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  1. Darrell Horne was curious about "the project". He had been hired five years ago, but hadn't been privy to the 'super secret' projects until five hours ago. He honestly thought that it was a wrong place right time thing. He'd just been looking for the vending machine that sold bear claws and accidentally stumbled into a room filled with the type of scientists that he usually stared in jaw dropping awe at whilst simultaneously avoiding them.

    Long story short; He never got his bear claw, but he did get the oh so fancy responsibility of cleaning the testing chambers where the...'volunteers' were kept.

    Darrell didn't really know how he felt about that. The guys--he could call them 'the guys' now, cause he was one of them--called them volunteers, but Darrell knew that no amount of money could gets kids like these to volunteer for...This. He'd experienced that crazed desperation for cash in college before, but never had he ever thought to volunteer for a project that involved being injected with a questionable subject, knocked unconscious and shoved into a giant cryogenic capsule. He'd much rather take out a loan from the shadiest guy on earth, in a back alley surrounded by members of a notorious gang and rabid dogs.

    But! Despite his reservations on the matter, it wasn't like he could do anything about the 'volunteers' situations. He was after all just a glorified janitor cleaning out the bio waste of the volunteers after they finished their daily meals of supplements and vitamins a la tube in the mouth. Besides, he kind of needed this job. It paid crazy well and--

    A soft noise that sounded like someone was gently squeezing a peanut shell in between their forefinger and thumb emanated through the room, halting both Darrell's movements and thoughts. He had just finished cleaning all four capsules and was about 95% sure he hadn't hit the 'cool and release' button.

    A louder more obvious CRACK echoed through the room, causing Darrell to emit a sound akin to a startled whimper. The man began to slowly retreat from the room as he noticed that the cracking noises where the sounds of the 'volunteers' waking up and dislodging the thin layers of frost from their skin. And the much louder noise had been the sound of a fist making contact with the glass capsule door and cracking it.

    "Oh dear." Darrell squeaked, before keying in his code and running for his life down the halls, while screaming, "THEY'RE AWAKE!!" So much for professional behavior.


    Frederick was just re-reading his system logs for errors, when he was notified of that idiot, Darrell's panic attack. He honestly had no idea why his team had picked that imbecile for the job, but it wasn't like he had wanted to clean up the bio waste either. Still...If it weren't for Leslie and her constant ranting about how the interference of robotic assistance would compromise the project, Darrell wouldn't have been necessary.

    "Oh well." The brunette grumbled while slipping on his lab coat. He wouldn't enter the room right away, he would first survey the interactions between the subjects and their escapes from their pods, before entering and assigning them their new lifestyle.

    "Intuitive Team 12, to the Bird's Eye." He murmured into his walkie talkie before heading to said room.

    The Bird's Eye was a room filled with security feeds of all the rooms in the entire complex. The cameras that provided the information were either strategically placed in the room or hidden in mundane objects such as floor tiles or light bulbs. Frederick's fellow team member, Garrett had actually been trying to create the first human camera, but after over sixty subjects losing their heads...Quite literally, the project had been postponed by the Nest.

    Entering the Bird's Eye, Frederick shared a few smiles with his team members before sitting back to enjoy the show.

    ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ Chrysanthemum 'Chrys' Smith ⚡ ⚡ ⚡
    She had been having one of those freakish dreams. The type where you knew that everything you were hearing and witnessing was pure fiction, but yet you where terrified for your life. And when she woke up she couldn't remember the exact occurrences in the dream, but the feeling of dread remained swirling in the pit of her stomach and tightening it's hold on her heart. It took her awhile to realize that her figment was actually reality, and she wasn't waking up in her bed at home just a few paces from her mother's room. Suddenly the memories of...How many days had passed? Two, three? A week maybe? A week or a questionable number of days since that girl had...Died.

    That's right. A girl had died. Chrys hadn't known the girl, but she'd seen that creepy man injecting her with something and just watching with a disappointed look on his face as she convulsed and foamed at the mouth. And when she'd finally stopped moving, the man had just tutted and approached another person strapped to their cot, as if seeing a girl die right before his eyes was like watching someone step on a roach. The man had gone from person to person then, injecting them all with a strange fluid. Chrys had passed out as soon as her turn had come, but not before spitting in the man's face. She'd been briefly delighted by his appalled expression.

