The Inventor Sci Fi Roleplay

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  1. Ideally, this takes place in the 40's or 50's, during World War II(I'm pretty sure that's the right time period...). The Nazi's are desperate for weaponry that could win them the war, but despite the toxic gasses and other innovations, they're still being driven back. They are lent the help of a brilliant Russian physicist and engineer, who immediatly begins work on his project, entitled "Sky Cannon". The multitudes of resources and free "Test subjects" at his disposal allow for swift progress, and the Chancellor is becoming very pleased. But when he's hit by a small kink, the pressure begins to build exponentially for him. He can't deliver results in the conditions they've reduced his lab to, yet demand them.

    So far there are three characters I can think of.

    The Chancellor: His superior and a hardcore Nazi. He will do whatever he wishes to force results from Project Sky Cannon.

    The Inventor[Me]: The creator and founder of the Project, can't stand his labroratory's state. Soon goes into hiding.

    The Spy: An American who is keeping tabs on Project Sky Cannon. They're sent in when things go dark.

    I know this is a bit short but I just wanted to scramble it out before I became to lazy. I'd love to hear some suggestions!