The Infinity Aspiration

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  1. The

    I'll journey through that great beyond,
    Whose billion eyes shimmer so wisely,
    For in that great dark shroud ahead
    Shine secrets of the immortal.


    To those interested, please write a summary of your species, character, and psionic capabilities. I'll be going through and helping where I can. ♥

    IC Thread

    Variis of Nexrith
    Tevryn of Ehx
    Krell of Veiter
    Carina of V.A.L.

    This universe is a bleak and haunting place, though its black depths possess a paradoxical beauty which is fundamental to the theology of countless civilizations. The twilight charm and intensity of the cosmos is as enduring as the boundaries of space-time, and while it is telling that all things ultimately come together by the will of gravity, they are yet eternally distant.

    There exists a monomyth, however — a tale that worms its way into every culture one way or another — something which some might call the origin, as were the universe only the afterthought of a very ambitious point. So many have sought it that the legend is held to be fantasy, but something new began that rekindled the fire of curiosity.

    Some decades ago, the most spontaneous thing occurred: Each of the several most influential races within every galaxy simultaneously evolved. Their physiologies were unchanged, in fact; their minds grew, taking in a pattern of thought — as if inspired by some cosmic force — which enabled them to harness the energies of their environment in ways which were previously held to be utterly impossible.

    These psions diverged into four major demographics, each respected for their potence in a particular mode of thought. First, those who possessed psychokinesis, whose minds could shape material to their hearts' content; the neuromancers were capable of manipulating the minds of others with alarming precision; cyberpaths challenged the technological sphere with their inexplicable capacity for transcending the material and immaterial; lastly, the clairsentient, those capable of an awareness greater than their physiology allowed.

    Each developed a variety of specialists within themselves, and though variety of skill was apparent, any single psion was demonstrably capable of rendering societies inert given the time. And while many did, there were also those who sought enlightenment, and in particular those who asked "Why?"

    Several characters are each psions of an ascended alien race; these particular individuals are bonded by their interest in learning how they came to be. In this roleplay, there will be a large amount of science, space travel, conflict, socializing, investigation, and even some archaeology.

    Each character is initially entitled to 8 skills, which may be chosen from the list below one-for-one. How these skills manifest is unique for each character, but those who share a field should be able to intuitively recognize and understand the mechanics of another psion's manner of use.


    See also: The Infinity Aspiration — Psionic Powers

    [ Tier One ]
    Psychic Motion
    To manipulate matter in ways the body is not alone capable of.​

    Divination by Mind
    To obtain via the minds of others information which would otherwise be obscured.​
    Digital Feeling
    To interact with software technology in an unconventional manner to gather information or manipulate digital systems.​

    Awareness by Clarity
    To divine by supernatural means knowledge which could not be learned conventionally.​

    [ Tier Two ]
    Evolutionary Biology
    To manipulate one's body in a variety of ways to fit the needs of the moment.​

    Locomotion to the Remote
    To locomote, by will alone, from one location to another with near-instantaneous speed.​

    Remote Motion
    To manipulate materials at a distance in ways that may be impossible otherwise.​

    Divination by Psyche
    To obtain, through the focus of one's mind, knowledge which would be otherwise inaccessible.​

    Broad Feeling
    To sense the thoughts and feelings of others on a large scale.​

    Remote Feeling
    To communicate with other's minds consciously and subconsciously.​
    Remote Awareness
    To sense events and details in locations distant from the psion.​

    Awareness by Psyche
    To recognize the details of a scene before oneself with supernatural precision.​

    Measurement of Biology
    To measure via supernatural means the nature and status of a biological subject nearby the psion.​

    Digital Body
    To possess an immaterial form manifested via a combination of psionic energy and digital information.​

    Feeling of Technology
    To interact intuitively with the intricacies of machinery.​

    Digital Thought
    To think in a digital manner, trivializing calculable analysis.​

    [ Tier Three ]
    Multiple Body
    Biomorphosis, Teleportation
    To exist as multiple distinct bodies linked to an original through psionic energies.​

    Psychic Body
    Telepathy, Biomorphosis
    To exist as a psychological phenomenon, with no material attached.​

    Multiple Presence
    Telepathy, Macropathy
    To control the minds of multiple individuals as if they were one's own.​

    Multiple Awareness
    Macropathy, Psychomancy
    To share the natural senses of multiple individuals.​

    Divination by Psionic Energy
    Psychomancy, Biometry
    To learn, through the connections formed by psionic energy, information which would otherwise be unattainable.​

