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  1. Rules: The person before you posts the query "If you were stuck on a stranded Island would you rather have a..."

    (Of course after this it's just ______ or ______ )

    You respond with what you'd pick (And add a reason why if you want) and then you give the next person two options!


    A rabid panda that will only leave you alone as long as you're picking coconuts for it OR Diana after three hours of trying to fix the forums unsuccessfully?
  2. I'd take Diana because the rage is mutual and we can both spend time yelling at the coconut trees and feeling smug as we do so.

    TK handcuffed to your ankle.


    Khang handcuffed to your wrist.
  3. "I don't mind."
  4. [​IMG]
    Isiah Pepper
    Isiah is a young boy, only 14, and the son of a farmer. Isiah hopes to become a fighter someday, like his older brother. The Pepper Farm is a few miles from Sanlow, and directly between Sanlow and the Greymill Pass.
    Pepper Family Farm
    Today was supposed to be a joyful day, one Isiah had been looking forward too for weeks. The Festival at Sanlow was to start today, but only days before Isiahs older brother was called into service by Lord Greymill. Zach, Isiahs older brother, was apart of the militia for the Greymills, and the best fighter Isiah knew!
    Alas, the battle at the Pass only days before left the Greymill Militia weakened, and low on numbers. In truth no one was quite sure who, or how many, had died.
    Isiah knew in his heart that Zach survived, and was only at the Greymill Estate with the surviving militia men. Isiahs parents however thought he was dead, killed by Orcs. Thus instead of attending the festival, the Pepper family was in morning.

    The small spring behind his family home was peaceful, a place where Isiah and Zach would disappear to get away from the rest of the family. The brothers would've played here in their younger years, but with Zach away in the Milita Isiah rarely visited the spot. Isiah had been relaxing here, skipping stones across the still water when he heard the footsteps across the spring.

    Isiah easily recognized the colors of the Greymill Militia on the mans chest, and with a smile Isiah called out with a wave.

    He paused and took a closer look as the figure started to stray into the water, it's path not wavering from Isiah. Strange, the water is only knee deep but he could still have easily gone around it.Taking a closer look Isiah realized it wasn't his brother, and though he wore similar attire, it was tattered and bloodied. A survivor from the battle, badly wounded?
    No. The man wasn't wounded at all. He was dead.

    The mans jaw was broken, and hung open as he strode in the water, falling for a moment before standing back in the water. Frozen with fear, Isiah took a step back, thats when he noticed the others.
    All around him, on either side of the clearing, the soldiers marched. Mixed in with the Militia were Orcs, many baring visible wounds. Isiah took another step back, this time he got a good look of the soldier that strode towards him in the water. A large gash split open his stomach, his flesh was graying and pussing in several spaces. Despite all the wounds, horrific facial features, and decaying smell, the boy was drawn to the creatures eyes. Something was moving beneath its pupils, a green haze of sorts.
    A scream coming back towards his home brought him back to reality. Isiah scrambled away from the undead, yelling his own screams as he ducked under low hanging tree branches and dodging the outstretched hands of the dead. An arrow thudded into the tree next to him as one of the undead let loose an arrow, stumbling with the quiver before drawing another one.

    Isiah broke the tree line, and he felt the same fear that made him freeze moments ago. Half his home was in ruins, something big and bony crashing through it. It was the size of a wagon, its large brutish club the size of a horse. In the garden behind his home he recognized the twisted and broken corpse of his father. His skin was gray, grayer than the undead that attacked his home. His eyes were empty and hollow, and even beneath his clothes Isiah saw his bones through his flesh. Standing above him was an armored man, black ebony plate mail with a single curved blade.
    In the mans free hand was Isiahs mother, who hung limp and unmoving. She resembled her husband, a husk of her former self. Isiah let out a scream as the figured towards its gaze towards Isiah. Dropping the woman, the man strode towards Isiah, who started to run. Falling to his knees, he tried to stand as skeletal hands erupted from the ground, holding him in place. Using a tree he started to pull himself up it, away from the crawling hands and the approaching knight. He manged to catch one last glimpse of the man, who outstretched his arm towards the boy, a black fog materializing from his open palm, flying forward towards the boy. As it hit him, Isiah felt lightheaded. He forgot the horror he was experiencing. He forgot why he was climbing the tree.
    He forgot the husk of his mother, his father, and the disappearance of his brother.

