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  1. Loosely based on the 100 and Lost (Very loosely. As in I only saw up to like episode 4 of the 100 and I read the synopsis of Lost)

    On July 6th 1991.That was the day Maynard Wiles disappeared from the world. He was a tortured author with no family and no friends, just wealth. With the money that he amassed after publishing three books series, Maynard bought himself a jet which he planned to fly around the world in, in hopes of encountering true happiness. The man was suicidal and neglected to hire an actual licensed pilot, preferring to fly the aircraft himself. So it was no surprise when his plane went down in the middle of the Pacific ocean. The authorities thought he had died and because there were no friends and family who cared about him, his case was closed and search parties lasted for less than a week.

    But Maynard Wiles wasn't dead. And his plane hadn't crashed in the ocean, it had crashed on a undocumented desert island that he soon marked as his. Over the years, Maynard lived alone suffering in his own solitude. Until one fateful night when a woman washed ashore. The woman, Jingfei was unconscious and malnourished, and Maynard nursed her back to health. He cared for her, doted on her and soon she fell in love with him. The two, crazed by their predicament and desperate for a normal life, consummated their love but where dismayed to find out that no matter how hard they tried, they couldn't make their family bigger.

    Until one day, a plane crashed and the survivors washed ashore. This event greatly pleased Maynard and Jingfei and they began trying their best to both care for the survivors and sabotage any of their attempts at leaving the island.

    The passengers of flight 721 were meant to arrive in Sydney, Australia at 9:30 pm for a variety of events. Some were visiting relatives, a few of the more famous ones were attending a Gala at the Sydney Opera House. All of them never expected for their plane to go down in the Pacific Ocean after an engine malfunctioned. The pilot, Jim 'Jimmy' Norton tried his hardest to keep the plane level but the pressure from the plane nosediving caused the windshield to invert and crash into him, slicing his jugular among other parts. The co-pilot, Lars Overton who had planned to retire the next week at the ripe age of 65, suffered a heart attack minutes before a shard of windshield impaled his skull. In the passenger part of the plane, most of the passengers and flight attendants perished from either heart attacks or head injuries, but 31 survived with minimal injury.

    As soon as these 31 were able to extract themselves from the wreck of the crashed plane, they were greeted by the islands sole inhabitants, Maynard and his wife Jingfei, who were more than happy to comfort and welcome their into the fold. The two had easily 'renovated' parts of the island into livable areas and knew how to navigate the terrain and circumvent the more dangerous creatures. And they're willing to share this knowledge, if you join their family.

    Will you try to escape or will you join the Wiles family?

    1. At least five sentences per IC post. Third person past tense if preferred but not required!
    2. A wide variety of characters!
    3. Commitment!
    4. Questions if you have any.
    5. A respect of Iwaku's rules.
    6. This is a mixed star role play, so take the sexy times to pms and do not engage in mature role playing with someone who is not the same star as you!
    7. Put either THE 100 or LOST in your CS post, if you've read the rules!
    8. Players can have up to three characters!
    9. I will allow at least three A-List famous people (obviously not real life celebs)!
    10. I will also allow at least seven models (not that models aren't famous but I don't consider them notable celebs.)
    11. I will NOT allow any hitmen/assasins/or super secret agent killers etc. Police officers and military are fine though, but no Chuck Norris types, please!
    12. HAVE FUN!!!!!!

    [Delete any bracketed information when finished]
    [Real Image Goes Here]
    Full Name:
    Age and Birthday: [5-60 years old]
    Sexual Orientation:
    Occupation: [n/a if a child.]
    Place of Birth:
    Languages Spoken:

    Appearance: [Include clothing, height, weight, eye color, hair color etc. Clothing images encouraged but not necessary]
    Personality: [At least five sentences. Include good and bad traits]

    Short Bio Pre-Crash: [At least five sentences. Include why they were on the plane]
    Special Items: [Most likely any carry on items salvaged from the crash.]
    Will you stay or try to leave?
    Is your CS missing anything? *hint hint*

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  2. [​IMG]
    Maynard and Jingfei live in what they call the manor,
    a tree house that they constructed themselves over the years. The structure has four levels (not including the ground level which is simply the entrance and exit) and sixteen rooms; The first level has a food preparation room, and a dining room. The second floor has the master bedroom and three large bedrooms. The third floor has five more medium sized bedrooms and the fourth floor is under construction. In order to reach each floor, one must climb up a rope vine ladder.
    (Obviously the real 'manor' looks more rough and rudimentary. There are also no windows just window shaped holes in the wall.)

