The Inglorious

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"Sound the horn, let it begin" a large and bulky man dressed in a Petorian Commander uniform ordered a cadet. Quickly he raced down the hill, passing hundreds of thousands of perfectly lined soldiers along the way. Finally he came to a small wooden platform halfway down the hill and on it was a large War horn. The cadet blew hard and loud echoing out for miles around. Generals up and down the front line shouted out to their units to begin their march forward. Each man looking across the field at their enemy of 50,000 Guls, a race of barbarians bent on the full invasion of Petoria. Long have these two nations been at war, and now on these tattered plains of Oraan the last battle would be fought.

The Guls began their war march as well, weapons and shields in hand. Towards the back of the ranks, large wooden frames wheeled forward primitive catapults loaded with flaming oil barrels. The Gul commander barked an order in their native tongue and the catapults launched, falling a few hundred yards short of the Petorian front lines. The Gul commander grunted in disappointment. Motioning with his hands, his warriors took hold of the catapults and began pushing them forward.

"Commander Thayne, what are your orders?" a Petorian officer knelt down by the commander.
"Show them how REAL artillery works. Ready the balistas" Thayne raised his right hand and from the forest emerged enormous cannons, the Petorian Balistas, their most prized weaponry. They were large magic powered cannons that would rain down a fiery barrage of hellish magic energy. A flick of the wrist was all it took for all thirty balistas to fire. They aimed high, decimating the back ranks of the Guls, also knocking out most of their catapults.

"Primative beasts, send in the rest of the regiment, Full attack. Archers volley first, then continue the front line assault. Clean up with the cavalry. Bring me news of the our victory"
Thayne turned and mounted his horse and began riding back to base camp.

The Petorian front line began increasing the speed of their march, their light jog turned into a full sprint. Battle cries and war shouts bellowed out from the entire line. One soldier however, kept his reserve, running much further ahead of the line, closing the distance between him and the Guls' front line much quicker than anyone else. He drew his sword at the last possible second, cutting down the first three Guls in front of him in a flash of steel, quickly followed up by jumping high over the next two rows of Guls. The initial front line, astonished by the soldiers' jump, were distracted from the rest of the Petorians that collided with them seconds later. Bodies, swords, shields, and armor clashed together in one loud echo. The first two Gul lines were cut down instantly and the third line was falling quick as the Petorians pushed and cut their way through the Gul ranks. And right in the middle of it all was the lone soldier dressed in custom armor, showing no true allegiance to the Petorians other than cutting down Guls like they were weeds. His moves were graceful, his speed, stamina and agility were remarkable. Ten Guls fell, followed by five more, then more dropped. A quick parry followed by an undercut to the gut sent the next Gul to his bloody grave. The soldier, wasting no time, stepped on the hunched over body and launched himself into the air and landed right where he wanted to; in front of the Gul commander, a beast of a man renowned in Petoria and Gulvaria for his strength on the battlefield. The soldier stood slowly, his long black hair hung in his face, barely hiding his vicious smile.

The Gul commander uttered a command in Gulvarian and his men spread out, surrounding their commander and the soldier challenging him. All knew this was a challenge and the rule on any battlefield is that no two warriors of great skill can be interrupted, no matter their rank. The Gul commander grunted and raised his axe high above his head, a massive and mighty weapon a regular soldier could never hope to wield. He took a giant step forward bringing his axe down with tremendous speed and force. For that brief second time stood still as all held their breath. The strike was so fast and powerful, no man could have escaped it. The impact shook the ground beneath their feet, kicking up a cloud of dust no eyes could penetrate. At the end of that second, when the sigh of relief was at their tongues, a blazing flash of steel shot through the dust with such speed, clearing it from the air and revealing the lone warrior's position behind the Gul commander, sword outstretched to the side.
[FONT="]the beheading[/FONT]
The soldier stood, sheathing his magnificent blade in a flash, then turned and began walking back towards the Petorians. The Guls, not knowing what else to do, stepped out of his way. The sudden sound of a body hitting the ground snapped them all back into focus and they turned their attention to the source of the noise, their great commander, beheaded and rotting in his own blood.
