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  1. The golden sun shined down on the ship leaving the port. S.S. Bluebeak was headed towards Hawaian Islands. Nothing seemed to be able to disturb this trip. The cruise was going to take only five hours, because the weather was great. The loud voice said "The ship headed for Hawaii is leaving the port" and they were off. The luxurious cruise ship was just a taste of what would await them on the islands. A five-star hotel, sun, palms and water. Everyone decided to not waste any time and went to the recreation deck, where they could sunbathe or have a cold drink. It was full of people, mostly sitting by the bar and having another pinacolada to start their hawaian vacation as early as possible.
  2. YeJin was relaxing on the Recreation Deck, laying back on a chaise lounge chair and coating her skin with sunscreen. She enjoyed to get natural tans, especially during the summertime. But, this year she wanted to keep her complexion fair for some reason. Her short blonde hair was in a low ponytail and she wore a white lace cropped shirt and light wash jean shorts over her black one piece. She would have to sing later on in a few hours so she can now spend her time to chill.
  3. RafaDark was drinking in the bar and watching a lot of people have fun in that cruise. It was a peaceful view for him because he hated the school atmosphere, full of people talking, worrying about their grades and gossiping about bigger grades to showoff, it was hell on earth for him. He was an bad student because of that atmosphere of work and now in this cruise it look so much peaceful for him that he would like to stay there forever.
  4. April, May, and their aunt had been some of the last people to board the ship. May, wearing her favorite tank top and skirt, bounced around in her pink flip flops with uncontrollable excitement. April came on right behind her wearing a navy blue tank top and white shorts while she lugged a large beach bag, filled with sand and water toys, her aunt's books, and the girl's swim suits, on her shoulder and her backpack, filled with hr favorite books and a few electronic devices that both her and May played on the plane ride to the port. "I wanna look at the ocean!" May exclaimed as she made her way through the people, "May, wait!" April exclaimed before sending a pleading look toward her aunt. Her aunt nodded in approval and took the beach bag off her arms. April caught up to May and made sure to keep a close eye on her as they walked around the ship.
  5. Marcus was stuffing his face at the buffet. Although Marcus never ate that much before, there was always a first time for everything. He had a table all to himself full of different foods, he had lobster on one plate and pie on another. All the foods that he would usually never eat at home, he was eating now. "So good." He mumbled as he stuffed a fork full of steak in his mouth. This was his first vacation in years and this was a good way to spend one.
  6. April followed her sister as she wondered around the cruise ship. May's eyes lit up when she saw the ship's buffet. May ran up, next to a guy who was stuffing his face himself, and started grabbing brownies off of their tray. "Woah May, calm down." April said as she caught up to the little girl. May pouted at her big sister for spoiling her fun, but the April gave her a sly grin, "You have to get a plate first." She said as she grabbed a plate, pilling on deserts with her little sister.
  7. Marcus had finished his steak and got started on his spicy cheese chicken. It was spicy... but cheesy, a concept that he had not experienced or heard of before, and it was great. Marcus grabbed his cup of soda and chugged it, seconds later he had finished the whole thing and burped loudly. "Excuse me." He said to himself before he quickly resumed his spicy, cheesy chicken. After a bite of his food, he noticed a little girl next to him watching him stuff his face and then grabbed some brownies off one of the trays. He really did not care, he had a lot to go around anyway, and it was little girl, it would be rude not to share what he had. Then another girl ran up next to the little girl and asked her to grab a plate, and she started grabbing desserts also. "Good, huh." He said with a mouthful of food.
  8. "Mmhm!" May said as stuffed a brownie in her mouth. April, however, had a slight look of realization on her face, "Oh, Sorry sir! I thought this was the buffet," She said, embarrassed.
  9. Marcus looked at the girls with a puzzled expression. Apparently she though that his table full of food was the buffet itself. But he could understand how they could see that, his table was a wonderland off great food. "Is it not, it's a table full of food, take what you want." He said with a lopsided grin. Marcus assumed that all the food was free, he had payed for the whole cruise, it would be highway robbery for them to charge then for this, but he really did not mind, if he was required to pay he would pay for them too. But he had to wonder, what else did this place have built in, maybe they had a water slide.