    Isiah Pepper forgot himself, his last thought brushing his mind was of the tree he fell from. The leaves of the tree rustled in the wind as the raindrops started to fall, a storm thundered above him.


    Celthric Rivtdale

    Celthric had hoped the man would be happy with just the paladins assistance, but it seemed he was wanting more than just one mans help. Besides himself, the first to volunteer was the woman he had met at the bar only moments before.
    Her voice was confident and proud, and didn't waver as she proclaimed
    I believe I could be of some assistance.

    Celthric smirked, but it was suppressed underneath his helmet. This woman probably hadn't been in a fist fight, let alone a battle with a raging monster. His smirk quickly vanished when he realized it was just another head he would have to protect, if the beast was out in the forest.
    Chrysia De Sorcelle. I can't wait to get to work.

    At first the name didn't click in Celthrics mind, and it wasn't until he noticed the trinket on the belt of the woman, with the infamous "De Sorcelle" insignia displayed on it. He swore under his breath. His suspensions were right, she was a daughter of a noble house.
    In recent years the De Sorcelle family was little more than a minor house, but before they where known as one of the strongests of the noble houses. In his travels, Celthric heard of a prodigy child. A girl with great magic abilities, despite her young age. What magic she was taught Celthric didn't know, but only that she was powerful.
    She would be a useful ally in battle if even half of what he heard was true, but still he didn't want noble blood on his head if she were to be hurt or killed in battle.
    He noticed the girls outstretched hand and he took it in his own. Pulling her in close he spoke as clear as possible, despite the helmet that covered his face.
    Aren't you a bit young to be fighting creatures in the woods Chrysia? Your father would be furious, would he not?
    He paused, releasing the girls hand.
    More importantly he would probably have my head if anything were to happen to you.
    Her eyes widened and she gasped a bit as he grabbed her hand and pulled her close, expecting him to shake her hand, not pull her in. She narrowed her eyes as she listened to his words, scowling a bit at them.
    Aren't you a little old to be fighting creatures in the woods?
    She hissed back a little defensively, then crossed her arms, taking her relaxed posture once again,
    I'm older, and far more capable, than I look, and my father doesn't know most of what I do. He's not about to start finding out now.
    She reassured him, bragging slightly.
    Now are we going to team up or what?
    She asked him.
    Celthric sighed and nodded. He knew the girl made up her mind, and she would go with or without him.
    It's Celthric Rivtdale mad'am. And I'm not as old as I look.
    Giving her hand a small shake and a pat on the shoulder Celthric turned to the new addition to the group. He was a young man, Celthric recognized him earlier when he scanned the tavern. Now he wore his helm, masking his face. Giving the boy a pat on the shoulder as Celthric walked past him he said
    Welcome to the party kid.

    Tossing the last of his coins on the counter, he asked for another drink this time to fill up his flask.
    For a moment it seemed like no one else would be joining the small group on the task of hunting down a axe-crazed beast. A man called out something about it being a bear, but Celthric paid no mind. Instead his attention was on the woman who entered the tavern, and now vouched for the guard, plus claiming she knew where the beast was.
    She was a Moon Elf, and probably the first he had seen since he left the Frigid Island years ago. He sighed and wondered to himself aloud

    What have I gotten myself into.
    Regrouping with the others, he heard the Moon-Elf say
    If you all have a death wish Then I know where the beast be hiding.
    You're just as crazy as us if you're willing to get near this horror after seeing what he can do,
    He said, before adding
    I don't mind another hand. Lead the way.

    Outside the Tavern, Celthric slipped his helmet off and took a drink of his flask, savoring the taste of the ale. It tasted like the tavern keeper took pity on the paladin, and filled it full of something stronger than the horse piss he was drinking earlier. He looked towards the younger knight and held the flask out to him.
    Take a swig, incase it's our last.


