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  1. Roleplay between @Gorgeous♠Chaos and @Scorpio Queen

    Tristan Porter

    Tristan woke with a jolt from his deep slumber. The annoying alarm clock given to him by his ex-best friend was ringing loudly. Hitting the snooze button, Tristan threw the covers off of him and stood. His old bedroom was located on the second floor of his parent's house, which he was staying at for the week previous to school. There was no denying that Tristan's parents house was much closer to the International Spy Academy this year, than Tristan's was. So by driving for a two days straight, it saved Tristan a few hundreds for transportation to Manchester England.

    Sluggishly walking out of his room, Tristan made his way down to the bathroom. As he walked he glanced at the family pictures that lined the wall in perfect picture frames. Everything about his parent's place was warm and familiar, yet cookie-cutter. For some reason the whole cookie cutter family drew away suspicion from the family. Tristan would never understand that. Guessing the people of South Portland Maine was just stupid enough to believe the act his parents put on for years.

    Reaching the bathroom, Tristan noticed the door was shut. Knocking on it, a voice came through. "I'm in here." The faint sound of his mother's voice echoed through the walls causing Tristan to groan. She was always in there every morning since his arrival. Did she have her own bathroom?

    Tristan turned to leave, but immediately hurried the creak of the door opening. Turning back around, he came face to face with his mother, Alexandria. "Hello mother." He said meekly before walking around her and into the bathroom, closing the door behind him. Once inside, Tristan walked to the bathroom mirror and examined himself. He looked like he hadn't slept in a week. Which was true to an extent. His parents had been waking him early the other six days, today was only different because he was leaving.

    After Tristan's shower, He walked back to his room and looked through his suitcases for an outfit. Picking out a white t-shirt, dark wash jeans, tan work boots, and a brown beanie he put them on. He really wasn't one for formal clothing. It just wasn't him. Zipping up his luggage, he stood them up and pulled them out of the room. His plane would be leaving in an hour and a half, leaving him just enough time to eat.

    Placing his bags by the front door, Tristan went into the kitchen and grabbed an apple from the fruit bowl. Taking a bite of the apple he pulled open the fridge door and examined it's contents. Nothing worth eating resided inside. Tristan sighed and closed the fridge. Guess this apple will just have to do, he thought as he left the room. There was no use in forcing himself to eat something he didn't want. So, Tristan grabbed his bags and looked up the stairs. "I'll see you later, mom." He said before walking out of the house and to the taxi he had ordered the night previous.
    ~8 hours later~
    Post airplane trip and long car ride, Tristan arrived at the academy for this year. It was out a little ways outside of Manchester and resided in the forest. The building which was converted into the academy was in fact and old business building that had been long forgotten. It would work for this year's candidates. Tristan could see many other candidates arriving for orientation, which was being held at four in the evening. He wondered who out of them would be his partner, but looking at some of them he hoped none of them would be his partner. They were just so...gross.

    Walking into the great hall, Tristan checked in and allowed some of the helpers to take his bags to his dorm room. He then proceeded in to see a podium on the top of the steps. It wouldn't be long, but some part of Tristan really hated waiting.

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  2. Katya Mortelle

    Katya had been staying with her uncle in his house not to far from the Academy this year. She had her own room and stayed their training day and night. Her eye's opened to the alarm blaring. She turned and hit the off button. She slowly sat up and ran a hand through her hair as she sighed. she finally slipped out of bed and went to her bathroom to shower and dress. when the water touched her skin she let out a small happy sigh. Her hands ran over her long hair that was dyed red on top and black underneath.

    she made her way out of the shower and took the towel. She dried off and walked back into her room. She put on Jeans, a black shirt that hung off her left shoulder, Boots and her hair over her shoulder. She grabbed her bag and walked down the steps to meet with her uncle.

    she sat down to eat, she looked at her unless as they were served food. He spoke in Russian to her. He was trying to tell her to not forget her heritage nor to forget where she came from. she nods to him and responded in Russian. she would not respond in English it would be disrespectful. She nods to him and eats.

