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Gabriel S.K. Alenes (doctor) Uncle Legens Legentis
Eden Goch (patient) @beautie
Gary Copeland (patient) @King
Alexandria Frank (patient) @Lulunopia
Timothy Kowalski (patient) @Nater Taters
Hiro Akimoto (patient) @Crimson smile
Wren Lydian (patient) @arcadian.gael
Lia Jordan (patient) @Nicole Birdy
Kaesha Ana-Marie Volkova (patient) @Crackshot


"A storm is approaching, haven't you heard?"

"Nonsense. The weather is supposed to be clear all week."
The nurse curled her lips upward in a twisted grin. She liked to get on the doctor's nerves, playfully nudging him as would a child on the playground. It was true that the broadcasts all foretold a healthy sky and bright sun. However, the wind that constantly blew over the mountain told a different story.

Yes, a storm was coming. The nurse's mother was a gypsy; she knew plenty of odd things.

Gabriel was busy that morning, updating patient files as they came into his office. Altogether there was 45 admitted to the institute, 32 in the main wards and 13 in the lower levels, reserved for the more violent patients around. It was an honest shame that they had to be restrained for their own safety.

"Dr. Alenes, do you believe in ghosts?"

Gabriel sighed in frustration. "What is with these absurd questions?"

"Sometimes I wonder if the people we let in here are possessed. C'mon, I know you think the same thing." The nurse's pleasant demeanor was unorthodox. Few desired to speak with the man with so little formality.

"They're not possessed," Gabriel leered. "They're sick. We're scientists, not priests, nor miracle workers. We cannot help them if they do not help themselves first."

The office which both figures stood in was large, bright, and had a painting or award or diploma of some kind on all the walls. A big therapy couch was set out in the very middle. The desk was made of some unknown dark wood, and a rising tower of paper had grown onto it like a parasite.

Parasitism was the defining feature of the Lehane Sanitarium. The patients were afflicted with the most terrifying of parasites. Madness itself chewed on their precious grey matter and spat it back out at reality. Containment of these individuals was far more important than truly curing them.

They were better off not knowing the real duration of their stay.
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"Do I have to? I was doing so good Ben!" Cary gripped onto his brothers hand as he crouched down in front of his brother. His older brother had a sincere look of sorry on his face. Cary looked up at him with his lip tucked between his teeth, he didn't want this. Ben could barely have time to spend with his pregnant wife, and since Cary's last breakdown, the entire family said it was best Cary went somewhere safe. Of course Cary wasn't as keen. Ben was his best friend and knew him better than no one else. Even Ben knew that, he wanted to visit Cary but he knew how hard that'd be. Cary sensed it wasn't Ben's choice, his mother was already collecting the funds up as soon as Ben's wife suggested a "place for people like him."

"I'm sorry Cary, It's only until she's had the baby. I promise you'll only be here a month or two." Ben felt like he was choking up. Cary lowered his head as he solemnly nodded. He understood he wasn't anybody's priority anymore, Ben had a family now and neither parent could even think about taking him back. Cary liked to think he had it under control, but the black eyes he had said otherwise. Ben squeezed his hand, "Hey, look at this place. Anybody else would be asking for extra time here." Cary let out a small laugh. It was true, he could probably live out his dream to be a Prince here.

A car horn honked, it seemed Ben's wife was beginning to get impatient. Cary sighed, "Please visit." He leaned in for a hug before standing up. Ben blinked hard as he wheeled himself back to the small gravel carpark. Left alone, Cary followed the woody path up to the entrance.

And boy was it grand. Cary's eyes widened as he looked around the lobby. How sensational. Cary gripped onto his backpack as he marveled. Maybe a month or two wouldn't be so bad after all.

Four months later.

Dinner time was the best time of the day. Cary skipped over to the dining room in red and yellow socks, matching with his blue shorts and red sweater. The room wasn't even half full as Cary looked around for anyone he called a friend. He didn't spot anyone who had been friendly to him recently, so he parked himself in the centre table, hoping someone nice would come and sit with him. As he examined the menu for his favourite jelly, a squeaky voice interrupted him. "Heey Cary! Why'd sit all by yourself?" Cary looked up to see the wooden doll on the chair opposite him. He shrugged, "I just wanted to." He pouted. The doll had no expression's except the painted grin and wide smiling eyes, but Cary always knew what Bobo was thinking.

"Heey now, that guy would sit with you!" The skinny wooden arm pointed over to a man in the corner. Cary widened his eyes. They took him off his medicine for a whole two months, so being around the violent ones certainly made him aggressive. More fights than friendship turned from that. Of course Cary only remembered blurry parts of that time. To him it could have only been a day or two. In his mind, he had only been in the place for less than two months. But to the man Bobo was pointing at, Cary was a man who mocked him. Cary barely remembered the time, but the bruises on his knuckles explained it all.

He shook his head, "But Bo, he doesn't like me." Cary whined. He didn't know what was worse, having Bobo shout at him again or prompt another ass kicking.

Cary could see Bobo slowly lower his propped up arm, like he was about to shout. He nibbled his lip. Before anything could happen, the dining room door opened. Cary looked up hopefully, desperate for someone to come and ease his loneliness.
There was a distinct pitter-patter sound reverberating from the winding halls of the asylum basement. Dr. Alenes had some overdue business to attend to, but the thing that irritated him most was not the insufferable living conditions of the patients, but the echo of droplets falling from the ceiling. Gabriel sneered. Several individuals were locked in the padded rooms for rather small rule violations, such as curfew or wandering beyond the premises. They pounded their heads against the wall while their arms were bound in a straightjacket. They knew what awaited them. This place was hell compared to the upper wards.

