The Irregular at Magic High School

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  1. So I have this obsession with the anime and LN Irregular at Magic High School. And I want to do a rp. This could be onexone or a group I'm just kind of throwing it out there to see who and how many would be interested in it if we did. I already have a template made up. I would like it to happen in an AU First High School. So I'd like OC's only.

    Name: (Obvious)
    Gender: (Obvious)
    (For Females though this is completely optional) What lace underliner would you have:
    Age: (Obvious)
    Background: (Doesn't have to be fancy just a background)
    CAD/Clan: (Not everyone should have a clan type out of the ten major ones try making your own out of the one hundred clan program. but if you would like to be put into one I'm sure we can work things out. But otherwise this should be a description of the type of CAD you use. You can separate these two if needed.)
    Course Number: (Again obvious)
    Appearance: (Any kind of description but remember it will be neck up due to use all being in uniforms.)

    If you would like to add something I'm missing please feel free to add. Also as for Tatsuya's Magic Nullification I don't mind it being used but I would like if it not everyone had it. Also please have daily responses and at least one paragraph. It will help others if this turns into a group and keep a nice pace to a great story.

    My Character

    Name: Enkou Nanarejyuutouyon (Nanajyuu for short or even Nanare.)

    Gender: Male

    Age: 16

    Clan: Number Seventy Three out of one hundred in the one hundred clan program. Nanarejyuutouyon. They have the ability to use a multiprocess spell simply. His family has become a prowess in the magic sequence building field. It is known as "Hyper Threading".

    Cad: He holds two CADS. His first is a nine button pad on a forearm band he wears on his left forearm. This is for his normal studies and general purpose. He then has a black with red accents pistol CAD. Which he has for practice of Crowd ball and his practice of the art of Quick Draw.

    Background: He was born into the seventy third rank family of one hundred. He was able to catch on to what the family technique "Hyper threading". His family has become a prowess in the magic sequence building field. He has no interest in it although he is very talented and adept at doing so. He had an interest in the art of Quick Draw so for two years he studied under the Morisaki Family. He caught on quick and was very good. At the same time his family had to teach some Morisaki's how to hyper thread. It was a fair trade. When he applied he was accepted right away into First High School. His exam was perfect. He was fast at casting and had a great potency. But he was bored. The only time he wasn't was when he focused and trained with his CAD pistol. In the school yard in his first year he practiced his Quick Draw. He got noticed and put on the first year team for the NSC in Crowd Ball. He trained hard and took second only to another male First High student by one point. If sitting you will often see him reading a book, drinking tea and writing notes about the book. But for him this is all done with magic. He can hold up the book, turn a page, hold the tea cup, tilt it and tilt it back, also hold the pencil up and write. This is simple for him and his family.

    Course Number: 2-A

    Appearance: [​IMG]
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