    Measurement of Psionic Energy
    Biometry, Psychometry
    To sense intuitively the nature and status of the psionic energies around oneself.​

    Measurement of Time
    Psychometry, Telesentience
    To sense the details and events of past and future moments.​

    Remote Presence
    Telesentience, Cybercognition
    To render an immaterial image of oneself remotely.​
    Divination by Software
    Cybercognition, Technopathy
    To learn, through the supernatural excavation of software and data, information which would otherwise be unlearnable.​

    Technological Body
    Technopathy, Digiform
    To exist as a highly-integrated and cohesive mechanical being.​

    Digital Evolution
    Digiform, Telekinesis
    To manipulate the virtual form of oneself in ways that may defy the limitations of one's environment.​

    Spatial Manipulation
    Telekinesis, Teleportation
    To warp intuitively the spatial environment around the psion.​

    Digital Locomotion
    Teleportation, Technopathy
    To freely move between the material and the virtual.​

    Feeling of Biology
    Macropathy, Teleportation
    To empathize with the biological material of any organism, living or dead.​

    Multiple Thought
    Macropathy, Psychometry
    To think with the prowess of several minds.​

    Measurement of Technology
    Technopathy, Psychometry
    To sense intuitively the nature and status of hardware technology.​

    [ Tier Four ]
    Multiple Life
    Psychoform, Polypresence, Biopathy, Polyform
    To exist simultaneously and equally as multiple beings, with no clear original or center of individuality.​

    Psionic Control
    Psiomancy, Psiometry, Polycognition, Polysentience
    To manipulate the fundamental energies that underlie all psionic activity.​
    Extreme Thought
    Chronometry, Telepresence, Digimancy, Technometry
    To think with unprecedented precision and efficiency, trivializing even unquantifiable analysis.​

    Cyber Body
    Digimorphosis, Spatiokinesis, Digiportation, Technoform
    To possess a body which effortlessly obscures the boundary between virtual and material.​

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  2. I am expressing interest in this. c: The way you did the tiers of abilities is really intriguing to me, and I'll try and work up a character as soon as possible. Do you have any rules in general or specific format for the sheet?
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  3. Nah; I just need to know the basics. I plan on compiling everyone's character into a uniform format for the character roster before we start the IC, but that's not a project you have to worry about. :3
  4. Alright. c: Let me dream up an alien race.
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  5. Okay, question on the way the Tier system is laid out. In order for my character to "unlock" a Tier Three or Tier Four power, they would have to have all of the underlined powers as well? If I, say, wanted the character to have Psychoform, they would have to have both Telepathy and Biomorphosis. Right?
  6. Yeah! Sorry if that wasn't totally clear. ^.^;
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  7. The Alfaren
    Hailing from Maes, a terrestrial Super-Earth that sits on the warmer end of the habitable zone, the Alfaren are a diverse species adapted to hot temperatures and hiding from the planet's many natural predators. This element of natural danger has enforced the idea of maintaining unity, although internal conflict and prejudices are still commonplace. Their ruling body is a large council of elected representatives collectively referred to as the Elders. Due to the ridiculous amount of time it can take for the Elders to come to a decision, smaller councils are elected to specific planets to deal with smaller or more immediate issues.
    The dominant religion varies greatly by region, although animism and pantheism are common themes.

    Physical Characteristics
    - Bipedal
    - Humanoid
    - Omnivorous
    - Warm blooded
    - Typical lifespan is between one hundred twenty to one hundred fifty solar years
    - Height is typically between five to six feet (150 to 180 cm)
    - Skin tones range from brown to blue to green, patterned in a fashion that would allow for limited camouflage
    - Hair tends toward fine textures and dark colors
    - Eye colors vary widely, from browns and grays to greens and blues to reds and purples
    - Ear shape is pointy, resembling elves from human myths
    - Body shape varies too widely for there to be a "typical" one
    - Have three separate fingers on their hands and feet, along with an opposable thumb, and the feet tend to be as dexterous as the hands

    Stereotypes and How the Rest of the Galaxy Sees Them
    The Alfaren approach to external problems is to reason with it or scare it away, and failing that, remove it as quietly as possible. Their technology reflects this; their ships are grand and impressive but not designed for drawn out combat, and their weapons tech is based around removing an enemy ships' scanners and targeting systems as quickly as possible to allow for the perfect killing blow. Alfaren soldiers, although the more accurate label is commandos, are often outfitted with simple cloaking devices. Cybernetic enhancements and the like are so common among them that seeing an Alfaren without one is odd. They are one of the more commonly seen species, from the "hub planets" all the way out to the edges of civilization, and are stereotyped as untrustworthy assassins and thieves, ruthless bastards who make dishonest deals and fight dirty.

    dunmer art by znodden.jpg
    Savros'anar "Savvy" Aethero

    "Just call me Savvy. It's simpler. Not to mention an accurate descriptor."