Checking his watch, the doctor saw that it was dinnertime. He was absolutely famished from a day's hard work. Deciding to take the elevator, Gabriel was joined by the nurse who was previously in his office. A woman by the name of Diana Skinner. She was clad in all white, and her angelic aura was complemented by her smile. The doctor preferred to eat alone in his quarters, seeing as how the dining hall was always the site of drama and conflict between patients. There was always a risk in letting so many deranged ill mingle in one place.

"Where ya' heading off to, Dr. Alenes?" Diana inquired mischievously.

"To my room, Ms. Skinner," he said contemptuously. "I assume you'll join the other nurses in the dining hall."

She was like a lost puppy with regards to her mannerisms. "Aren't you gonna' come with us?"

Either she was new working here or had a genuine fondness for getting on people's bad sides.

"I'm afraid I will not. Just make sure the patients get their prescriptions soon."

Diana pouted and released an low "awwww~" of disappointment. Finally the elevator had settled on the main floor, and in a hurried fashion the doctor walked over to his personal haven. Only during an emergency was he to be called out of his room during break hours. Lately Gabriel had been hoping to read today's newspaper in order to verify the weather forecast. If there was to be a storm soon, it would throw off plenty of scheduled events and generally be a hassle. Shipments up to the mountain were daily, with a small motorcade of trucks providing the needed supplies from the town below.

It was a quaint little town. Blissfully unaware of the things going on in the castle looking over them.
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Her pink cheek lay coldly on the untouched canvas, the color of her flesh clashing with the stark white. Eden was hunched over in her chair, body limp as she rested her upper torso on the table in front of her. A single brush lay still above her head, also resting on the long canvas, as still as her body when she slept. The display of the sleeping woman was framed by an assortment of paints laid about still in their respective tubes, ready for their use but still in painting queue. Outside through the windows, the sky was calm. A grayish beam of sunlight flitted into the Art room, casting it in a stillness of natural light.
The familiar voice stirred her from her slumber, its scolding tone making her head lift and eyes open. On her face was the same blank look of lidded eyes, pouting lips and lowered eyebrows, now accompanied by a red print on her left cheek. As she gazed upon the one standing in front of her, she soon just turned her head and gradually began to gather the unused paints with lethargic hands. In front of her was Adam, glaring and disappointed.
"You didn't do anything today."
Eden was aware. She got to her feet with canvas in both hands and put it away for maybe someone else to use.
"I thought you said you were going to today. So what happened?" He hissed.
Eden continued not to reply as she dropped the brush into a glass cup, the musical twinkle of wood against the solid but another whistle in the wind during their conversation. She knew reasoning wouldn't work. He didn't scold her to know why she didn't, he scolded her because she didn't do what he wanted. It didn't matter why not.
There was a brief stillness as Eden stopped moving, back turned to him as he tried to pick what manipulating words to use on her next.

"Ugh. You're so lazy." Adam scoffed, choosing insults as he folded his arms across his chest. Eden was familiar with this. "Sometimes I wish you were back in that basement, you actually used to paint."

Eden felt like he just grabbed her by the neck and gut punched her, wind leaving her. Her face grew hot, hands starting to shake. Of course I had to, She thought, anxiety creeping in on her. You know why I had to. Her heart started to claw against her chest before her eyes glanced about wildly in unknown fear, her cool-headed nature leaving her. Eden had to leave, stomach turning harshly as she suddenly turned on her heel and stomped away past the glaring Adam.

"... Eden, wait." His voice soft with remorse behind her. Eden already threw the door open and slammed it shut behind her. She paused, scared with her action and wondering if that would anger Adam more. But only silence followed her. She with unsure steps backed away before turning again, walking unsteadily before the walk turned into a jog and quickly into a sprint. Eden fled, door numbers and hallways meshing as she had no idea where her room was. She just wanted to stay away from Adam and his hurtful words.

Her feet thundered in the hallway, breath caught in her throat as the world was spinning still. She threw the dining hall doors open. She paused in the grand doorway, the soft whispers of the world and all of it's unheard nothing making her vision still. She felt like water just fell out of her both of her ears, the thunder of water departing bringing her back to reality.

Eden's watery green eyes landed on a man. A man older than her for sure, but his eyes were alight with a gleam she only saw in children. She immediately stepped to the side as if she had almost crossed a border in which she would have to talk to him if she stepped over it. She tried to mask her heaving chest and scarlet cheeks as much as she could by moving quickly, desperately, to the kitchen to fetch something to eat. She tried her best to take as much time as she could to avoid the man sitting alone, but by the time she emerged with food he was still there as if waiting.

Eden sat nowhere near him, back turned as she hid her embarrassing, sickening amount of food. She had two plates of it, one packed thickly with food and the other pack thickly with desert. Food was her escape a lot of times for the little offenses Adam would make or unfortunate times her mind would consume her sanity. Food was a symbol, something that she was deprived of for one point. After Pamela, the patient found herself gorging herself even when she didn't need to, even when she wasn't hungry.