    Before she leaves Katya looked at Her uncle and he hugged her and told her to do well. She smiled and nods her head. She got into the car that would drive her to the airport. She took a last look at the house an played with the necklace around her neck. Her child hood friend had given it to her.

    She watched the world of her home land pass by her as she went to get to the airport. When she arrived she checked her bags and made her way through security. She looked around her and was glad to see no one recognized her. She made it to her plane and seat easily and settled down for the long trip.

    ~9 hours later~

    The Plane landed and Katya made her way out and got a cab to the place of the academy in Manchester. She stepped out to pay the cabby and took her bags. she was at the gates and looked in. she sighed and started to walk she kept her hood up on her hoodie. She did not want to be recognized yet.

    The orientation was being held at 4 pm. She signed in her name at the registration table and got a dirty look at her name. She got her room number and let the people take her bags. She held her brass dorm key in her hand as she made her way to the orientation. She looked around and went to take a spot. she stood her arms crossed as she looked up at the podium.Her hood still stayed up.​
  3. Tristan Porter

    Tristan yawned. This orientation that seemed so important was less than that, it was useless. By the time the Headmaster showed himself, Tristan had lost much interest in the matter. They should know not to keep people waiting. Leaning against the back wall, Tristan judged the crowd. Spotting the weaklings first; they would be the go to technological geniuses if needed. Next was the overly buffed out jocks in the corner; they wouldn't last a week, steroids weren't allowed at the school- hints the two week drug tests. Thirdly was the crowd of outcasts; the people who everyone would doubt, yet would need eventually. Last was the people like Tristan; the ones who fit the criteria without question. Four groups, three that qualified, would eventually break away and find their partners for the year. The school had a knack for intermingling the student body in order for some to learn the importance of others.

    Tristan could hear the headmaster calling out names of those that were paired for the year. Harper Grands and Luka DeAngelo; Justin Longview and Aaron Masters; Kelly Porter and Harrison Davids. Kelly Porter. Kelly was Tristan's no-good cousin who stuck her nose so far up in the air that Tristan was surprised he hadn't snapped her neck yet. She was arrogant, snobbish, preppy, devilish, and worst a manipulator. Kelly would do just about anything for things to go her way, even back stab her own partner. Tristan had to admit he felt bad for Harrison Davids, who ever he was.

    It wasn't until Tristan heard his own name, that he broke his gaze away from his shitty cousin to look up at Headmaster. "Tristan Porter and...wait this can't be correct." Headmaster muffled the last part away from the mic. Making sure it was correct, Headmaster resumed. "Sorry about that. Tristan Porter and Katya Mortelle." He said more firmly this time.

    Tristan's jaw tightened. Katya? This had to be a joke. He couldn't be paired with the princess of traitors, after all he came from the western hemispheres most important spy family. Why the hell would they pair him with such filth. Truth be told he wasn't up to seeing her again. Katya and Tristan use to be best friends before her family was declared traitors. His mother and father thought it be best if he didn't see her again. They didn't want their son getting a reputation for hanging out with the likes of the Mortelle family, even if she disowned her family. Time passed a Tristan grew to despise her family as much as his parents did.

    "Go to you dorms, and ready yourself for the day. Fields, meet on the track field. Techs, meet in the labs. After this month, you will either meet your techs or your fields. These two groups will end the year with a final that truly will put your skills to the test." Headmaster said with a smile before leaving.

    Tristan groaned and walked towards the staircase to the west of him, opposite of Katya. He'd see her out on the field...but he wouldn't like it.
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  4. Katya Mortelle

    Katya had made her way to the back of the crowd. She kept her hood up and kept looking around her. Her hood hid her face and her place skin. she wasn't recognized by anyone. She leaned on the wall just trying to blend in. She waited and looked at the world around her. she bit her lip and her eye's scanned the crowd. She knew some of the people here. Her eye's had stopped on a guy in the back. she stopped knowing who he was and looked away quickly. Her fists curled up. She really disliked him, He had been her friend and because of who her parents were she was a traitor and he stopped coming around. She knew she make it, a lot of the other's would fail out in the first few weeks, but her pride and temper get her in trouble.

