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  1. "Welcome, to the Institution. You wanted to be a hero, yes? Well, this is where you'd start on that path. Here at the institution, we have the highest and most advanced facilities in both the mystical and scientific pursuits. Not only that, but we've got the most state-of-the-art combat training methods in the world. Whatever you can dream of doing in your career as a hero, the institution coz your path to get there!"

    Everyone who was lucky enough to be chosen by the Institution of Law Enforcement and Heroics got that speech as they were given the tour. The Institution picks out gifted children from all walks of life and monitors them until they turn fifteen. If they are believed to be morally sound, they are offered the chance to walk the higher path. The path of a hero, or a genius, problem-solving scientist, perhaps even a great mage or sorcerer. The institution also trains plenty of less-spectacular units, police, firefighters, and doctors.

    The Institution is also the kingdom's sole organization for scientific research and development. Authorized to conduct virtually any kind of research, some suspect that the Institution may be less than moral itself.

    ---Roles Open---
    The Golden Boy: The Institution's golden goose, a hero to the masses. The golden boy is privy to some-but not all-of the institution's secrets.

    The Fallen: The fallen was, alongside the golden boy, one of the greatest heroes the Institution had ever produced. Unfortunately, he/she didn't have quite the right temperament to be the public hero the Institution needed. An "accident" was engineered, and the fallen was greatly and permantly injured. After this, he/she turned against the institution, proclaiming themselves a villian to the institution's hero.

    The Director: A brilliant mind, the director has plans. Playing the other characters like pawns for his or her own mysterious ends. Is the director evil? Perhaps. Is the director a hero? He/she at least pretends to be.

    The Squire: The Golden Boy's partner/sidekick. Dreams of being a part of a great heroic duo.

    The Wannabe: The Fallen's partner/sidekick. Dreams of becoming a part of a legendary villainous duo.

    The Mastermind: --Taken-- Eon.
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