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  1. She was sitting next to her dad, laughing and just messing around. He was smiling at her the way he always did, and she was telling him all about how she passed all of her test with a perfect score....
    Gena let out a shriek of surprise as the shrill alarm in her room sounded off. She groaned and rolled out her bed. "I still don't understand why we can't have a less jarring wake up call!" She hissed under her breath, as the light on the ceiling continued to flash red and make that horrid sound. She grabbed one of her boots and launched it at the light, missing it by an inch.
    When she had washed up and dressed herself, she slipped out of her room and headed to the elevator that would take her down to the impaired level.

    - - -

    Victor was already in the impaired room, carving a disgusting symbol into the worn wooden desk. He hated how all of the other classes and levels had nice silver desks, with touch screens and holographic helpers, but the impaired had rotting, equipment from nearly a thousand years ago, scavenged from Old Earth.

    Normally he would have outwardly shut himself down, to entertain himself with his minds' database, but he had heard that there would be a new teacher and he wanted to be able to see them for himself.

    - -

    Bhanu was...Still sleeping. The shrieking alarm in her room couldn't pierce her slumber no matter how loud and obnoxious it was. The door to her room opened suddenly, and a female Sida peered in, frowning and humming quietly before approaching the girl and prodding her with the butt of her staff, gently. Bhanu grumbled in her sleep and rolled over, not affected by the gentle prodding.
    The Sida sighed in exasperation, and continued poking the girl, her efforts gradually getting harder until Bhanu shot up, and glowered at the being. "Wow, rude much?" She snapped and the Sida simply shrugged before exiting the room.
    Bhanu desperately wanted to go back to sleep and continue her wonderful dream but she knew if she did, the Sida would just come back and bonk her on the head with the stupid staff. So she readied herself and slowly made her way down to the lowest level.
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  2. Corrie, with a groan, rolled over on to the floor. She landed completely ungracefully on her rear end. After sitting there feeling sorry for herself for a few minutes, pondering as she did every morning if she could stay in bed all day, Red's voice popped up in her head.

    Corrie. Come on, get up. You have to go to classes if you ever want to get up to Worm level!

    The first couple times the other girl had spoken to her, Corrie had been terrified and had a headache for days. Now, however, it was as common as her own conscience- which she supposed was what Red had become. With a groan and a mild retort that probably wasn't comprehensible at all, she stood up and got dressed quickly. When she was done, Corrie started the slow walk down to the Impaired level.
  3. Re sat in bed and stared out her window into the abyss. The reflection of her own bright blue eyes on the glass made it look as if the nothingness had a face. In a way, the abyss stared back. Disinterested in being watched, she closed her eyes and tried to replicate the noises of her home city in her brain. The swooshes of traffic, the assorted laughing and yelling in the garbled tongue of her birth language. She couldn't quite bring it back. There was no use in it anyway, she had to remain at ISIS, silent little ISIS, until she could test all the way to Boulder. And then the room alarms rang.

    Re climbed out of bed and pulled on her black and white impaired uniform. Hers had been customized to account for the two extra arms. Her top set of arms set to brushing her wild orange and white hair into some semblance of submission while the bottom set to work on hurriedly pulling her boots on. Have to look professional. Have to be punctual. Re wondered how she would ever juggle it all if she only had two arms to get these things done. But then, if that had been the case she wouldn't be at ISIS at all. Two dominant hands is not nearly as impressive as four.

    She checked herself quickly in the mirror and then headed out into the hall, falling into step beside Corrie.

    "Morning." Re greeted with a small sideways smile. Corrie was so cute and pretty Re always felt a bit meek around her, but the loneliness at ISIS would be crushing if she didn't try to make every friend she could. She glanced at the freckles on and around the petite girl's nose. Estimated there were about 58. Didn't know how she knew. They entered the elevator and began the descent to the bottom floor. "I hear... there's a new teacher? Maybe this one will be better?" She suggested. Sure, she didn't want to get her hopes up too much, but the glimmer was there.