    She'd hoped...Well she'd hoped that she had died. She'd hoped that she had fallen into a deep sleep and just faded away because whatever the man had in store, she did not want to be apart of. But no, she was alive. And trapped in a...What even was this? There was glass in front of her and metal behind her and...It was freezing. It was like she had ran out into a snow storm with only her jammies on. The outside beyond the glass was bright, but it looked warm and suddenly that's all she wanted.

    "Hello?" She tried to call but her voice simply came out as a hoarse croak. Besides it didn't look like anyone else was outside and she couldn't see if anyone was next to...Whatever she was in. So it looked like she was on her own. It took her a while to actually move her arms, as it felt like someone had glued them to her sides, but eventually she managed to place her hands against the glass and push. The glass didn't budge, but as it seemed to be her only way out of the stupid whatever it was, Chrys had no intention of giving up. "Come on..." She grumbled. "Come on!" Suddenly, a bright yellow flash appeared and a loud bang sounded inside her 'cage'. The glass which had been making a subtle humming sound, stopped abruptly and Chrys tumbled out of what she now realized was some sort of time capsule, but for humans. "What the fuck..." She breathed, staring in horror at 'her' capsule and then at the other capsules in the room that held other people who were waking up.
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  2. embed(5).png

    LOCATION: His Capsule in Chamber T1
    FEELING: Annoyed and ready to knock some people out. Worried about his sister as well.

    POWER: Kinetic Energy Manipulation
    PHYSICAL ENHANCEMENTS: Levitation & High Stamina/Endurance
    MENTIONED: Chrys, Jordan

    TAGGED: @Thingtastic @T E R R O R

    Jax was fast asleep and he didn't know what was going on around him and if he did, shit would be going down right now. The usually hyper and reckless and chaotic boy looked rather innocent and harmless in this state of rest, the total opposite of who he was when he was awake and full of energy. All he could see in his dream, which was more like a nightmare, was the girl dying in front of him. The way the motherfucker who injected her with whatever he injected her with acted towards seeing her die, as if she was just a failed pet or something, he just wanted to kick the guy across the face and give him what he deserved. He was helpless when the girl had died, being strapped down like some animal just made his chaotic side come out more than usual, he just wanted to beat the guy down at the moment and still does. He started to move his head back and forth, waking up and groaning the uncomfortable nightmare away. When he opened his eyes he was greeted by a glass window or something like that in front of him. "Wha..." He blinked his eyes a few times, trying to get a clear look at what he thought he was looking at.

    Once his memory started to come back to him, Jax rage grew and he was getting furious. Jax Fury always had a problem with his anger and this situation was definitely not helping him learn how to control it. "What the fuck is going on?!" He yelled out towards whoever he thought could hear him. For some reason his body didn't feel like his own, his body felt bigger and like he had on a Muscle Suit or something but it had to be his body... the suit thing he was wearing could not fit over a robot body, could it? That wasn't the point right now, Jax started to kick the door of the capsule, hoping to break it open or at least make enough noise for someone to come and find him. "Let me the fuck out!" He kept kicking as he felt his body building up some type of extra resource, something he had never felt before.

    He didn't like feeling trapped and being in this thing just made his anxiety grow a bit more and he wanted to get out of it, now. He closed his eyes for a second and started punching the door until he felt something grow in him, like a powerful sensation. "I said let me the fuck out!" He then punched the glass and it shattered into little pieces and then the whole door dropped in front of him. The feeling he had, it left as quick as it had came. "..." He didn't even know what had just happened. "Did I just do that?" He asked no one but himself. He was a strong boy but he wasn't ever THAT strong... and he also didn't know how far he must have been from the ground... since it looked like he was way up from the ground than he would usually be. He looked at his arms and body. "Wo... I look like the fucking Hulk or something." He massaged the back of his neck before turning towards a girl that was standing a few feet in front of him.

    He was shocked to see her, she was one of the other people that had been strapped down when he was. "Hey! Do you know what's going on, I just broke that door down and felt like I was stronger than ever." Whatever that Scientist guy did to Jax, it made him stronger apparently but it also must have given him something else... something that made him feel weird but strong at the same time. "Wait... Jordan!" He just remembered that his older sister had been strapped down next to him. "Jordan!" He started to panic a little, not realizing that his sister was most likely in one of the two other capsules in the room. "Where the hell is my sister?" He said to anyone that he thought was listening. He had forgotten about the other girl in the room, now focused on finding his sister.
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  3. [​IMG]