Eden shoveled the rice into her mouth, head ducking low as she tried to ignore the staring. Her shoveling and frenzied hunger slowed as the unneeded sustenance slipped into her belly, anxiety fading and trembling ceasing at the savory colors of her meal. Eden slowly sat straight before turning her head, a smudge of cheesecake on the corner of her mouth as she peeked back at the man. They met eyes and she slowly swallowed.



Cary wanted to smile and wave at the young woman, but she immediately looked away from him, like she was trying to hide from his line of sight. Her eyes looked red. Cary spotted a sad person when he saw one, it was just really upsetting to see. She looked tiny, like a little pixie had found it's way into an unfamiliar room. He really wanted to go up to her and talk to her, but she disappeared as quickly as she came in. Cary let out a sigh, Bobo noticed how hopeful he had looked, "Cary, we knoow that girls don't like you, you can't stare at them like that." Bobo's head twisted mechanically, like he was shaking it in disapproval. He felt his stomach twist at the notion. He didn't care who it was, he wanted them to like him.

He wanted to argue with the doll, he knew that some girls liked him. Just like some boys did too. Bobo really wanted him to talk to the man with the black eye, his wooden arm stiffened in his direction. Cary shook his head. "C'moon, he looks waay friendlier than her!" The doll turned his head back to Cary. Obviously not. He looked like he could stomp Cary into the grave. His eyes wandered to the hands gripping the menu, his knuckles purple. Well, at least he could put up a fight.

the movement caught his eye again. It was the pixie girl, appearing once more with two plates of food. Cary wondered how any of it would fit inside her. He blinked, that food looked awfully good, but now he was set on getting this girl to smile or something. He ignored Bobo as he watched her hide away in the corner. Slightly disheartening, but he knew everyone in the building had something wrong with them. Cary shifted in his seat as he watched her devour the food, quicker than the guard dogs did. It was an odd thing to witness, but maybe she was hungry. "I'm gonna talk to her." Cary whispered to Bobo, who just made a weird gurgling sound.

It was obvious Bobo was attempting to get him into some trouble again, and Cary was slowly coming to realize this. But he was a little harder to manipulate when he was on his medication. He watched her slow down a little, probably filling up too quick. But she turned her head and looked at him, food smeared on her cheek. Cary acted like he caught a rabbit in the headlights, fearing if he moved to fast she'd run off into the kitchen again. He raised a hand and gave her a little wave, a small smile forming on his lips.

"Cary stop thaat! You look weird." Bobo popped into his sight again. Cary huffed, Bobo was trying to up the insults it seemed. He hesitated as he looked down to his legs, pale thighs peaking from under his yellow shorts. Bobo was trying to get his attention again, but Cary decided he was just going to do it. If he didn't go now then he'd end up with another lonely dinner time. He quickly stood up, like he was trying to avoid Bobo reasoning with him.

Walking over slowly to the table, Cary offered another wave to the woman, who was smeared with food. "Hi, I haven't seen you around here before." He held onto the top of a chair, trying to make sure he didn't scare her off, "Your eyes are super red, nobody has made you cry right?" He said bluntly. He had a problem with coming off a little too insensitive, but he really was the opposite. Cary genuinely wanted to see if she was okay. He looked back at his own table, noticing Bobo had gone.
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[BCOLOR=transparent]Her neck ached as it was craned about at an unforgiving angle just so she could eye this strange one far from her. She felt feral as if she was deer that was grazing on grass and just heard a sound in the distance. Instead, however, she was far from a neatly nibbling deer. She was a girl with dark circles, red eyes, and a drained pigment to her skin eating like a starved pig. What did this fresh-faced, bright-eyed man want with someone like her? She was sure that after she ignored him to zoom over to the buffet he would've kept to himself, it was often easier that way. Eden never talked to anyone before, besides the nurses and such. Adam didn't like when she spoke even to them, so he definitely wouldn't like how friendly this one was. She could already see him yelling at her and then mumbling yet another of hundreds of apologies a few minutes later.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Eden turned her head away to rub at her eyes after he gave her a wave. He could hear him walking, slowly, cautiously. She appreciated the effort.[/BCOLOR][BCOLOR=transparent]

[BCOLOR=transparent]The other came into her line of sight and did the gesture of a wave, but Eden didn't look up until he spoke. His voice was light and accepting, a voice that sounded sane if sane had a voice. Eden continued to shovel food into her mouth, ignoring him and hoping he'd go away if she continued to keep to herself. This seemingly nice man had no business with a mess like her. Her eating came to a halt as he mentioned her eyes, a pause before she began to eat again. She said nothing for a long while, but his polite aura reached into her and grabbed something she hasn't felt in a long time. She couldn't deny him.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Eden swallowed hard, her gut ready to bust. The swollen bulge of her stomach was familiar and securing if anything. “No.” She murmured flatly, giving into talking to him. She rubbed at her eyes, fork still in between her lips as she furiously ground her knuckles into her eye sockets. Her vision twinkled and glittered for a moment before it was restored, then she ducked back into for more ravenous eating. After a few long moments, it was clear he wasn't leaving.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]She paused with a small sigh, fork poised over a thick slice of cheesecake ready to be devoured. “What do you want.” She demanded impatiently. Eden normally wouldn't be so hostile towards a stranger, particularly one that clearly meant her no harm. But she could already hear Adam’s jealous scolding. Eden immediately took his kindness for something that would get her in trouble, but luckily for Cary, Eden could still be swayed and pestered into participating in a dinner time meal with him.[/BCOLOR]