The rest of the Petorians emerged and completely slaughtered the rest of the Guls. War cries turned into murderous shouts. Cries of fear and pain ended in blood gargled nonsense. The Guls were completely wiped out…

~~~~~3 Years Later~~~~~~
A hooded drifter gulps the last of his ale before setting his pint down on the bar top. His hand clenched the handle, then slowly let go. His hand reached into his cloak and grabbed a coin bag but stopped as he felt something pressing against the back of his head.

"That's it, nice and slow, put it on the counter. Drifters don't belong here, yet here you are. Guess you didn't know this is my town, and here you pay me to pass through, that doesn't help your chances with my trigger finger here though" the cocky and rough voice spoke. The drifter slowly puled out his coin bag and placed it on the bar, then slowly turned his head.

"That's a gun, is it not?" he spoke in a gruff and cold voice, but there was something else behind it, something terrible and dark. The gunman was speechless, wondering why he was so frightened by mere words. But his thoughts were quickly interrupted by a quick flash followed by an enormous amount of pain in his arm that held the gun. His mind began to focus and he saw the drifter glaring back at him with eyes that could kill a demon. The gunman was so terrified, he didn't even realize the drifter was holding half of his arm, and it still clutched the gun with the finger poised over the trigger. His eyes drifted down and saw a sword sheathed at the drifter's side. Shaking from the pain and fear, the gunman slowly looked up and saw he was staring down the barrel of his own gun, still in his severed arm.

"The arm is severed but can still function if controlled in the right pressure points." The drifter adjusted his fingers and positioned them near the inside wrist of the severed arm.
"But for the life of me I can't remember which point works for which finger…" The gunman was wrought with fear, his eyes said it all. The drifter flexed his small finger, and the arm's small finger flexed. Next he flexed the ring finger.

"Hmm….doing good so far don't you think?"
the middle finger twitched next and as he began to flex his index, the gunman broke down and fell to his knees bursting in tears.
"Please! I beg you, no more! I'm sorry! I….I'm'' the drifter reached down and grabbed the gunman by the throat with his free hand and raised him back to his feet.

"I'm not finished" he spoke softly, but it hit the gunman's ears like a knife. The drifter slowly began flexing his index finger, the bar folk looked on, utterly speechless and seemingly holding their breath. The drifter fully flexed his finger and….nothing happened. He quickly dropped the man and his arm to the floor.

"Three out of four….not bad. Guess I need to refresh my memory. Looks like it's your lucky day" The drifter reached over and grabbed his coin bag still sitting on the bar top, leaving 3 coins in its place.
"S…si…sir, the drink was only a coin, this is too much, please" the innkeeper babbled on clutching his towel.
"One coin for this man's drink and the other is for the mess. See to it he gets medical attention quickly." The drifter turned and headed out into the city streets. The blinding sun hung high in above Desla, one of the largest trade cities on the main continent. The drifter lowered his head and adjusted his hood as he disappeared into the crowd.

It wasn't long before he veered off into an alley and leaned against the wall. He looked out into the crowd then at the ground.
"You're not very good at sneaking up on people, better at commanding them….Thayne."

A tall man, muscular and proud in stature stepped out from around the corner.
"You're a hard man to follow Ando" Thayne smirked as he walked forward.

"Apparently not that hard since even you were able to do it. So then, what's this all about? I know you're not here to reminisce about the 'good ol' days' are you. So out with it, what do you want that you'd have to put so much effort into following me?" Thayne paused a moment scratching his chin then folded his arms and leaned against the opposite wall of Ando.

"King Aberdan was slain four moons ago. Drake, the war council's most powerful sorcerer betrayed us all and has began summoning the Ancient Fiends to bring this world to hell. I was stripped of my command and cast out of the kingdom, my own men couldn't follow me and now they're stuck under that bastard's command…" Thayne clenched his fist then relaxed again.

"Ancient Fiends eh? That's an old children's tale to keep them from getting into trouble. Demon Gods that would send their minions to terrorize children in their sleep. Don't bother me with this nonsense Thayne!"
"I speak the truth!" Thayne shot back at Ando with great intensity, his eyes showing no lies. "I have seen them Ando…and they are very real and are after more than children's dreams. All of Vaan will be pulled into their dark nightmare." Thayne lowered his head in the disbelief of his own words but knowing full well they were true. He felt a hand on his shoulder and looked up into Ando's eyes.

"Then we can't let that happen, can we?" Ando smirked. He saw the truth in Thayne's eyes and he knew this new threat was very real, and Ando was itching for a good challenge as his warrior spirit longed for one for so long.

