The Inglorious

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  1. "Time has change. Mortals still fight but in a different way." Anya smile, "It's less common to see them fighting on the streets, unless they are drunk." She look to the waiter, "Keep my glass full, body temperature AB negative only and uh... I'll try the grill scallops." Anya was pretty specific with the blood but with food, she clearly isn't as picky.
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  2. "It's fun being the one doing the cutting."
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  3. It's actually pouring today, which basically never happens here.
  4. we are witnessing a woman vomit in horror as she watches someone commit murder right in front of her
  5. Well im new to this site but not roleplaying soo hi lol x3
  6. Was testing some new software out and decided to doodle a Sylveon. WOooo

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  8. A cringe at her words, and then a close snuggle. A soft laugh at her final words, and a shake of his head, cascading silver locks around the two of them. "That's not it at all, sweetheart. You were exhausted. Even a SOLDIER can work themselves too hard, and then our bodies need rest. You weren't letting your body tell you to rest, so I gave you a hand so that you can learn the moves right when you're healed." He explained, one hand stroking her hair.

    "And even SOLDIERs need their mothers sometimes, Kleio. Just like even mothers sometimes need their babies. Everyone has people precious to them, and that's okay. I've known big strong men and women that need their mothers when they get hurt, even when they seemed like legends." And with that, he was content to sit like this with her for a while, patting her hair, and answering all her fears. Making the world safe again with words was new, and he decided he liked it.

    In the quiet, he began to hum the same tune he'd sung in her room, content to remain until she fell back to sleep, decided she wanted her mother, or had further questions.
  9. "Not really. I'm just testing my limits. I don't know what to do with all my power though."
  10. "Cause that's boring."
  11. "Does it?" Anya blush slightly, her pale skin having a light pink glow. "That would make sense. There's really nothing in this world that I can't have and can't own but ever so often something will come up that I can't quite understand and it'll bring up some childlike wonder. I've seen it in others, I didn't know I'd have it too. At least most people don't tell me."
  12. great character sheet neko, just need a few others and we can start. or i may just start it up in the next couple days and hope for others to join down the line, who knows :)
  13. ok i've decided to work up an IC post for this. I'm posting this now because I want to see if Darkness and September Knight are still interested in joining this thread. I am still waiting on a Princess character but i feel i've waited too long already and i just need to start the story. But i have to know everyone is still on board with this before i post
  14. Yeah, sure, I mean, I posted one of my coolest characters for a reason.
  15. I believe I already posted a character sheet, so I think that implies that yes, I am interested ^^

    I typed this up lightning fast, so let me know if it doesn't work for you. XD And I am too damned lazy to find a pic right now. >>

    Name: Princess Oralia, daughter of King Aberdan
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Appearance: Light brown hair, light grey/blue eyes, pale skin. Standing about 4'7" with a petite frame and delicate build! ORALIA I'll resize pic later!
    Personality: With a quiet personality, she doesn't seem to have a lot of presence. Oralia isn't shy per say, but she is a bit awkward with people. She is used to the familiarity of her family and servants, so meeting other people that treat her differently is overwhelming. A little bit spoiled, Oralia doesn't feel at all comfortable without the "frivolities" of royal life, but has the decency to not complain about things she should be grateful to have. Oralia is having a very hard time dealing with the death of her father. With the mix of emotions, small things could send her in to a violent moodswing of tears or bitter anger. She has a righteous determination to do what's right for the kingdom.
    Race: Human, Spellbound
    Weapon(s): A staff with an orb, that she mostly uses for channeling magic or clonking people on the head.
    Magic: Oralia's magical talent is... sketchy at best. It seems she has a great deal of potential, but casting spells always comes out wrong.
    Home: Homeless Princess. ;_;
    Little Princess born to the King and Queen as the only child! Sadly, the Queen died from illness while she was still young, but Oralia has always been her father's little girl. Seeing him as her moon and stars, Oralia was a model child! Occasionally she would be prone to wild fits of adventurism, driving castle servants to the brink of exasperation with her imagination and irritatingly clever games. Worse, she showed magical aptitude that help with those adventures!

    But one evening she accidentally summon up a real monster for one of her games, and since then she has avoided trying to use magic at all. Bringing in the talented Ivy Ladallion as her tutor has not seemed to help further than getting her to at least try the occasional spell.

    Come to present date, Oralia's home was invaded by a very bad man who has since slain her father! By sheer twist of luck, she and Ivy managed to escape the castle through underground passages. Homeless and lost, Oralia has a very big problem. If she tries to return, she'll be killed as well. But if she doesn't try to do something, a murderer will take control of the lands her father had spent his life trying to care for.