[BCOLOR=transparent]Eden tore apart her cheesecake slice, but just as she was ready for the last piece of the flaky crust, her throat jumped. A pain soared in her body as her breathing was cut short, causing her form to jump and her to audibly choke. Her gray world came to a halt and morphed into the reddened shakiness of panic as she hit her chest, wheezing for oxygen. Eden’s hand shot for her beverage, but with her reckless movement, the glass tipped over with the shove of her fingertips and spilled onto the cloth. This only heightened her panic as she began to wildly cough and pale, the glass rolling to the floor with a shatter.[/BCOLOR]
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Diana solemnly marched her way to the dining hall, unable to admire its grand splendor on account of how the doctor so firmly denied her requests. The other nurses were handing out pills to some of the patients, making sure they received their medication before or after eating. She joined them in this task for a noteworthy amount of time, taking great care not to mistake any pill bottles or their owners. The last thing she wanted was to face a lawsuit during the first week of this job. Eventually the matter was all sorted out and Diana took her rightful place at the nurses' table.

At least, that was to be the plan, until one of the patients started choking. Diana gasped in shock, and despite her extensive medical training, this was her first real emergency. She remembered Gabriel's words, telling her only to summon him in times of crisis. Well, now was such a time. One nurse rushed over to grab a first-aid kit, another snatched the defibrillator, and the third leaped to provide CPR. However, Diana shook her head in confusion. She opted to bring this to the doctor's attention immediately. Therefore, few had noticed as the pale young woman sprinted out of the dining hall.

And barely a minute later, she was pounding on Gabriel's door.

"Sir, sir! Please come with me, it's urgent!"

"What is it, Ms. Skinner?" The doctor's voice was equally startled and bitter.

"A-a patient! She's asphyxiated!"

Steadily he unlocked his door. His face was as stern as ever.

They raced back to the dining hall together, only to find a breathless Eden Goch at the mercy of several nurses. Gabriel stood there silently, not wishing to interfere just yet. He was more than confident that Eden would recover. Nevertheless, he would be the one to administer a physical examination in the infirmary shortly afterward. The doctor also gazed upon another patient, Mr. Copeland, and chose to speak with him amidst this unadulterated terror.

"Mr. Copeland!" Gabriel hollered. "Come here at once!"
He knew Cary's reputation for getting into trouble. Perhaps this was another one of those moments.
Timothy James Kowalski, or more commonly known as TJ to his friends and family, woke suddenly. It took him a few moments to remeber were he was, it had been the same place he had called home form almost a decade, the asylum. He groaned and sat up in bed, he streched a bit and groaned in both pain and relief when a few joints popped into place. He stood to his feet and wonderd over to the door, what was happinging in the world outside his cell, outside this place, this...horrible, god forsaken place. It had been years since TJ had seen the outside, and while he longed to be free, the prospect of getting out anytime soon seemed....unlikely, espically with his condition.

TJ sneered at that word, condition. Is that what survival was called nowadays? He did what he had to do....sure it wasn't pleasent murdering and feeding on your own brother, but what choice did he have? Inky told him to do it, he needed to do it, he...wanted to do it.

A familar rush of...warmth raced over him, when was the last time he had succlent meat from his fellow man? Years perhaps...he smiled when one of the orderlies was stupid enough to get close to him, he probably regretted that decison, espically when TJ took a big bite out of the man's arm. It wasn't the best cut of meat on a human, but TJ coldn't really complain, espically since he hadn't had any human for a while.

You are up late Timothy

TJ whipped around and noticed Inky sitting up on his bed, his piercing blue eyes boreing holes into TJ's dark brown eyes.

"Well... you know how it is....it's not my fault they don't give me an alarm clock." TJ responded. Inky rolled his eyes before jumping of TJ's bed and making his way to the door.

Something has happened in the dining room...perhaps we should check it out

"Why....let the nurses and docs deal with it, it's not our problem...besides...I'm not even...hungry." TJ said queitly. He looked as his feet, trying to avoid the ridicule Inky was most likley showing him. After a few moments of just standing there, the door to TJ's room opened, and TJ headed down the hall to the dining room, Inky right at his heels.


When TJ got there, there seemed to be quite a few nurses croweded around one the patients, perhaps she had passed and they weren't sure what to do with the body.

TJ sighed, hopefully they wouldn't bury her, that would be a waste of good meat.

He took a seat at the table and silently observed the situation

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Cary could sense where he wasn't wanted. The girl looked at him with disinterested eyes, seemingly more focused on her meal. Cary was still impressed that she had destroyed the pile of food with such a small body. He awkwardly shifted on his feet. He wasn't easily pushed away. If somebody didn't know him, they just didn't have a reason to like him. Cary could make a friend out of her.

Her reply was unsatisfactory. He watched her furiously grind her fists into her eyes, it looked almost painful. He knew she was sad. But then again, a lot of people were in this place. Maybe Cary should give it up. Her snappy question made Cary look down to his feet, feeling a sharp sense of embarrassment in his stomach. He was about to mumble an apology and sulk away into the kitchen before he heard a loud gagging noise. He looked up with a panicked look on his face.

