tough solid husk.

    While Nick was stuffing coconuts in his pack he also gathered some dry branches and old rotting logs in the hope he could start a fire. The was starting to set, it was about 5:30. Nick didnt have much longer to gather supplies and he was getting rather tired himself so he returned to the cave which was a bit warmer then it was before, and set down the branches and logs. He sat around and waited for Sayomi to return in the meantime he ripped a little of his shirt sleeve. Nick wrapped the wet rag around the piece of flint making a makeshift knife. Nick nicked his hand a few times while making it but nothing too serious. Nick then shaved down a few of the branches to make little light fluffy wood shavings. He then tried in vain at spinning a stick to cause enough friction to ignite the fluff and start a fire, but he got nothing but new blisters and roughing up his hands even more.

    When Sayomi returned to the cave Nick greeted her. "Hey what did ya get out there? I've been trying my hand at making fire...its a lot harder then I thought." Nick shows his damaged hands to Sayomi and then returns to attempting to light a fire. "Oh I got some coconuts, its enough for 3 each." Nick said in between pants. Finally just as he was about to give up, something started to smolder in the mash of wood. Nick quickly started to gently blow on it until the smolder turned in to a flame which lit up and warmed the cave greatly. "Hey I did it!" Nick looked ready to leap for joy when he realized the "Door" for the cave was still open. He quickly got up and closed the door. He then sat down and huddled near the fire. " are you feeling Sayomi...I'll admit this went better then I expected all of it. I expected to drown in the crash...I didnt, then to just freeze to death...I didnt, I expected to be trapped alone and I'm not." He grabbed a coconut and jammed his knife a few times until the husk was broken through. He began to eat and drink greedily.
  8. Sayomi took a deep breath as she lifted a heavy rock to put under the metal sheet. She always wondered what people thought when they saw her. Who they thought she was. None knew that she was studying to be the next leading doctor for cancer, and hoped to bring the next great breakthrough. Before she could answer him about the flint he was off again. She felt old compared to his constant going, even though she was in great shape. Flint meant fire, and where there was more flint, meant more weapons.

    Watching as he went about his escapade, she pulled her long wet hair into a pony, pulling the band from her wrist and set way. She slowly made her way into the jungle that surrounded them, and looked about. There had to be more food than coconuts. Some berries and roots. Eventually they would have to trap something. They couldn't survive off coconuts forever. As she tred deeper she was more on edge, scared of what might come out. Finally she found a berry bush, and looked down near the bottom. She was able to see where animals had been chewing on the branches to get the berries off. If the animals ate them, so would they.

    She grabbed a large leaf and started putting as many berries as possible in it. She pulled the ends together and twisted it to keep it shut as she headed back. Along the way she picked up two branches that were dry, but not terribly dry, so that they were slow burning. She found some dry grass and started heading back to the cave. She only needed one more thing, and was running out of room to carry everything. She waddled trying not to drop the branches as she searched. Finally she found what she was looking for, a small clump of steel from the plane.

    As she walked into the cave she was surprised by the questions. She carefully dropped everything in a corner and then set the leaf in front of him, opening it. "Berries." She never was one for a lot of talking. She figured she would bore people, so she kept it short and sweet almost always. She watched as he started the fire, and upon seeing how excited he was at starting it she kept her mouth shut at bring up they could have used the flint. She would tell him tomorrow. They would need an easier way to light the fire that wouldnt cut up their hands. She grabbed the knife that he made, and picked up a coconut, pushing it against the wall, then stepped back as far as she could, and with all her might threw the knife. It lodged inside the coconut cracking the husk. She gave a smile and picked it up as she drank the milk.

