The Island Virus



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Blair was the first of her friends to get to the docks. Their first day off and she had woken up at eight-am. Of course, who could blame her? She was going on a cruise with her friends, she was excited. So, that morning she woke up, packed, hailed a taxi, and had arrived at the docks where a small yacht was waiting. Blair tapped her foot on the ground, crossing her arms and yawning, her eyes watering. She checked her watch again, hoping that her friends wouldn't take long. It was nine-am, they should be leaving soon.
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Alex ran up to Blair, slightly out of breath, her dark brown hair a tangled mess. She bent over and threw her light backpack onto the ground and panted, hands on knees until she could breath somewhat normally once again. "Damn, Blair, I saw you get in the taxi and I tried to catch your attention." She gasped. "Guess it didn't work." Although Alex was in pretty good shape, she found that lately running had caused her serious pain inside her stomache, not like a cramp exactly, but like a unbearable tickling sensation. Alex grinned deviously, rubbing her pink hands together to restore some heat. "You ready to sleep all day and drink all night?" Alex grinned, shouldering her backpack once again, ignoring the resilient pain in her stomache.
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Luke woke up at 7:30 am, got dressed, brushed his teeth, ate some toast, grabbed his backpack, locked his apartment door, and began running for the docks. He was poor, so there was no chance of a taxi, but he had his roller-skates so it wasn't all bad. Today was the day he and his 5 friends went on a yacht ride to some island. It was as good a chance as any to get away from the other people he was forced to associate with at college, at least these five didn't get on his nerves. He arrived at about 9:05 and saw Blair waiting there with her foot tapping. Yep, he was a little late. And yep, she didn't like it. At least he was here before all the others.

"Hey, Blair! Sorry I'm late!" he said, sitting down next to her and putting some head-phones on. Some tunes would wake him up more.
Aly groaned as she reluctantly opened one of her eyes to glare at the source of the high pitched beeping. She slammed her hand down onto the snooze button before closing her eyes again, rolling over, and going back to sleep. Seconds later, however, her eyes snapped open and she jumped from her bed. “Shit! I’m going to be late!” She quickly grabbed a clean set of cloths and ran into the bathroom. Five minutes later she emerged, after changing and brushing her teeth, and grabbed the backpack she had packed the night before along with a granola bar from the kitchen. After that she rushed out of her apartment, locked it, and began making her way to the docks.

Half-an-hour later she finally arrived at the docks where she saw Blair, Alex, and Luke already waiting. “Sorry. I accidentally over slept.” She said before going and sitting beside Luke. She thanked every deity she knew of as she took her PS Vita out of her bag along with her headphones. Putting the headphones on after plugging them into the hand-held console, she turned it on, hoping it would help pass the time until the others got there.
Misuki climbed out of the cab that the professors schedule for her to take so she wouldn't walk to the docks running late as she already was. Her oddly purple colored eyes found four out of the six college students that is also going, her blood ran cold not knowing what to do as her tiny hands tightly gripped her bags. She hoped they avoid her ever more not notice her she was scared, afraid of them not knowing any of them not even there names, she has seen them around the college but never spoke to them before. She wondered momentarily if she could get on the cruise without them knowing but sadly knew that they had to do a head count making sure everyone was there before leaving, her fear began to sink deeper into her like a newly sharpen knife.

She knew it was childish to hide from them or avoid this but she couldn't help it she stood there still as a statue thinking before her white knee length dress along with her long red hair that shine gold when the sun hit it just right blew in the wind at her from behind as if trying to encourage her to go on but it was only wishful thinking. She gathered as much courage as she could before walking towards them but sat as far as humanly possible wishing they still didn't notice or know her while she sat waiting for the last on to arrive. She grabbed what appeared to be a black violin case from her back, where she slung over to keep safe, just examining it with a hint of a smile on her still youthful face and her eyes full of proud not even opening it.

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Blair looked up, "'Bout time!" She smiled playfully, picking up her bag. "Come on, the yacht's here!" she told them, excited.