    She looked up when the head master walked up and started to speak. She listened to the names called. she figured she be on her own. No one would want to be paired with the daughter of traitors. she hated that was how she was looked at, She was more then that and she was good at what she had been trained to do. She was getting heated and wanted to punch a wall. She kept it under wraps as she bit her lip.

    Katya broke the glare at the floor when she heard His name. she looked up and heard the Headmaster say their was a mistake. She curled her hands up again. When the head master said her name. Students whispered and looked around. She looked definitely at any one who looked at her directly. She clenched her jaway shut tightly.

    Katya was fuming why did she have to be paired with him Out of everyone she had to be paired with Tristan. She was outraged and ready to go tain to blow off steam. she wanted to prove to the world she wasn't a traitor like her parents. Some how something in her mind was nagging at her telling her she was just like them. She fought it back. She was nothing like them. He had left her and she was not happy, She did not want to see him again at all.

    They were told to go to their dorms and get ready. She made her way up and closed her door. she pulled her hoody off, She got into the clothes for the field she put her hair into a ponytail and made her way down to the field.

    Every where she went Katya got glares or curious looks. Whispers were heard around the hall. She held her head high and kept walking. Before the field, she got stopped by a guy her age." Ahhh The Mortelle girl decides to show her face." He said. He went to push her. She grabbed his arm and had him kneeling arm twisted behind his back." Never talk to me like that, I am not my parents." She growled. She was close to breaking his wrist. " Mrs. Mortelle, let him go and come here." As man said. she let the kid go and walked over." You have the most to prove I understand, but we do not attack other students. Now field." He said. she nods and keeps walking for the field.
  5. Tristan wasn't keen on going to the field to face her. He hadn't seen, or heard, from her in years, and now he wished he didn't. Sure the last time they were together, in the same environment, was their childhood. Now they were grown. He didn't know what to say.

    Suck it up Tristan!

    His thoughts were right, he couldn't complain like a little bitch he needed to grow up and get his ass on the field. And that's what he did. Changing into a pair of workout sweats; a skin tight, black, long sleeve workout shirt; along with a black t-shirt, and Nike runners in black and white, Tristan left his small dorm for the field.

    The field. A vast waste land of potential agents also known as death for those without physical talents, those like the tech nerds. Some of the techno genesis walked by a cringed at the sight of males and females beating each other for a warm up. Tristan could tell that the 'little guys' were wondering what the field agents actual workouts were.

    Moving past them, Tristan noticed some of his friends that took over Katya's place when she left. "Tristan!" Two tall boys screamed in unison. Tristan laughed and ran and chest bumped one of them. "Sorry to hear your with Doctor Death over there." A male named Harper muttered to him. "We got lucky and are together." He laughed.

    Tristan sighed. "Shh. I don't want her to kill me with her death stare." He joked before leaving and walking to her. His facial features were blank, but had a hint of attitude spread across the darkened features. "So how good is your hand to hand combat?" He questioned her as he 'checked her out,' but really he wanted to know where not to break her.
  6. Katya's bangs were in her face she had her hair in a pony tail. She watched Tristan as he spoke with two guys. She had over hear both him and the guys. she was trying not to snap. When he walked over and looked over he asked her how well she was at hand to hand combat. She waited a minute and sweeped his ego out from under him and hand his hand behind him her grip tight and his arm straight." Good, now deal with being with me and stop talking about me behind my back or I can break your arm and My partner can be in a cast for the next two weeks and we can be kicked out for failing." She said. she twisted his hand. She had caught him off guard, it was the only way she could get a leg up on him. He was a lot more toned then her.

    She stepped back letting him go. She watched him get up and smirked." Don't underestimate your opponent ever. That was our very first lessons as children, don't you remember or is your blind rage for what my parents did blinding you from the lessons ingrained in us as children. We have the best chance here and your hatred for my family will be our down fall." She said. She watched him with a dark look.