    "I am sore. I think I broke at least a couple ribs. I will need to wrap myself tonight. What about you? Are you ok? Are you hurt?" She asked, she was genuinely worried. If he was hurt, he needed to be tended to as quickly as possible. "You may not be alone... But we are just as stuck here either way.." Sayomi had never been a glass half full kind of person.
  9. Nick reached down taking a few berries and as he ate them his face lit up with joy. "WOW! These are great, you got to show me where you found them" Nick was beaming, such simple things made him extremely happy. Then nearly in an instant his face turned serious and he gained a furrowed brow. "Yes we are stuck here, at least until help comes but that kind of mood gets us no where. When we start to think we have no chance then we really do." Nick turned away rubbing the back of his neck. "Sorry to get all serious on you, but that isnt good thinking ya know." Nick hears Sayomi concerns about his health. "I dont think I'm that hurt, here I cant see everywhere." Nick peals his wet shirt off and lays it out nicely near the fire. Nick spins around a bit lifting his arms a couple of times to let Sayomi check him over and then he drops to the ground, he takes his shoes off placing them near the fire along with his socks. Laying down with his leg arched up and the other crossed over. The rock was warm and inviting almost like his bed back at home if it was rock solid. Nick drifted off for a bit.

    He remembered his time with his own father. His father liked to take him out camping, which was pretty much how he knew how do do so much. Nick probably would have died if it wasnt for his father and those trips. When Nick was 16 his father took him camping like he normally did, but the trip was anything but normal. Nick awoke in his tent his father no where to be seen, Nick assumed this was fine as his father liked to hunt from time to time and to be frank Nick didnt like hunting so his father went to hunt on his own. Nick was tending the fire he lit in the morning when he heard a was his father. With reckless abandon he rushed towards the scream, his father lie there in a pool of blood covered in the damned red liquid, he was still alive. Nick nearly ran straight for him, but then he noticed what did this to his father. A large grizzly bear with its cubs nearby was standing nearby staring straight at Nick. Nick noticed the shotgun laying at his father side and as the bear charged he dove for the gun nearly getting gored by the bear's claws. His hands trembling he aimed the gun at the bear and fired, a crack ran out and birds flew away. In an instant Nick was warm and wet, the bear landed on his legs, he wriggled out and crawled over to his father with tears in his eyes.

    Nick jolted awake, breathing heavily and sweating. He looked over to Sayomi, "Um...hey you should probably take those clothes off, Eh so they can get dry I mean!" Nick looked away his face red and rubbed the back of his neck again. "W-Well I dont blame you if you dont want to, being trapped on island alone with a strange man wouldnt exactly inspire me to do so" Nick turned on his side facing away from Sayomi.
  10. "They were right on the other side of the bushes.. I'm not sure if it is being alone on the island, but it is creepy when you go beyond the bushes. And I didn't go that far in.." She answered about the berries. Sayomi knew she wasn't going to like when the ventured away from the beach for food and firewood. She hated to admit it, but she was just as scared to be alone as he was. Even if he was somewhere on the island, she didn't know what was out there and was scared to face it alone. The more she thought about it, the more anxious she became, and without realizing it she reached up and started to play with her lip ring.

    Sayomi averted her eyes as he scolded her for her way of thinking. She always expected the worse for if it happened. That way it didn't hit her so hard. Once he changed to subject to him not being hurt she looked back up. As he stripped his shirt and twirled for her to see she was relived. It would be hard if both of them were injured. Watching him lay down and drift to sleep she became jealous. All that ran through her head was things that they needed to do to stay alive until the help arrived. She stared into the fire making a list of everything that needed to be done.

    She jolted from her thoughts as Nick spoke to her. She realized that is was right. Without even trying to hide she took her shirt off, It was pretty well dry since it wasn't that thick. On her back was a tattoo of a bird in a cage, and where the skin was covered there was scars and signs of years of abuse. Her skinny jeans required a fight to get off as they clung to her body. She finally pulled them off cursing under her breath. "You don't scare me none" Being a medical student made her loose all modesty for the human body. If he saw anything she was sure she wouldn't be the first nor the last.