    Savvy stands at about five feet five inches (165 cm). Red eyes give him an eerie appearance, and contrast sharply with his green-gray skin. The pattern on it is in lighter and darker shades of the same color, striped in a fashion not unlike tiger stripes. With high, sharp cheekbones and deep set eyes, his facial features are best described as pointy. He falls under the category of slender or svelte, if one is being kind, as he's quite thin and lacks blatant muscle. Decorative tattoos in a dark red color dot his body, styled to accentuate the natural pattern of his skin. His right ear is modified, decorative metal shapes and red lights wrapping aroundit, seemingly for no reason other than looks. However, the modification also works as a translator for most officially recognized forms of communication, though that isn't to say it works flawlessly all of the time. It doesn't produce noise, instead transmitting its translations directly into his thoughts.
    He never bothers to dress fashionably, with no real preference between synthetic fabrics or genuine ones, only really caring that the clothes fit loosely and aren't in some blinding color. He prefers browns and grays, occasionally black.
    As for his mannerisms, his aren't particularly unusual or "alien". He bites his lips when he's bored or amused, tends to talk to himself or zone out or drum rhythms on nearby surfaces with his fingers while thinking through ideas, and his smiles look more like he's baring his teeth than expressing his happiness.

    Intelligent, Absentminded, Logical, Irritable, Callous, Self-assured, Methodical, Pessimistic, Dispassionate, Independent, Clear-headed, Dedicated, Observant
    Savvy usually seems rude and contrary when people first meet him, and that isn't exactly an incorrect impression. He looks rough, has a tactless and negative attitude toward socialization, and tends to be snappy and irritable especially when interrupted while thinking, but under that he's a startlingly intelligent and observant person who knows societal norms but chooses to ignore them. He's not the most emotional person, and it's hard to tell if that comes from him repressing his feelings or simply a lack thereof. One shouldn't expect to earn his trust easily; one shouldn't expect him to be an empathetic shoulder to cry on after one gains his friendship. If you want a practical and objective opinion on anything at all, however, he is the person to go to, as he has an incredible penchant for dissecting problems to find a solution. He doesn't hold grudges, but that doesn't automatically mean he forgives easily.
    The pursuit of knowledge is his highest priority, and he's willing to sacrifice quite a lot for it.

    Savvy's applicable skills operate off of sound and being able to listen to sound. Several require silence or near silence in order to be usable.
    Tier One:
    Cyberpathy - Savvy possesses a general awareness of all wireless networks around him, and with concentration, he can access and manipulate them with nothing but his thoughts. This doesn't apply to individual computers or machines.
    Clarisentience - For Savvy, the walls quite literally talk. If there is relative silence around him, he can concentrate and hear a broken account of what's happened in the room he's in, or on the spot he's standing at. It can be quite overwhelming, in an area with enough history.
    Tier Two:
    Digiform - Using psionic energy, he can turn his physical form into data. His shape remains, vague and kind of a silvery green and, if one peers very closely, composed entirely of binary. He gains a far higher degree of control over electronics and computers while in this form, but he cannot interact with physical objects. The upside of that is that physical objects cannot interact with him, either.
    Technopathy - By simply putting his ear to a machine and listening to the sounds it produces as it works, Savvy can gain an understanding of how it works and if something is wrong with it. This does not give knowledge of how to fix any problems the machine might have.
    Psychometry - Instead of manifesting as a supernaturally sharp eye, Savvy has supernaturally enhanced hearing. He can pick out undercurrents of sound in a particular noise, hear the heartbeats of living things within a couple meters of him, and hear noises that are lower or higher than any normal Alfaren would be able to hear. His hearing range isn't increased, however.
    Biometry - By listening to the heartbeat of a living creature or the sounds/vocalizations it makes, he can assess its approximate physical status. This gives no hint as to emotional status, though he can sense the physical ramifications of a particular emotion on a person.
    Tier Three:
    Psiometry - The presence of psions and psionic energy creates a quiet vibrating noise that Savvy can hear. The intensity and pattern of the vibration allows him to approximately guess what Tier One skills a psion may have, but he can't sense anything more detailed unless he shares some skills with that psion.
    Technometry - Unlike the rest of his skills, this one works through touch. By laying his hand on a computer or its interface, he gains knowledge of its internal workings and what wires do what. This, predictably, makes hard-wiring things far easier.
    Tier Four:


    Savvy was born on an Alfaran colony, raised far enough away from the home-world to lack the traditional association of safety with unity. He was identified as a psion fairly early in life; the average child didn't go on about what the walls were telling them and having everything they said be accurate. Ever since he discovered that, discovered what he was and what he could grow into, he'd been insatiably curious about it. Wondering why, wondering how, wondering if there were many others and wondering what they could do. He devoured every history text he could get his hands on, searching for answers to those questions and unintentionally excelling at that portion of his schooling.
    His parents were tolerant of their odd little boy and his quest for knowledge, though they were not rich people. In order to continue buying the texts he wanted and travelling to the places he wished to visit, Savvy was forced to find his own source of employment once he was old enough. He naturally turned to criminal activity. With his abilities, he was excellent with technology, and chose to make his credits by building and selling illegal body mods. By the time he hit thirty two, he had quite the customer base, but still lacked answers as to the origins of psions or his own skills.
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  8. Great start, Spectre! I like where this is going. :3
  9. Done~ I hope it works. c:
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  10. Awesome! This'll be a great character to show off to other people as an example character sheet. :3

    One thing though: Digiform doesn't allow the uploading of one's body (that's Digiportation), rather that it allows one to appear as a digital being manifested in real space. It's unintuitive, but basically psionic energy puts your body together as an intangible but visible, electronic form, kind of like a manifested ghost. Some of his talents can be modified by his digital state, and he gains some natural abilities as a result of being in digital form that allow him to do things like interfering with electronic signals or disrupting sensitive machinery, for example.
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  11. Oh, okay. I understand. I'll edit it as soon as I get on the computer. c:
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  12. Is that better?
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  13. Yup! :D

    Now, to figure out where to get the rest of the party from. xD
  14. I'm very interested + am working on a character now. :)

    The Prima originate from a small planet by the name of Heron, located in a much hotter part of the habitable zone. The planet is small enough that it is led by a single governing body, a council of sorts made up of five members from the five different regions that the planet is separated into. Appearance of the Prima is not hereditary except for their height and notable gemstone-colored eyes; rather, their coloring takes the form of the weather pattern and time of day that the child is born during. For instance, a child born on a sunny mid-day would appear pale on all accounts, with blonde or even white hair - while a child born on a stormy night may have dark hair and skin. This has led to an almost dystopian society where ranking in life after the age of 15 is determined by the weather you were born in. The highest ranking are almost always those born on clear days, with clear nights following suit and other weather determined in a pattern that leads down until the fiercest storms.

    This hierarchy follows with the rarity of certain weather patterns, for on Heron it is far more often storming than the sun is shining.


    • Bipedal
    • Humanoid
    • Omnivorous
    • Warm-blooded
    • Typical life-span is between 90 - 130 years.
    • Height varies wildly, ranging from 4'6" to 7'
    • Skin and hair dependent on the weather the child is born into
    • Eye colors are always the colors of vivid gemstones; this is hereditary
    • Hands have 5 fingers on each, typically
    • Ears can be rounded or pointed, with pointed ears happening during warm weather and rounded ears during cold
    • Body is hairless to combat the heat

    Prima are seen as almost barbaric compared to the rest of the galaxy; while they always have the latest technology, it is their firm, unchanging treatment of their people and the definite divides based entirely on appearance and racism that lead to the planet being ridiculed or even shunned by others. While the occasional group will accept research agreements and let Prima travel off of Heron to other planets, it is becoming increasingly rare as the other planets adapt and change with their people and the Prima continue to rigidly decide social standing.



    "Naming me 'Lana' was wishful thinking."

    Age: 19
    Gender: Female
    Nicknames: None
    Height: 5'7"
    Weight: 130lbs
    Misc: Storm-born, during the day
    Lana stands at a considerably average height of around 5'7" (170cm), but still manages to appear lanky. Her hair is black and cut just above shoulder length, though the volume and general messy look of it makes it appear shorter. A fringe is cut just above her eyebrows. Her eyes take on the depth and color of rubies, with her pupil simply being a darker red than her irises. Her eyes are usually the first noticeable feature on her otherwise youthful face. Lana's skin is pale and lightly freckled on her shoulders, arms, and calves. She is slender yet soft, with little visible muscle tone.

