The Institute for the mentally unstable

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  1. A high brick wall seals off the Asylum fromt he rest of the world. It is said that the screams of a thousand lost souls could be heard if you were to pass by at night. It's the end of the line for many, a mere resting place for a select few. Very few have ever made it out of there. It has an isolated feel, even though a great many patients are locked away inside the walls. Very few people that see the inside of that stark white building come out again. Now I'm sure you, as the reader, are thinking that some sinister acts are being performed here but I tell you now, that is not the case. No this is merely a high security Mental Institute and Rehabilitation Center. I ask you to come with me, through the wrought iron gates bound in chains to the heavily guarded front doors of what is known only as 'The Asylum'.

    For whatever reason, you were brought here. Now you're trapped in the place. you could be normal, like a great many of the people here. or you could be in possession of abilities, abilities like no other. Whatever the reason, you're here now and you can't get out. You can await your full sentence or you can try and bust out. (if you do, please wait a while, its no fun for the others if you break out instantly) Bare in mind that this is a high security institution so you can't just walk out the front doors or buts a window. Everything is secure. you'll have to be awfully creative.

    ~~ Character - Iris: Androphobia

    Iris shuffled uncomfortably into the recreation room, a tray of food in her hands that resembled grey lumps of cement. A guy about her age brushed past her and she cringed away, her heartrate quickening as she moved, desperate to escape. Oh how she would love to be away from them all, to be safe in her cell. But they insisted on her spending 'recreational time'. She hated it. It was awful. Why couldn't they just leave her alone? Wasn't it a GOOD thing she wanted to hide away from everyone? Vibrant blue eyes stared out from dark sockets as she studied everyone, pale almost translucent skin clungs to her thin frame like a skeleton. Her dark brown hair hung limply around her face. She used to be a pretty girl, and with a little more care she would be again. She tugged the sleeves of her ashen grey hoodie over her hands, adjusting the black skinnies that only just sia on her hips. Her nails were short and rough, chewed down as much as possible as a result of numerous breakdowns. There was a hardness to her gaze that made people wonder just what the girl had gone through before and was willing to do to get through the hardships she faced. She was frightened but she tried to cover it up by keeping her face passive as she headed for the corner of the room.
  2. Lyleianna: Blind, but hears well. So well she can hear the plants. (Doesn't eat plants)

    Lyla frowned as she entered the rec room, she hated being here. People walking around noises echoing everywhere, it confused her, she couldn't tell which way was which. She slowly edged forward and felt up the wall her way the the hammock in the corner, they had it there for her, that way she could sit and not fall off. That was what they said but she knew it was so no one played a joke on her, since she couldn't see the seat people could easily pull it out from beneath her. One of the workers brought over her puppy, cookie. She grabbed the leash and clicked, the puppy bounced up on her and a small smile broke out on her lips. A tray was placed next to her and as she heard how the food on it sounded when dropped on she said "I'm not eating that. It has plants in it" she hugged the puppy close to her small frame. She had light green eyes, they were clouded over, but they still darted around. Her hair was long, it reached her waist and it was a brilliant red. She felt the usual pills being pressed into her hand. They were full of what she wouldn't eat. she took them, with a sip of water.
  3. June: very unstable and sees visions and hear thoughts