    The "bathroom" is a manure pit half a mile behind the manor. The bathing area is a river and waterfall six miles west of the manor. The water in the river and waterfall are clean and drinkable.

    Obviously there is no electricity or indoor plumbing on the island. The Wiles rely on lanterns to get around at night, but prefer not to due to the predatory creatures on the island.
    Maynard Wiles
    A large and domineering man, Maynard is surprisingly strong, brutal and athletic. He is kind and gentle when you please him, but can become bitterly angry if you piss him off. He is always sweet and nurturing to Jingfei and small children.
    Jingfei Wiles
    Not much is known about Jingfei, even by Maynard as the woman seemed to have had amnesia when she washed up years ago. Jingfei speaks English well enough but has a heavy accent. She is calculating and seemingly passive although she has a vicious streak when it comes to skinning Maynard's kills or ridding the manor of pests.

    There are a number of dangerous creatures on the island, as well as dangerous natural occurrences such as quick sand. There are;
    • Spiders the size of your fist who can be found around the island but usually in the manor as they have been drawn their by light, rodents and insects. Their bites aren't poisonous but are extremely painful.
    • Jumping mice, similar to kangaroo rats but smaller in size. These mice cannot harm you and are easy to tame.
    • Snakes that can and will eat you but only come out at night. These snakes resemble boa constrictors with a blueish tint to their scales. It is possible to escape from their grasp by striking their head, but they move very fast so it's best to avoid running into them at all.
    • Poisonous frogs that would rather hide from you than harm you. These amphibians live in the trees near the waterfall. Touching their poisonous skin will provide you with a numbing sensation, which will be followed by a shortness of breath, convulsions then death. The Wiles have yet to discover a cure for their poison.
    • Fish, these cannot harm you and are often hunted for food.
    • Feral pigs, medium sized wild animals use for food. Do not underestimate their destructiveness.
    • Night Shadow, Maynard named this creature because it only appears at night. He believes that only one lives on the island but it's quite possible there are multiple. It is a medium sized feline that drags its pray into the treetops and devours them. Although they aren't that large, they are very dangerous and intelligent. It is assumed to be capable of killing snakes.
    • Small monkeys, also known as the assholes of the forest. They aren't particularly harmful when not angry. When traversing through the island, these monkeys will dive bomb you to steal your stuff or just frighten you. If angered, they will bite and scratch. If angered in large groups they will pursue you until you either hide or they maul you. They can be appeased by being given food. They resemble capuchins but are larger and more brown.
    • Lizards, these can be found just about everywhere at any time. They are various shades of green and although they don't look appetizing they taste very nice when roasted.
    • Birds, there are many types of birds on the island and all seem to be insectivores. They are very loud in the day and virtually silent at night as they are all diurnal.
    • Insects, a variety of insects live on the island. They cannot harm you although they may often look frightening.
    • There are nispero, cherimoya, lucuma trees scattered all over the island, as well as raspberry bushes.
    • Quick sand is quite common in small areas scattered around the island. It can be identified as dark and watery soil. A good way to identify quick sand is by the plants that grow near it. Look for short tufts of pale green grass growing around a spot and a rippling and bubbling of terrain.
    • The only weather the island experiences is light to heavy rain. Before heavy rains come, lizards and feral pigs tend to move towards the highest point on the island which is the manor.

    We do not romance unless approved by Maynard and Jingfei.
    We do not wander at night.
    We do not kill the Night Shadow.
    We do not kill more than we can eat.
    We do not harm children.
    We do not abandon family.
    We NEVER leave the island.
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  3. [​IMG]

    • Full Name: Dr. Marco Cortes
      Gender: Male
      Age and Birthday: 30 and July 18th
      Sexual Orientation: Gay
      Occupation: Santa Barbara Animal Hospital Veterinarian
      Nationality: American
      Place of Birth: Santa Barbara, California
      Languages Spoken: Spanish, English and ASL.