"So what now?" Ando stepped towards the entrance of the alley, looking through the crowd.

"We recruit. We very well can't do this on our own can we? We'll have to find the best warriors of the land and convince them that the times to come are more than just dark, it will be the end of us all…" Ando looked back at Thayne.
"I see…well then, let's get going" and the two merged in with the crowd.
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This thread is about a group of warriors brought from all over the world of Vaan to come together against a common enemy, Drake. He has taken over control over the Kingdom of Petoria by betraying the King and using him as a sacrifice to summon the ancient Fiends, great demon gods of a long lost era who begin bringing the world of Vaan into their void of destruction by sending out minions everywhere terrorizing everyone and blah blah blah.

Vaan is a fantasy world that consists of floating cities, swords, magic, guns, magic powered machines, airships, sky pirates, Knights, Giants, Elves, Jintari (samurai), Ogatari (warriors who have turned their bodies into machines, think "Samurai 7") wizards/warlocks/witches/sorcerers and such. I haven't come up with alot of cities/towns or continents and all that, i wanted to leave that stuff up to you guys when you create your CS, so get creative
a general location would be nice too.

Character sheet:
Discription: (Looks and brief personality)
Race: (use any that are listed above or make up your own. no angels, no demons, no gods, no vampires, no lycans please)
Weapon(s): (max of 3 allowed, nothing too crazy either, just cuz i say guns are allowed, i don't want massive rocket launchers popping up. Also this is a fantasy thread, real gun names should not be here, make them up if you use one, just give it a pet name or something and say it's a shotgun, rifle, pistol. Other weapons are self explanatory: swords, shields, axes, hammers, bows, staffs, rods ect ect.)
Magic: (no real preferences on magic, just nothing outrageously powerful. This is also mainly for mage-like characters or characters who have a very minor skill in magic handling)
Home: (this is where your creativity first kicks in, give me a town/city and a continent if you can think of one, just make it up, i may draw up a map of everything later after i feel i have enough places)

Obviously if you have any insight, please share and we can all try and incorporate it into the story as best as possible.

Now then, i'm hoping for 6 others to join up as my ideal chosen group of 7; however, realistically thinking, i'll accept the first 4 people that want to be in it to join as such. Everyone else can join as whoever. Here is a small list of playable characters that anyone can assume the identity of and these are the first four teammates of the "hero group".

-The Pirate (captain of an airship, needed for travel later)
-The Princess (orphaned daughter of the murdered King of Petoria, i don't have any particular thought on how she gets away from Drake and i didn't want to name her yet, leaving all that up to the person who wants to play her)
-The Magician (friend of the Princess, lives anywhere outside of the Petorian castle limits. He/she is a powerful magic handler)
-The Comrade in arms (closest friend to my character. male or female, doesn't matter, they have not seen each other in a very long time)

Those are the first four I kind of need for this. like i said i'm hoping for 7 total in the group and if that happens the next 2 that join after the previous 4 can be whoever. Trying to leave this as open as possible for people while still trying to get what i need.

I did try this story on another site and it went pretty well but died, i loved it so much though that i thought i'd try it's luck here

-Princess: Queen Saphira
-Mage/Princess's Tutor: Neko
-Pirate: Kazesei
-Ando's old Comrade: Darkness
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Character sheet:
Description: Ando stands at 5'8", shoulder length black hair and deep brown eyes. His body is strong and athletic with fully toned muscles and scars. He wears baggy white pants with a white cloth shirt with a large leather patch over his left shoulder down to his left pectoral muscle. He wears his white hooded cloak over it all. Ando has a kind soul but his life has been nothing but fighting, so much of his view of the world is…tainted at best. His cold and killer demeanor helps to intimidate his enemies but is a bit off-putting to others. But as a Jintari, he knows he can't be judged by presence alone, actions speak louder than words for him.
Race: Jintari
Weapon(s): Penance a custom forged Katana said to have a piece of Ando's very soul within it. When properly used it can cut through most steel and even stone
Home: Raised in Juton, a Jintari village on the island of Jea-Shin, island that is the furthest southeast of the main continent Palaea.