    June was curled into a tight ball in the corner of her cell. Thoughts that didn't belong to her swirled through her mind, which made her worse. Soon she grabbed her notebook and began writing down everything she "heard". It helped her calm down. She kept hearing things about new medicines and tests to run. She slid get notebook under the mattress on her bed, . and curled back into a ball.
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    Blaine~ Fear of Family
    The tough mettle of the handcuffs was digging into his skin, as he was pushed into the plain rec room. He was used to the pain tthough. He had many scars around his wrists from it. They handcuffed him to take him places, to and from his plain, boring cell. This place was boring fulll stop. He rolled his eyes and stood still a little bored while they un cuffed him and handed him what looked like cememnt on a tray he said "You know, that was unnecessary" eyebrows raised and the male guard didn't even respond, just looked at him with a blank face and walked off. he supposed they had given orders to not speak to Blaine. He was violent at times but only when someone who is part of or reminds him of his family was near . Blaine would lash out then. He looked around the room and saw a girl in the corner, with a dog and then another girl in the opposite corner. She was pretty, and he wanted someone to talk to, so he walked over "Hey" he said sitting down near her and smirking
  5. No sooner had Iris sat safely away from most of the patients than the blind girl walked by her, sitting opposite to her in the hammock. Iris studied her carefully a moment but soon relaxed a little. She was harmless. Normally Iris didn't feel inclined to talk to people at all, no matter their gender, but she found Lyla's presence soothing. She was one of the few people Iris could stand being near. Before she had time to fully recover, another person came near her, a male to be exact. She flinched away, sending her tray of 'food' skidding across the floor. 'Stay away from me.' She said, her eyes wide, pressing up against the wall to get away.
  6. Just as Blaine went to sit, the girl thrashed and sent the tray of ... stuff onto the floor (Where personally Blaine thought it belonged) and he crouched down and wiped up the slop that they called food from the floor, before they got in trouble. As he did so he said "I'm not going to attack you, you know" he said, glancing at her and staying where he was as he put the tray on a near by table "If you are desperate to eat . . . . you can have mine" he nodded to his untouched food. He was completely ignoring whatever fit she had been having, he was sure it would have something to do with a fear. Most people were in here for that. He heard a sharp bark and looked to the side, the other girls dog seemed to have noticed her fear and was growling at him and he lent down and held his hand out for him to sniff and then stood up and took a step back. Lyla heard someone come over, by the sound of the voice, how deep it was and how they talked she figured it was a guy. Cookie didn't seem to like this boy and she frowned, standing.
  7. Iris slid off her chair, coiling away from him, the noise level reaching a peek as she crawled away, pressing against the wall for security, keeping a terrified gaze on Blaine. 'Leave me alone! GET AWAY!' She screamed, just as two orderlies came over. 'Get the sedatives! we've got another attack!' One of the men shouted to a nurse who came back with a syringe full of some kind of tranq. He grabbed her arm and she tugged it away desperately, panicking and pushing him away, getting to her feet and bolting out of the room, making it to the partitioned gate before she was grabbed by two more orderlies. 'LET ME GO!' She screamed, struggling against their grip. 'Put her out.' One of the orderlies said to the nurse. 'No.. No I don't want to.. please.. i don't want to.' Iris whimpered, her body sagging against their grip in an effort to escape as the nurse slowly inserted the needle and injected the sedative. it would take effect soon enough. They let her go and she collapsed on the ground, whimpering. 'I don't want to..'
  8. Blaine tried to get them off her. He was shouting and pulling at their bodies until he felt the cool metal of the handcuffs in his scared wrists. He was tugged and dragged to his cell, and he didn't go quietly that was for sure. The whole way he was screaming and yelling at the orderlies, telling them that this was no way to treat a human being, this was the lowest of low and they would go to hell. Blaine was a persistant and arrogant sometimes but he was raised never to force a woman into anything but help. No matter how much he hated and feared his family that was one rule he would never disobey that rule. Blaine didn't think that drugging a lady when she got scared or afraid wasn't helping her. Standing by her whether she wants the company or not is. He shouted for a good couple of hours, dispite the searing pain in his throat. He would have kept going but the wardern came in with a needle of the same substance, and injected him with it.

    Lyleianna listened to the scene and cookie bit barked and growled at the men and women as they sedated her, she listened to the plea in the woman's voice and she tightened her grip on her leash and as she heard her being half dragged half carried out if the room she took a step forward and said "I'm going with her." It wasn't an optional thing she was stating it. "She needs the teas, instead of the stupid chemicals you have her" she said in her soft airy voice. Because she couldn't read or write and she needed a hobbie the horrible place had allowed her to learn brewing teas. She was good at it and only she knew why. She could talk to the plants, hear what they said and she knew what wa used for what. Her teas were phenomenal, they worked wonders. They allowed her to go with her, her herbs and tea equipment was Brought in.
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    Character: Aden- "Brought to asylum after a fire killed his entire family. He was badly burned and to restore his hands he had special plates installed in his arm which unknowing to the doctors actually had magnets which could control and stabilize fire, yet another reason he was sent here"

    Aden sat in the rec center, drawing random pictures of whatever he felt like in his notebook. He tried his best not to pay attention to the commotion that was in place. He stared for a few moments before returning to his drawing. "Just the reason I don't belong here." After drawing for a prolonged time, Aden would have to move his hands around to adjust the plates, which were getting uncomfortable. The fire that took his family and badly injured him did not effect his face. There were scars but they did heal. His previous longer black hair was replaced now with a straight, short hair cut. His amber eyes were something his mother always used to praise, so Aden could never look at himself for fear of recurring images of the fire. He wasn't ill minded unless an extreme trigger provoked him. Instead, he was depressed. Being held in here did nothing to improve that.
  10. Iris was taken to her cell without much of a struggle on her part. She was wimpering, crying. Two of the attendants supported her, one, the woman, holding her hand gently and supporting her more than the male. 'Shhh, it will all be alright, you'll see.' She assured the frightened, more docile teen. Iris wimpered slightly, her legs sagging with every step. 'I.. want to go home... please.. I just... please...' She mumbled while the attendant rubbed her back and led her into her cell. 'It's going to be okay now, here we are, back in your nice padded room.' She helped her to sit. 'there now, all comfy on the bed. Your friend Lyla is here, she'll make you some nice tea before you have your nap.' Iris gazed blankly at her. 'Lyla...? ..Tea?' She asked, confused, docile and incredibly drowsy. 'Yes dear, tea.' The nurse turned to the blind girl. 'Don't get her worked up again, it won't be healthy.' She said before walking out and leaving the two.

