The Inglorious

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  1. On The Streets of Desla...

    The streets were littered with all kinds of townsfolk, travelers, merchants, and other beings. Thayne looked around anxiously as if trying to spot some coincidental situation that would lead them to their first "hero". Giving it some thought, Thayne had only just realized he didn't know where they were even walking.

    "Ando...where are we headed anyways?" Thayne asked, still looking about the vast crowd. Ando simply kept walking, threading himself through the nooks of the crowd as if he were a guided needle of a master seamstress. Thayne not having as much grace found himself bumping shoulders with quite a few passer-by, increasing his impatience.

    "You know you Jintari are quite annoying at times. Certain things you just can't answer straight out, you just do what you feel don't you? Ah well i suppose that's why you're so useful on the battle field, you feel instead of think, am I right Ando?" Just then Ando stopped, Thayne looked over as to what could have caused Ando to halt so quickly, he then saw the sign of a popular dock inn, the "Sea Wharf Inn" By the time Thayne had stopped looking at the sign, Ando was already halfway to the entrance, casually removing his hood. Thayne quickly caught up and peered into the establishment.

    "Why here all of sudden? Don't tell me you're in need of a drink at a time like th..." Ando held up his hand in a subtle gesture to silence Thayne for a moment.

    "The smell of blood is heavy in here...we may just find ourselves a good warrior" Ando glanced around, seeing a couple drunks pick up a friend who had seemed to have just received a nasty beating and it didn't look like one of the others wasn't doing much better. A fight had definitely just occurred, that much was clear to Ando.

    "Grab that table over there, I'll get us some food" Ando pointed towards the back corner table that was right next to the stairs. Thayne quickly complied and made his way over to take his seat. Ando made his way to the bar, positioning himself just behind two large men that were conversing over the ale.

    "Hmm...not a lot of room..." Ando spoke softly to himself as he scratched his chin. He moved a loose strand of his black hair out of his face then reached his arm between the two large men and signaled the barkeep. His hand was quickly pushed away by the larger of the two men.

    "Hey boy, don't ye know it be rude to reach o'er a man while he feasts?"
    Ando smirked and took half a step back.
    "That's what I thought ye worthle..." A quick flash of steel and the mans' stool fell apart, causing him to drop to the floor with a loud thud. Ando reached back over the bar and waved down the barkeep.
    "Two bowls of soup for that table back there, please" Just as Ando finished his order the large man stood up and gathered his composure before turning to face Ando.
    "You miserable swine! I'll have your...." He stopped mid-sentence as he actually looked at Ando, "...Oye...I knows who y..." Ando interrupted the man quickly by raising the pommel of his sword up to the mans' lips. "I mean...that ol' stool must'a gave way finally." the man corrected himself nervously.

    With that Ando turned then made his way towards Thayne, awaiting their food to be brought to them. Thayne smirked as his old friend sat calmly, placing his sword next to him.

    "Trying to stir things up already? We haven't even eaten yet" Ando just smirked and crossed his arms as he leaned back into his seat, waiting patiently...
  2. "Do you think we should step in?"
  3. She was tired and sore. Her feet ached and she was sure she had never walked as much in her entire life compared to the past two days. Wearing what once must have been fine clothing, was now covered in dirt, mud, cobwebs and sweat. As she glanced around at the busy townspeople, she found herself deeply jealous by their unaware bustling. But she hadn't complained. How could she, when they were so lucky to be alive?

    However, she was reaching her limits. After trying to avoid tripping over something carelessly strew in the street, she lost her balance and toppled in to Madam Ivy. Oralia righted herself quickly, mumbling an apology before heaving a big sigh.

    "Can we please find somewhere to stay for the night? A real bed and a bath? I don't think I can walk anymore." She wasn't trying to be difficult, but she honestly thought if they didn't sit down soon she may as well pass out right there!
  4. "Now, now, my might have to get used to this for a while." Ivy wasn't exactly happy, either. While she certainly preferred her current work to the busyness of court, having the princess along somewhat soured the deal. She'd probably have to take care of the girl for quite some time, and it'd be hard for the princess to adjust to a quieter life.

    But first things first, they had to find a place to stay for the night. Then they could get to selling their clothes and moving on. One of the buildings up ahead seemed somewhat inviting, if a bit dusty.

    The princess toppled into her, drawing Ivy's focus for a moment.
    "Oh, there's one right up ahead. Now don't get your hopes up too much, but it should do for now."
    She pushed the door open with one hand, entering in time to see all of Matthew's fight. She clapped softly, breaking the silence after the fight.
    "Excellent!" Ivy walked over to him, stepping on some of the men and sitting down next to Matthew.
    "So tell me young man, would you be in the business of protecting a witch and her apprentice? I'm afraid I don't have much to pay you with.."
  5. "Hm?" Matthew asks, looking up from the bar to see the middle-aged witch before her. Behind her was a younger girl, obviously not comfortable with the current surroundings, trying her best to step around the bodies. He smirked, an interesting pair to say the least. Hearing his drink clank on the bar table, he turns to drink some of it, sighing as he relaxed, before turning back to her.