Two servants came out of the yacht, smiling curteously. "Welcome," one of them, a young man, said, "We'll be your two servants, so if you need anything, don't hesitate to ask!"

The other, an older man, smiled sweetly. "We'll take your bags aboard! And, if you don't mind, you'll have to share a small room with one other person. Don't worry though, you can choose who."

They began grabbing the bags that everyone had. The younger man waited for the students to begin boarding, while the elder led them aboard. "You won't be spending much time in your rooms anyway, we have a large deck with a jacuzzi installed, so you can relax and socialize," he said as he followed them onto the yacht.

Blair looked at the others, deciding she would go with whoever wanted her. After all, she planned on sitting on deck and watching the water.

She looked up for a moment, noticing the grey clouds. She hoped they wouldn't encounter bad weather.
Luke walked up the ramp onto the boat and immediately started climbing the ropes that laced their way across the bow. Parkour was one thing he was really good at and it also gave him some piece of mind, seeing the landscape spread out before him. He looked around the boat and got the layout of it pretty quickly, it was pretty big but not TOO big and he could see the jacuzzi pretty well. He crossed his legs on the rope and hung upside down from it. As Blair walked past he poked her in the ribs.

"Hey, Blair. If it's all the same to you, I'd like to bunk with you as you're pretty much the ONLY one I really know. That cool?"

As he asked, he gave her the puppy dog eyes.
Blair put a hand on her ribs and looked at him. "Who are you, Spiderman?" she asked, pushing him playfully. "Anyway, that'd be fine by me," she replied.

She looked over at the water. Blair turned back to Luke and gave him a thumbs up. "I think I'm going to go check out that jacuzzi," she said, starting to walk away.
Henry walked up onto the boat, glaring at the spiderman kid as he stole his park-our thunder. He pushed his glasses up on his nose and got onto the boat. He lugged on his back pack, sighing when he was able to drop it on the deck. His eyes shot up to Alex, and he stared at her for a moment before inspecting the contents of his bag. Inside he checked things off of the list:

Collapsible Fishing Pole

Pocket Knife

.45 Handgun (His parents are quite insistent on his protection.)

One case of .45 Caliber Bullets, case contains approx.


"When we sailing, hm?" he said, not particularly to anyone.
Seeing that the others began to make their way onto the ship, Aly put her game away before slinging her backpack over her shoulder. She then stood up and followed the others. Once on board she found somewhere to sit down and got her game out again. She didn’t bother picking someone to room with yet since she didn’t care who it was as long as they didn’t snore. Sparring a glance up at the sky, she noted the sky was becoming grey. ‘I hope it doesn’t rain.’ She thought before turning her attention back to the screen in front of her.
Luke dropped off the rope and hung there from his arms for bit. He looked down to clear his landing zone, then dropped.

"Might as well check out the engine room," he whispered to himself.

He trotted off to below decks, but not before bumping into a deckhand and making them both fall to the ground. Luke picked himself up, helped the man up, apologized, then continued his way down below deck.

I wonder if they use a generic CSR-10 engine or a custom built one?, he wondered to himself. God I hope they let me look at it.
About an hour later, Blair's need to get in the jacuzzi was satisfied. She was laying on a towel on the deck, her hair still dripping wet. Blair stared up at the sky, which had gotten much darker in the hour they had been on the yacht. She also noticed that the yacht was tilting a lot, as if the waters had gotten choppy.

Just as Blair was wondering whether there was a storm coming, the captain's voice spoke. It could be heard throughout every level of the yacht on speakers that were placed here and there. "Excuse me, sorry for the inconvenience, but I'm going to have to ask everyone to get to their rooms. We've recieved word that there's hurrican weather not far from our location, so we'll be turning around now to get back to the mainland. Don't worry, we should make it back before the hurricane reaches us."

Blair sighed and muttered, "Great, so much for a fun, first day of summer." She picked up her towel and began heading down to the room she and Luke would be sharing.

She sat down on one of the small beds and began drying her hair with the towel.

Suddenly, she felt a jolt as the yacht was hit by a somewhat large wave. Blair fell from the bed and landed with a thud on the floor. "Ow..."