    • Appearance: Marco is a tall guy standing at 6'0 and weighing a good 173 pounds, although he's always in the gym hoping to gain more muscle. He has a fine physique, with good muscle tone but due to his constant station in the ME lab, his skin isn't as tanned as it should be. He has dark brown eyes, black hair buzzed close to his scalp and his most defining feature is is bold and bushy eyebrows. He has light facial hair that resembles more of a five o'clock shadow than a fashion choice.

      Despite his position, Marco likes to wear graphic tees with witty statements and comfortable jeans or cargo shorts. Occasionally he'll wear professional clothing but doesn't like to. As for footwear, he always wears sneakers.
      Outfit Example 1
      Outfit Example 2

      An easy going guy, Marco can be inappropriate at times. He tends to be friendly and fluid with just about everyone he meets which gets him in a lot of trouble. He's a people person and can blabber about anything for hours on end. He tends to avoid mood dampeners and gets depressed when a surgery has failed or when his patient's owners ignore his recommendations. In the past he has gotten into big trouble for taking matters into his own hands and although those tendencies have mostly subsided, he can still be quite impulsive. When he wants to get something done he has a bad habit of looking straightforward without thinking of how his actions will affect others.
      Likes: Animals, sweets, thunderstorms, reality tv, funny calendars, soup, froyo, rom com cliches and surfing.
      Dislikes: Irresponsible pet owners, human doctor snobs, overcooked meat, being ignored, PETA, being taken advantage of and raisins.
      Hobbies: Surfing, having themed movie marathons with his husband, make kettle corn and trail mix, window shopping with his friends.
      Skills: Practicing Animal Medicine, diagnosing humans (and being 70% usually), cooking, guesstimating, and editing.
      Phobias/Fears: Rabies (getting it or witnessing it again)

    • Short Bio Pre-Crash:
      Marco was born and raised in Santa Barbara. The only time he ever left the city was to attend veterinary college where he graduated with a PhD. He returned to Santa Barbara and got a job at the Santa Barbara Animal Hospital as a pet physician and surgeon. It was at this job that he met, Haley a pet owner and soon to be best friend. Marco met his husband, Harry through Haley and the two got married two years after their first meeting.
      As one of the five doctors at the Santa Barbara Animal Hospital, Marco was required to attend veterinary conventions which is why he was going to Sydney in the first place. He could never have guessed that the seemingly harmless trip would turn deadly in a matter of minutes.

      Navarro Cortes (74) - Dad
      Luisa Cortes (70) - Mom
      Harry Cortes (34) - Husband
      Haley Chauncey-Meyer (30) - Sister in Law and Best Friend
      Micah Chauncey-Meyer (31) - Brother in Law by Marriage and Best Friend
      Glitter and Galavant- Two Cats
      Wisteria - Saluki
      Special Items: Trail mix, an epipen and a hair brush.
      Will you stay or try to leave? "I have to find my way off this island. My family and friends are waiting for me back home and I will not abandon them!"


    • Full Name: Sabrina Bronwen Ellis
      Gender: Female

      Age and Birthday: 16
      Sexual Orientation: Lesbian
      Occupation: High School Student
      Nationality: African American
      Place of Birth: New Orleans, Louisiana
      Languages Spoken: Spanish, French and English

    • Appearance: [Include clothing, height, weight, eye color, hair color etc. Clothing images encouraged but not necessary]
      Personality: [At least five sentences. Include good and bad traits]


    • Short Bio Pre-Crash: [At least five sentences. Include why they were on the plane]
      Special Items: [Most likely any carry on items salvaged from the crash.]
      Will you stay or try to leave?
      I will stay! "All my life my parents have tried to control me. They even made me go on this trip. Now I have a chance to live without them flinging me around like a puppet and I won't screw it up."