    Jordan laid there in the cot that she had been laying in for what seemed like a long while since her arms and legs felt like they had been in the same position for quite some time. From what she remembers, there was a slight struggle before she got here but she really couldn't remember anything that far back. Though, if she could remember anything that happened before then she was sure that they would make sure she didn't stay that way for long. As she tried to open her eyes finally, the bright light blinded her immediately and automatically made her yank her hands, or at least attempt to yank them up. Soon after, she was able to adjust to the light and clearly see that she was strapped down to the cot she was laying on. It was strange that whoever took them here didn't bother to strap them down completely, they clearly must have thought the subjects probably weren't going to get any where far with them hanging around 24/7. After a while Jordan was able to raise herself up with a lot of groaning and muscles shifting in her body from sleeping for so long. It took a lot out of her, but she was able to squint good enough to finally be able to see others in the same room spread out around her. Out of all the people only one stood out to her and made her widen her eyes to the point where they looked like they were almost about to fall out of their sockets. Her brother was there, struggling and shifting around trying to get out of the cot and free himself from the restrains that were holding them all down. "J-.." she tried to say something to him, but because she had not been talking for so long she immediately coughed and realized that her throat was completely parched. Before she even had time to try and clear out her throat to try again, a mysterious man walked through what seemed like a pure white wall, at least that's what her eyes tried to fool her with. She glared at him and could already tell he wasn't hear to surprise them with some kind of party or say that this was all just some kind of dream; a sick and twisted dream that would leave anyone a puddling mess in their bed. He had a creepy drawn on smile that frightened her just a bit whenever he would look her way.

    There was a strange looking box in his hand that looked like future technology that hadn't been invented yet, that which made everyone stay still and wonder what that box he held in his possession had to offer for them. When the man came around to a female who looked like she was panicking the most out of all nine of them. The man seemed to have been attracted to the sound of her struggling since he swiftly went over to her and injected whatever kind of liquid he had in the syringe into her neck. This fluid immediately put the girl into shock and she simply began to have a seizure from the looks of it. Jordan had gasped and tried to reach out for the girl before it was too late, but the stupid metal restrains had refrained her from doing so. It was frustrating that she couldn't help or that no one could help despite the fact that they all had the urge to do so. She need too well that she was going to die simply because the man did nothing to stop her from shaking and twitching. Tears filled her eyes when the female's struggling stopped and there was nothing but silence left for a few seconds. Then, suddenly, everyone began to panic and struggle just like the girl before them did. Jordan herself just stayed still and tried to think of a wiser way to get out, but all of her ideas were either stupid or too simple to not be thought of already. She just wanted to get to her save him before something happened to him as well. From the corner of her eye, she saw the man inject her brother after two others had been treated the same way. "NO!" he voice rang against the wall and echoed a bit wishing she had some type of knife or sharp utensil to cut her legs off just to get to him. The tears flowed faster when she saw her brother's eyes roll into the back of his head as he went into yet another slumber.

    Then, suddenly, it was her turn.
    Jordan began to breath heavily as the memory of what happened that day replayed in her head over and over again as long as she stayed in the sleeping state. It was like she wanted to open her eyes, but some other force decided that she should continue to suffer repeatedly until it was her turn to get up. There was a loud sound of glass breaking and shattering down on the ground twice, which made Jordan's dream break apart and soon enough, released her from the nightmare. Her body felt even worse than before, like she had been thrown down the stairs or given pills that caused every bone in her body to gain an extra ten pounds. That same familiar white light stun her eyes even worst this time, but managed to adjust a few seconds quicker than the last time she encountered it. Jordan rubbed her neck softly where the needle was injected before to try and lose the weird feeling she had there. It was freezing cold after a while and she rubbed her arms roughly to try and conceal any heat she might have had left inside of her. There was a glass door right in front of her that looked like suppose to be there so others could look at them from afar and take valuable notes. As she slid down and was finally able to get off of the darn thing, she almost smacked her face right against the glass trying balance without support. "Hello?" her voice echoed and cracked from not being used for a while. Faintly she could hear her brother call out for her in a panic. "Jax..? Jax!..." clearing her throat, she tried again and this time louder. "JAX?!" she shouted for a third time, but nothing happened. Gasping again, she looked at her reflection in the glass and pressed her hands right under her eyes...her golden eyes. "What did you do to me..?" she said looking around the capsule and began to freak out. She banged and kicked on the glass, yet it didn't do anything for her in return. "Please...please just let me out.. Or... let my brother free.." she began to punch at the glass more. "LET ME GO!... LET US GO!" she shouted out and the glass began to vibrate just a little. There was that image of the girl again dying right in front of her eyes. Again it played. Again. Again. And as it played one last time, rain mysteriously poured down from the ceiling, or what looked like the ceiling. She let out a loud scream that could be heard from quite a long distance away. The ceiling had cracked above her and the floor around her just a bit before the glass from what looked like lightning hit it from all angles. As soon as it shattered into pieces, a massive wind was released until she stopped screaming. Once the wind released from her impact, Jordan fell to the ground and stared at the cracks in the floor around her capsule. Breathing heavily, she looked around her and and blinked a couple of times as her eyes returned back to normal. There was nothing left but a wet floor and shattered glass, "I..what.." was all she was able to say for now until she decided to sit up be scoot behind the chamber in the corner. "I'm a monster.....You turned me into a monster!..How?...Why?" she spoke to probably no one at all as her head hit the side of the broken capsule softly. "Jax..." she called out again in a softer and more shaking tone.
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  4. Test Subject Name. XY002 - HYPRDRV


