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The year is 2040 and in this alternative time line magic was once revered and practice by many. Some consorted with benevolent forces while others did bargains with darker powers and some were naturally gifted. Those who practice magic outside common place spells were called Magi and their knowledge of the Eldritch and Arcane placed them on a station above humans. Most the populace feared these spell casters and considered them dangerous to normal society.

Eventually these fears gave ride to the Magic Wars where the nations of the world tried to put limits on magic and police the practice of the craft. This caused an uproar in the Magi community and they protested against government control. Tensions raised and the World Nations went to war against the Magi. The war went on for 5 years with no side gaining an advantage. Eventually the cost bankrupted the World Nations but they didn't want to give up the right.

That is when the Board stepped in. The Board was made up of many corporations that saw a profit to be turned with this war. They made deals with the World Nations that eventually made them into Mega Corporations that soon took over the planet and their fledgling colonies in space. With their new autonomy and resources, the Board eventually defeated the Magi and made the use of magic outlawed.

But now in the year 2040, decades have passed after the war and the Board rules Earth and her colonies. They created a special branch called The Inquisitors that hunt down any unlawful practice of magic and investigate into any crimes that revolve around magic. They also created the Academy where Magi can still practice magic but regulated.

Our characters are apart of The Inquisitors.

Interest Thread with more information

Character Sheet: (Feel free to use your own character sheet)

Classification: Android, Cyborg, Human, or Magi

Episode List:
Episode One: The Red Witch
Synopsis: An upstart Magi calling herself the Red Witch has been amassing a following on the Martian colony. In exchange for a better life away from the aristocracy that rules over the Martian colony, the Red Witch teaches her followers magic to help enrich their lives and to strike back against their oppressors. The hope she gives to her followers is a dangerous drug that has turned her followers activities from simple petty crimes to a near anarchic movement. These followers call themselves the Red Coven and their fanatic views has cause them to even die in the name of their leader. Now with the increase in crime and the attempted attack on one of the aristocracy, Inquisitors have been called to deal with this Magi and her followers before things can escalate more.

Episode Two: Black Star
Synopsis: Top secret reports claim there is a Magi assassin targeting Inquisitors. Code Named "Black Star", this dangerous Magi has killed multiple Inquisitors and has left little trace of their existence except for a brand in the shape of star magically burned onto their victims. No one has been able to gather enough information on this mysterious figure to uncover their identity nor has trying to trace their magic has yielded anything. With Black Star's latest assassination, the group of Inquisitors that dealt with the Red Witch are called upon to investigate into this matter before more lives can be claimed. But what awaits them in the shadows?