Obviously something went down the wrong way, the girl was gripping her neck like it was stuck. Cary began to panic. "Oh no! Are you okay?" He leaned in to look, hoping this would clear up quickly. Although, when she reached for her glass, she knocked it down before Cary could reach over and help. The glass shattering seemed to alert more interest in the problem, voices were rising. Cary was in full panic mode as he swung around, seeing a glass of water on the table behind him. Two girls were sitting watching, Cary snatched it quickly "Sorry!" He yelled as he turned back to his friend, who was drained of any colour there was in her face. Trying to be helpful, Cary leaned over the table and gripped her wet hand, trying to give her the glass. "Take the water!" He looked at her with worried eyes as he attempted to get her grip on the wet glass. He wanted to pour the water down her throat, but he knew that wouldn't be appreciated, she probably wouldn't look her way again.

It had been too long, the woman was really looking pale. Cary didn't want her to die, which happened often in this place. But before he could do anything more to save her, nurses burst into the room. They slapped away his hand as they got a grip onto his friend. Cary instantly knew he had to protect himself. "It wasn't me, I didn't do anything!" Cary whined. He was sure she should know how good he was on his medicine, but the nurses yelled at him to get away.

He took a step back, watching in worry before being interrupted by the booming voice of Dr Alenes. His least favourite sound. Cary looked down to the ground instantly, attempting to burn a hole in the floor for him to sink into. That didn't work, and running away from the problem wouldn't work, not if he wanted to avoid the straight jacket. Cary shuffled towards the tall doctor, keeping his eyes on the floor. Acting like a schoolboy caught by his principal, Cary finally looked up to the stone-faced man. "It wasn't me sir, I promise I didn't do a thing!" He shook his head, hands gripped tightly behind his back, "She's my friend, I wouldn't do anything like that I promise!" He whined, nibbling the inside of his cheek as he saw little expression on his face.
Gabriel tapped his foot impatiently as he waited for Cary to step forward. His expression had transcended from that of a frown to something infinitely more hateful, as if all the wrath stored in the doctor's heart rushed in a wild storm to tear down whatever had thrown it into such a frenzy to begin with. Yet while he was waiting, Gabriel felt a soft whisper touch his ears from below. He stood indifferently as Diana told him that Eden was breathing again. The news was a fine relief to the nurses, who were now insistent on bringing her to the infirmary themselves.

"I want to see you in my office later this evening, Mr. Copeland. Bring your 'friend' too, I wish to speak with both of you and finally get to the bottom of this debacle." The doctor tapped his chin before adding "Oh, I had almost forgotten. I'm adding a visit to the sensory deprivation chamber to your schedule, just for today. It is important for you to address me with a... clearer mind. This stressful, dreadful occasion has taken a toll on you." It was apparent that Cory was not yet well-accustomed to everything the asylum had to offer. That included its more radical ideas on medical care.

Turning his heels and readying to leave, Gabriel caught a glimpse of Timothy Kowalski, one of the most feared patient in the institution. His mind was so far beyond repair that sending him to Lehane was more of an exercise in endurance than a genuine attempt at healing him. A strange connection existed between the two men. Rarely did either of them flinch at the idea of doing something morally reprehensible. In fact, they carried out their wicked acts with absolute sadism. Nevertheless, the doctor loathed the constant need to monitor Timothy's every move.

At least he wasn't sent away to the lower wards.
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TJ watched the scene play out in front of him, a little intrested in learning more. He watched when a male patient he had never seen before approach Dr. Alenes and speak to him about something he couldn't quite make out.

You know...eavesdroping isn't condisdered very polite in most cultures Timothy

Timothy turned to his left and noticed Inky walking down the table towards him, the black cat moved with uncanny grace and speed. He always seemed to be in total control, his movement was calculating and deliberate.

"I wasn't eavesdroping....I can't even hear what they are saying." TJ responded. He hated when Inky assumed the worst of him. Everything he did was....natural to him. Of course the others didn't see it that way, but that was their problem. Over the years, TJ had aquired a fearsome repuation as a real freak. He smirked to himself, recalling all the nurses, orderlies and patients who were foolish enough to get close to him when he got....hungry. He felt a familar urge appear, if only for a moment.

"Not now" He mutterd to himself. It wouldn't be a good idea to feed in front of Dr. Alenes, the man who ran Lehane.


TJ looked up and noticed Dr. Alenes standing close to him. TJ snapped to attenion and rose to his feet, he might have been insane, but he had enough common sense to show a sadistic man like Alenes some respect

"Do-Doctor Alenes...how have you been?" TJ asked, deciding to try and make small talk.
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Cary felt like he wanted to cave inwards, into a pit of shame. He felt the blood rushing to his cheeks as the Doctor wanted him in his office. So much for making a new friend. Now she was in trouble and almost choked to death. It felt like it was his fault. He gripped his hands tightly behind his back as he was spoken down to. His stomach opened up into a bottomless pit of fear as the Doctor added the tank to his schedule. Cary sniffed, nodding sadly as he was dismissed.

The tank was the worst. Being locked away in a jacket was fine, mainly because he was off his medicine, he only remembered the soft cotton walls rather than any real memories. He only had bits and pieces, unsure as to what happened there or why, just sensations. The tank of different. He was very much so present. The one time he went in one was only short. Barely five minutes, just a test to make sure he was okay, apparently. But floating in the feeling of nothingness really set Cary's fast mind on sonic. The silence would start a positive quiet, to a ringing, to a screeching sound of nothing. Cary sniffed again as he shuffled away, trying not to cry in front of everyone.