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  4. [​IMG]
    I was apart of The 100 but then I became LOST

    Full Name: Ekaterina Ivanovna Romanov
    Gender: Female
    Age and Birthday: 10 years old | May 9th
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Occupation: N/A
    Nationality: Russian
    Place of Birth: Moscow, Russia
    Languages Spoken: Russian and English

    Appearance: Standing at 4'6" and weighing 70.3 lbs. Blue eyes and dark blonde hair. Click to see clothes.
    Personality: Ekaterina, being a child, is oft naive because she likes to think positive about literally everything. She does procrastinate, but not on everything. Usually little things like chores or homework. Doesn't help that she gets distracted sometimes when these instances of procrastination occur. Ekaterina is very energetic and carefree, much like a child should be. Though the downside, being, that she is immature... much like a child. All of these main traits are rounded out with how caring she is.
    Likes: Stuff animals, sweets, animals, hair styling, pretty rocks, stars
    Dislikes: Water (If she can't safely stand in it), insects, reptiles, complete darkness, neon colors
    Hobbies: Modeling for fun (playing around), crochet
    Skills: Crocheting, basic stitching, fast learner
    Phobias/Fears: Spiders

    Short Bio Pre-Crash: Ekaterina was on flight 721 with her older cousin Svetlana, who was a model, with the aim of going to the Gala at the Sydney Opera House. Ekaterina was Svetlana's plus one for the event. Her cousin have been taking her around the globe for her past two events in hopes of getting her little cousin into modeling because she had the looks and everything. Ekaterina was really excited to go to Australia, as she had never been there before. She also really liked their television shows and the actors they brought to the lime light of America. The two young cousins had no idea the life changing deviation this particular flight would cause.
    Family: Ivan Romanov (Father), Natasha Stoynoff (Mother), Svetlana Kimova (Cousin who was on airplane with her)
    Special Items: Tiny bag consisting of two needles and one thread (white) spindle, crochet beanie for her stuffed bunny who is also in the bag.

    Will you stay or try to leave?
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  5. [​IMG]
    [FC: Romeo Beckham]​

    Full Name: Eben Draven Fatale
    Gender: Male
    Age and Birthday: 13 (December 25th, 2003)
    Sexual Orientation: undecided /open (unimportant)
    Occupation: N/A
    Nationality: Australian (normal dialec)
    Place of Birth: Australia (lives in Queensland, Australia; mission beach specifically)
    Languages Spoken: English

    Appearance: [5'1", 110lbs, brown eyes, light brown hair, unmarked / scarred body aside from his pierced ears]​

    Clothing (open)


    Fearless || Curious || Independent || Manipulative || Creative

    Eben (Ben) is always up for an adventure. Not much scares him so he's usually getting himself into situations that are too much for him to handle. His love for adventure comes from growing up around action movie sets. So, naturally he's very curious, but you know what they say curiosity did for the cat. Though only 12 years of age he feels he is completely independent, though he secretly is a huge Mama's boy. He's gotten good at using his cute face and words to get what he wants; he's very well spoken. He's always coming up with inventions, contraptions, gadgets. He likes making something out of nothing. Also loves being the leader in times of crisis, but often lacks the particular real world experience to see every situation through with a positive outcome.

    Likes: action / horror movies, weapons (always carries around his trusty sling shot), animals, the rain, the ocean, video games, Hawkeye
    Dislikes: chores, cold weather, dancing, singing, girls, his asthma, bugs
    Hobbies: making costumes, making gadgets / weapons, collecting pressed flowers from around the world, larping
    Skills: he's a sharp shot with a sling shot, good at DIY clothing and accessories, good at abductive reasoning, he's a great tree climber, good actor (crocodile tears)
    Phobias/Fears: Inclosed spaces

    Short Bio Pre-Crash:

    Eben (Ben) grew up being raised between his parents and his grandparents. His mother and father lived in LA, California and his grandparents live in Queensland, Australia. He spent the majority of his time in Mission Beach with his grandparents being home schooled and though he wasn’t with his parents much the time spent with them kept them very closely connected. When he wasn’t there he was off on movie sets with his parents and exploring the streets of LA. So, he was never given the chance to be very social with other kids his age.

    His mother is a costume designer for Broadway shows and his father a stunt/ FX coordinator for movies. So, as you can imagine Ben is fairly skilled at sewing from wanting to help his mother with her work at home and from watching her work on sets. He’s gotten to be around for the making of many super hero and horror movies because of his father. His favorite super hero movie is “The Avengers” and his favorite super hero is Hawkeye. He was given a rare Hawkeye action figure on his 9th birthday.

