The Invention of Lying (MxF looking for F)

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In a world where everyone can only tell the truth, one man miraculously discovers the act of lying. But what happens when a little bout of fibbing turns into a massive headline and the man gets in way over his head.

Things were always looking down for Matthew. He was thought to be a horrible writer with no skill whatsoever, his co-workers openly told him they hated his guts, his Father explained he was an accident, and to top it all off, his girlfriend openly cheated on him with his best friend (in front of him at his own birthday party).

Not the nicest way to live, I know.

But, while he was getting evicted from his crappy apartment on Christmas Eve, Matthew was stricken with a sudden epiphany: there was a way to make things turn out the way he wanted them to. He didn't know what to call it, but he managed to say something that wasn't... Oh, what's that word? Doesn't matter, he invented it.

But now with the power of this new ability to create words and truth out of nothing (which everyone believed because they had no reason not to), Matthew decided to set out and change his life for the better. He would start small, using his new ability to help those around him and getting back at those who shunned him, but he soon discovered that his words had much more power then he could have possibly imagined.

But one day, he meets a girl. A lovely girl who he feels could very well be the one. The problem? She thinks she's out of his league. So, armed with the power to make anyone believe what he wants them to... Can he convince this woman to give him a chance? And what happens when he accidentally makes up the biggest story ever conceived in their world? But does he even want to continue telling 'falsies' to the woman he loves, or is he going to try and be truthful about getting her affections?

(Not much to go on here, just something based off the film of the same name I wanted to try out.)

Anyways, I'm looking for somebody to play the woman that Matthew falls in love with. I'll be playing Matthew.

We can discuss things a bit more either here or PM's, but for now I'm just looking for interested parties. Post below or PM me if you're interested, I can go more into detail with this plot if you want, just thought I'd put this up as a bare-basics concept to get some interest generated.
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Ha, I loved this movie. If you're looking for interest, I'll be here with my hand raised like an idiot. ^.^
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