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  1. The year 2365, after humans have finished cleaning their own planet. They mastered interstellar travel, and have colonized many planets, even coming into contact and befriending/creating enemies with alien species. On a planet 20.3 light years away, there is a small Coffee shop in a high end quadrant, that serves humans and aliens alike.
    • Please no god modding
    • Have as many characters as you want, Alien or Human.
    • I have also created a list of Aliens to choose from, you are also welcome to come up with your own.
    • I also would like volunteers to be coffee shop employees but I only need two or three. So please let me know on the discussion page. Can be human or alien.
    • Discussion page/ list of aliens is: Here
  2. Name: Remy Diazal
    Race: Human
    Appearance: picture attached
    History: Remy is original from earth working for the Hendrick Coffee Co. He made is way from barista to lead barista to closer to assistant manager, and is now becoming a store manager. Unfortunately, for him, the company is sending him 6 months away to manage a store 20.3 light years away, on an high tech alien planet. With a cat chaperone to make sure he gets settled in. So, if he doesn't seem ecstatic about being there it's because he's not.


    Name: Gilam
    Height: 2'2" from head to tail
    Appearance: Picture Attached
    History: He's a cat also from earth, with a collar that allows him to speak. He's worked for the Heindrick Coffee Co. for 40 years, and is Chaperoning Remy to make sure he doesn't screw it up, though he sleeps most the time, and does not get much done other than complaing.

    Remy sat in his empty coffee shop, sitting on a stool behind the counter reading an article off a hologram, coming from his phone. He sighs and slides his finger through, then across the hologram to change the page. He then turns his head to look out of the window, watching various aliens and humans walk by without taking a second glance. He faces the Hologram again and then read a little more. It has been three weeks since the shops opening, and he has yet to have one customer. It was most likely because, most of the beings on this planet had never had coffee, other than possibly military, and no one was going to chance trying it for 15 Boliets (Boliets=$) a cup.

    He then grabbed cleaner and some paper towels out of under the counter, and walked to the window. Turning off the window cleaner, he sprayed the window and began wiping it down. He looked out, to see various people walking in and out of shopping boutiques and supermarkets, buy other overprice items. He watched other people walk by with both delicious and disgusting looking foods, he could not tell you the name of. He leaned his forehead against the window to see further down the street, to the shop he really wanted to visit, but without extra staff he couldn't leave, and it closed before he did.

    Leaving the window he looked back at his empty shop and watched Gilam walk in from his cat door, that lead to the back.

    Gilam looked from the window to Remy, "You left a forehead mark on the window."

    Remy turned quickly and sprayed the window wiping the mark away. " How long do you think until the company shuts this store down and we can go home?"

    Gilam sat on the floor in the middle of the store, "I give them a couple of months, you know you didn't have to come."

    Remy just walked back behind the counter and played with his phone some more, ignoring the cat that jumped on the counter next to him.
  3. Name: Aleph Smythe-Verity

    Age: 32

    Height: Between four and eight feet tall.

    Race: Human (Deep-spacer cyborg)

    Appearance: Aleph is human shaped from the waist up, but there e resemblance ends. Her arms and legs have been replaced with cybernetic enhancements, as have her eyes and and most of her organs and skeleton. Her skin is light green and mostly synthetic. She has four legs, tipped with spheres that act as wheels, and each of her arms and legs can split into two smaller, claw-tipped appendages for more precise movement. Her hair is black and cut very short, but she's been thinking of getting some fiber-optic inserts for that avante-garde techno look.

    History: Aleph Smythe-Verity is descended from some of the original deep-space explorers, many of whom resorted to extreme transhumanism to survive the rigors of space. Now that everyone's out here, she'd been putting her engineering degree to good use and is considering going back to school once she has some money saved up. Lately, she's been collecting DJ CrabSpider's more obscure albums.