    Ayva Galewind
    In the company of Darkstone

    Ayva hadn't seen the look Blinky gave the other girls before, but had heard of it from the other Raggedies. The look was menacing, and even Luno nervously yipped and licked his lips, quickly crawling back into the pack of Ayva. With a blink, the look was gone.
    Ayva, wish to accompany me? See if we cannot get a drink together in the aftermath of surely some chaos to come?

    I could go for a drink, I'm sure Luno is thirsty too.
    Following Darkstone as they headed towards a building Ayva recognized as "The Watermill". Blinky was silent, as the two walked, so Ayva asked.
    Any tales of adventure since the last time we met, or has all your time been spent with your new business?
    Darkstone was silent. As if she hadn't heard Ayva's question. Following her gaze, it seemed dark-elf too noticed the approaching storm. Just looking at the storm gave Ayva a pit in her stomach. Normally she loved the rain, thunder, and lightning. So much beauty and destruction from nature itself.
    But this storm, it rubbed Ayva the wrong way. She could swear her eyes were playing tricks on her, that every other lightning strike was green. She turned to ask her friend if she saw the same thing, but to her surprise Darkstone had moved on.
    She looked towards the tavern, and caught a glimpse of Darkstone diverting from the path, instead going towards a Ratoaken priest. Ayva saw him earlier in the day, but paid no mind.

    Probably a beggar.
    She remembered thinking to herself when she first glimpsed the Rat. Quickly catching up to her, Blinky turned towards Ayva and asked
    yva, do you know this preacher?because I think it knows us. Ever since it had set up, Shay my Harlequinn girl says that it moved not once from this spot...
    Ayva shook her head saying I can't say I do. Are you sure he isn't one of your customers? Looks the type to enjoy the drink.
    She said curiously looking the Ratoaken over. As if on cue, his head snapped towards Darkstone and Galewind. He gave a smile that radiate peace, as if the pair of Elves were his friends. Ayva nervously took a step towards Darkstone as she spoke.
    We thought you were eyes for a ruse or just looking out for a mark. But you are not. You are somehow better and somehow worse than that then, yeah? You are 'eyes' for someone-- something else then. 'There truth there? So what in the Name of the Nine is happening here... And just what the Hell do you want...?

    The rat didn't respond. Not at first. He shakily took a step off the crate of his, and strode towards the two elves. An orc not paying attention nearly walked into the path of the Ratoaken, and was sure the massive Orc would knock the old rat over.
    Much to her surprise, the blind rat turned in the nick of time, slipping past the orc with the ease and swiftness if a cat.

    No. Not the eyes for something, but the voice of a higher power. Just as you are the body of something dark, yes?
    While I cannot look, I do see. I see a time of darkness. An era of pain, corruption, and chaos. Decades of darkness are too come Darkstone.

    The Ratoaken paused and turned his gaze towards Ayva. He reached his left hand out, it was wrinkled and bony. The most interesting aspect of his hand however, was the lack of hair that normally covered it.
    The priest outstretched a single claw, and though normally Ayva wouldn't let a stranger touch her, something told her to trust the Ratoaken. The claw grazed the forehead of Ayva, and for a moment nothing happened. Ayva was confused until it hit her.

    She saw the storm, green lightning streaking through it. The clouds weren't normal either, it was if something was moving around through them. Wormlike, the creatures traveled in the haze of it, twisting and turning as if they were the lightning.
    Next she saw a horrific tree, twisted and evil. Her first thought was of the Tree of Life. This could easily be the Tree of Death.
    Finally she saw the ratoaken in her mind, though younger. His tail was whole, and he was healthy. He held a closed fist, and when he noticed Ayva, he opened it. A blinding light poured into her mind.
    With a blink she was back in reality. Her hand was gripping Darkstone's tightly, and judging by the look on Darkstones face she too saw the visions she did. She let go of the Dark-Elfs hand, partly embarrassed.
    The Ratoaken waved its hand towards the two.
    Come you two, we have more to talk about.
    As the Ratoaken turned it headed across the road towards the Church, without waiting for the Elves.
    What do you think Blink?
  5. Gwen

    Hawthorne smiled thinly "Alright. That's fair enough. But when it comes down to it you will not go on an escapade without my knowledge. If you plan on doing anything you head to me, understood? And when you do have weapons on you, if you dare threaten or even wave that knife in the wrong direction, you will be dealt with appropriately."

