The Internets Social Evolution.



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It wasn't that long ago we were told not to give out any info about ourselves on the evil interwebs. Prime examples were of underaged girls/boys on chatting-sites/software getting tricked to meet up alone with some creep in a dark allyway/the woods.

Nowadays on the other hand you have social medias like facebook and twitter on the nets where people share whatever they want about their personal lives. Your grandma has probably poked you numerous times on fb, it's mainstream, for everyone.

What are your thoughts on this social evolution? Pro's? Con's?
Pros: You get to check out your female friends bikini pictures on the beach.

Cons: You realize you spent all your time masturbating and drinking alone instead of going to the beach with women.
I think it's a good thing, in a way. Some businesses have been able to advance because of these social networks. Like where I work, for example! Their Facebook has attracted the attention of many so we have more volunteers now than we ever have. :]

It's a dangerous world on the internet, though. I don't give out my phone number or address online out of fear that it will somehow get in the wrong hands. You can't fully trust ANYTHING on ANY website, ever.
I love it. The internet has provided me and so many other people contact with the outside world. And to make it better, it's not just locally, it's people from ALL OVER the world. You get exposed to so many different kinds of personalities and cultures that you might otherwise never have been able to interact with. I think it's provided sanity, friendship, and "a life" to people that might have otherwise spent their entire lives as social shutins.

BUT, it has a lot of it's bad moments too. It can be used as a crutch and distracted. Keep you locked up on the computer and never attempt to interact with real physical people. Addictive personalities could begin neglecting their physical life in favor of their online one. Then you throw in the real psychos that can use this medium to start stalking other people. It widens their fishing pool of prey. c___c

For me, I'm not afraid of sharing my person info on the internet cause I'm A) not going to be taken advantage of easily and B) seriously doubt anyone is going to spend the money to come kill me. XD It's not to say I haven't met people online that haven't scared me, worried me, etc.... but I've actually met more people in my real life that I've found disturbing than I ever have online. o___o;

I think the problem with the internet is that a lot of people that get hurt by other people through it, are the same people that get hurt a lot of people in real life too. It's just easier to take advantage of them via online, because there's more of a chance to MEET those assholes, and those victim people were never taught how to recognize and handle dangers properly. They trust the wrong kind of people and fall in to traps that should be recognizable.
Pros: Life in general becomes easier. Finding and getting stuff, keeping in contact with peers, etc.

Cons: No-gooders also attain the aforementioned benefits, and thus it can also possibly become easy to ruin someone's day (or life, at worst). The new stuff being implemented over the internet that makes people's lives easier have potential to spawn the following:
a.) No-Life Kings/Queens. You know, the kind we like to call 'losers'.
b.) Impatient individuals
c.) A society that relies almost entirely on electricity, and thus, internet. May or may not be worse than a.) depending on the circumstances.
Did you just make a Hellsing reference as a Con? That, my friend, just went so far Con that it can right back around and became a Pro! I want to be a No Life King with superpowers!

Wait, what?