    The elevator reached the bottom floor and let them off. Re spotted a new bit of graffitti "Welcome to the Shithole." Probably the work of Victor, but she didn't feel inclined to ask as they headed for the classroom.
  4. Corrie smiled warmly in greeting. She opened her mouth to she hello, but found herself being cut off by her own yawn, which she quickly attempted to cover with one thin-fingered hand. She never really had been much of a morning person. Still, when Re made the comment about a new teacher, she forced herself to form a coherent reply in her head.

    There's no way they're gonna waste a good teacher on us down here in hell. Corrie rolled her eyes at Red's comment, realizing a moment too late that Re might take it as directed at her. Quickly, her eyes widened, and she struggled to force out a reply to the other girl before they made it to the class.

    "I- uh, I hope this one's better. I mean, I doubt it, but the possibility is appealing."
  5. "Hey Re, hey Corrie," Gena said, as she stepped out of the elevator parallel to theirs. She wiggled her slender fingers in a little wave, before entering the Impaired classroom. Unlike most classrooms that had automatic sliding doors, the impaired entrance was simply a regular door with a knob and key pad lock, with a combination that only the staff knew.
    Gena sat down in her seat, not bothering to greet Victor as he would probably just snap at her or comment on her body or something freakish. The first day of impaired class, she had tried to befriend him, telling him all about her situation, and about her family. But all he had done in return was point out all of the imperfections on her face and then told her that all her problems would be solved if she just got 'busy' with her step brother. She had started ignoring him after that, but that didn't stop him from making off handed comments every now and then.
    Speaking of the AI...

    - -

    "Oh yay, the girls are here! Hi, girls!" Victor exclaimed sarcastically. "I was getting so congested with all of the male testosterone filling the room, but your pheromones are making it so much better! Too bad the girls uniform doesn't give the option for skirts. That would make this class, soo-o much better." He said, grinning at the girls. He didn't have to say anything to them, he could have just ignored them, as he tended to do to everyone else, but he loved seeing people squirm.

    - -

    Bhanu burst into the room, her eyes uncharacteristically wide, and her hair sticking out of her usually neat braid. She was holding a basket with assorted bread items. bottles of water and a few food tablets. She glanced behind her, nervously, but when no one entered after her, she released a sigh of relief and placed the basket down on one of the desks.
    "Just so you know, I did not steal these. Okay? They were just sitting there, in the cafeteria, all alone and waiting to be eaten. And besides by the time we get released for meal time, all the good stuff will be gone." She blabbered, hoping no one would demand that she do the 'right' thing and return them.
    Usually Bhanu would have headed straight to the impaired room, but when she had seen the delivery bots wheeling the baskets of baked goods into the cafeteria, she had decided to snag one. Unfortunately, a Sida guard had been nearby and had chased after her, but she lost him when she got into the elevator.

    ((I'll give the others time to post and get their characters to the room before I bring in the teacher, okay?))
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  6. Be..ep, Be..p, Bee..p. The muffled beeping of the alarm clock in Tom’s room sounded like a broken radio about to collapse at a moment’s notice. Tom had ‘fixed’ that annoying thing ages ago. In fact, it was the morning right after he got to the ISIS, when he had to endure that insistent beep while he was taking a shower. Of course, he hadn’t covered the alarm or done anything obvious to it. He simply used a small batch of his nano-robotic cells to clog the part of the alarm where the beeping was emitted from. Tom glanced at it now, a satisfied smirk on his face as he used a towel to dry off his body. Humans were creatures of habit, and Tom was no different, even after he was turned into cyborg he would wake up at the same time on the dot every morning and proceed to mediate quietly on his bed to force all the unnecessary thoughts out of his head. It was another way for him to deal with stress that was built up and eventually that special morning time became a irreplaceable time for him. Tom leaned against the sink in his bathroom and stared into the mirror, observing the two daring bright emerald eyes that peered back at him. How must have his father's enemies felt when they saw those eyes? The last image left in their consciousness before they drew their dying breath. Then his eyes wandered down his face, past his lip ring, and landed on the choker that was bound to his neck, marking him as a one of the impaired. Like so many morning before, he gripped the choker tightly, fully intent on yanking it free or damaging it’s inner system with his nanobots, but let go after a few moments as nothing he tried could even make a dent on the choker. “Tch.” He clicked his tongue in annoyance and got dressed into his impaired uniform.