    Sayomi laid her pants out by the fire to dry, then sat down and began tearing her shirt up into long strips. She still needed to wrap her chest. "So.. What did you do before this?" She was never good with small talk but figured she should come out of her comfort zone and try.
  11. Nick flops back on to his back and against his better judgement he decided to sneak a quick peek over to Samoyi, Nick actually hadnt had a girlfriend for at least a year, they all called him overbearing and too damn hyper. "Damnit I shouldnt be thinking about these things right now, survival comes first, besides I dont want to be a damn creep." Nick chuckles a bit when she talks about how *not* scary he was, "Gee thanks, and to think I tried my best to look all manly and tough." Nick wrapped his arm behind his head propping him up a tad. Samoyi started to ask about his past. "Me? I'm still in school, in fact I was studying in another country before I boarded that plane, though it was mostly for another class they forced me to take. I'm trying to become a engineer, I figured being engineer was a good idea since I'm pretty good with my hands. What about you? Your an...interesting character Samoyi so I kind of want to learn more about you. Also I dont want to say this but you might have to move around a bit tomorrow, once we get a good source of food and water then you can rest some more." Nick sat up and reached over for the knife trying his best to avoid staring at Samoyi. Then Nick quickly scooped up a coconut stabbing it with more proficiency. Nick drank and ate the coconut flesh, after he finished he seemed content and waited for Samoyi to finish and then he quickly said "Ok we should get some sleep, probably going to have lots of work tomorrow." With that Nick closed his eyes and drifted off in his mind.
  12. Sayomi smiled and looked down at her shirt as she ripped it when he replied to her not thinking he was scary. With everything she was put through growing up, no one individual scared her anymore. Bt she didn't want to tell him that. She always hid herself from people. It seemed to be easier that way. An engineer and a med student.. She figured the two of them combined could fare enough to survive until help came. She couldn't help but blush a little when he called her interesting. She thought that she was boring, and there wasn't reply anything exciting about herself, other than her potential. "I'm still going to school too.. I was on vacation with family heading back for school when the plane crashed..." She thought of her brother.. She wondered if she would find his body, even though she didn't really want to, she wanted to be able to be able to bring it back to his wife to be.

    She nodded her head as he commented to her having to move tomorrow. She knew they would both be more sore tomorrow than they were today, and if he wasn't sore, there would be a good chance of it. Things were always worse the second and third day. A she finished ripping her shirt she noticed him fall asleep again. She looked down at her strips and turned slightly taking off her bra finally, covering her breasts with her arm as she began to wrap the strips around her chest. More than a few times she winced from the pain as she pulled tight. As she got to the last strip she pulled tights and almost let out a small scream of pain. It was her second rib on the right and the third on the left that were the worst on her. She took a breath as much as the binding would allow her and laid down where she was. She was exhausted and a mixture of warm and cold. Cold where the fire didn't touch, but other than that she was content. She could look through the luggage that was on the shore tomorrow to look for things they could use. They would need more clothes, and more cloth strips. As she went through the list of things that they needed to do in the morning she drifted to sleep.
  13. Nick slept well, though that was mostly because his muscles had zero energy life. The fire kept him warm through the night and warming the smooth stone he slept on. The smoke seeped out of the doorway and through some unseen gaps in the rock. Nick was the first to wake up, he instinctively looked over to Samoyi as if to reassure himself she was real, seeing her laying there sleeping Nick let out a breath of relief. Nick noticed that Samoyi who replaced her bra with tightly wrapped rags, was still sleeping. Nick sat up and looked away from here. "I'll let her sleep she probably needs it more then I do." Nick looked over to the fire, though it wasnt really a fire anymore, a few embers remained lit. He put the few sticks they had left on the pile and rekindled the flames. As he started to hoist himself up his body ached, the plane crash really did take a toll on him. Nick reached over grabbing his shirt infinitely drier now and his socks with his shoes. Holding the knife in one hand and his pack on his back he opened the door to the cave.

    The day was overcast, dark heavy clouds sat in the sky. It wasnt raining now however he was certain it would rain later today. While looking for a tree with particularly straight branches he glanced down at his watch the time was 7:21am. Finally after searching for a good while a tree that seemed serviceable he snapped 2 large branches off the tree, sticking them under his arm to carry them. He snapped off smaller branches and picked up twigs from the ground for the fire throwing them in his pack. Nick searched around the edge of the jungle where Samoyi told him the bush was, he finally found it when he noticed something odd. The bush was rustling too violently for it to have been the wind, as Nick turned the bush he saw a small chicken pecking at the branches. He leaped almost instantly but the chicken was too fast, it darted away as Nick slammed into the ground. He got up cursing as he brushed himself off. Nick picked off a few berries for himself and Samoyi.

