The Island Game

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  1. Rules: The person before you posts the query "If you were stuck on a stranded Island would you rather have a..."

    (Of course after this it's just ______ or ______ )

    You respond with what you'd pick (And add a reason why if you want) and then you give the next person two options!


    A rabid panda that will only leave you alone as long as you're picking coconuts for it OR Diana after three hours of trying to fix the forums unsuccessfully?
  2. I'd take Diana because the rage is mutual and we can both spend time yelling at the coconut trees and feeling smug as we do so.

    TK handcuffed to your ankle.


    Khang handcuffed to your wrist.
  3. I'd go with TK handcuffed to my ankle.

    Techno music, or metal music?
  4. METAL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    FUCK YEAH!!!!!

    Archetype or Nurse Wanda
  5. :/ Nurse Wanda

    Cougar, or Pedophile?
  6. Pedophile! I'm old enough to not worry!

    A coconut that only sings showtunes from Chicago, Cats, The Chorus Line, Rent, and Phantom of the Opera


    An angry thirteen year old that constantly complains about something
  7. I'd go with the Coconut. At least sometimes I'd be able to sing with it.

    A jukebox that can't play anything on the radio, or a computer with no internet access?
  8. Jukebox.

    Since that still technically leaves all the instrumental OSTs in the world at my disposal. I think.

    Jar Jar Binks?


    Bella Swan?
  9. Jar jar, good emergency rations.

    2 way radio, or an island tiki bar
  10. An Island Tiki Bar, at least it has alcohol

    a never ending supply of light beer, or an angry koala.
  11. “You push me down.” Kunari fuss playfully.
  12. Sail Boat, I'm too lazy to row

    Am or FM radio.
  13. Astaroth pulled her into a deep kiss as he thrust harder.
  14. Peaunut butter, because it tastes way better and doesn't smell of booze and regret.

    Kurt Vonnegut


    Oscar Wilde?
  15. Oscar Wilde.

    A new-age hippie, or a goth kid?
  16. Kunari moans softly, “I’m.. close.”
  17. A DVD player. I could at least amuse myself my trying to find a way to take it a part and put it back together.

    Indian Jones or Rick O'Conell of The Mummy?
  18. Rick O'Connell, at least he wasn't a boring ass professor.

    I dunno, Baneblade or Stormlord?
  19. Baneblade. Because I don't want to be stranded in the middle of a stormy isolated island.

    If you were stuck on a stranded Island would you rather have a... fruit salad or a potato salad?
  20. Potato. I don't do fruit.

    If you are stuck on that crummy island, would you rather have a blowjob by Jessica Alba or a row boat to sail home?