Background: Ando was found off the shores of Juton where he was raised from infancy to be a Jintari, a proud and honorable warrior class. By the age of 15, Ando's swordplay was beyond magnificent. There wasn't a man in the village who could defeat him in a duel. At the age of 18 Ando left the village to search for real battles all over the world, against his elder's wishes. Ando began work as a mercenary, being hired first by local militias and petty gangs, working his way up to granting his services to armies. One thing held true to Ando throughout all those battles, the side who employed him was the side who won. His swordsmanship became legendary and his skills doubled each year.

*wonders just how close the princess would be with her mage friend-who-happens-to-be-a-girl*
as close as the two of you want I suppose. My general thought was the Mage has been a tutor of the Princess over the years, teaching her the fundamentals of magic handling and what have you, so I would think they've become close over the years perhaps?
How later are we talking about with the pirate there?
*Update* so i'm an idiot and totally forgot to include the rest of the plot lol it's edited back into the first post right after Ando calls Thayne out of the shadows. Thayne explains in greater detail the current situation.

And as far as the Pirate goes, or any of the heroes for that matter; you can post anytime once the story starts, just be sure that eventually you lead yourself right into the rest of the group, if that makes sense? and then with the airship the Pirate can offer it up later or however that situation may arise later down the line. Hope that makes sense lol
Actually, now that I read up on your character bio a bit more, I figure I'd do a better "comrade"
great! sounds good to me. Post your character sheets whenever. Also I'll be posting a general "glossary" so to speak of the brief layout of Vaan and some other NPC's
[Ok so here's a list of Races n' Places as a quick reference of the layout of Vaan. This will be updated according to everyone's character sheets later down the line. So i leave it up to you when you make your character sheets for certain characters to at least briefly describe your place of origin if it's not already on this list. Make up continents, seas, mountains, villages, the list goes on. i want this to be as much of your RP as mine]


-Palaea: the main continent. Sits on the far west side of the World of Vaan

-Petoria: the largest kingdom on the main continent, only rivaled in size by Gulvaria in the west. Petoria is located towards the middle east of Palaea. This great city is rich with people and ridiculously high buildings. It's one of the largest cities of trade in all of Vaan. Airships fill it's skies and people fill all the walkways on all the levels of the city. It's also one of the most advanced cities, being that most of the city is run off magical power. King Aberdan was the ruler of this great kingdom and was loved by more than just his people, but by people all over the world. His death has not yet passed to other citie's ears.

-Gulvaria: The once great nation of Gulvaria was home to a more primative lifestyle. A very large city itself, but no technological advancements. The Gul's being a proud warrior race, never believed in the use of magic. After the war with Petoria on the plains of Oraan, the entire Gul military force was wiped out. The rest of the Guls, now numbering just shy of a thousand citizens, including their King, have closed off their city to any outsiders and permit no one to leave. 3 years have passed and it seems the world has forgotten they even exist.

-Desla: Another extremely large city of trade. Desla sits at the far east coast of Palaea. It's structures are high producing many city levels equivalent to Petoria. The only major differences is that Desla has no "ruler" it is a free city run by merchants. Every once in a while a council of the richest merchants gather in the main citadel and discuss trading options and what not and discuss what might further profit for all merchants and residents of Desla. Being that the council is essentially made of residents, they run a fair game. The other difference is that Desla is more of a port city, taking in ships from the air and sea. The docks of Desla are one of the largest docks in Vaan, housing 40 different warehouses due to the constant trade coming in from all over the world.

-Juton: a small and humble village residing on the main island of the Jea Shin isles. This village is also home to the honorable and fearsome Jintari, a warrior class that has been around almost as long as the Elves.

-Plains of Oraan: This field lies exactly in the middle of Gulvaria and Petoria and was the location of many of their battles. Between all the fighting, it's once luscious grass now stomped down and burnt to mere clay and rock. Bones, broken weapons, shatter shields and armor, all lay about the vast plains. No battles have taken place since the Petorian war against the Guls for the past 3 years. Many believe the place is forsaken and is merely a convenient graveyard for both sides of dead soldiers.

-Jea Shin Islands: a small group of islands located at the far south-east corner of Vaan. These islands although small, are lush with greenery from tall trees to exotic plants. The main island of the group also holds one of the largest mountains in Vaan, Zaishen mountain rumored to be vulcanic. The main island also is home to the small Jintari village of Juton.

-Giants: creatures that stand at 10ft. Their massive bodies although similar in anatomy to humans, possess triple their strength.

