The Island Virus

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  1. About an hour later, Blair's need to get in the jacuzzi was satisfied. She was laying on a towel on the deck, her hair still dripping wet. Blair stared up at the sky, which had gotten much darker in the hour they had been on the yacht. She also noticed that the yacht was tilting a lot, as if the waters had gotten choppy.

    Just as Blair was wondering whether there was a storm coming, the captain's voice spoke. It could be heard throughout every level of the yacht on speakers that were placed here and there. "Excuse me, sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm going to have to ask everyone to get to their rooms. We've recieved word that there's hurrican weather not far from our location, so we'll be turning around now to get back to the mainland. Don't worry, we should make it back before the hurricane reaches us."

    Blair sighed and muttered, "Great, so much for a fun, first day of summer." She picked up her towel and began heading down to the room she and Luke would be sharing.

    She sat down on one of the small beds and began drying her hair with the towel.

    Suddenly, she felt a jolt as the yacht was hit by a somewhat large wave. Blair fell from the bed and landed with a thud on the floor. "Ow..."
  2. Just as Luke got to the door of the engine room, a sudden rocking of the ship knocked him off his feet. He hit his head and got dazed.

    Ow, damn. Maybe the engine should wait until this ends. I think the room sounds like a great idea right about now.

    He got back up and began to stumble his way through the roiling ship. He got to the room and when he opened the door, he saw Blair on her back. The rocking of the boat was not allowing for an easy way to get back up. He got to her side and helped her up as another sudden jolt sent them both to the ground. Luke ended up on top of her. His eyes widened and he flustered.

    "Oh woops. Heh heh. My bad."

    He rolled off her and grabbed onto to something as another wave knocked them again.
  3. Blair smiled nervously at him, reddening slightly. "Jeez," she muttered as she slid against the wall. She managed to grab ahold of something as another wave hit the yacht.

    Wave after wave hit them. The wind got stronger and the water got rougher. The captain and crew became disoriented, unable to find a way back to the mainland.

    A giant wave came crashing down on them, flipping the yacht over.

    Blair lost her grip and slid against another wall. Unfortunately, Blair hit her head hard and lost conciousness.

    Some of the crew members abandoned ship, jumping from the deck into the water. The captain remained on board with one or two crew members, still trying to gain control, but to no avail.

    At that moment, the yacht flipped upside-down. It was carried by a wave until finally it crashed down on a beach.
  4. Owww... My EVERYTHING hurts.

    Luke opened his eyes to a blinding sun, a wrecked boat, dead bodies, and a LOT of water. The captain and crew were dead it seemed. Everyone else was at least unconscious. Luke flipped over and looked more. They were on a beach, which explained the sand. There was a forest just a little inland and a couple rocks here and there. He found Blair and began to crawl over to her, dragging his way through the sand his foot kicked a hand. He looked, and saw the captain's upper torso, his bottom half was gone. Luke turned his head and puked. After wiping his mouth he crawled over to Blair and shook her.

    "Blair, Blair get up. Come on now, look at me!"
  5. Blair's eyes opened slowly. As she regained conciousness, she groaned with pain as a head-splittling head ache washed over her. She put a hand on her head and lifted herself up a little, only to fall back down. "Damn... What happened?" she asked, looking around.

    Memories of the storm washed over her and she sighed. "Oh my god... Where are we? We need to get help," she said, managing to get up to her knees. After struggling through the pain on her body, she finally managed to get to her feet. She held a hand out for Luke to help him up.
  6. Luke took her hand and got up himself. He surveyed the wreckage and saw bodies. Lots of bodies. Even one of their fellow students, the one who "always packed a gun". Luke turned to Blair.

    "Well, there goes our vacation huh?"

    He walked over the the student, kneeled down next to him, closed his eyes in respect, then searched for the kid's belongings. Dead or not, his gun would be useful right now. And since it seemed like they needed protection from whatever could be on the island, be it carnivorous animals if there was even anything else ALIVE on this floating rock. Luke found the kid's bag and procured the gun and ammo. He also found a knife on the captain's bottom half (eyes closed of course so he wouldn't puke again) and gave it to Blair. Then he went around to try and wake the others that were alive.
  7. ((Should the others be dead too? Since they are other peoples' characters))

    Blair took the knife and looked around the wreckage. She looked into the forest, wondering where they had landed. Chances were, they were probably somewhere in South America, so it shouldn't take long to find people. Then again, it was possible that the people were a tribe of cannibals. Either way, they had to be somewhere close to some sort of civilization.

    She could hear the sounds of animals and birds moving around in the forest. That made her even more nervous, who knew what could be lurking out there?
  8. ((Meh, why not?))

    Dead. All dead. Only Blair and him had survived the storm. Luke could feel the realization slowly creep into him.

    Oh god, we're the only ones left.

    Unbelievable, simply unbelievable. And they were alone, all alone. Well, except for the animals and birds that were rustling from inside the forest. If they were gonna do anything, they should at least get provisions.