    Nick set back to the cave to work on the long sticks. He dropped off the fire wood in a little corner they used as storage. Then he dropped to the ground near the fire slowly shaved wood off the stick to a point in order to make a spear. Samoyi seemed to have awakened while he was doing this. "Oh hey, how are you feeling? I went out to get some wood and I brought some berries from that bush too." Nick put the berries near Samoyi and continued to speak. "Oh I also saw a chicken near the bush, I tried to catch it but the thing was faster then I thought and slipped away. At least we know theres chickens on the island." Nick had made decent progress on the stick given maybe another couple of minutes he could have a rough wooden spear.
  14. Sayomi woke nearly screaming. There was something on her leg. She looked down and noticed it was a crested gecko, she breathed heavily as she picked the lizard up and placed him on her shoulder. She liked reptiles, just not when they woke her on an island. She watched Nick for a few minutes before he realized that she was up. "More sore than yesterday." She took a few of the berries as he pushed them close to her. She stood as she put them in her mouth. The tattoos that ran from her sides down her hips and thighs were clearly visible. She still wondered what he thought of her, not knowing that she was a med student at Harvard.

    "How long were you gone for? You could have woken me you know.." She asked as she pulled her skinny jeans on, not that they made a difference to her figure. She had no shirt since she tore it up, which didn't bother her, less things to get snagged on something. She rubbed her neck as she went over to the cave. "If there is chicken there is more animals. There are rabbits too. They had eaten the berries on the bottom of the bush. That's how I knew that it was edible." She watched as he tried to sharpen the stick. It would work great for fish, since their meat was soft, and chicken, but she didn't know how it fared against bigger animals. Not just for food, but protection.

    Scratching her head, Sayomi went through the list in her head that she made last night. "You found flint, well we need more. We can sharpen it ourselves for spears, and for fire." They also needed hollow drunks that they can bring water into the cave with. So that they didn't have to worry about water, then they needed to get a supply of food for just in case something happened. As she started thinking of all of the things that thy needed to do, she walked out of the cave and started searching rocks for flint, and any logs that might be used for water, they needed a bottom though. Unless they could find leather in the plane debris and tie it up and around, that would old the water in.
  15. Nick looked over to Samoyi she had a little friend on her shoulder this time he chuckled a little at the lizard and then said "Sorry about that, I thought you could have used the sleep. Plus I was just getting these little things, I'm planning on trying to get some meat today. I was thinking the river might be a good place to spear fish but since I found that chicken the jungle might be a good place to hunt as well." Nick watched as Samoyi walked out of the cave in look of flint. "She plans ahead a lot doesnt she, I do wish she would stop worrying so much, she always has such a serious expression on her face." Nick finishes up the point on his spear, he then takes a couple of minutes to shave some wood off the shaft of the spear to make it easier to hold and less rough. Nick stands up and places a bit of slower burning wood on the fire to keep it going while he and Samoyi were out. Nick walks out of the cave, the clouds seemed to have lightened up a bit, but it was still rather downcast. He waved to Samoyi, as she searched for more flint.

    Nick walked over to the river watching for some fish, while he was doing this he noticed that the river seemed shallow enough to cross. Finally after a while he spotted some fish against the rush of the river. He hurled his spear with all his might missing his mark completely, the spear drove it self deep in between the rocks and dirt. Cursing a bit Nick grabs the spear and yanks it out, looking at the tip it seemed to still be in a good condition, at least this proved that the wood from that tree was solid. Nick took aim again, thrusting the spear with less force and more accuracy. While he didnt really spear a fish he did kind of whack it...hard. The small fish's bones probably broke on impact and it tried in vain to keep moving but Nick was faster, the spear this time pierced the fish killing it instantly. Nick quickly pulled the point near his face, the fish was clearly dead and impaled on the spear. It was a small fish, but it could probably be a decent meal if he could catch some more. Spending about a half an hour spear fishing he managed to get about 4 more fish. Nick was beaming, he was lucky this river seemed to hold many fish.