    The front door slid open and a rather striking cyborg rolled in on four ball caster-tipped legs. She had a sort of half-overall zipped up over her torso, with holes for the arms and legs. Despite her bare limbs, the only fleshy parts of her body that were visible were her face and neck, and those were a sort of lime-green color. She glided up to the counter, briefly diverting her attention from her wrist computer, and looked right past Remy at the menu up above. "So this coffee you have here," she said, "Is it made with actual coffee beans, or is it a SoiKrill product?" Her voice was very smooth, probably computer modulated.

    She caught sight of the cat out of the corner of one eye and nodded politely before finally giving Remy her full attention. This close, he'd probably be able to see the lenses in her irises adjusting and readjusting to the light. She stood out a bit against the homey browns and tans of the cafe, far to white and plastic-looking for the decor.
  4. Remy glanced up when the door swished open, and then looked back at his hologram. He then realized that someone had walked in. He quickly stood from his stool, almost knocking it over, and shoved his phone in a drawer. He was a little a taken aback by her legs. He seen cyborgs before, but never really a deep space cyborg. When he realized he was staring, he shook his head a little, glad that she seemed not to notice.

    "What can I g..." He then shut he mouth when she asked about the SoiKrill, and glance over at Gilam.

    He turned to look at the menu himself, fighting himself, about whether he should tell her. "Most of our products are SoiKrill, but we are so far from earth, and coffee beans are apparently very picky about where they live." He then pointed at a small menu, that listed a few, really expensive, espresso's and a cappuccino. "That small Menu is all real coffee, which explains the price."

    Gilam growled at Remy, though still laying with his head on his paws, "You're not supposed to complain about the price to the customer."
  5. Alepha made a face when she looked at the prices for the higher-end coffees. She'd only had really good coffee once when a Vaidren merchant convoy was passing Ark Station, her home. They were far from Earth, shipping was expensive, and plants took up a lot of room, so they couldn't grow their own on the station. "Eh, fine. I'll have a cuppa of the SoiKrill. Just stick a sweetener tablet in for me, kay?"

    The guy behind the counter looked pretty new. He had that awkward-but-trying vibe that a lot of the technical immigrants had when Ark Station had been reconnected with the main trade network. Earnest, intelligent, but worried about some limb shooting out and knocking over something important. Well, that was her reading, anyway.

    She scooted to the side a little and reconfigured her rear legs to go into a cushioned, stationary mode so she could relax while she waited. Something beeped in her ear and she returned her attention to her datapad. The crowds continued to move past outside, but other than a few brief glances, no one looked particularly interested.
  6. Name: Elia

    Gender: Female

    Age: 13, in her prime

    Race: Caenikar – a race that evolved at a rapid rate from the dogs humans subjected to space travel and exploration. Much larger and possess a far heightened, more humanoid level of intelligence.

    Appearance: Her coat is of black, greyish and white/off-white colouring and patchy in some places over scars from her 'enhancements'. At the shoulder she is approximately 3' 6'' (~100cm).
    Appearance (open)
    Organic Dog.jpg

    Personality: Cool, calm and collected, Elia is not one easily riled. She is a patient teacher, mostly, though can sometimes get frustrated when a flicker of Lex – that is organic Lex, Lex before Level 9 – shines through, only to be immediately devoured again by his cyborg programming. She cares for Lex deeply, wanting him ultimately to remember himself, what he was before and pours most of her time, effort and hope to this end. Has a deep fear of cages and entrapment since escaping from Level 9 six months ago and is often uncomfortable in enclosed spaces. A friendly, kind and warm individual once she calms her jitters and becomes comfortable, she is also very inquisitive and keen to help others, as well as having quite the penchant for adventure and exploration.

    History: Was forcibly enrolled onto batch VX of Project CK, a new high-tech project on Level 9 of a covert research lab on a covert moon that was cyber-augmenting the Caenikar race, among others. This was as a means to study these cyborg/organic creatures with the view of eventually manufacturing a completely mechanical race with AI. She managed to escape with Lex before much augmentation went on outwardly, though Elia is still discovering how she has been modified internally and is in great conflict due to this. Has arrived randomly and unplanned on this planet, but judges it as reasonably safe to lay low and take it easy for a while.


