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  1. Loosely based on the 100 and Lost (Very loosely. As in I only saw up to like episode 4 of the 100 and I read the synopsis of Lost)

    On July 6th 1991, Maynard Wiles disappeared from the world. He was a tortured artist with no family and no friends, just wealth. With the money that he amassed after publishing three books series, Maynard bought himself a jet which he planned to fly around the world in. The man was slightly suicidal and neglected to hire an actual licensed pilot. So it was no surprise when his plane went down in the middle of the Pacific ocean. The authorities thought he had died and because there were no friends and family who cared about him, his case was closed and search parties lasted for less than a week.

    But Maynard Wiles wasn't dead. And his plane hadn't crashed in the ocean, it had crashed on a undocumented desert island that he soon marked as his. Over the years, Maynard lived alone suffering in his own solitude. Until one night, a woman washed ashore. The woman, Alma was unconscious and malnourished, and Maynard nursed her back to health. He cared for her, doted on her and soon she fell in love with him. The two, crazed by their predicament and desperate for a regular life, consummated their love but where dismayed to find out that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't make their family bigger.

    Until one day, a plane crashed and the survivors washed ashore. This event greatly pleased Maynard and Alma and they began trying their best to both care for the survivors and sabotage their attempts at leaving the island.

    Welcome to the Island, you are a survivor of flight 721. Will you join the Wiles family or try to escape?

    At least five sentences per IC post.
    A wide variety of characters!
    Acceptance of that fact that Maynard and Alma are batshit crazy and will do ANYTHING to make you stick around. :D
    Questions if you have any.
    Suggestions if you have any.

    The Island is located smack dab between Australia and South America.
    The destination of flight 721 was Sydney and it was coming from Los Angeles.
    The pilot and co pilot of flight 721 are dead. And if you need specifics; Jimmy, the pilot's jugular was slice by shards of the plane's windshield thing. And Lars, the co-pilot had a heart attack because he was 65 and about to retire.
    I will allow at least three A-List famous people (obviously not real life celebs)!
    I will also allow at least seven models (not that models aren't famous but I don't consider them notable celebs.)
    I will NOT allow any hitmen/assasins/or super secret agent killers etc. Police officers and military are fine though, but no Chuck Norris'.

    (Based on the stars of the people that join, this might get sent to the red star bedroom!)
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  2. This sassy sunflower is interested bb <3
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  3. This sparkly tomato is excited thst you're interested!
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  4. Dang, no red star bedroom for this rp xD

    Sounds great though Poly<3
  5. I might make a redstar and clean version of this rp, cause there's some gorey stuff I want to do but would be too explicit for blue stars. ^_^ Do you know anyone else who would be interested in this Terror?
  6. :D eeeee! Purge movie sig, loved it!
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  7. Thanks x3 I love the Purge movies x3
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  8. I'm interested ~
  9. Yesss :D Welcome aboard!

    Where you interested? :0
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  10. Yes I am interested!
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  11. how many people do you need? :3
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  13. Really!? No CS? ~~ ^^
  14. Oh shoot I meant OOC! xD
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  15. Oh XD *flails* I was like "let's go!" ~~ ^^
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