    At the age of 9 he also made his own slingshot and has been modifying it over the years. While in Australia with his grandparents he began to develop an interest in flora. He began collecting a book of pressed flowers where he would press the flower on one page and draw it on the other in full bloom. A group of local teenage boys spotted him flower picking one day and they began picking on him. Locking him inside an abandoned restroom at a park he had a very severe asthma attack which traumatized him making him extremely claustrophobic.

    Ben was on the flight with his sister to try and make their sibling bond stronger. She was taking him to the Gala in Sydney where they would hopefully grow closer and would later hang out in mission beach for the rest of the summer.​
    Sophie Fatale (Mother)
    Lazaro Fatale (Father)​
    Seren Fatale (Sister)

    Special Items:
    Backpack (open)

    journal of pressed flowers, slingshot, his Hawkeye action figure​

    Will you stay or try to leave?

    "This place is cool, let's explore!.... Er, but only for a little while... my mother has Lamingtons waiting for me at home!"

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  6. Possible reserve; celebrity spot
  7. I'm interested in this roleplay. I did have a couple of questions. Are only real images allowed? Also, what's the expected posting speed?
  8. Yes I prefer real images or a good description. I expect at least two posts a week if not more. :D
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  9. Alright, thank you :) I'll see what I can come up with.
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  10. I'm pretty much done, just need to detail personality, add family and pre crash background.

    Will names, age and relationship suffice or should I do more detail than that for family?
  11. Lawson Creed
    36 | Male | Bisexual | Brown hair | Brown eyes | 5'11" | 168 lbs | Lawful Neutral

    "I'm not giving up. I'll get off this island, sooner or later."

    FULL NAME - Vladislav Lawson Creed
    GENDER - Male
    AGE AND BIRTHDAY - 36, May 19th
    OCCUPATION - Ex-Marine, works as a landscaper in his hometown
    NATIONALITY - American, second generation Russian from his mother's side
    PLACE OF BIRTH - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho, United States
    LANGUAGES - English; Russian from his grandparents; took a couple of years of German in high school but hardly remembers it

    Lawson isn't too remarkable, in regards to appearance. Average height, with solid shoulders, excellent biceps, and an athletic build. Average hair, that being brown and cropped short, curly in texture if he'd let it grow out, with neatly trimmed facial hair. Average eyes, those being a simple yet pretty brown that could be described as "whiskey" if one is feeling poetic. He's handsome enough, if one likes a strong jawline, intense cheekbones, and a nose that has been broken at least twice. He stands, sits, and walks with military posturing and rhythm, back always straight and eyes flicking around with all the observance of a hawk. Lawson doesn't make too many gestures while he speaks or even move or twitch that much; he has a kind of stillness about his person that's hard to forget once its been noticed.
    Special Items - His dogtags; a pair of steel-toed boots; a smartphone with a screen that was broken in the crash

    Lawson is a quiet and polite person, the sort of respectable individual many chat with in public places but never really know or consider as more than an acquaintance. That suits him just fine, as he's something of an introvert but not a shy one; he's happy to socialize when out amongst people and chat about anything from recent weather to some new movie, but still vastly prefers a good movie and a few hours of privacy to a party or community event. His demeanor is best described as calm and collected. He tends to remain so even when under stress or pressure, as emotions aren't a motivator for him like they are for other people. That has the downside of making him a dispassionate person who struggles with empathy or understanding others' feelings. It also makes it difficult for him to make and maintain close relationships, beyond those he has with family, because it's easy for others to be put off by his incredible ability to be callous. He's still a fairly dependable person with a perfectionist streak, the sort who tries to be ten minutes early to everything and sorts his movies by genre and alphabetically.