    Tom walked out into the now empty hallway and made his way in to the elevator, the other impaired students already quite a bit of ways ahead of him. He didn't feel the need to rush, and the Sidas nearby didn't pay him much attention either. As far as they were concerned, he was fine as long as he didn't show up late to the class, though he was always one of the last ones to arrive.

    Walking into the impaired classroom, Tom was greeted by a usual burst of activity, a scene that he was already quite used to after seeing it countless times.

    “Yo Bhanu! Nice stash you got there, mind sharing one? You took these from the cafeteria right?” He grinned as he gave the Mizt a friendly nudge, fishing out a piece of bread from the basket and was gone before she could say anything. “Hey Victor, stop hitting on the girls already, they don’t like you the sort of way you're always picturing them as inside of your head.” Stopping next to Victor, Tom placed a hand on the AI’s shoulder and leaned closer, the devilish gleam inside his eyes as he surveyed the robot up and down. “Besides you don’t have the necessary body parts needed to satisfy them… Or do you?” He teased and continued. “How about you come to my room tonight and I’ll fix you up nice and tight, we’re both guys anyways…” He laughed and was off once again, taking the other free seat next to Gena. "Morning." Tom nodded to Re and Corrie as he sat down.
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  7. The shrill beeping of her alarm clock intruded into her enjoyable dream threatening to rip her out of it and back into reality, its high pitch hell on her sensitive ears. A low growl emanated from the girl’s throat as she opened a golden eye and whacked the clock, turning it off. Neiris lay in bed for a few more minutes, her dark hair spread out around her head like a silky cloak. She hated the annoying clock; it made the most horrid noise. She’d lost count of how many of them she’d broken since she’d arrived here. How long have I been here? A year? What am I even doing here? These troubled thoughts soon faded as her mind moved on to more pleasant matters. They were getting a new teacher today. This should be fun. With a slight smirk on her lips she sat up and stretched languidly, padding into the shower.

    Barely a few minutes later she emerged fully dressed and ready to face the world, or at least the lowest level of a supposedly excellent space school. Humming a happy little tune under her breath, Nei made her way to class with a spring in her step. She wasn’t in a hurry to get there. The hallways were mostly empty as almost everyone had made their way to class.

    “..and they all diiiiiiiiiiiiiiiied!” She finished the last bit of her song aloud; the happy little tune had quickly turned morbid and quite dreary. Nei grinned at her classmates as she made her way to her desk and slid into a chair, seemingly oblivious to the condition of the furniture and classroom. The chair gave an ominous creak, looking ready to break any moment.

    “Good morning everyone.” Her pupils thinned into slits as they came to rest on the young Mizt. “Watchu got there Bhanu? It’s not nice to eat it all by yourself you know. What if you get fatter than a blob worm?” She leaned over and poked the other girl's arm.
  8. Bhanu huffed in annoyance when Tom grabbed one of her breaded treasures, and she huffed even louder when Neiris commented on her gaining weight. "I was gonna share!" She snapped, glowering at the two of them, before grabbing a food tablet and a water bottle and downing it, becoming full immediately. The food tablets were always the best at this school, they contained an entire meal, as well as the tastes.
    She made no comment on, Neiris's song, as she always figured that the girl was a little wonky. "And I don't have to worry about gaining weight, cause when I molt I shave off pounds." She stated, poking the other girl back.
    ((Yeah I just willy wonka'd that shizzle ehehe))

    - -

    Victor flicked his tongue out at Tom, "Oh Tommie, I thought you'd never ask!" He said, grinning. His gaze landed on the entrance of Neiris, and he bit his tongue as he started to say something. When he had first seen her, his minds database had informed him of several student produced articles of various 'incidents'. He figured that he wouldn't provoke her. He wanted to live a laid back life, not lose it.
    He leaned back in his chair and regarded the rest of his classmates closely, "So, any thoughts on the new teacher we're supposedly getting? And what in the world happened to the old one?" He inquired, shooting a dirty look at Neiris.
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  9. Nei stole a piece of bread and popped it into her mouth as she surveyed the young Mizt with mock seriousness. “Really? Are you absolutely certain?” She frowned as if in deep thought and looked at Bhanu’s stomach. “I could’ve sworn you’re getting rounder.” With a cheeky grin, she flicked a piece of bread at the girl before turning around to answer the AI’s question.