    Adam was in a fog all he could think about was that he was gonna die just like the girl before him. "I don't wanna die. I don't wanna die, I don't wanna die." He repeated trying to rock himself in some desperate attempt to calm down. He looked around but was just blinded by the light and metal. When he finally saw the man with the syringe he lost it. "NNNNOOOOOOOOO" He bucked and struggled using his body mass to rock the table almost kocking it over. More men in white ran in and held him down. "NNNNOOOOO" As soon as the needle pierced his skin he passed out.

    Adam was transferred to a pod like the candidates before him. He was having a nightmare where he was on fire. He suddenly woke up. The pain was real. "Aaaaaaahhhhhhh!!!" He screamed out as his whole body was burning on the inside. He felt his muscles restrict and retract at a fantastic rate it was as if he was working out every muscle in his body at once and they were tearing off the bone.

    He opened his tear filled eyes to see other pods and people. " me!!!" Adam's cries were interupted by a shock that ran up his spine. His stomach shrank, his whole body got tight and toned. His eyes got hazy then suddenly clear, his iris turned a deep purple color. The pain was so great that Adam started bucking again. Except this time the straps gave way. He faced the glass and hammered at it with his fists a purple mist started rising from his arms. Each hit left a dent until the whole door flew off its hinges.


    Adam fell to the floor his outfit was incredibly baggy as he tried standing up his arms still glowing purple. He reached up grabbing part of the pod for support. As he did the part came off. Adam looked at it. "No way, that's a metal pipe, how did I pull that off?" The purple mist faded from his eyes and arms then he fell to the floor his stomach groaning.
  5. [​IMG]
    || Rachel Grace del Morris || Pyrokinesis || Aged 17 ||

    Fear. Such a terrible feeling. Rachel thought indignantly as she struggled against the straps. No matter how hard she tried, it was useless. When she finally gave up, it was like her body wasn't her own. She could almost see herself strapped there, looking hopeless. She wasn't really experiencing it, right? This was some whacked dream. It had to be. Last she remembered, she was skiing down a slope, the wind whipping through her blonde hair. Or no...was she climbing a slope? Great, now she couldn't even remember what was what. Frustration boiled within her, and she was about to start her struggle once again when a sinister-looking man entered teh room.

    The following events went by so quickly she didn't even have time to comprehend. One by one, the man forced a horrible serum into their necks. And one by one, they began to hyperventilate and convulse before passing out altogether. One of them, the girl laying right next to Rachel, died right on the spot. The man clicked his tongue in disapproval before moving to her own cot. Complete terror seized her body, but she did not struggle anymore. Instead, her face twisted with defiance and hatred. The man simply laughed. "That's a good girl," he chuckled, inserting the needle without much care into her neck.

    Instantaneously, Rachel wished she were dead. Pain coursed through her body like none other before, instantly sparking horrible tears in her eyes. She let out a small scream as black danced across her vision before enveloping her altogether. The last thing she heard was that horrible man's chuckle.


    Am I dead? Why is it so cold? I thought Hell was supposed to be an eternal pit of fire.

    Rachel's eyes opened slowly as they struggled against the frost gluing her eyelids together. She shivered violently, a sharp cracking sound pulling her from her half-conscious state. As her eyes adjusted, all she could see was glass. Beyond the glass was a blurred picture of a darkened room. That didn't matter. She just needed to get out of this damn cold. How did she even get here? Her mind was so blurred she could hardly remember a thing. What a frustrating predicament.