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    Lyla smiled gently at the confusrd girl and waved a little in her general direction, then fake saluting to the orderlies scarcastiy and she said her quiet voice ringing around the plain cell. "yeah... I saw..well heard what happened. The drugs arnt good for you, tea would be better, would you like some?" She asked. Making vanilla and lemon tea on the opposite side if the cell to her. It was rather amazing how she knew what she was doing when she couldn't see. Her ears and fingers guided her to everything.
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    Aden eventually grew tiresome of drawing, which was very rare and stood up, making his way towards his cell. He noticed an orderly whisper something to another and then he proceeded to walk over to Aden. "Look," Aden began, " I don't need an escort every time I move somewhere. Trust me, I don't plan to hurt anyone." The orderly refuted, " Look Aden, I have orders. You are considered dangerous and will be treated as such. No disrespect intended. Just let me escort you to your cell and I'll leave you be." Aden sighed and followed the man as he unlocked the door to his cell block. Once they entered, Aden walked silently as he looked around at other patients walking by, some with many escorts and horrible insane. It just irked Aden more because he knew he was sane enough to live outside this shitty asylum. Finally they arrived at his cell, which was basically a one room house. It had a bed with a small tv, a sink and a toilet, and some other home-like items. He went in a sat in the chair by the tv. There he picked up a book and began reading. Besides drawing, it was the only think he could do to pass time when he wasn't allowed to go out into the yard. Which was rare due to him being believed to be a dangerous arsonist.
  13. June finally came out of her room, but avoided everybody she could. People scared her. She walked down the hallway, hert eyes darting around nervously.
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    Character ~ Lockie, Pyromaniac Ability: compulsion and electricity

    Lockie wandered down the corridor, hands in the pockets of his jeans, toying with the box of matches he'd managed to conceal from the orderlies when he'd been admitted the night before. As he approached the rec room he bumped into a girl who looked exceedingly nervous. Instantly, his hands were out and catching her before she fell. 'Shit, are you alright?' He asked, a slight grin on his face. He honestly didn't understand why he was here. It was a bit stupid really. So what, he was a pyromaniac, big deal. It wasn't like he'd burnt anyone's house down... yet. Due to his lower level of risk, he'd managed to talk them out of giving him an escort for everything. After all, he didn't see why it was necessary.

    Iris watched drowsily as Lyla worked, her consciousness slowly slipping away. 'W..why... are you helping?' She asked, yawning and shifting to get more comfortable, her eyeslids becoming heavier. She could feel the darkness that the sedative brought slipping over her bit by bit, though she fought to stay awake. She didn't want to sleep, to see those horrible dreams again. They followed her everywhere, even when drugged. She wanted to stay awake. Instead, she was forced to succumb to the tranq, her limp form sliding down the wall as her head hit the pillow and the drug induced sleep claimed her.
  15. Lyla sighed softly and said "I don't know" she spoke in a confused voice, she didn't quite know herself why she was helping her. She needed a friend, she knew that much. But why would she help her? She was pulled out of her thoughts as Iris was finally sedated and she sighed and sat down having some tea herself. Cookie sat on the floor patienty and lay down minutes later.
  16. June wandered into a room, looking nervous. She began to get a headache from an over flow of thoughts coming to get. She sat down in a corner. She put her hands on her head and squeezed her eyes shut.
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    ~ Character ~ Tamarine: Enosiophobia

    Tamarine sat silently in the recreation room with her plate of gray mush laying idly in front of her. She refused to let herself cry. If anyone saw, then they would immediatly think that she was having another breakdown over nothing and lock her back up in her cell for who knew how long. Just because she might of possibly made the boy who had been in front of her in the line get taken away, that didn't mean it had been her fault... right? Her foot had bumped his in the hallway and again while they were waiting for their food, then he suddenly had a convulsion on the floor. No, she decided, it hadn't been her fault.
    If only she could believe that.
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    Being totally ignored and brushed off was something new entirely for Lockie. But he took it in stride, shrugging and saluting the girl's disappearing back. 'Well, good day to you then.' He said, turning on his heel and walking the other way, hands back into his pockets now. As he passed each room he peered through the small barred windows and saw that all of them were empty. That was until he looked in one particular room and saw a guy sitting on the bed, reading a book. He looked at the lock, thinking maybe he could pick it, but it was one of those fancy electrical combination ones. Well then, he thought with a smirk, we'll have to short it out. He concentrated on the lock and it popped and fizzled as a small spark of electricity shivered through it, causing enough of an issue to short circuit it a moment. Using the reprieve he opened the door and walked in, leaning against it as it shut and the lock clicked again. 'Woops, didn't think of that.' He said aloud, to gain the guy's attention.

  19. Aden put the book down from his view to see the guy who had broken his door's lock. He smirked and sat up. "And you are?" Aden knew that his broken lock would be put on himself, and that's what angered him. "A simple knocked would have sufficed, really man." Aden set his book down, marking where he had stopped with a slip of paper. He stood up and approached the guy to be within reasonable talking distance.
  20. Lockie grinned. 'Relax man, the lock only shorted a moment. 'sall fixed again now. I'm not THAT good.' He said with a smirk, grinning at him. 'So you'll.. ah.. have to signal an orderly or something if you want me to leave.' He grinned sheepishly, rubbing the back of his neck ruefully. He reached into his pocket, pulling out the matches and srtiking one on the side of the box, watching the flame glow and flicker before dying out. 'So, I'm Lockie, local pyromaniac. What are you in for?'