    Name: Nicknamed Lex by Elia, due to his previous identification as CK-LX73 [as he was number 73 in batch LX of Project CK]

    Gender: Identifies as male

    Age: Organic age unknown. Has existed as a cyborg for approximately 18 months

    Race: Cyborg-Caenikar hybrid

    Appearance: At the shoulder is approximately 3' 8'' (~110cm) and more stockily built that Elia.
    Appearance (open)
    Cyborg Dog.jpg

    Personality: With a mostly organic mind incarcerated in a mostly cyborg body, Lex is consumed with conflict. His programming inclines him towards violence and he is enhanced to track and hunt, so loves the thrill of the chase. His organic mind is peace-loving and sometimes even inclined to bouts of poetics, however the impassivity and hostility of his mechanics often persuade him otherwise. Since his escape 6 months past, Lex has battled his dual natures and is, albeit very slowly, regaining more of his organic self and gaining more control over his urges. He is mostly quiet due to this and still retains a degree of mechanical coldness and so often lets his more outgoing partner, Elia, deal with things, though he will let his opinions be known if he feels it necessary. He longs to remember his name and how to truly feel emotions, rather than the rather dispassionate reactions that are mostly what's left to him now. He pretty much follows where Elia leads, keeping her safe and hoping to regain some of himself through her.


    Padding warily through the street of this planet she didn't know, Elia was on guard. In contrast with her and his own programming, Lex was reasonably complacent and ambled alongside her without qualm. The walkway was quite busy, many races of people moving left, right and centre causing all sorts of hustle and bustle, though under it all, Lex could still hear the faint hiss of the hydraulics that powered his paws' ability to walk. This was a fairly unremarkable district, this place that didn't seem to have anything they hadn't already seen on another planet... Elia may have judged it a good place to lay low, but while they were laying low, what would they do? Though Lex felt boredom was out of reach to him, he was a little... concerned, if it could be called that. The muscles across Elia's hackles were tense and Lex wondered how long they would keep walking.
    "Hey, Lex, look at that!" the she-Caenikar's voice was a strained imitation of interest and zeal, but Lex focused on the building she had indicated anyway. A shiny new... Coffee shop? He'd never seen one of those before and, by the sound of it, neither had she.
    "Should we initiate investigation?" Lex asked, to be answered by a swish of fluffy tail across his face plates as Elia bounded towards this new place. Feeling a hint of amusement tickle from deep inside him, he pounced across the walkway and followed his partner. A small tinkling bell sounded as they entered, making them both jump and snarl.
    "It's just a bell. We're safe." Lex wasn't sure if Elia was reassuring him or herself. Scanning this new environment, Lex had to admit the rather large cyborg in the corner, while he felt some affinity for her metal-and-flesh form, another like him, also made him distinctly uncomfortable. He had, due to his own treatment, come to think of the mechanoid part of him as a hated addition. Was it the same for this creature, or had she chosen it? He stood close to Elia and focused on the other being in the room - a human? They were rare out in the open nowadays. He sensed his partner's weight shifting unsurely, understanding and completely empathising with her uncertainy of how to proceed. He sat down squarely in the centre of the floorspace, curling his articulated tail around himself and waiting.
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  7. Remy turned open a cupboard and grabbed the the soikrill powder. He opened the top of the brewer, then scooped in a few spoonfuls of the soikrill. He then flipped the switched to turn on the switch when he heard the bell for the door ring. He looked towards the goor, and saw to mechanical looking dogs walk in. He ran from behind the counter quickly hoping to shoo the animals away. He looked towards the cyborg, "Are these your dogs?" He went to the dogs trying to usher them out. "This is a coffee shop no animals."

