The interesting thread title caught your eye...

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  1. Hello Iwaku community! New guy here. I decided I now have enough free time to get back into this, and I love the look of your guy's website! Some things about myself to get started:

    - I'm a 20 year old male programmer, and super handsome to boot ;)
    - I used to roleplay back in the day, but I'm coming back after a long hiatus.
    - I am very friendly and I came here to make friends, so don't be shy!
    - Other interesting things.

    Feel free to invite me to your roleplay and/or just send me a pm to chat or something.
  2. Greetings Mister Tenor! >:3 Welcome to the forums after you long long hiatus!
  3. It worked!

    Nice to meet you, Tenor. :]
  4. Welcome back!!!!! :)
  5. Yep, that title definitely caught my eye!

    Welcome! ^^ Hope to have a fun rp with you sometime ^^
  6. Eye catching!

    Welcome to Iwaku.
  7. Thanks for the warm welcomes everyone. Time to start digging into the RP boards and find a lil' somethin' somethin'...any recommendations? I like modern-ish stories, maybe some magic thrown in to make it interesting (though I will roleplay ANY genre. I like the challenge of variety >:D).