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  1. ( I'm looking for people with great diction, proper grammar, unique character types, and lengthy paragraphs! If you're one of those people, please read! )
    (( again, image not by me ))

    Hello, again! I found another picture, and I have another idea! Hold tight, this one is something that I've never done before!

    I was thinking it would be something like a Steampunk future, more or less. The girl in the picture would be played by you or me, and she would be poor. ( Or whatever you prefer. )

    She had been living all of her life in the Junkyard, and she has even made a living there. The people in the city don't use the Junkyard anymore, due to flooding, so she lives almost without worry. She would sometimes go into the town to collect food and clothing, but her housing is among the broken beams and fried wires. ( Again, if you were to play the character, you could change this. I just wanted to lay down the idea I had. Honestly, I'm not so sure if the person in the picture is male or female! )

    She had been living in solitude for most of her life, and she is looking to find a friend- or, build one. With all of the spare parts she has accumulated- working or not, she has her eye on a Robot that she hopes to make, simply for conversation.

    I was hoping that it would be sort of like a friendship RP, but I can understand that even the best of friends have... those feelings, so if you prefered, this could be a romantic one, as well.

    PM me if you're interested, or if you have any questions!
  2. Hey, I just wanted to say that I've seen a few of these threads from you now, and you have really neat ideas! But One[x]One roleplay requests and roleplays go in the One[x]One section, not in the genre sections where you've been posting them. >__> I'm going to move this one now, too, but I thought I'd let you know for future reference!
  3. Oh gosh, I'm sorry! Thanks for telling me.
  4. No worries! :] Different places have different ways of going about their roleplay sections, so sometimes people get confused.
  5. Well I like the idea.