    All the while Remy was doing this, Gilam was up on all fours, fur on end, hissing at the dogs. "Yeah remy get them out of here, this is no place for animals even if they are mechanical." Gilam quickly jumped up on the pastry shelf, trying to get up higher than the dogs. He swiped out a paw as though he was going to scratch them from his perch.
  8. Elia jumped at the stern raised voice and aggression of this human. Backing towards the door, tail between her legs, Lex could see her eyes were sad. Compared to the recent memory of her bounding jovially towards this place, the cyborg felt anger bubble up inside him. In his state of being, anger was very dangerous. He felt the mechanics augmenting his body almost powering up for conflict. Quashing it down as best he could, he took one last look at Elia's defeated, hurt expression and stood, facing up to this human who thought he could look down on Caenikars for their quadruped form. Dogs! They were far evolved from that, Lex fumed. Why, he could match this human in intelligence for all he knew!
    "I will have you know, good Sir," Lex bit out, his voice strained, but civil, "That we are not dogs, and for you to think so suggests you are naive to the races you may deal with on this planet! We are owned by no one, no more than you are, and no more than you are we simple animals!" Lex took a few deep breaths, calming himself. "We were simply curious of this establishment - our kind are not ones to have seen a shop such as this. We wish to cause no offense to you, Sir, and nor you, cat creature, do not fret. We seek only a moment to rest from a long journey, exchange information with you and your customer, if you'd permit it. Then, if you wish it of us, we will be on our way."
    He hoped to pacify this human, pondering the cyborg's view of them. Did she think they were just dogs too? Or was she more worldly than this rather unwelcoming human? Keeping his posture relaxed and removing all traces of aggression from his body language, he felt Elia relax a little too at his side. He wondered if she, too, had been offended by this human's assumption.
  9. Aleph put her hands on her rather ample robotic hips, articulating her leg joints until she was looking down at Remy and Gilam. "Whoa now, fellas," she said, raising a nonexistent eyebrow at the pair. "Did we go back the twenty-second century all of a sudden?" She'd worked with humans in dolphin-form cybernetic bodies before, actual uplifted dolphins, and had briefly communicated with a Caeniker during a supply exchange at one point. Her ancestors hadn't brought any with them, but they were good people.

    Though she wouldn't do it here, she could easily fold her own body into something resembling a giant mechanical spider Assuming that an obviously cybernetic canine-form was an unintelligent animal was more than a little insulting, especially considering the feline manager. Between the expensive, coffee, the awkward service, and the overt racism, accidental though it might have been, she was starting to see why this place was so empty.

    The Caeniker that had spoken seemed like an erudite sort, and after this awkwardness was cleared up, Aleph hoped that she'd get a chance to talk in private with the two of them. "Nice example you're setting, by the way," she added, glaring at Gilam. Cat-Dog hangups were one thing, but this was just too much.
  10. [​IMG]
    Name: Atre " Arty " Valanash​
    Age: 26
    Height: 6'2​
    Species: Elven​
    History: Atre is a warrior from a interstellar Elven tribe, who's home planet is Aldeon. In Aldeon Atre is the general of the army, showing his superior battle skills with his weapon. He is a very calm and cool headed man but when confronted with issues or problems he tends to get annoyed as he has to do work....which also shows his lazy side which often shows up. ​
    Outside of the bar a loud whooshing sound could be heard before a rumbling and few crackles, Then the door flew open and entered a man with a cloak on. His hood covering his face, yet his long jet black hair fell down to the front of his shoulders from inside the hood. Walking in he grabbed a seat before removing the hood revealing his elvish face and his red beaming eyes, He stared at the group of people already here " Cool...a robot dog " he nodded his head before putting a palm to his face. " Did i bring my money...i think i did " he spoke aloud trying to remember, reaching into his cloak he pulled out something that represented a wallet " Good good " he said looking at the bar again.​
  11. The cyborg's sudden reaction of enthused support somewhat shocked Elia. In Level Nine, she had not seen the compassion, empathy and willingness to stand up and defend another creature. It just hadn't happened, with everyone cowering from the Whitecoats. It warmed her heart to see it now. Furthermore, she seemed to have calmed Lex, which Elia was very grateful about - with all his mods, an angry Lex was incredibly dangerous if his mind couldn't override his programming.
    The abupt entrance of the cloaked man seemed to go a good way in diffusing the tension in the room. His seemingly scatterbrained, easy-going character made Elia quirk a small, canine smile.
    "Did you miss the rather more striking cyborg lady over there or something?" she joked, her tone light and directed at this new stranger. She went over to a free booth opposite him, jumped up onto the cushioned bench and laid down, her head and front paws poking out the booth and allowing her to still observe everyone. After a moment, Lex followed her, settling himself on the opposite bench.
  12. Remy took a half step back from the angry looking caeniker, and put his hands up in surrender. He hung his head and bit his lip in shame as he got rightfully lectured about his naivety. He jumped a bit when his other customer butted in about what century it should be, and a deep red blush bloomed across his face, over his ears and neck.