-Elves: mystical beings who's average height ranges from 7-8ft tall. Their elegance and beauty are unmatched. Their skills with blades and bows are as remarkable as their surprising knowledge of magic

-Jintari: an ancient and proud warrior race, Jintari, although human, possess the spiritual knowledge of their ancestors allowing them to focus much more clearly on their fighting abilities. Such "Zen-like" training over generations and generations have made the Jintari's fighting style almost supernatural in it's speed and power.

-Ogatari: proud warriors of old, have turned themselves into machines. Although magically powered, they possess no knowledge on the use of magic, and rely strictly on their newly acquired brute strength and firepower. An Ogatari firearm is one of the most powerful weapons that are used on the battle field. Many Knights and even Jintari have fallen to these weapons.

-Spellbound: A general name given to any who excel in the use of any magic. Some races amongst the Spellbound are human, others are not which may indicate the subtle difference in power and in usage of magic.

-Shade: like a Spellbound, a Shade is a general name given to any who excel in magic but use it more particularly for evil. There have been no reports of human Shades, most who practice dark magic, are that not of this world or of an entirely different race of beings.

As usual i have no locations or hometowns or fortresses on where any of these races originate. i leave that all up to you people.

NPC's (possibly to be updated)
-Drake: The most powerful sorcerer on the Petorian War Council. Although he fully excels at nearly all kinds of magic, he is very well versed in traditional combat, namely sword and spear arts. He wears a particular armor set of a dark jade green color. the breast plate lined with dragon skales, and both shoulder guards are made from the skulls of baby dragons. His race is considered to be a Shade, his eyes sunk deeper in the back of his head, indents which cast an eerie shadow over his eyes. His night-black hair runs down to his mid back and he stands at 5'10".

-Fiends: these are ancient beings who were cast away in their own realm by an ancient group of warriors (much like our heroes now) There are Five fiends total, one for the North, one for the South, one for the East, and one for the West. The Fifth resides in the very middle, hidden within the planet core, through the bottom of the ocean and is the most powerful of all the Fiends. The Fiends are enormous creatures, who's skin is so black, it can oly be compared to the emptiness of a blackhole. There main documented abilities include the summoning of their dark minions from their realm of torment, creating powerful voids that would suck in an entire city, bringing it to its destruction within the void. Each individual Fiend has their own unique powers as well. The Fiend of the North fully controls the element of Fire, the Fiend of the South fully controls the element of Ice and Water, the Fiend of the East fully controls the element of Earth, the Fiend of the West fully controls the element of Wind, and the Core Fiend controls plague and disease.

The Fiends themselves we will not encounter until much much later, however their minions will most likely be a constant pain. So look out for that
if you have any ideas and insight about the Fiends or Drake, please run them by me and we'll see how it all works together
Name: Morgan "Lobo" Borne
Age: 34
Gender: Male


Race: Human, spellbound.

Weapon(s): A 7-shot revolver, he carries speedloaders in a pouch that hangs on his back, he also has a shotgun on the horse seat for when he needs more firepower along with a bandoleer across his chest, and a rondel dagger when people get too close, or he needs to get too close.

Magic: He's capable of enhancing his eyesight to view during the dark, though not by much. He can also enchant his bullets to pierce armors, and travel straight, though it takes a lot of effort on his part since he's not too good with magic.

Home: New Varland, Veloper continent, east of Palea. It's a continent that's recently been discovered about three centuries ago by the people of Palea, though by then the Veloperians were more advanced than most of the entire continent, having already developed gunpowder and using it widely for guns and primitive artillery. New Varland and the entirety of its area is mostly desert, they bring food and water from lands with better soil at the south of the continent.


Morgan was born in New Varland, son of a former soldier who now owned a farm. His son was taught how to shoot from a very young age, hunting wild foxes, wolves and many others of the pests that came around trying to eat the cattle.

The boy then entered the army when he hit 18, becoming a very proficient rifleman and showing it around the best he could, realizing it wasn't good not getting known for being a good shooter in the army. Five years later, the man and some of his former army buddies decided to quit, after having problems with their pay.

They left and, in a country that was getting torn by war, he, being the only one who could do more than drink, took off on a ship to Palea, figuring that a place like that was in dire need of mercenaries, and he, well, was the perfect man.