He wasn't even sure why he was crying. Getting in trouble always made him feel bad, especially if it wasn't his fault. He looked down to his socks as he slinked into the kitchen. There was still lots of food. Cary just slowly spooned two bowls of jelly for himself before leaving. No point eating anything light, the tank would for sure make him vomit. Cary felt a heavy sense of dread as he looked at the clock on the wall. It wouldn't be long.

Cary wanted to look for Eden, and he definitely wanted to know if she was okay. However, she did get him into trouble, and it seemed like she didn't like him. Cary sighed as he left the room. He'd just go back to his room and wait until this evening. He'd rather wallow in his own self-pity than bother with anything else before the meeting.
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@Uncle Legens Legentis

Eden was saved by a handful of nurses scurrying to her rescue. She was teary eyed by now, optics lolling and chest heaving for air. Her heart was in her throat, cold sweat beading her skin as she couldn't calm down long after she was able to breathe again. She just wanted to sink into the floor underneath her. The nurses tended to her and started to speak to her after she was clearly breathing. Eden mumbled words, answers, noises weakly. This was such a pain in the ass more than a life threatening event. If she hadn't dropped her drink then this whole mess wouldn't have been started. Now they're going to be on her ass for a while now.

"Eden!" Oh for fuck's sake.
Adam ran over, eyes wide with worry as he crouched next to her head. "Eden, what did you do?!"

Eden closed her eyes, sighing under her breath shakily. Here we go.

"See? See what happens we you don't just stay in your lane and paint for once? Jesus christ, can't you do anything right? You run away and then now you're bothering the Institution." Adam let out a huff of annoyance, rolling his eyes and running an irritated hand down his face.

Eden was hearing but not listening to Adam's speech at this point, wanting to stay on her back on the floor and just take a nap. Sadly, there was a good chance that they were going to take her to the infirmary.

"That's why you need to stop taking all those pills. It's separating us, Eden, and I can't watch over you as well since you're acting all loony. Those pills make you different."

This type of talk wasn't new at all, Adam scolding Eden for bad things that happen as if it's her fault. She started to think of that guy, the way he tried to save her with the water and his kind introduction. She didn't get his name. Compared to Adam's company, his in the short few minutes he interacted with her was a lot better.

Words were exchanged above her head and around the room. Whispers. Words of medical information. A scared voice. A chilling one. Adam continued to ramble about her safety, but Eden didn't contribute to the world of the speaking. Her lips stayed shut as she listened to the blood drumming a slow monotone song in her ears.


"All good. Throat is clear, vitals are on point, nothing going on. Just relax and in no time you'll be out of here after we get you your medication."

Eden gave a feeble nod as the nurse clicked away, slumped on the infirmary bed. Her bloated stomach gave little comfort now, neither did the form of a boy sitting on the edge of her bed. Adam sat leaning form with his arms on his knees, silent as he stared ahead. Eden knew he was disappointed in her. Her stomach turned with sadness at the thought.

Lately, they haven't been getting along. Ever since her Dad rescued her from that cellar, he went from angelic and encouraging to scolding and insensitive. Eden didn't know why and didn't think of contemplating his changed behavior further. She just didn't have the strength to.

Eden wanted to cry all of a sudden, the event of today overwhelming her before a nurse suddenly pressed some water and pills into her hands. "Take these please." Eden ignored Adam's ugly look as she did as was told, handing the empty cup back to her. "Later you have a scheduled meeting with Doctor Alenes in his office, so get some rest and eat mindfully from now on, okay?" The patient nodded, a dryness in her mouth developing at the discovery of this meeting, a new found panic setting in at the ideas of why he wanted to see her. What the nurse failed to mention was the nice man would be there as well with her. That would have given the meeting an air that he just wanted to know what happened rather than to punish Eden in some form. From Adam's battering words, she forgot how to accept that certain things weren't her fault.

Eden glanced up as her heart thrummed in her throat. She was only greeted with the edge of her bed. Every day it became harder to believe that at one time he used to comfort her rather than abandon her.

With a small sob, she turned onto her side and resting her watering eyes into her elbow.

The doctor gave a guttural laugh in reply to Mr. Kowalski, finding himself delighted at the fact that a patient was so bold to speak to him without permission. Had it been any other day, Gabriel would have found the gesture to be an insult. Today, however, it was a welcome change. "Ah, Timothy, just the man I was looking for," he slapped his hands together. "I'm doing tremendously." Walking over to the patient's table, the towering doctor stood over the mad cannibal with an eager smile. All the while he was oblivious to the nurses hauling off Eden to the infirmary or Cary's sulking demeanor.

"By any chance, did you happen to see what happened with our dear friends Eden and Cary?" The warmth in Gabriel's voice was hollow and dead. His mere words could freeze hell several times over. It was all a display, meant to draw a confession of some misdeed on Copeland's part. The asylum staff were well-aware that the punishment for choking another patient would be a long tenure in the basement ward, and the doctor was positively certain that foul play was involved. He was looking for a culprit where none was to be found. "Don't be afraid to tell me the truth. Keeping secrets isn't going to help you."

Diana, meanwhile, was completely relieved that Eden was unharmed. She fluffed the pillow before the patient was placed onto the bed. She jotted down a few notes on a clipboard, recording Eden's condition for the time being. The other nurses rolled out back to the dining hall, whereas Diana stayed by the young woman with some vague notion of solidarity.