    "I'm so sorry! I come from earth, where there are a lot of dogs, and many of them of cybernetic prosthetic." He rubbed his arm slightly, "I really didn't know, there isn't a lot of diversity on earth when it comes to alien, cybernetic species." The last part came out sounding very strained and confused, as though he wasn't sure what to say.

    As Remy finished, Gilam jumped back down to the counter, "Don't apologize to those mang-"

    Remy quickly grabbed him covering he muzzle with a hand. "Please don't insult them any- Ow!" Remy dropped Gilam to the ground and grabbed the side of one of his hand. Blood seeped down one side, and he quickly ran back to grab some napkins. He held the napkin over the deep cat scratch, and glared down at Gilam. Cleaning his paw, Gilam completely ignored Remy and his pain. So, Remy slowly walked over to Gilam, bent down, and picked him up by his scruff, almost completely immobilizing him, Gilam tried to squirm out but failed.

    Remy turned Gilam to face him."If you don't stop insulting the customer, I'm not going to try and protect you."

    He walked to the door that led to the back. "If you're so afraid of them, why don't you hide in the back."

    "Don't insult m-" Remy pushed Gilam through the cat door, and placed a bucket in front of it."

    As the new man came in Remy looked over at him completely confused. He commented on there being dogs, and was slightly put off by the fact that he was allowed to call them robot dogs, and Remy got a very aggressive response. Robot dog seemed mildly more offensive then regular dogs.

    He then stared openly at the man, as he seemed to comment rather loudly about whether or not he brought his money. Usually people seemed to keep those questions to themselves, or at least they didn't announce them to the room.

    He walked over to the to caenikers, giving the man a chance to look over the menu. "Do you guys eat? Because as an apology I'd like to give you a free pastry." His blush returned as he scratched the back of his head.
  13. Elia nodded thoughtfully, accepting Remy's apology and feeling sympathy for his embarrassment. She supposed Earth wasn't that popular with Caenikars, she knew she had certainly never been there. She wondered if Lex had been there before Level Nine and it would have saddened her to know Lex was wondering the exact same thing.
    "It was a simple mistake." she said softly, trying to get across her forgiveness in her tone of voice. Lex made a quiet noise of approval beside her, obviously appreciating that the situation wasn't escalating further. "No harm done." Raising her eyebrows at the talking cat's outburst, she moved forward, shocked that the cat had bitten Remy. Delicately picking up a bunch of napkins from the table with the tips of her canines, she hurried over to the bar and deposited them, catching Remy's eye and giving him a warm, if concerned, canine grin. Glancing back at Lex, she saw him smirk a little when Remy shut the cat creature out the back. Moving back to her seat, Elia heard the new stranger's comment about robotic dogs and decided not to let the situation decend into awkwardness and agression when they had only just made peace. She hoped that Remy understood this and didn't feel betrayed. She thought he held them no ill will when he offered them free food in compensation.
    "I eat, I am mostly organic as you can see," she said, waving her bushy tail and trying to emphasise her non-robotic appearance as much as possible. "And would appreciate the offer." There was a slightly awkward pause where Lex was supposed to agree, but whether deliberately or not, he missed his cue a little. She chimed in after a moment, however, his voice solemn and gravelly.
    "Though it is not so necessary to eat for me, I am still... partially organic... inside," he murmured the last words with a sigh, obviously wishing he was not only 'partially' flesh and blood, "I may not look it but I can digest food. Thank you, a... pastry sounds... pleasant." His last words were hesitant and Elia wondered if he knew quite what a pastry was.