    Nick rushed over to Samoyi. "Haha, look at all the fish I got. I think I'll spend the rest of the day getting firewood and getting stuff for spears, you mind trying to find something we can use to tie the flint to the wood with?" Nick rushed over to the cave again setting up the fish on a simple wood roaster over the fire. They would slowly cook while they continued their actions of the day. Nick went back to the tree he got the spear wood from for building these flint spears Samoyi was talking about. After he finished collecting some more firewood and a couple of coconuts he sat back down in the cave watching the fish cook and working on making the rough wood branches in to wooden rods.
  16. Sayomi waddled around talking to her little friend with arms full of flint of all shapes sizes and sharpness. They could use rocks to sharpen them. She would make sure that they didn't use steel or else sparks would go flying. She waddled into the cave and put the flint down in the corner, And walked out her mind hard at work. She went on her hunt for something to hold water, and failed to find anything.

    As Nick ran over to her with the fish she smiled at him. Not so much because of the fish, but because of how excited he was about them. He reminded her of a little kid. It wasn't a bad thing, she just wasn't used to it. She was always so wrapped up in school that she forgot that much else existed out of it. Even on her vacation, she still spent most of the time to study ahead of next quarter.

    She went back to where she got the dried grass the night before and started to pick as much as she could. Carrying it back to the cave again, she started to laugh as her friend reached out and started to chew on some of the grass. She set it down, except for a strand that she kept for him. "I should be able to braid these and make it strong enough to hold the flint to sticks." She told Nick as she went back out once more. She wanted to see if she could find the chickens. They usually didn't venture far from their nests, so she was hoping tht maybe she could at lease find where they all were.

    Sayomi found the berry bush and ventured farther into the jungle. After awhile she heard them, making it easier for her. All she had to do was follow their noises. She moved a bush back, and there was the nests. There was probably more than two dozen nests in the cleaning, all with at least one egg in them. She turned and gave a smile to the gecko and then started collecting the eggs, ignoring the shrieks of furious chickens. She gathered 12 eggs and decided to leave the rest. Going back to the cave for a final time until she could decide what to do next, she decided she needed to name the gecko. Even though she didn't think that he would stay with her long. "I am going to name you Charlie." She decided as she walked into the cave.

    "There are quite a lot of chickens not far from the berry bush. If we can figure out a trap just outside their nesting area then we can trap them one at a time, without scaring them away from the nests." She sat next to him and gently set the eggs down. "We should be able to go and get eggs very day, and as long as we don't take them all at one, they should stay right where they are." She said as she watched what he was doing.
  17. Nick had managed to make 4 rods in his time, little piles of wood shavings surrounded him. He chucked them in to the fire, watching as they fluttered down in the flame. Putting aside the flint knife he removed the fish from the stick and put them on a little stone slab he found in the cave. The slab was nearly flat making rather like a plate. "Welp dinners done." He said with a smile on his face. To be frank he was kind of enjoying his time on the island, he knew this was terrible to think, but his daily life was so boring and here he could actually do some impressive things. It felt like he was really being useful every time Sayomi looked at him with a smile he felt as if he was finally doing something.

    Pulling the fish aside on the slab he grabbed the knife again and started to carve the fish right down the middle pulling the bones out. Then he shopped the tail off as it wasnt really edible. After he finished prepping the fish the cut them up in to nice little quick bites that they could both eat and pushed the slab forward towards the middle of the fire near Sayomi's side.

    Nick reached over grabbing a few sizable pieces of flint from the pile and then some of the grass Sayomi brought him. He started to work on the flint spears, he put the flint on the top of the rod and tried to tie the grass around them, he failed a few times but soon enough managed to make one and then another until they were all done. He heard some pitterpatter outside, he took a look outside. It was of course raining and the time was 4:28pm. "Damn, looks like its raining well we got some time to kill so why dont we talk about each other. I'll ask first, I'll admit I'm really curious why do you dress that way? I-I'm not judging you or anything, I just want to know ya know." Nick dropped on to his back his usual relaxation pose, he nibbled on the fish meat which was a bit bland but he didnt really care meat was meat. He pet the little lizard that Sayomi as he waited for her answer and possibly her questions.
  18. Sayomi was honestly surprised at how well he did. Not that she expected herself to excel or anything, but just how he was when he found her, she didn't expect him to be so self sufficient. She felt bad for judging him. She watched as he deboned the fish and cut it up. Bringing her knees up to her chest, she hugged them as she watched, resting her head on her knees. She could only imagin what he thought of her.