Alexandria (Alex) Frank

Location: Dining Hall
Mentions: Eden (@beautie), Dr. Alenes (@Uncle Legens Legnetis)
Interactions: Cray (@King)

Looking at the large building Alex knew she was going to be here a long time but, she didn't want to admit it. Admitting it would make it real. Making it real would only make her sad and she didn't want to be sad anymore. Alex wanted to be able to laugh and smile with her family but, no matter what she did it never worked. She could never form a smile.

Gabriel, her older brother, was the one walking her into the hospital. He hadn't said a word since they left and she was hating the silence. It was suffocating. Still it was better than being with her mother or father. They would only berate her and put her down. That was one thing she didn't need right now. If anything she could use one of her brothers hugs. Looking over at him she could tell he was conflicted, like he wasn't sure he wasn't to leave me here.

If only that were true.

Alex had only been here a few day's but, she knew it wasn't like the other hospitals she was put into. This place housed so many different people, some she wanted nothing to do with since they look scary and others who she wanted to talk to but, was to scared or nervous. Over the days she was in here she took solitary in the library but, today she had decided a trip to the dining hall for a snack was in order. Alex thought it would be peaceful that nothing bad would happen, but life seems to work in the opposite way you want it too.

Half way through her snack a girl started choking which led to nurses surrounding the girl and the guy she was talking to getting in trouble. Alex wasn't sure why he was in trouble. It's not like he made her choke. "Don't get involved," Lucy's shrill voice whispered. Alex wished Lucy would leave her alone but, no matter what she did she just started messing with her.

"It's not like I can, the nurses are taking care of it." She mumbled quietly. People didn't need to hear her talking to herself, well Lucy but, to them it's like she's talking to herself. Alex could hear Lucy huff but, chose to ignore it in favor of watching the guy that got in trouble. With a brief thought she got up and walked over to him, well more like shuffled over to him. Alex was more than nervous to actually talk to him. He looked sad, that's probably why she was going to talk to him. "Um..Hi" Alex mumbled out looking at her hands feeling more awkward than she did sitting by herself.[/bg]



All he wanted to do was cry, but as he reached for the door, a girl stopped him. Cary had to sniff and wipe his eyes real quick before looking up. A ginger girl looked at him as if she was wanting to talk. She certainly seemed anxious, and had a kinder look on her face compared to Eden. Cary quickly looked behind him to see the doctor and a patient conversing. An unlikely scene, but as long as that attention wasn't on him. Cary swallowed and smiled, "Hi." He said. Usually this was a stellar opportunity to make a friend, which he desperately needed now, but he was feeling self-pitying.

And what a surprise Bobo was perched on the chair Eden was sitting on. "Cary, stop talking to girls! You weirdo!" He shook his head mechanically agian. Cary quickly looked away from him, "I promise I didn't do anything, she just started choking! Probably because she was trying to breath in the food rather than eat it." Cary began to babble. A usual for him, but now it was a little sadder than usual. Cary looked at his bowl of green jelly, sighing, "Do you know her? The pixie girl who choked?" He asked.

It was possible this was her friend and not his, maybe she was just curious as to what happened. Like Bobo just read his mind, his wooden mouth clapped open and shut like he was laughing. Cary gave Bobo the side as before he sighed, "I really want to talk but I gotta go before Dr Alene's finds something else I've done wrong." Cary mumbled, "I'm a good friend, maybe we can hang out!" Cary slowly felt better as he smiled at the ginger girl.

After he caught a glimpse of the Dr looking in his general direction, Cary scuttled out of the door like a rat. He almost ran to the library, inhaling the jelly on his way. Although, he put extra care into swallowing, he didn't want to do what his pixie friend did.
Wren looked at the building in front of her, the darkening sky casting dramatic shadows around the building and sending an eerie vibe into the entire feel of the building. The chill from the air seeped into her thoughts, Cassius muttering things he wished he could do to her into her ear. Sadly, Wren couldn't tune him out. "Shut the hell up already!" Wren snarled a bit louder than intended and from her peripheral vision, she noticed her parents clasping onto each other and shying away from her. She turned her head, a small apologetic shimmer flaring inside of her. Wren was about to reach her arm up to wave bye when Cassius roughly grabbed her arm and pressed it into her side. His hand traveled to her chin as well and jerked it to face the building, small snickers erupting out of his mouth. "Don't look back babe. Just keep moving forward, each step is a step closer to your demise!" Cassius lean over her shoulder, using his sharp teeth to nip at her earlobe a bit with a huge smile - he looked like he had just announced the worlds greatest news to Wren.

"I'm walking! Calm down.." Wren sighed, letting Cassius take control. Normally, she'd keep fighting Cassius and his view on their "master/slave" relationship. However, tonight Wren was too tired and numb to deal with his fiascos. Cassius smirked and nuzzled her cheek, the sharp teeth grazing her skin and sending small waves of pain throughout her. "What a good little slave!" He chuckled darkly, aware of the pain he was causing her. Wren looked forward, now aware she was in the lobby. Her mouth parted in slight awe as her dark eyes glided over every detail and soaked it all in. Cassius quieted down, seemingly in awe as well. "This can't be right. This is one hell of a sick joke.." He hissed, anger flaring in his pupil-less eyes.

"Hush Cassius, lets just check in or something. Just.. lead me or whatever, I'm not in the mood for your games." Wren yawned, feeling Cassius push her forward again. She jerked along with his spastic movements, Cassius continuing his monologue about all his fantasies with Wren as the star. Wren slowly blocked him out, entering a state of mind where she didn't have to deal with this beast following her. As she was lost in thought, she never noticed that she had reached the main desk and a worker was attempting to regain her attention.