    "Well, I'm intrigued to say the least, but I am a man of adventure, of adrenaline, of excitement. Would protecting you provide the thrill that I seek? Money is a trivial matter, so you have that much on your side" He could tell this woman was a wise woman, far smarter than she would like you to believe. It was mainly this that he was even remotely interested.
  6. "Excitement? Well..." Ivy leaned back a bit, thinking.
    "Let me put it this way; I can blow up this building with ease, devastate families with curses, summon small armies of elementals to help me out, and I am asking for help. That should give you a good idea as to whether anything exciting will happen or not."

    "Now, ideally, nothing exciting will happen-My apprentice and I will reach our destination safely, give you some money, and never see each other again-but it always pays to prepare for any complications that will almost certainly arise."
  7. The 'apprentice' stood silent but curious, just behind Madam Ivy. The woman had a way with words, that at this moment Oralia kind of envied. She knew what to say and what to do. Without her, Oralia would have floundered lost for who knew how long.

    Watching the man curiously, she wondered what sort of person wanted only adrenaline and excitement. Didn't most always want the money? Especially in a place like this, where there were people on the floor, drinking everywhere, and... and... She really wanted to question Madam Ivy's choice in places. Was this really the sort of place they should rest for the night?
  8. "Heh, if you can do all that, then I'm afraid I won't be of much help. But, it does sound like a lot of fun. I can only imagine how skilled the enemy is if even you has to look for help." He reached out his hand to Ivy, looking for a handshake to form the pact that would keep him in their service. "Consider my services yours. Now, as our first act of business, may you tell me the name of my employer?"

    He grinned like a little kid you had just wandered into a candy shop with a pocket full of money. He could just tell this was going to lead to more excitement than he can remember. Adrenaline was his drug and it now seemed that he might've stumbled upon the motherload.
  9. Ivy shook the man's hand, smiling. He would be handy to have around, but perhaps more importantly, he was a good person. He gave a distraught man his possesions back for absolutely nothing nothing in return, and that is why she had chosen him. The man would probably still protect them after he learned of their foe.

    Ah, right, her alibi. Eh, the best lies were rooted in the truth, and she wasn't the most public presence in the kingdom.
    "Me? I'm Ivy. That's all you really need to know." God, I hope Oralia doesn't think up something dumb...
    "Anyways, I think we'll stay in town tonight, and head out tomorrow. There's a small village I plan on setting up shop." A village might be a nice change of pace...of course, then I'd have to find something to do with Oralia.
  10. "She likes them, I don't see a problem."
  11. At first, Oralia was a little nervous when the man approached, whispering suspiciously. But the moment she recognized his face her eyes widened and she nearly said his name for everyone and all to hear! Oralia clamped a hand over her mouth quickly, casting a look at Madam Ivy to see what she would do. That was Mister Thayne. He was one of her Father's soldiers and she had seen him often enough to remember his name. But whether or not he was trustworthy, given that her home had been taken over and many people betraying the crown. It might have been a trick.
  12. "Hm?" Ivy paid close attention to the new man. He clearly knew something about him, and the princess's gasp told her that she recognized him.
    "...Certainly, I would love to speak with you." She looked over at the princess. "Come on my dear, we shouldn't keep everyone waiting."
    "I hope you'll forgive her; she is dumb like catfish, and easily startled." Ivy walked upstairs, making sure that the princess was following her. If someone knew who they were, then she needed to make sure that nothing bad happened.
  13. "So the same as usual?" Astorath walked over and opened the door.
  14. Oralia looked insulted when Madam Ivy compared her to a catfish. The princess understood the need for cover stories, but Ivy was going a bit too far! ...She wasn't really as dumb as a catfish was she?

    Obediently (if not still a bit insulted) Oralia followed behind Ivy to the room Mister Thayne led to. Occasionally she'd cast a curious glance over her shoulder at the new man that was hired. If they were walking to a trap right this moment, he wouldn't regret accepting the job would he?

    As they reached the room and stepped inside, there was someone waiting! With the door closed behind them, Oralia took a subtle step just behind Madam Ivy. Where she had recognized Mister Thayne, this stranger was unfamiliar to her. Oralia deemed it better to let Ivy do the talking for now.
  15. Thayne led the group upstairs and found the last door on the left was the only one left open. He stood off to the side and beckoned the trio to enter before him. As he followed them in, he shut the door behind them and gathered a few chairs that were at the table on the far left side of the room.