    She took a few pieces of the fish, biting off a small piece for Charlie. She had to think of how to answer his question. She wasn't sure how to explain why she dressed the way that she did. "Well why do you dress the way that you do? I guess I'm not really sure why I dress the way that I do.. At first I had done it to show how broken I was.. My mom died when i was young, and my dad.. He was a drunk.." She didn't go into much more detail than that about her past. "After I outgrew that stage, I found the style stuck.. And as I went to school, I refused to change, and they tried to make me, telling me I would loose my scholarship and my place in the med program, but even I knew that was a lie... After I chose Harvard, I held onto this way even more. I wanted to remember who I was. I didn't want to become like everyone else.."

    She sighed as she ate a piece of the fish, her green eyes looking to the fire. "Honestly, what did you think of me when you first saw me? Like how did you think I would act or be? I have always wondered, but always been afraid to ask.. And you might be my last chance to find out..." She listened to the rain, waiting for his answer. She knew is was probably selfish to ask, but she really wanted to know.
  19. Nick sat up a bit and looked over at Samoyi. "Well to be honest when I first saw you, I kind of thought you might be one of those punk people but the second you talked with me in this cave I was totally wrong. Its impressive honestly, sounds like you had a hard life and yet your a med student going to Harvard no less. When we met and started to build up this cave you had a lot of plans that were better then mine. I-I'm just a simpleton I'm a jack of all master of none, I figure you know that right." Nick looked down and a bit sad. "I lost a parent too, my father...during a camping trip. I found him...but I was too late...the blood it was-" Nick's voice was quivering and he stopped. "It was a bear, she was just protecting her cubs. I-I finished her off with his shotgun out of revenge or fear I dont know but I was 16 you where much younger when you lost your mother, and your father was a-" Nick stopped himself again he didnt want to upset her over what was probably a harsh topic.

    Nick lay silent for a while fittling with some sticks and grass to think up a trap idea when he suddenly said. "I'm sorry Samoyi, that your stuck on this damn island. You havent done anything wrong and got hard stuff to deal with during your life. I-I'm just sorry. Your an impressive woman and you dont deserve this shit." Nick's eyes were teary it was clear he was holding back this emotion for a while. He wiped his eyes and with it the emotion away. "I'm sorry about that talking about my father always makes me a bit upset. Since you told me so much about you...if you want to know about me just ask and I'll tell." Nick's face regained its composer as he continued to mess with the sticks and the grass.
  20. Sayomi laughed softly as he said he thought she was punk. She wasn't an ass like they were. Just more of a free spirit. She never wanted to hurt anyone, about anything. "My father was a self righteous, abusive drunk.." She said it for him. She knew it, she just never liked hearing it from her own mouth. "He was my motivation to do better. And I studied night and day. Both me and my brother did..." She never got to look for her brothers body that day because of the rain. She hoped that animals weren't eating it. She placed her hand on his for a moment as he spoke of his father. "If you didn't kill the bear, she would have killed you, no matter how you look at it... I'm sure your father would be proud of where you have come."

    As Nick apologized for her being stuck on the island, she gave a cynical laugh. "Growing up all I wanted to do was get away. I read all that I could on learning to survive on my own, preparing for the day I ran away.. Just didn't know it would be on accident when I was 20 and away from home.." She stood up, and picked Charlie up, placing back on her shoulder, and grabbed Nick's hand, leading him out of the cave into the rain. "Sometimes the world seems to know when you need a refresher, and it finds ways to offer it to you." She stood in the rain, looking up to the sky with her eyes closed. She would ask questions later, they had plenty of time.
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