He took jobs as a bounty hunter, catching fugitives, and more often than not offering his services to whomever needed a man that was good with a gun, due to several lack of them in the continent, he became a sort of famous figure among the infamous, though, as time passed so did his fame, not that he was worried about it, the less there was the less there were people wanting to kill him.
I call Pirate!

Name: Matthew Wretfield

Age: 26

Gender: Mail

Matthew is a fun loving guy, getting a natural high off of excitement. Fiercely loyal to his allies, he is a good man to have on your side, even better to have your back. Rarely does anything effect his cheerful mood, but, as most people, he too is capable of rage and the like.

Race: Human

1. A sniper rifle. It's mechanical properties are magic based, shooting out charged bolts of magic instead of bullets, as to therefore be unaffected by wind and other elements. The gun has much high kickback however, allowing for only a shot about every 10 seconds, assuming the target is relatively easy to hit. While Matthew likes to tinker with it, he has not made any real progress in improving it.
2. A pair of daggers. Have been magically enhanced so that they never grow dull or become blood stained. Matthew is very adept with them, able to even throw them with near perfect accuracy, though he prefers close combat.
3. Hidden blades in his boots. Due to his wild and unpredictable style of fighting, Matthew implemented blades into his boots so, upon making a kicking motion, would cause a blade to slide out, increasing his range and lethality. This effect is also enhanced with magic, meaning that the blade will stay firmly out of the boot until the kick ends, so as to prevent the blade from being pushed back in upon striking the target. Also has the same magical enhancements as his daggers.

Magic: Is very knowledgeable about the applications of magic in relation to technology. He is able to repair most magic powered machines, and can even make a few of his own, if only basic ones. Learned most of this craft by his father.

Home: From the town of Veshnar, the home of the first airship. Located off the southern tip of Palea, the town and surrounding region are for the most part blocked off by the Veshnar Mountain range, of which the town is named off of. While a not particularly tall mountain range, it's terrain is extremely dangerous, and home to many dark creatures. The mountain range is also full of tunnels of which the creatures call home. The only known land pass is in the eastern edge of the range, but is only 3 men wide, only allowing for small travel through.

Background: Matthew is the son of Martin, the original inventor of the airship, of whose original purpose was to increase trade with the outside regions. However, his invention boomed into popularity for is overall speed in travel and trade, making it for some a preferable way to travel.
Matthew ran away from home at the age of 17, craving the life of a pirate. However, he returned a few years later, hungry cold and with little money. Martin, originally angry with Matthew, grew to accept his son's hunger for adventure and granted him with a new custom ship, and a small fortune of money, of which was made off of his original blueprint of the air ship. His father had little need of the money, having lived alone with Matthew, his wife dead since Matthew was 6. Since then, Matthew has made a name for himself, making the skies his own, earning the name "Monkey of the Sky" for his wild form of combat.

Hope this works! Let me know if anything needs to be changed
Hey guys i appreciate you joining up, loving the sheets! looks like we have some nice characters in this already so i'm looking forward to see how the story will turn out. I've made a mental note to add your homelands and regions to the list and currently i'm working on developing a map (just because i can and i have that kind of time) Thanks again! once i have all the key characters, i'll start up the first IC post
Name: Ivy Ladallion
Age: 50
Gender: Female
Discription:Ivy like tricking the nobles of court, trapping them in their own webs of deceit. She considers herself a friend of the princess, someone to talk to about dresses and boys and how darn BOOORING people can be. She likes messing with people, and tries to present her lessons in ways that are not immediately clear.
Race: Elf, Spelltouched
Weapon(s): A single dagger, used for ritual spells.
Magic:Ivy is a practiced wizard. She keeps her spellbook with her, a tome that has notes required for her to remember all of her more complex spells. These spells cover summoning, evocations, and necromancy. She can make magic items aligned to these sources-rods, guns, swords, bows-provided she has the weapon to enchant.

Ivy has some spells that she has etched into her memory and can use without previous access to her spellbook. These simple elemental attack spells are just that. Handy for emergencies.

Lastly she has a natural affinity for divination; the art of seeing things seperated from you by time and space. This is absolutely crippled by the magic surrounding court, but it can give her forewarning of ambushes and other dangers. It functions like a sixth sense without focusing, and like powerful spellcasting when she has time to meditate and focus. It does not allow predicting the future; this lets her see the past and the present. If something was blocked at the time she tries to view it, it will be impossible to view it at that time.