    "A-are we ever allowed to head home?" Gwen asked and Hawthorne bit his lip

    "Yes. We do have rooms for you two to stay, but if you feel more comfortable you may head to your dorm. And you are allowed to go to classes and such. Belle is just to keep her eye on you." Hawthorne paused

    "I will give you directions tomorrow. I still need some to recruit. Not necessarily all for Dagger purposes but they may be of help. You'll see soon. In the meantime you may get settled."
  6. “Well, I don’t care about you.”
  7. Belle

    She shyly raised her hand "Well actually it was sort of a combination of John and mines judgement."


    She shook her head and kissed him back "Its fine. It's better that you came than not at all." She gestured for him to come in. She closed the door behind him "Its been calm here. No surprises or anything."
  8. It is, infact, a giant marshmallow
  9. "Excpet when you ran off to be molested by your father."
  10. These are important characters who don't deserve a character profile, but will still play a part in the story.
  11. “You push me down.” Kunari fuss playfully.
  12. Astaroth pulled her into a deep kiss as he thrust harder.
  13. Jason

    "Yeah, we are, we just need to find it first." He lead her around the corner and felt his powers coming back. He told them the wrong calculations. In 3 minutes, his powers would be back and he could get them out of there.


    "He's not the only one of us who has killed, you know that as well as I do.


    "I'd prefer if they didn't."

    (I was so tempted to have him be like, "I'd prefer if the Hunter didn't break through your window while we are making out, ya know?")
  14. The Art of Mente Straum

    Telekinesis is something which has fascinated mankind for years. It is usually related to demons and otherworldly apparitions for the most part. It was never thought to be an ability that man could make use of without the aid of demons.

    In a sense, this is true. The true capabilities of telekinesis can only be accessed via the ingestion of demon blood or by being the offspring of a demon. It wasn't until the year 2020 that man finally gained access to the abilities of telekinesis. And it was quite by accident.

    Demons have entered our world on multiple occasions, with the Infernal War being the largest and most destructive occasion. Most of the time, solitary demons would enter our world to wreak havoc or to have offspring with women who they deem attractive. In the year 2020, a demon which came to be known as Tsung Mente entered our world through a portal in the Himalayan Mountains. He was not a fearsome demon, however. His purpose was not to destroy and seduce. Tsung Mente, as he was called by the Tibetan monks, was one of the oldest demons. He had been cast to hell when Lucifer committed the great treason against God and man. Tsung was formerly an angel, you see, and he had never forgotten his past life.

    Not only that, but Tsung wished to prove a point to his demonic comrades, who claimed mankind was weak and pathetic. And so, Tsung took the form of a man with black horns and wild eyes, and he began to walk the earth. He ended up staying in the mountains for the most part, as the monks there believed him to be a wholesome spirit who had come to bless them with knowledge of another dimension.

    Tsung taught the Tibetan monks a great skill. He taught them how to control and focus their minds, and to make their wills and desires an unstoppable force. With his help, many of the monks were able to use telekinetic abilities. However, these abilities were dangerous if not controlled, and some of the monks were killed trying to use their new powers. Tsung Mente knew he would have to find a way to perfect the art, and spent years teaching the monks to hone their craft.

    Even with years of training, the monks were not nearly as powerful as demons. And so, Tsung realized he would have to do something rather extreme. He had each monk come to him at midnight for a special ceremony. Tsung used a small portion of his own blood to awaken the monks senses and allow a small amount of Tsung's powers to be accessed by each man. Essentially, each person had a tiny piece of the demon living inside his mind now, coaching him on how to use his powers.

