The Injured God

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  1. "Freda! Come over here and help me prepare our offering to the gods!" A large woman with bright red hair called to her daughter, kneading the dough that would make the offering to keep their village safe. She kept her green eyes and freckled face focused on the biscuits she needed to make.

    Freda, a young girl with red hair she gained from her mother and bright green eyes, sighed as she put down her leather-bound journal. "Coming Mother!" She walked to the kitchen as she quickly helped her mother finish putting the bread into the proper shape and into the fire. She watched as the yeast rose, boredom apparent in her face.

    The woman, named Georgiana, smiled at her daughter. She wiped a bit of flour off of the girl's freckled face. "You're doing wonderful, darling. Soon you'll be the best baker in the village!" She gave the girl a kiss on the head, moving to clean up the rest of the kitchen.

    Freda half-smiled back at her mother. "Thank you, because feeding a bunch of gods is exactly what I want to do in life." She kept her eyes trained on the bread, knowing that the cycle was going to continue for until she was dead and beyond.

    "Oh shush you! You will not only feed the gods, but this will be able to develop into a career if you wish to go that route!" Georgiana said, patting the girl's head as she continued to clean. The woman lived alone with her daughter, and she was extremely proud of how her little girl had grown so far. Though, her daughter was starting to seem ever unhappy. Georgiana was starting to worry as the girl always wrote in that little journal, keeping it close at almost all times. She was starting to push others away and close in on herself. This got the poor old woman worrying over her freckled daughter.

    As the bread finished, Georgiana grabbed a bag before putting the freshly baked bread into it. "Today, you're going to deliver the offering, alright, Freda? I think visiting the crystal would do you some good." Freda was about to refuse when she thought about what this could mean. This was something different from her regular routine. Maybe...

    "Alright, Mother." Freda nodded, taking the bag and quickly starting to leave. She grabbed her journal and ran to the forest. Curiosity about this mystical crystal made her move faster, excitement slowly reaching her face. She never was allowed to visit the crystal before. This was definitely going to be an interesting experience.

    The worshiping area was bigger than Freda had thought. Flowers surrounded a large blue crystal. Supposedly, the goddess of chaos was suppose to be repelled by it. It glowed lightly, bathing the white flowers near it in blue light. Freda put her bag down, awed by the subtle grace the clearing had. She walked slowly, carefully toward the crystal. How did it work? What made it so powerful? Was it really crystal? Freda's right hand raised carefully before she lightly knocked on the smooth surface.

    Ting. Ting. Ting. The small noise made Freda smile until it started to crack. Small veins raced up the crystal, causing Freda to stumble back. Crack, crash! The crystal broke into tiny pieces. Fear coursed through the red head's veins. She was dead. She was worse than dead. The crystal was broken. She shook as a figure seemed to fall from the crystal, a male clearly injured. Freda was so dead.
Thread Status:
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