    LIKES -
    Movies and American cinema
    The color gold
    Black coffee
    Plants and tending for them
    Good humor, especially sarcasm and wit
    Rock and metal music
    Being interrupted
    Milk and milk products
    Excessive noise and noisy people
    People who talk during movies
    Chocolate and soft candies
    Playing Billiards
    Watching way too many movies and shows
    Tending to his personal garden
    SKILLS -
    Excellent shot with firearms from his years as a sniper in the Marine Corps
    Basic first aid and survival skills
    Trained in hand to hand and melee combat, but is far from a master at either
    Spiders and any other creepy-crawly with more than four legs
    Being trapped, literally or metaphorically

    Lawson was born and raised in northern Idaho, and his childhood was good, if not the most socially active one. He did okay in school, played sports, and generally speaking was a normal child. The military wasn't so much a passion for him as it was an opportunity to get out of the house and see the world, which he took just after his father passed from cancer when he was nineteen. He served well, earning several commendations but lost several friends along the way. His mother also passed during the time he served, killed in a fatal car crash whwhile was on deployment. He was honorably discharged at twenty nine when his service ran up, and returned to his hometown to begin life as a civilian. A few years of softer living later, an old friend of his invited him to spend a month or two on the ranch she'd acquired in Australia, an invitation he gladly accepted.
    Family -
    Pavel and Anastasiya Sokolov, maternal grandparents, 77 and 74, respectively; live in Moscow, Idaho with two cats and a number of chickens

    Will you stay or try to leave?
    "Leave, of course. I built a life out there, in the real world, and there's no way some twisted game of house will keep me from it."
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  12. Just gotta add my bio and family info ~ also may make an older brother character
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  13. I didn't notice when I was doing my character sheet, but @Alexstrasza my character's grandparents have the same surname as your character. Whoops. d: Should I tweak my sheet?
  14. [​IMG]

    Full Name: Sean Tucker
    Gender: Male
    Age and Birthday: 26, March 20th
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Highschool dropout
    Nationality: Canadian
    Place of Birth: Montreal
    Languages Spoken: English, French

    Appearance: Sean is not too tall a fellow, about 5'9'' and around 160 lbs. His skin is rather pale, unhealthily so, and he has dark circles under his sleepy-looking brown eyes. His hair is a messy dirty blond mop, falling over his ears, the bottom hairs touching the base of his neck, the fringe in the front covering his eyebrows, some hanks of hair falling over his eyes.

    He usually wears long-sleeved white or gray t-shirts, as well as old blue jeans, an old pair of black and white converse shoes on his feet.

    Personality: Sean is something of a broken man. He is rather brooding, paranoid, always shifting nervously, thinking something is watching him or may attack him. He gets upset easily, sometimes breaking into tears, especially at thoughts of how he's failed in life. That's the safe way he deals with his emotions. Otherwise, if he gets angry very quickly, into a rage that starts out slowly. If he's calmed down, it's all well and good. But when he reaches his boiling point, there is hardly anything that will pull him out. He can be super overprotective of the people he cares about.

    Likes: His sister, mocha coffee, indie PC games, cats, macaroni
    Dislikes: Mirrors, perverts, judgemental people, vampires, breaking promises
    Hobbies: Sean doesn't really have any hobbies anymore. Before his PTSD, however, he liked to game quite a bit on his laptop.
    Skills: He's actually good at building things with wood, something he learned from his father when he was younger.
    Phobias/Fears: Sean is afraid of mirrors, due to a traumatic event that took place when he was 19. He refuses to look into one. He is also afraid of sleeping because he gets plagued with nightmares.

    Bio: Sean was just your normal average high school student, with two parents, one adopted sister and a relatively normal family life. Nothing too special, he failed a couple of times in high school, didn't let it get to him too much. However, when he was nineteen years of age, something happened to him, that changed him completely as a person. Because of this, his girlfriend dumped him and even his parents were rather cautious around him. The only one who would actually be there for him was his little sister, who had been there with him during that trying time.

    As he entered his twenties, Sean found that he couldn't study anymore, he couldn't even hold a job. Everywhere he looked he felt as if someone was out there, waiting to get him. Ghosts of the past kept visiting him in his dreams, so much so that he would refuse to sleep. Due to sleep deprivation and general bad health, he was beginning to hallucinate. It got to the point where he had to be taken to the hospital, and then the asylum for a couple of years.

    By the age 26, he seemed stable enough to let out. However, by this time, Sean was a broken man. He knew he had problems, but he didn't know how to solve them. He was a failure, his parents were scared of him, he really had no place to go. It was only due to his sister's insistence that he was let back into the Tucker household. His parents didn't wish to keep him there for too long, however, deciding to send him off to a relative in Australia, which is why he found himself in the plane crash.