    "Please, why don't you all sit down." Thayne looked at the Princess's uncertainty with Ando who was standing near the window peering out into the street and he decided it was time for an introduction.

    "Don't be alarmed, he's with us. This is an old comrade of mine. He fought with us in the last battle against Gulvaria three years ago. His name is Ando, a Jintari." Thayne motioned a hand towards Ando.

    Ando calmly approached the Princess and Ivy and did a non-formal bow, a gentleman's gesture, but not so formal as to make the Adventurer for hire aware of their status. He then glanced back over to Thayne.

    "Ok, tell them." Ando turned back and leaned against the wall near the window facing the group. Thayne nodded and cleared his throat.

    "Well, for starters my name is Thayne. I' was a Commander in the Petorian army, and loyal soldier to the late King Aberdan, as well as his descendants." He glanced over at Ivy and Oralia.

    "I've no doubt you've witnessed the atrocities that war councils sorcerer, Drake, has committed within the castle walls. Otherwise you wouldn't be out this far." Thayne paused and paced towards the bed then turned to face Ivy.

    "I'm not sure how well you know the severity of the issue but I witnessed with my own eyes Drake summoning the Ancient Fiends. I was banished from the kingdom by Drake shortly after, though I'm quite certain he did not know I witnessed this act, otherwise I'd be dead already" Thayne paced back over to the center of the room.

    "There's more at stake here than just the fall of a kingdom. Drake may have bitten off more than he can chew summoning forth those horrid demonic gods. They'll encase ALL of Vaan in a dark hell that no one will survive...unless we can stop Drake. I believe if the summoner of the Fiends is destroyed before they are at their full presence, they too can be stopped. That's why Ando and I have come together to gather a force of warriors to handle this task, being part of the few who know the full situation. But can't do this alone and we'll all need all the help we can get."
    Thayne looked at Mathew and smirked.

    "So is it safe to assume that you are coming along on this journey seeing as how you are employed to these two?"
  16. Matthew watched intently at the events that were passing before him. The bow that Ando gave to his new employers was a bit odd, but he chalked it up to just overly polite to women, it would explain why he did extend the bow to himself. However, as Thayne indicated that Ivy and her apprentice had seen some of the things Drake did, it got him to thinking why they would be over in the kingdom to begin with.

    Dimissing it as trivial, he listened as he heard Thayne mention the summoning of the Ancient Fiends. He smirked, thinking that they had been nothing more than a myth, a children's story to straighten up little rogues such as himself. However, nothing in Thayne's tone of voice nor his body motions indicated this as a joke, causing his smirk to wither, realizing that this was far more serious than he had first thought.

    Matthew had just stumbled upon a plot to destroy the world as they knew it, and a group who was willing to risk their lives to save everyone else's. The fact that they would be facing demonic gods implied a low chance of success, and their small numbers further reduced those chances of survival. It was perilous, frightening, absurd. It was....perfect.

    As Thayne addressed Matthew, he gave a devilish grin, his heart racing at the thought of what's to come, saying, "I've lived my entire life for this moment."
  17. It was worse than she could have ever imagined. Oralia had placed a hand at her stomach, trying to still the queasy feeling that began churning while Thayne explained to them their current predicament. Not only had her Father been murdered at the hands of Drake, but now his actions were threatening the lives of everyone in Vaan. Ancient Fiends? What sort of monster would summon things so evil...?

    Oralia slipped in to a chair, not trusting her knees to keep her on her feet. What could the few of them do? Drake had taken the castle and taken the armies. It was going to be impossible. ...but what other choice did they have? Oblivion? She wouldn't stand by idly while some maniac destroyed the country her Father loved so much!

    "Then we will do what we must." she said softly. "I- ...I will do the best I can to help." Oralia cast a glance at Madam Ivy. She would allow the woman to make her own choice. Ivy had saved her life, and as of now Oralia was princess of nothing. She had no rights to force her in to the matter if she refused!
  18. Ivy sat silently, staring at Thayne for a bit.
    "'re serious." She sighed. "Well, if that is the case, then Drake's worse than I thought he was. I'd pin him down as smart in all the wrong ways, but dealing with Ancient Fiends smacks of less common sense than I would have put him at his lowest moments." They're probably lying. I'll keep a close watch on the princess until they prove that they aren't out to get us.

    "..But sure, I'll help. While it's easy to summon them from a knowledge standpoint, the resources required should make it easier to deal with him. And this isn't something that we can let stand...I'll see if I can get the royal academy to help out, but I'd need some form of proof first."
  19. "He's busy stalking those two."
  20. Astorath moved his hands over Melissa's ears. "Where did Lyra go?"