    "Ms. Mortelle is correct Tristan, we all have a past, what defines us is what we do with our present and future. Though she could of done without almost breaking your arm. Now line up in your pairs all of you. We start training now. You will run the field in a minute. you may not finish with out your partner next to you, if you do you loose points. the Team in last place near the end of all this will have to drop out and try again next year." He said to them." Go." He said.

    Katya sprinted off the line and ran with Tristan. She kept up easily she knew she made him mad and she was glad. He should show her a bit more respect as partner.
  7. God knew that Tristan knew that people had pasts. His wasn't bright, not even a little, but that's a story he'd rather not share with anyone. His parents paid to make sure it went away for a reason. Glaring at her for a moment, he sighed. "Yeah, whatever." He muttered.

    Tristan rolled his eyes at her before taking off. He was pissed. First off he wasn't talking shit about her, Harper and Mikey was, he was just joking the way he did about many girls. From past girls he knew they all had one thing in common and that was a death stare. Anyways, she did get one thing right he hated her. She straight up ruined his childhood. He thought he could trust someone that he let get so close to him, but he couldn't. So he no longer trusted anyone.

    Running silently next to her, he barely pushed himself. It was a light jog for him. Tristan use to run 10 miles a morning for training. It wasn't about bolting off and wasting ones energy, it was about sustaining a run for a long period of time before becoming tired. That's what he did. However, as he watched people pass them he looked over. "Can you run any faster?" He asked in a calm manner. However before he said anything, he grabbed her hand and picked up the pace a little bit. "This pace will secure us." He said letting go of her hand as they ran. Two guys were about thirty feet behind them and sweating beads now and it was slightly pathetic.
  8. She rolled her eye's." I am keeping up with your pace." She snapped at him. She glared at him. He grabbed her hand and quickened the pace. She didn't care, she could run circles around these Jack asses. She picked up the pace a bit more when he let go. when they crossed the line first she had a smirk on her face and breathed as she slowed down." Tristan and Katya are first, to choose they are in the lead. Now sparring match You will be partnered by rank of sparring. You may face your partner you may not, last one standing will be the top partners. You may not harm any one badly."The instructor said.

    Katya looked at Tristan and walked away from him as she went to the ring. She waited for her and her partner to be called. she was paired with Harper and 3 hits later she knocked himout. she stepped back and stepped out of the ring. Her next go was mickey He was a little harder but she knocked him out as well.

    Katya glared at Tristan and kept her eyes away from him. She was in the second to last pairing. She beat him as well, no one really could get hands in her her last opponent was a bigger named Jack. He was bulked up, yet she was quicker and smarter then him. she had him down in a minute flat. she looked over to the other ring Tristan was also left standing. She sighed and looked at the teacher." Again our top agent's so far. Katya your doing well proving yourself. Go grab some water and will do the training course when these guys wake up." He said.

    Katya got out of the ring and went grab water. she dank from her bottle and breathed She wiped her sweat away. She didn't sit and looked at Tristan." Still believe everything you hear?" She asked him. she knew the rumors of her being weak and easy to take down had gone around the school.
  9. Tristan scoffed at her remark. Was she serious? "What the hell are you talking about?" He asked her sarcastically. Sure he listened to some of the shit people said, but it never sunk in. Putting his cup down on the table, he walked away just a bit. Turning, he forced her to turn away from him and held her in a choke hold that was impossible to get out of. He leaned down and whispered in her ear. "I haven't uttered your name since your family was convicted of treason. You became nothing to me that day. But I didn't think you became weak." He said, his tone harsh and malicious. He wasn't pissed off, but Katya was too thick headed to have her listen, so why not make her hate him. Letting her go, he pushed her a bit away from him and then turned to leave back to the field.

    Coach finished explaining to the weeping students that it was time to get out and turned back to the group. "We will continue in an hour. East field. For now go back to your quarters!" He called out before taking the two that failed the track test towards the headmaster's office.

