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  1. High above the earth's galaxy cloaked as a massive black hole, is a spaceship. But not just any run of the mill ship. This was the Intergalactic School for Integrated Sentients (I.S.I.S). ISIS was where you were sent to receive the best education and discover a plethora of opportunity. It didn't matter what you were; An alien, a cyborg, an AI, or the result of an experiment, you were given the opportunity to attend.

    The average student attends the school for six years, until they are released into the world to contribute in some way or another. Each year is given a title and a badge, so that it is easier to identify them.

    First years are called Worms and a brown cloth badge is stitched into their uniforms.

    Second years are called Pods and a silver cloth badge is stitched into their uniforms.

    Third years are called Vines and they wear a cloth badge that is half silver and half gold. This represents the possibility that they may be sent back to be second years or be promoted to fourth years;
    - Third years can be promoted to fourth years if they pass the mid year exam. The highest core achievable is 200 points.
    - If they receive anything lower than 100, they are sent back to second year. If they receive 180 or higher they go to fourth year. And if they get anything between 100 and 180, they stay in third year.

    Fourth years are called Thorns and they carry silver badges.

    Fifth years are called Stones and they carry gold badges.

    And finally, Sixth years are called Boulders and do not wear badges. This is because the amount of sixth years are usually small, because students either don't make it or keep repeating years.

    But don't be concerned for these levels, because that is not where you are. You aren't even worms.

    You are the impaired.

    Students who couldn't even pass Worm rank, because they were too weak or they couldn't get a handle on their abilities. The impaired are the cyborgs that continuously malfunction and the experiments that experience terrible side effects of their creation.

    The impaired are kept in the lowest level of the ship, where no one can see them. Of course they don't remain there. When an impair manages to pass the level test, they are transported to the Worm level where they will continue their education.

    To monitor them, the headmaster had ordered that all Impaired must wear a choker, that holds a tracking and recording device in it. They are incapable of being removed unless you obtain a key, which the Headmaster keeps in his living quarters.

    Impaired Uniforms:



    Aircraft Control and Flight Training
    Science (All types)
    Languages (Alien, Computer Code and Human)
    Weapons and Fight Style Management
    Beast Taming and Control

    (The impaired receive their classes in the lowest level. They use the same three beasts for all aspects of Beast Taming and Control)

    Playable Species/Races:

    Aliens (Non human life forms)
    Cyborgs (They are either half human, half robot or they are aliens/humans with robot parts)
    Robotic AIs (Robots with artificial intelligence, they can develop the ability to feel, but usually do not.)
    Experiments (The results of scientific experiments.)

    NPC Species/Races
    *Part of Beast Taming and Control Class
    Robots (Non AI)
    *Molecats (Small felines with large claws for digging and mining for minerals. They meow like regular cats.)
    - Deidre is the molecat used for the Impaired. She is quite old and lazy.
    *Dogwraiths (Large dark furred dogs, with pointed muzzles, razor sharp teeth and loud screech like howls)
    - Bone Gnawer is the dogwraith used for the Impaired. He is vicious, ill tempered and continuously disobeys orders.
    *Muleroaches (Massive equines with shiny bug like shells covering their hides. They have large black pupil-less eyes and antennae. They chirp and hiss.)
    - Filthy is the muleroach use for the Impaired. He smells horrible, but he's friendly.
    The Sida: Seven foot tall, bright colored aliens who act as security guards for the school. Their speech consists of humming and light tapping. They speak and understand English but don't interact with the students very much.

    And that's all I have so far. I'm working on the rules now.
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