    “I think she found it in her best interests to go into early retirement. Something about her health. Teaching’s a more dangerous profession than one might assume.”

    Neiris smirked at the AI, a wicked gleam in her golden eyes. Intercepting his dirty look, she winked at him. The young Arcturus knew full well of the AI’s wariness towards her, and if one might be so bold, they might even have detected traces of fear. It amused her, his reactions towards her.

    “What do you suppose happened to her, Vic?” She asked him, her face and tone the epitome of innocence.
  10. Bhanu glowered at Neiris, the girl getting on her nerves with every second that passed. She turned away from her abruptly, turning her attention to her desk, which she had yet to clear of dust. She didn't want to fall asleep and then wake up to find dust all over her face and in her nose or something. When the piece of bread smacked her shoulder, she whipped around and snarled at the other girl. "Cut it out, Tyren!" She hissed.

    - -
    Victor glanced at Neiris, his mind's database comparing her facial expression to that of a dogwraith. He couldn't help but agree, it always seemed as if the girl regarded others like prey. He shrugged at her question, "Maybe she found a mate and couldn't stop fornicating. Who cares?" He answered dryly.

    - -

    Gena regarded the AI and the alien girl talking, deciding not to interrupt. Not that she was really interested in their conversation. The old teacher was a complete ditz, and failed to teach them anything properly. Well at least that was Gena's opinion. She then turned to Re and Corrie, "Anything new happen?" She asked, just for the sake of conversing with somebody.
  11. Corrie shrugged slightly, her eyes trained on the desk she currently sat at. Her hand was moving across its surface quickly, and she was making no attempt to hide the fact that she was drawing all over it. Nothing crude, of course, just doodles. "Pretty much what you see here. I don't think this place ever changes." Not that she had been there for that long- only a couple years, which was quite a bit less than some of the others.
  12. Beep...Tom has got to fix that fusion furnace timer, it keeps going off...Beep...Maybe that's Matt his watch is-Beep-No not Matt, did I forget something?...Beep...Forget something...Beep...Forget...

    I'm gonna be late!" realization came as the meaning of the alarm finally broke through her hazy sleep. Rachael threw herself out of bed, nearly falling flat on her face as her blanket caught her foot. A panicked kick and violent jerk freed her foot but sent the bits and pieces of whatever she had been working on the night before skittering across the room. Not that it really mattered her room was already a mess cogs, wheels, chunks of sheet metal, circuits, tools mixed in with the more usual array of dirty clothes, books, and school work. Kicking aside one of her shoes that had strayed into her path Rachael charged into the bathroom. Nearly whipping out for a second time on the slick tile floors she spent a hurried minute vigorously brushing her teeth. Catching sight of herself in the mirror she meekly patted at the top of her head as though that would tame the mass of fuzz she called hair, in the end she just grabbed a hair band from the pile she had left in a pile on the edge of the sink and yanked her hair back into a ponytail. The next task was finding something clean to wear, a job easier said than done. In the end Rachael bolted out of her room, shirt on backwards, one hand holding her left shoe, the other trying button the top of her pants. She was so focused on trying to get herself together that she missed the large figure standing just outside of her room.

    It was Zen, the AI had been waiting for little over a half an hour, a habit of his as usually he was the one in charge of waking Rachael up. Having been finally knocked on her ass Rachael shook her head, looking up relived to see that it was Zen. The last thing she needed was to take out a guard first thing in the morning.