    "Blair, look around for any food that is either still sealed and packaged or isn't completely wet. Oh, and bottled water too."

    Luke immediately found a small case of bottled water and a couple jackets. He began to sort and pile the things they found.
  9. "Are they..." she began, turning to Luke. His expression told her everything. "Oh god..." she whispered, bowing her head.

    She sighed and began going through everything. Almost immediately, Blair found a cooler that was still miraculously closed. She opened it to find a ton of... Damaged food. It was full of jars of pickles and such, which had broken. The only thing she found still intact were a few bags of chips. Blair stood up with the chips in her arms.

    "This is all I found," she said quietly.
  10. "Ok, so all we got is this," Luke said as he laid out what they found:

    *3 waterproof jackets and an over-sized overcoat (probably the captain's)
    *6 bottles of drinkable water
    *A gun (a 1911A1 Colt .45 automatic)
    *4 other magazines full of ammo besides the one already in the gun (so 5 in total)
    *A knife (a SOG seal pup)
    *5 bags of salted potato chips
    *2 stainless steel cups
    *1 small cigarette lighter (hopefully not waterlogged)
    *1 medium-sized backpack (his own)

    They had a small collection of helpful things, they should be able to find something or someone before the water was out as long as they drank it sparingly.

    But of course we don't have a tent, he thought to himself sarcastically. As he thought that he laughed to himself a little.
  11. Blair sighed and nodded. "So... I suppose we should start walking?" she asked, her voice hoarse. "We need to find people. I can't believe... This..." She looked around, her eyes weary and sad.
  12. "Yeah, I guess we should," Luke replied.

    He packed everything he could into the backpack, found some extra clothes and waited for Blair to get dressed (he realized she was still needing them), strapped the gun to his waist, and they started walking. It was boring at first, but they made light of it by pointing out the different trees and birds they saw as they walked. Besides the occasional bird though, nothing else but the plants seemed to be alive where they were. It was... creepy.
  13. Blair held on tightly to the knife as they walked and talked. She found herself walking closely to Luke, nervous and paranoid.

    She wasn't sure how long they'd been walking, but she was getting tired as she stepped on something. Blair looked down to see a white, laminated square. Picking it up, she realized it was an ID. But before she could sigh with relief, she saw a dark, dried stain on the corner of it.
  14. Luke glanced over at Blair, looking at what she picked up. He was about to comment on it, but then he noticed the dark stain.

    "What the fuck? That looks like blood."
  15. She dropped the ID, shocked. "That was blood," she said, turning to Luke. "It was dry so... It's been there for a long time..." she mentioned.

    A sudden sound in the forest made her jump and grip his arm tightly. "L-let's hurry and find people," Blair said.
  16. The fact that Blair latched onto his arm shocked him a little, and made him blush a little too. But the noise from the forest was more important. Luke drew the pistol and kept it at the ready. No new noises came forth as they continued walking. They reached a small clearing the trees, in the center was a tall bending tree.

    Looks perfect to camp in for the night, Luke thought. It was nearly nightfall.

    "Blair, we're gonna have to sleep in that tree over there. I can get up there and set it up, then help you up there after I'm done. You okay with being down here while I do that?"

    A couple branches as support would make it so they wouldn't tumble out as they slept. Good thing he watched all those survivalist shows on T.V. when he did.
  17. She had kept a light grip on his sleeve as they walked. When they got to the clearing, Blair was feeling tired, but still nervous.

    Blair looked Luke in the eyes as he proposed she stayed down there while he went into the tree. After hesitating, Blair nodded. "O-okay," she said, "Just hurry though... And don't fall."
  18. Luke began the flipping and jumping of parkour to get the branch crook he had found. He tore some branches off from other sections of the tree to make a small platform they could sleep on. He took the over-sized coat of the late captain's and laid it down as a mattress-like thing.

    "Ok, Blair, lemme get you up here," he said lowering his hand. That's when he heard the rustling in the bushes.
  19. Blair hadn't heard Luke or seen his hand. She was watching the bushes as they shivered and rustled, and listened to twigs and such break. Blair pressed herself against the tree as she watched the forest, her eyes wide. "L-Luke..." she breathed out. Then, in a slight panic, Blair turned, ignored his hand, and climbed up the tree by herself.

    As she did, something burst out from the cover of the bushes. Blair had huddled next to Luke, squeezing her eyes shut. "Oh shit..." she said when she heard whatever IT was snarling.

    In Blair's mind, she imagined a lion like creature. She would surely faint if she saw what was really making the snarling noises. A human with torn clothes, chalky skin, grey, cloudy eyes, and teeth darkened by dry blood.
  20. "Oh, shit!" Luke hissed. He drew the gun and fired 3 times into the person's chest. It crumpled to the ground, one last snarl draining out of it. It didn't bleed. Just died.

    "What the fuck was that?" he whispered. He held Blair against his chest. "Don't look, just sleep."

    There was no more shuffling, just the quiet woods. Luke closed his eyes as he laid down with Blair.

    "Just sleep..."