"Those are pretty mean ideas doll, life without me would be so bland! Don't tell me you didn't enjoy every fight you ever won, and don't forget you won because of me.." Cassius hissed, digging his claws into her flesh, causing Wren to gasp out in pain and grab onto the desk to steady herself. Slowly, Wren let her eyes travel to the worker, looking at her with gentle eyes.

"I-I need to check myself in, my parents are outside and wont let me leave.." Wren hissed quickly, stumbling over her words and averting her gaze while the pain continued to rack her body. Behind her, Cassius hummed in glee.

"This is going to be the most fun I've ever had!"
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TJ stared up at the doctor, his expression unreadable as he studied the doctor's face. While very little scared TJ, Doctor Alenes was an exception. The man reeked of sadism and downright wickedness, hm...TJ guessed that was a thing they had in common, both men were coldblooded. TJ's pulse slowed to a crawl whenever he commited a horrible act, or fed.

TJ blinked once, twice...before coming back to reality. He remebered where he was, and what he supposed to be doing.

"I-I can't say....I didn't see anything, I was in my room all morning, Inky was the one who wanted to come down here, right Inky?' TJ looked around himself, looking for the talking black cat that doubled as his guardian angel.

"I-Inky?" He said once more, Inky was nowhere in sight, he had disapperead, uh oh, not good.

TJ turned back to Alenes, not really sure what to say or do. He took a nervous step away from the doctor, ready to bolt if necassary. Like mentioned before, he might have been insane, but he had enough sense to try and not upset the Doctor

"M-maybe....I could talk to Cary...get the whole story, maybe's he's only telling us the half truth." He said, his tone changing from nervous to serious.
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"Farewell," Gabriel waved off to Timothy as he retreated. It was helpful to use the patients as secondary eyes and ears during these trying times. The nurses were always more reluctant with the need for surveillance, instead delegating the burdens to the orderlies and the guards, which offered no shortage of frustration to the head doctor. Utilities which required electricity for their operation were a rarity at the asylum, hence the equal rarity of cameras. Cameras were an inconvenience. They could be tampered with, damaged, or repurposed for incriminating the institute.

Dr. Alenes couldn't have any of that.

He strolled out of the dining hall with a subdued smile on his face, one that lasted until a passing guard handed him a note. A new patient had just arrived. Gabriel went from elated to ecstatic at the drop of a hat. The note included her name, Wren Lydian, a name most obscure and unlike the majority of others. He traversed through the winding hallways, descended from a wide and open staircase, and entered into the lobby. It was always his favorite room. He could see the unfamiliar woman from afar, a pretty young thing that looked as though her body was being torn apart from the inside.

"Welcome to the Lehane Sanitarium!" Gabriel announced to Wren while she was checking in. The woman behind the counter looked over to her boss uncomfortably. It was the kind of reaction you'd expect from someone watching a wolf on the prowl, lurching ever closer to its helpless prey. Patients were dead on arrival once they passed through those hand-crafted doors. "It is a pleasure to have you join us up here in the mountains. My name is Gabriel Alenes, and this is my institution. With my help you will be cured in no time."
Wren looked up, a small yelp of shock mixed with pain escaped her lip. angry that Cassius had this effect on her, she clamped her teeth onto her lip and nodded polietly at the doctor. A tiny bit of blood seeped past her teeth, a cut becoming more and more evident with every passing second. "Awe.. i believe that its my job to make you bleed, understood?" Cassius leaned down to her ear, hands still clamped onto her shoulders. Swating at the area he would've been at, Wren continued to stare at the doctor.

He didn't seem all that bad, but Cassius seemed so heavy set that the place would be haunting her nightmares for the rest of her eternities. Quickly remembering her bleeding lip, she reached up her hand to wipe the blood away, smearing it onto her hand instead. A small, slightly apologetic smile was forced onto her face, her not-bloody hand going up and through her messy blonde hair. "I-I'm, uh, sorry.. he likes to act up when im in public.." Wren softly stammered out, gritting her teeth from the pain being pushed throughout her body.

Slowly averting her eyes to the nurse, she once again smiled. Cassius chuckled, digging his nails into her shoulders once more, "They don't even know i exist, you sure fucked up this time Wren!" He cackled, leaning over her shoulder to look at the nurse below. "Look! She's scared too!" Wren hand traveled straight to her shoulders, feeling excruciating pain welling up in the sensitive tissue and muscle, right by the base of her neck. She grunted, her soft stare turning into an ice filled glare, unintentionally selecting the nurse before her as its target.

"Just hurry up, damn, why is it taking so long.." Wren hissed laying her head onto he counter and wincing in the pain of Cassius's mental and 'physical' abuse on her average frame. both her hands balled up into fists and released themselves over and over again. Cassius continued to just giggle at her fruitless reaction, as if she was trying to subdue her pain.

"p-please.. y-you guys ha-have to help me.." Wren whimpered, tilting her head to look at the doctor once more, her eyes pleading and begging for a saviour. "i-i-i'm beg-begging at this point.. Cass-Cassius is right, I am pathetic.." She chuckled, tears filling her eyes as she let her self sink down to her knees and curl up, still writhing in pain. Her shaking form only alarmed the nurse more, their head swivling to their boss and back to the girl on the floor.

"Don't cry sugar, save you tears for the rest of your stay.."
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