    Tristan sighed. Feeling a touch on his shoulder, he turned to find Mikey. "Lets go man." The tall brunette said before walking back to the dorms with Tristan at his side. Reaching his room, Tristan entered and locked the door behind him. A moment later his phone rang with a notification. It was a text from his father. He had already heard that Tristan was paired with Katya and he seemed furious. Guessing news traveled fast when your parents were very high up in the system, Tristan sighed. Tristan's father demanded that he get a new partner, that no son of his would be training with a traitor. Tristan opened the small door to his closet and pulled out a hoodie. It was chilly outside right now and if he was correct the storm clouds moving into the area was surely going to bring heavy rain.

    The East field was the smallest of the four. It was the field that was used to enter the forest for runs. As soon as field students began exiting the school building, the rain began to pour down like the wrath of God was ready to flood the Earth. Tristan ignored it. The rain was brutal, but it wasn't the worst thing he had trained in.

    Reaching the field, Tristan took his stance next to Katya silently while Coach spoke to the group. "You will be running the twelve mile track. First one back doesn't have to run it again!" He called out. The murmurs from others and the look on Katya's face showed that everyone thought this was their time to shine, but Tristan knew it wasn't going to be a solo mission. Coach reached into a box and pulled out many pairs of hand cuffs. Walking to each pair, he hand cuffed one of the pairs right hand together with the other's left hand. "You'll run it together. Come back without your partner and guess whose running the field all night!" He yelled out before moving out of the groups way. "Now go!"

    Tristan sighed as Katya tried to take off running. He stood as still as a statue, not budging a bit. When she looked at him pissed off, he chuckled. "Admit you need me." He said as she pulled on him to come. "Admit it. Sure I can say that I'll need you for the year, but can you?" He said to her. Tristan was tired of her acting like she was the better one of the two, or even the whole school, because of paper and in the field they were equals that's why they were paired up.

    During his break, Tristan spoke with headmaster. Not to get his partner changed, but to understand why headmaster paired him up while he knew their history together. They scored the same and recommendations were both from prestigious agents in the field. They were equals on every level and Tristan wanted her to admit it to him. This morning with her acting like she had the world to prove that she was the best that she could beat anyone and everyone upset Tristan in a way, because he wasn't being right with her. He was holding back.
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  10. Katya tried to breath as he caught her of guard. She put he hands around his arm and struggled to free herself." At least I still have my brain you idiot my parents are the traitor not me." She said and tried to get free of his grasp. She drank from her bottle and glared at him. She was not a play thing just because he thought he was better then her. Or someone to mess with. She was burning with more hate for him then she already had.

    She walked back and stood back away from the group. Non of them like her and she didn't like any of them. She watched the coach turn the weeping students away and let them go. They glared at her and she glared back. She listened to the coach and nodded as he told them to rest.

    Katya made her way to her dorm and locked her door. She showered and changed as she looked at the time. She put on warm sweats and a sweatshirt. She knew it would rain. Her phone went off buzzing. She looked at it and a message from her uncle popped up. His face looked back at her. " Do not let him get to you my dear, you got this." He said. she nods and walked out putting her hood up.

    Katya stepped into the field as the down pour came.Her pale skin set against the darkness as she looked up at the sky. The water ran down her face as she walked up to where the coach was.

    Katya groaned as she was cuffed to Tristan. She sighed and went to take off when they were told to go. She turned to him and yelled over the rain." What are you doing?" She asked. she glared at his smirk his question caught her off guard." Really is this the time to be doing this in the rain handcuffed and their is lighting. " She shook the cuffs." You know what this is metal. we sit still we will be hit." She said. she sighed." Fine I need you to get through the year because they partnered me with your back stabbing ass now can we go before we die." She snapped.

    When he started to move she ran with him. they caught up to the other with ease. The rain was making it harder to get through her hood fell and her hair clung to her as the rain plastered it to her. They made it first the coach un chained them. She stepped away from Tristan and went to walk away. When he grabbed her. She glanced at him." Leave me alone your just like the rest of them. You think you know me because of my family and what your family thinks. I have to prove myself daily you don't. You can hate me for no reason but I thought you might just have a brain." She shoved him off and started to run. the coach stopped him," Let her go class is done for today." He said She ran around the track annoyed
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