The Island I call Hell

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  1. Cole grunts as he is tossed into his cage, his back riddled with lashes. He is so tired and hungry that he has no physical strength to fight back anymore. He does however look at the mans feet and muster up enough strength to spit on the mans shoes. "I hope you die," is all he's able to say to the bastard who is keeping him locked up against his will. He can feel the blood seeping out of his back and he can feel his eye sight slipping before he passes out on the ground of the cage. His hair is matted and dirty and he is bruised up and littered with welts and cuts. He is so tired as he lays there limp. He knows that when he wakes he will be bandaged up and left alone in the dark for exactly three days before the bastard comes back and tries and breaks him.

    He won't be broken though... he will escape this hell hole of an island, even if it means killing himself. He will never give in to that bastards wants or his punishments... Never.
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    Drake smirks at the boys quiet disobedience.... he flicks some cigarette ash on the boy and chuckles as he walks out. He was careful not to permanently damage the boy... he wanted him in one piece after all... he would return when he had had time to heal. And he did. He came in as usual and grabbed the boy by his hair lifting his face up, "hello pet, you're looking better today" the boys hands were tied firmly behind his back, ankles restrained as well. He had learned. The ball gag in the boys mouth kept the venomous words at bay as Drake slowly runs his index finger down the boys exposed chest undoing the button on his pants and unzipping them watching smugly as the torn jeans fall to the boys ankles. He arches a brw, "someones standing at attention today" he strokes the boys length a grin on his face
  3. Cole thrashes as best as he could in his weakened state. They were more like wriggling. He wasn't hard on purpose, he had been forced to drink some disgusting tasting liquid and it was making his body hot and sensitive. When his cock was stroked he jumped and bit into the ball gag, bending his hips back away from the mans touch. "Don't touch me ass hole!" he yelled through the gag, only it was muffled but understandable to anyone who paid attention to his words. He hated this, his body was acting stupid because of that drink and he was now being gropped by the jerk who had been beating him for the past three months.
  4. He chuckles, he often had Cole gagged because it made the boy feel useless but he knew what the boy said. He ran his finger over Cole's jawline with a smug smile. " I think that you have graduated from the basement up to my bed chamber pet, chain these pretty little ankles of yours nice and open for me hm? I bet no man has ever touched you" he lets his hands wander, inspecting every little piece of Cole, he was responding appropriately even if he jerked and growled, his body was turned on and ready to work. After inspecting his shaft, his balls, every inch of his manhood he toyed with his entrance grinning at the evident discomfort on his face/
  5. Cole could see the men waiting for Drake to stop touching him to bring him up to the mans bed chambers. He shook trying desperately not to moan or show he liked it but it was almost impossible for him not too. "Fuck off! Your not going to touch my ass," he said, although muffled. He suddenly mustered up some strength and head butted Drake as hard as he could. He fell over onto the ground, since he lost his balance when he hit the man. He wriggled as best as he could back into the cage, his body screaming at him to stop moving but he would not let that man fuck him.
  6. He laughs at the boys inability to hide his pleasure the headbutt however earned him a kick to the side. " Feed the little shit less. He is getting far too spirited... make sure he is as uncomfortable in my bedroom as possible. Remember easy access for me. He is gonna struggle." He smirks and looks in the cage, " I will do what I want with you pet because I own you. That includes your tight little ass. Men" he waves his hand and walks of. He enjoyed a meal before his fun, and now Cole knew what was in his future and that was torment enough
  7. Cole screamed and kicked them men the face as they brought him to the mans bedroom. He was chained tightly to the bed, his ass forced up into the air, his head being positioned in a way so that he could watch as anyone fucked him. It was extremely painful for him and if he moved it hurt even more. He did take a little joy when he landed a kick on the mans nose, breaking it. He was struggling and fighting the binds to the point his wrists were raw and bleeding onto the bed. He was forced to wait as the man took his time trying to get his spirits down. He may loose his virginity but he would never belong to the fucker.
  8. He finished his food then come up the stairs and laughed loudly seeing him tugging uselessly at his bindings. " Well aren't you quite the treat..." he sets his glass of wine down and removes the gag, he wanted to hear everything from his toys lips. " Now now pet, are you gonna be nice? I will get the lube out if you beg. If not I am just gonna plunge right in and you're gonna tear" he grins clearly not bothered by either prospect
  9. "Fuck you! You may take my virginity but you do not own me! You'll never own me you pathetic piece of shit!" he began yelling anger in his eyes. "What you can't find yourself a boyfriend?! Are too pathetic to even a guy like you?! I bet your family hates you don't they! Your mother must cry at night thinking why hadn't she aborted you when she had the chance!" he yelled at the man. He could hardly breath but he didn't care. Drake was going to know what Cole thought of him whether he wanted to or not. He didn't care if the man used lube or not. He wasn't going to enjoy it either way, so might as well making him know why it won't hurt. "I guess your dick is small enough not to need lube. Only tiny dicked dumbasses don't use lube," he yelled back at him, challenging his manhood.
  10. He arches a brow at the spunk his little slave was showing. He laughs at the comments and tips his face up " mystery had you caught for me. My dad signed the check for this cute little ass" mid sentence he plunged his large hard on inside the boys virgin ass hitting as far as he could go immediately not being at all gentle or thoughtful. He jerked violently inside the boy and moves swiftly, his hand grips the boys length and squeezes. He liked the pain and the anger, it was a turn on for him
  11. Cole let out a pain filled scream as he felt his ass being penetrated. He couldn't help the tears that came to his eyes as he was mercilessly raped. He had been sold.... someone out there had sold him to this fucker. He would get his revenge, maybe not now but he will and it will be horrific. The pain was too great and the lack of oxygen, with his wind pipe squeezed like it was caused him to loose consciousness. At least now he couldn't feel anything.
  12. He groans and grins moving in and out of te boy enjoying him thoroughly, his spare hand squeezes his soft nipples and he's pushing down so hard on the boy he almost touches the bed with each trust " no sleep for you" he grips the boys length and pulls hard, without mercy
  13. The hard he thrusted the less air Cole got into his system and no matter what he couldn't wake up. He did begin to cry in his sleep though. He could still feel all of it, the pulling the thrusting and the blood sliding down his back due to the position.
  14. He sighs a little disappointed but finishes inside the boy, he runs the red swollen prize and let's him fall onto the bed chaining him so he could lay there. He then finishes his wine and strips crawling in bed, replacing the gag and pulling the boy to his chest, he grips between his legs for fun
  15. When the morning came Cole's eyes opened. He looked up and saw the man who had rapped him. He began struggling but his ass hurt so badly he let out a soft cry filled with pain. He felt like some one had stabbed him and was now electrocuting him. He turned his head into the pillow and let out sobs from the intense pain.
  16. He smiles and plays with his hair and kisses his cheek " you be nice and I will get you some pain meds"
  17. "Stop touching me," he said in pain. He flinched when he kissed his cheek, shying away. He didn't want to be touched, his spirit breaking slowly now after this.
  18. " I'm not going to hurt you, you performed well last night. As a reward I will only be soft with you today, but if you want meds you will be nice back" his hands travel over the boys stomach caressing his musculature
  19. Cole flinched again and that caused him to yelp in pain. "Please stop touching me," he cried out, the pain immense in his body now. He just wanted to go to sleep and never wake up.
  20. He removes the gag from the boys mouth and gently massages his jaw, "please? There we go... nice and polite. I am going to get you some pain medication. Prop yourself up, your bindings will allow that. You are getting breakfast and some water to help with the medicine. If you are nice to me Cole, I will be nice to you"
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