    Family: His little sister, his parents, his maternal uncle in Australia.

    Special Items: Sean has his old Montreal Canadians' cap. He has a backpack with his Harry Potter series (all seven!) as well as his mobile phone (which has no sim card, he only uses it as a music player).

    Will you stay or try to leave? STAY. The modern world is not the place for him. This is heaven, someone finally listened to his cries for help.

    Sean was Lost, but now he's been found.


    Full Name: Juhi Tucker
    Gender: Female
    Age and Birthday: 15, October 9th
    Sexual Orientation: Straight
    Occupation: Highschool student
    Nationality: Canadian
    Place of Birth: Birmingham
    Languages Spoken: English, Hindi

    Appearance: Juhi is around 5'5 and weighs approximately 130 lbs. She has tanned skin and Indian features, big dark brown eyes and dark, almost black lashes. Her hair is dark brown, somewhat straight, and rather long, reaching her hips. She usually wears it in a loose braid that she has trailing down her back or over her shoulder. She has a curvy sort of figure,which tends to annoy her for the most part.

    She likes to dress in both casual and formal clothes. Shirts, dresses, skirts, jeans, she isn't fussy at all and will wear whatever the occasion asks of her. As long as she doesn't look inappropriate, she'll wear it.

    Personality: Juhi is a rather straight forward person. She doesn't see any point in dancing around the edge; she simply says what she feels is right and should be said. She isn't rude, however, and she does take into account what sort of situation she finds herself in. She is friendly and likes a good conversation. She's pretty tough and adaptable to situations. She is also rather protective of those she cares about, in particular, her big brother.

    Likes: Her brother, singing , chips, chocolate, nature in general
    Dislikes: Negative people, judgemental people,racists, legumes, depressing angsty stories
    Hobbies: She likes to write poetry. She's not very good at it, but it's still something she likes to do. She also loves to draw flowers, plants, and mandalas.
    Skills: She can cook quite well. She's also pretty good with a needle and a thread.
    Phobias/Fears: The one thing she fears the most is losing her brother.

    Bio: Juhi was born in Birmingham, UK, where she lived in an orphanage from birth. She was later adopted by her parents when she was six years old, moving to Canada. When she was eight, just like her brother, she was suddenly forced into something that affected her, though not to the same degree as her big brother. She was able to return to normal since unlike her brother, she didn't have the nightmares nor did she have his temper issues.

    It was hard for her to see her brother deteriorating, so as she grew into her teens, she started spending more time at home to stick around him, making sure things were fine with Sean, especially knowing how edgy her parents were around him. She went through a bout of depression when he had been sent to the asylum, especially when she wasn't allowed to visit him. Once he returned home, however, she stuck close to him. He was rather docile by then. When it turned out he was being sent to Australia, she made sure she was sent along with him, hence being in the same plane crash.

    Family: Her big brother, her parents, her maternal uncle in Australia.

    Special Items: She has a backpack with a few notebooks and pencils. She also has with her some chips and cookies, as well a couple of water bottles.

    Will you stay or try to leave? STAY. Her brother wants to and she can't just leave him alone.

    There are 100 and more reasons Juhi should leave, but she will not.

    Hopefully this is fine ^_^
  15. I'll change it, no worries
  16. Nope, that's fine! You can add more details about the family if you want to, but it's mainly included in the CS for character development and references. :3


    CS Review:
    Issue 1 - This is my fault for not including a limit, but the amount of special items he has is a bit too much. Most of the items the characters have are carry on items, and although I understand the fluke of finding one of his checked bags in the wreckage, I don't see it likely that he would have the several changes of clothes, as well as steel toed boots.
    Issue 2 - You stated that the father died from cancer but listed the father as 77 and living in Idaho.
    After you changed those, you'll be good to go! :>

    I love them! I look forward to finding out about the trauma they experience. :D
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  17. Yay, glad you like 'em! It'll definitely be brought up. ^^
  18. Oh, crap, sorry. Issue 1 makes perfect sense and I adjusted accordingly. I also fixed issue 2 and added a bit more to his bio; that was an error on my part. Is there anything else I should fix?
  19. I know you tagged me for this a while back @Mundane Monster but never got around to this... my bad, but if still accepting I would love to join^^.
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