    Then, all at once, everything came back. Terror, anger, and desperation fought for dominance inside her body as she let out a scream, beating her hand against the glass. "I won't die here! You hear me? I'm not gonna let you fuckin' kill me!" She knew they were listening. She just knew it. Whatever hellhole this was, she was certain there was someone to watch it all and that man. Hatred burned within her as she remembered every feature of his face, committing it to memory. She would kill him with her own two hands, even if the act truly did damn her to Hell.

    But to do that, she had to get the fuck out of this...whatever this was.

    "Fuck you! I'll fuckin' kill you, you bastard!" She hoped that man was listening as she beat her fist against the glass, over and over. Little by little, it started to crack. Not only that, but the entire capsule seemed to be heating up, a strange red glow encompassing her body. She paid no mind to it until, all of the sudden, the glass exploded at her hand, shattering into what seemed like a million pieces. She fell to the floor outside the capsule, her body fueled with adrenaline. To her utter horro, orange and red flames licked around her hands. Rachel screamed, expecting to feel the searing pain of her flesh burning. But there was nothing. Absolutely nothing. It didn't take long for her to realize the fire wasn't coming from them.

    It was coming from her. And she couldn't get it to stop.
  6. [​IMG]
    ⚡ ⚡ ⚡ Chrysanthemum 'Chrys' Smith ⚡ ⚡ ⚡
    Tagged: @Justin The Mad Prince @T E R R O R @kimsim12 @Kurogane86

    So many things happened at once almost making Chrys' head spin. But...As shitty as it was, she was kind of glad that she wasn't alone in...Whatever the hell this was. But on the other hand..."She's on fire! He just bent the metal! You literally punched your way out of that thing and she made hers explode! What the fuck is going on?" She shrieked, her voice cracking a bit at the strain. She placed her hands to her head and tried breathing exercises to try and calm down, but it wasn't really working. Mainly because A GIRL WAS ON FIRE! Chrys looked around for something anything to put the girl out with, but her suit was skin tight and didn't really look like it could smother a fire even if she could manage to rip it off.
    Suddenly, a door that Chrys hadn't even noticed was there opened and a short woman with short blond hair walked in. The woman glanced at the girl on fire, and for a second she seemed to be at a loss of what to do before she reached into her pocket and retrieved a miniature spray bottle. With two quick pumps, the lady doused the flaming girl and then after a second of consideration, sprayed everyone else in the room. As soon as the liquid hit her, Chrys suddenly felt weak and like her feet were made of lead. What the hell was in that bottle?

    "Sorry, it's just for like reassurance you know? I don't want one of you guys to like kill me or something, you know?" Chrys hadn't even been around this woman for an hour and she already hated the Valley girl accent and the constant 'you knows'.

    "So like, here's the deal. My name is Leslie Marks, but I'd love love love it if you called me Dr. Marks cause I didn't get a PhD for nothing, right? Anyways, so you five have been chosen to participate in the INTUITIVE project, which is basically a five year program where you will learn to control your gifts that we gave you and eventually serve the US Military. Cool beans, right?"

    "Are you out of your mind?" Chrys snapped incredulously. "You KIDNAPPED and EXPERIMENTED on us! That's not a gift, that illegal!"

    The woman sighed as if Chrys' mere existence annoyed her at that moment. "Well it's not like you would have said 'yes' if we told you right off the bat. Oh my gawd." Somehow, the woman managed to make it sound like Chrys was the one in the wrong.

    "Anyways, so like, here's how things are going to work now. You all have been given names based on your primary character traits. Like I know you're like parents gave you names, but if you don't like answer to these ones you're going to be severely disciplined. So don't do that, kay? Kay." Dr. Marks pointed at the boy who had punched his way out of his capsule, "You're XY001 - Chaotic ," she pointed to the girl who had been on fire, "You're XX005 - Dominant," she pointed at the boy who had bent the pipe, "You're XY002 - Hyperdrive", she turned to the girl who had made her capsule explode, "You're XX006 Mighty Strong, and you're" she turned back to Chrys. "XX003 - Protector."

    "Okay so you guys are going to be together for like a long time, so I suggest you try to become friendsies? Kay? Kay. I'll be back in like an hour, cause I really need a mocha frappuchino or something. Maybe I'll get a latte..." And with that the woman strode out the door, which slid shut behind her with an audible lock clicking noise. As soon as the door closed, the effects of the spray seemed to wear off and Chrys was able to move again.

    Chrys stared at the door, then back at her new 'friendsies', "So...What do we do now?"
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