Home: Ivy's home is where she chooses to make it. She's thinking that unless the princess really wants her around, she can go and be a town witch somewhere.
Background: Ivy comes from a nomadic group of elves. Her people move from town to town, stopping where they can long enough to rest, eat up, and make some honest (and mostly not-so-honest) money. They're generally known as thieves, scammers, and vagabonds, and not without justification. When she was still a little girl, Ivy was caught picking the pocket of a wizard. The man was surprised, to say the least, as she blinded him with a sudden flash of light and ran away.

Intrigued, he tracked down the temporary home of her family and paid to see her preform simple magic tricks. She showed some simple talent, but was particularly surprised when Ivy managed to make images appear in a bowl of water-while this mage was no stranger to scrying and divination, to see a young girl with no formal training pull it off well enough for others to see what she was seeing shocked him. Attempts to convince her family to give her up failed.

Attempts at kidnapping were far more effective. When her family moved on to the next town, Ivy stayed behind.

Ivy hated the man for taking her away from her family, but she loved magic. It captured her childish imagination, and she studied intensely.
When she didn't have much more to learn from the man, she went off to a university.

It was there that she gained a hold of her wild talent. When a scout for the royalty arrived at the school, she knew who he was and how to get in his good graces. From there she ended up being sent to the royal academy for further training and evaluation. Ivy was a woman and an elf, so warmage was out of question. She was instead selected by the king to be the Princesses tutor, as she was by far the safest of several choices. Ivy's talent has, for the most part, escaped notice. Almost everyone in court has numerous powerful enchantments to hide them from divination, so she finds it hard to focus on them.
great character sheet neko, just need a few others and we can start. or i may just start it up in the next couple days and hope for others to join down the line, who knows :)
ok i've decided to work up an IC post for this. I'm posting this now because I want to see if Darkness and September Knight are still interested in joining this thread. I am still waiting on a Princess character but i feel i've waited too long already and i just need to start the story. But i have to know everyone is still on board with this before i post
Yeah, sure, I mean, I posted one of my coolest characters for a reason.
I believe I already posted a character sheet, so I think that implies that yes, I am interested ^^

I typed this up lightning fast, so let me know if it doesn't work for you. XD And I am too damned lazy to find a pic right now. >>

Name: Princess Oralia, daughter of King Aberdan
Age: 20
Gender: Female
Appearance: Light brown hair, light grey/blue eyes, pale skin. Standing about 4'7" with a petite frame and delicate build! ORALIA I'll resize pic later!
Personality: With a quiet personality, she doesn't seem to have a lot of presence. Oralia isn't shy per say, but she is a bit awkward with people. She is used to the familiarity of her family and servants, so meeting other people that treat her differently is overwhelming. A little bit spoiled, Oralia doesn't feel at all comfortable without the "frivolities" of royal life, but has the decency to not complain about things she should be grateful to have. Oralia is having a very hard time dealing with the death of her father. With the mix of emotions, small things could send her in to a violent moodswing of tears or bitter anger. She has a righteous determination to do what's right for the kingdom.
Race: Human, Spellbound
Weapon(s): A staff with an orb, that she mostly uses for channeling magic or clonking people on the head.
Magic: Oralia's magical talent is... sketchy at best. It seems she has a great deal of potential, but casting spells always comes out wrong.
Home: Homeless Princess. ;_;
Little Princess born to the King and Queen as the only child! Sadly, the Queen died from illness while she was still young, but Oralia has always been her father's little girl. Seeing him as her moon and stars, Oralia was a model child! Occasionally she would be prone to wild fits of adventurism, driving castle servants to the brink of exasperation with her imagination and irritatingly clever games. Worse, she showed magical aptitude that help with those adventures!

But one evening she accidentally summon up a real monster for one of her games, and since then she has avoided trying to use magic at all. Bringing in the talented Ivy Ladallion as her tutor has not seemed to help further than getting her to at least try the occasional spell.

Come to present date, Oralia's home was invaded by a very bad man who has since slain her father! By sheer twist of luck, she and Ivy managed to escape the castle through underground passages. Homeless and lost, Oralia has a very big problem. If she tries to return, she'll be killed as well. But if she doesn't try to do something, a murderer will take control of the lands her father had spent his life trying to care for.