    "Come on! We're late!" she said letting Zen pull her to her feet with one massive hand. With that she was off again, pants fully on but with her left shoe still clutched in her hand. It was almost comical to see them going do the hall, Rachael almost in an all out sprint and Zen just kind of trotting along behind, his long legs eating up the distance. It took them only half a minute to finally reach the classroom and when they arrived Rachael wasted no time in bursting through the door, looking around wilding as though expecting to see a teacher standing somewhere glaring at her. And she let out a huge relieved sigh when she saw that for once she had beaten the teacher to the classroom.

    "'ello!" She called out to the room in general with a cheery smile and an even jollier wave, as she headed back to her usual seat. Now that she knew that she had beaten the teacher to the room she had calmed down considerably, or more like she wasn't panicking she was still much to bouncy to be considered calm"Oh breakfast thanks Bhanu!" She said as she passed Bhanu's desk snagging one of the food tablets. Zen's entrance into the room was much more peaceful, even with his cumbersome size he stilled managed to be less boisterous than Rachael. He didn't say anything, just gave a small wave before following Rachael to the back of the class. It was more out of consideration than anything else that they sat in the back of the class, eight feet tall Zen had a tendency to block people's view and as a rule Rachael sat near him. Plopping down in her seat Rachael crammed half of the food tablet into her mouth and stuck her left foot up onto her desk so that she could finally put her shoe on. Zen was a bit gentler in his descent to his seat, even with reinforcements he didn't really want to deal with the embarrassment of having the whole thing collapse beneath him.
  13. Theora hated the classroom, the desks were uncomfortable and he could never concentrate on lectures. On top of that he always woke up at least one hour before everyone else so he didn't have to deal with hearing every single alarm clock go off at once, he usually still heard the alarms go off anyway but when he was near the classroom it sounded more like a gentle buzz instead of a building falling on top of him, making him the first in the classroom for about 1 hour or so.

    He always sat in the back of the classroom, that's where it was quietest for him. He wasn't exactly the friendliest around it didn't help that anyone who tried to talk to him like he was normal gave him a monstrous headache. So he made himself to be content with just listening to everyone else from a distance and that's what he did in the back of the classroom, just stared forward with his milky white eyes, clutched his cane, and every now and then chuckled at a joke only he could possibly hear.
  14. Sreg was already having a bad day. When he arrived to the school, the sorry excuse for security at the school, approached him as if he were a threat and they had attempted to 'detain' him. He had snarled at them and thrown one or two across the lobby. And then when the headmaster had come to greet him, he treated him as if he were a walking talking time bomb about to explode. Sreg only stayed and didn't depart right then and there because of the amount of money he was being paid to teach the impaired students.

    His mood became increasingly negative as he took the elevator down to the bottom level of the ship and saw his decrepid and out of date surroundings. With a low snarl, he ripped open the door and strode in, slamming his bag on the desk at the front of the room. He grabbed a piece of chalk and after glaring at it for a few minutes, he turned to the chalkboard-- A chalkboard for the lords' sakes!--and began to write his name, 'Sreg the Stone'.

    He faced the students then, looking at each and everyone one of them, before his gaze landed on a basket of bread sitting on the desk in front of a Mitz with painted horns. He stalked forward until he was an inch away from her. "Get rid of that right now." He hissed, before straightening up and addressing the rest of the class.

    "Every single one of you little shits that is consuming something better spit it out or swallow it down quick. I want your undivided attention. Now listen up! My name is Sreg the Stone, but you will call me Mr. Stone." He stated, gesturing at the board where he had written his name.

    "You little parasites are here because you can't reach worm level, and I think that is the most pitiful thing in the galaxy. Mark my words; You will reach worm level by the end of this school year! And if I ever see you down here again, I will make your life a living hell. Now then, I'm going to call roll."

  15. This new teacher was loud, more so than teachers usually were. He felt sorry for the teacher, he was setting himself up for failure by starting the year like that. But Theora felt like trying to improve himself a little bit, when his name was called he said "Here" in what could have been described as the loudest noise he ever made and yet the teacher still barely heard him. He gave himself a mental pat on the back for pushing himself. He wondered how many of the students actually new he was in their classroom.
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