  10. "Thank you." April said with a smile before putting one last brownie on the plate of sweets. May had been staring at the man as he spoke to her big sister. "You're cute," She said after she swallowed the brownie she had been chewing, "my sister probably likes you, she likes cute guys." She said, taking another bite of brownie as she looked at the man. "May!" April wisper-yelled, her face turning a little pink.
  11. Marcus raised an eyebrow at the little girls compliment and her sister reaction to her accusation. Marcus felt a sense of self confidence and pride when she said that. Although he had heard that from his mother thousands of times before, he hearing from someone else besides his mother and those brats back at school was great. " I don't hear you denying it." He said doing his best to hold in a laugh.
  12. Sasha passed the buffet and chuckled when she heard the little girl talking to the boy. 'So cute the two girls.' She thought and chuckled further. Sasha wanted to the Railing to watch the sea, but before she walked to the girl which seem to be april and whisperd in her ear. "Your sister is probably right, you just should say it to him that you like him." She giggled and so she took a place where she also was near enough to be able to talk to them. She wanted to talk with someone, even when her heart beats abit faster cause of being with people she don't know, and being shy isn't the best, that is the reason why she talked with the girl, she wants to defeat her shyness.
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  13. April's face turned more red after the girl's comment."Well, y-yeah, your cute,"she started to ramble,"but I also think lots of actors are cute, and their like in their thirties and forties. Not that you look like your thirty or forties! You look very young very your age if you are..." "April's got a boyfriend! April's got a boyfriend!" May started to chant and point at April.
  14. Sasha laughs when she hears April and May talking. "April, you make it even worse" She laughs even more. "April, I like your sister" She nods and walks over to may, lying her hand on her head and knees down to be on her high, her heart beats faster again, feeling like running away, but she stays. "May, right? Well I think you are cute as well, that doesn't mean you are my new girlfriend." She ruffles her hair and smiles.
  15. April took a bite of brownie to get herself to stop talking her face still beat red. This always happened. May would say something about April to pick on her, and then was claimed to be cute while April was left tripping over her own feet. May, on the other hand, though she was just being her normal seven year old self, not taking her sister's embarrassment into consideration.

    May fixed her hair after it had been ruffled, and the replied with the logic of a second grader, "Well that's because you're a GIRL, and that's just weird. He," she gestured to the man at the table, "is a BOY and boys are mean and gross, unless they're not, which means they're cute, which means that your in love, which means he's your boy friend." She concluded, taking another bite of desert.
  16. Sasha laughs once again. "Sometimes I wish I would be seven again" She smiles and nods "Right, you are a smart little girl, aren't you?" Sasha concluded as well and looks at April "I know how you feel, my little sister was exactly like your." Sasha felt that she slowly became less shy and smiled at both of the girls, before going back to May "Well he is cute, but I guess abit to old for your sister, don't you think?"
  17. May thought about that last sentence for a second, and then her eyes widened, " He may be to old for April, but he's not to old for you!" She said, pointing for emphasis, "Lady's got a boy friend! Lady's got a boy friend!" April had to keep herself from giggling, it was a little funnier when it happened to someone else. She noticed people's heads started to turn, "May, stop it, people are looking." This girl was nice, and she would hate for her to under go the same embarrassment she had.
  18. Sasha blushed deeply and looked at the boy, before looking away. "H-h-he is in my age, and? T-that doesn't mean a thing." She keeps blushing and looks around as well, seeing the whole people looking at them. Sasha took a deep breath, before kneeling down again. Then she talks to May "You may should stop talking like this, or screaming it out loud. It would make your sister and other people feel sad. And you don't want that people are bd or sad cause of you, or?" She said with a calm voice and a little smile, stroking the back of her head.
  19. "How would being in love be sad?" May asked, her head cocked to the side. "You might as well give up," April advised, "She's kind of an attention hog." "Am not!" May yelled at her sister. April rolled her eyes and gestured to May, "Exhibit A."
  20. "Not being in love, that isn't what I meant. I mean that you yell it out like you did. To love someone is something personal what shouldn't be yelled out loud. That is what could hurt people." Sasha sighs and shakes her head "Nah every kid in this age is like that. I guess you and I were as well" She giggles and smiles abit at April. "Some day, you will understand what I mean, May"
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