    Tsung walked the earth for many years after his success with the Tibetan monks, and he began teaching his art to many small groups of people. After one hundred years of travel, Tsung returned to the Tibetan monks, who declared him to be their headmaster. They named the use of telekinesis Mente Straum in honor of their otherworldly teacher.

    Tsung's teachings would be put to the test many years later, when the Infernal War broke out. Tsung was furious with his fellow demons, especially Apollyon, who was slaughtering mankind and destroying what had taken them thousands of years to build. Tsung summoned all of his students to the Himalayas, where they built a great stronghold to defend themselves against the demons. They stayed there in silence for two years, with no demons bothering to make the great hike up the mountains to fight them.

    This all changed following Lucifer's demise. A powerful demon lord named Sloth discovered the location of the followers of Tsung, and led his great army into Tibet and Nepal. They conquered the countries with ease, and laid siege to the Himalayas.

    Tsung knew the time for peace had passed, and if he wanted his teachings to survive, he would have to slay a demon lord and his forces. Reluctantly, he ordered his followers to arm themselves with holy artifacts and weapons, and join him in battle. They met the massive horde of demons at the base of Mount Everest, and an epic battle ensued.

    The Tibetan monks used their telekinesis effectively, causing avalanches to occur and destroy hundreds of demons before they even got a chance to approach Tsung's army. Tsung's followers wielded their holy artifacts and drove the demons back, turning any who came near to ash or melting their skin off. Tsung himself broke necks and tore bodies in half using only his thoughts, as he set in a trance like state of meditation in the midst of his followers.

    After two hours of fighting, Sloth's army began to retreat. Sloth himself was enraged, and tried to rally his men as he charged Tsung's forces. He slew several of Tsung's men, as the demon lord could not be affected by the mortals' pathetic abilities. He had almost reached Tsung, when suddenly, Sloth's arm snapped in half. The demon lord squealed in surprise and pain, and then his own sword was torn from his hand. It spun beautifully in the air for a moment, and then impaled itself right in Sloth's heart. The demon lord stared in amazement at the blade, and then his eyes shifted toward where Tsung sat, with a smug smile on his face. Sloth cursed and howled as he turned to dust, and then he was gone. Tsung had used Mente Straum to vanquish a demon lord.

    For the next few months, Tsung's Holy Army purged Nepal and Tibet of all demons, leaving none alive. Sloth was the second demon lord to fall in combat, and his death sent shock waves around the world. Soon, everyone knew about the army of telekinetic monks who had destroyed an army of demons. Fortunately, none put two and two together and realized that the famous Tsung Mente was actually a demon. Otherwise, he most certainly would have been slain.

    Following the Infernal War, many people began making pilgrimages to the Himalayas to learn from Tsung Mente. He accepted very few students, as he only wants those with good intentions to learn his abilities. To this day, Tsung meditates in the Himalayas, surrounded by his holy army of followers. No one dares come the mountains without good reason, as they know the people who live there are powerful beyond imagination.

    Some notable practitioners of Mente Straum are Agent James Hobbes, Vice President Ajax Thorn, and the leaders of NuJapan.
  15. Kunari moans softly, “I’m.. close.”
  16. yea I get those too. I normally just remove the s anyway

    anyway take your time ^^ night
  17. Gwen

    "Not too bad I will admit." She grimaced though as she walked ahead "Not the most fancy place in Baltimore but it'll do."

    (Sounds good)


    She rolled her eyes "I have horrible long distance aim." She grinned then frowned "well we can get to Blair easily if she's still in the old house. Just need to be careful with freezing."

    "You know what we could do..." Hawthorne mused in mischief


    She grinned "I'm two for two over here."
  18. Baneblade. Because I don't want to be stranded in the middle of a stormy isolated island.

    If you were stuck on a stranded Island would you rather have a... fruit salad or a potato salad?
  19. Potato. I don't do fruit.

    If you are stuck on that crummy island, would you rather have a blowjob by Jessica Alba or a row boat to sail home?