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    Hiya. I'm Raddum, or Raddy, Raddi, however you want to spell it.

    And I'm looking for someone who wants to push around a young man that's too innocent for his own good, in their own assortment of ways within various settings and situations that he usually has no control over.

    Before I get into plots, I'd like to explain some things about me that'll probably help you decide on anything you'd like to suggest in case my plots do not appeal to you, and things that i'm looking for that'll probably tell you if you want to roleplay with me at all. So here we go!

    -What I'm Looking For In A Partner
    • Someone who can post at least a paragraph of content per post. I prefer more, but I dislike less. I also like to get in at least a post a day, but I'm patient and won't do much else than ask when you'll be posting, or what the situation is.
    • Someone who likes to be in control. My characters are usually pushovers that'll be unable to bring themselves out of your situations due to a mixture of misfortune and meekness. Usually being forced or convinced he has to do what you say, or things won't end well for him. How it ends badly? Up to you.
    • Someone who likes OOC chatting.
    • Someone who doesn't mind roleplaying in private messages.
    -What You'll Get From Me
    • A guy who can adapt, both to the situation given and the length of your posts, and post at least once a day unless preoccupied.
    • A guy that pretty much only uses submissive characters. Not because it's all I can do, but just because it's my preference by a long shot.
    • A guy that'll let you try pretty much anything on his character. Variety is the spice of life, and I'm pretty okay with everything. Just tell me what you'd be looking for in the RP, and we'll see. Ranging from completely forced against his will situations, to a genuine romance.
    • A guy that's pretty damn chatty ooc-wise, who will hear ya out when you need it.
    • A guy that only does MxF. Sorry.
    • A guy who generally likes modern or fantasy settings above everything else, and has a love for both realistic roleplays and anime madness.
    • A guy that likes a decent balance of plot and mature content, but can lean towards one or the other.



    While I do have a few plots, I'm very open to ideas you have. If you're looking to pitch an idea to me, please send me a message with the details, and I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

    Character A is always me, while Character B is always you. Do note I'm not really specific about your character because I want you to have as much freedom as you desire. I'll make suggestions, but don't take them as your only options!

    I Didn't Sign Up For This (open)
    Character A is a young man at the age of 19 (Could be a little younger, or older by a few(2) years, if ya want.) that, though rather cute, never dated a girl in his life. Focusing more on studying and earning his education, he was raised up as a very pure soul who never had any sort of dirty intentions or thoughts towards women. His friends, thinking it'd be a good idea to try and hook him up, sign him up to a dating site without telling him. Who or what Character B is discovers this, and what she does, is completely up to you.

    Old Classmate's crush re-sparks, and she ends up planning a date that the young man has no idea about.
    (Probably more of a stalker/one-sided thing. Could build a relationship?)

    A young woman whom was also signed up by her friends ends up being set up on a date with the young man.
    (Could be a genuine relationship. Though it could get more complicated than intended...)

    A beautiful ex-convict poses as a younger female to get close to her prey, before luring the young man into a situation she can blackmail him with, making him comply with her desires or face the consequences.
    (Pretty much one-sided. Something could be developed, though.)

    Not The Quest I Was Expecting (open)
    Character A is an adventurous mage apprentice that wishes to become a hero, traveling from his hometown to a nearby cave in an attempt to complete a simple quest. Once he enters, however, he finds himself in over his head, and at the mercy of the creatures that dwell within. Character B, whatever she may be, has some sort of plan in mind for the poor adventurer. And he probably isn't going to like it.

    A mere slime manages to defeat the mage in battle, and takes advantage of the weak human.
    (One-sided, and kind of pathetic for the wannabe hero...)

    A tough monster is embarrassed by how pathetic the mage's combat ability is, and decides to train him until he's a challenge. (A forceful relationship at the mage's expense, as he's slowly taught to be a warrior.)

    I'm Feeling Too Close To My Family (open)
    Character A is a simple teenager in a big family, a naive and innocent boy who can't find the guts to stand up for himself, or to even talk to girls around his age, unless they were relatives. To which he was still nervous. When Character B, one of the poor boy's relatives, sets their sights on him, what extent will she go to in order to ensure he'll be hers?

    Please message me with your interest instead of posting here.
    I just don't want the thread to get cluttered. Thank you.
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  2. I'm interested, but it won't let me send you a conversation. I would love to play a dominant woman for you.
  3. I'm in the same boat as Monica. I can't pm you for some reason. I'd be up for I'm Feeling Too Close To My Family.
  4. Sorry, but I'm actually full in the RP department. I thought I had edited the top of my post, but it seems like it didn't go through. Which is annoying for both of us, I'd assume.

    If I find myself with an open slot however, I'll PM you before trying to find anyone else. Dunno how long that'll be however... :L
  5. That's okay. Thanks anyway! :)
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