    Lana tends to dress in loose-fitting tops of varying colors, and tight-fitting black pants if possible. Her favorite colors to wear are rich gem tones, such as sapphire, ruby, or amethyst.


    Clever - Candid - Stormy - Focused - Receptive - Objective - Sarcastic​

    Lana is difficult to classify. She enjoys socializing in moderate amounts, and is equal times courteous and candid when she first meets someone, depending on who she meets. Her sarcasm trails out of her mouth almost on accident, and it is rare that she feels the need to lie. She can be very empathetic and tries to offer an objective, third-party opinion to people who come to her with problems. It is not always objective, however, and can often be skewed depending on how supportive and how she feels towards the person. Lana is usually easy to get along with, but only for short periods of times - her mood changes quickly, and she can go from a clever conversation partner to crass in minutes.


    Lana's abilities are based around picturing what she wants or needs in her head.​

    Tier One
    Psychokinesis - Lana can enhance her strength to a certain degree, making her able to hit a bit harder, jump a bit higher and lift heavier objects.

    Neuromancy - While Lana can't read the minds of others, she can discover specific information from the mind of someone she knows or knows of after arduous concentration. An example of this would be to divine a withheld secret, such as a passcode. She is also able to sense the general emotions emanating off of an individual.

    Tier Two
    Biomorphosis - Lana can use this skill rather quickly, and with little concentration. She is able to transform part or the entirety of her body into a different material (including gas) with a powerful or particularly strong thought, but is unable to change her shape.

    Telepathy - She is able to communicate with 2-3 people at once mentally, either trying to subconsciously influence them or by directly sending messages to the conscious mind, with some concentration required.

    Teleportation - By picturing the location in her head, Lana is able to teleport herself there. This is physically exhausting and can't be used very often.

    Telekinesis - Lana can move, levitate, manipulate, and crush medium objects from afar by picturing what she wants to happen in her mind.

    Tier Three
    Psychophorm - With much concentration, Lana is able to take the form of a pure psychological phenomenon. She is unable to be seen, but she can be felt as a wave of energy or strong emotion.

    Spatiokinesis - Lana can manipulate, crush, bend, warp, and distort the physical fabric of space by concentrating and picturing the end product. She can use this to wrap space around something and move it around, or to alter gravity in a small area.

    Tier Four


    Lana Vitale's birth was an unlucky one. Her mother's labor had started with a sunny day - a good omen for those born on Heron. Unfortunately, a storm approached quickly and overtook their small town, the rain falling mere minutes before the child was born. Her mother had hoped that perhaps her daughter would still be born blonde - but as her hair turned black and dark shades of grey, the woman knew her child was destined for a life like hers.

    Heron allowed everyone a basic education up to the age of 15, and they ended on the last day of the year in which they turned 15. This allowed for an educated population. However, it was on the first day of the next year that the Grouping happened. Lana, of course, was to be grouped back with her mother in father in the lower rungs of society, and Lana did too. That was until the time had come for Lana to be sent back. Her psionic powers hadn't manifested before then, but as the Prima wished she could disappear, she did, turning into a gaseous form invisible to the naked eye. The Heron Council, realizing the psion they had on their hands, instead took her back with them to the capital city. She stayed there for four years, studying and researching the all too heavy question of "How?" and "Why?" that became very apparent in her mind. She has tested her limits and powers, but she still wants to know more, and after exhausting the libraries on Heron, she is determined to leave.
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  16. Nice! I especially like the neat-o society you've thought up, here. :o

    The only problem I see is Psychokinesis, which is not able to act at a distance; Telekinesis isn't so much Psychokinesis Advanced as it is a weaker form that acts on objects without touch. Psychokinesis allows you to do things like levitate, enhanced composition/strength, or move at high speed, for example.
  17. Ohhh ok, I wasn't quite sure and the internet wasn't being helpful. I'll fix that.
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  18. Fixed.
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  19. Oh my god, I love this idea! I'll start thinking on a race and character right now, I'm so excited!
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  20. This is super interesting....

    I have to ask, what are your plans for posting speed/post size/etc.?

    I'm currently in a bit of a rough place in terms of coursework/finding a new job/extracurriculars consuming my life like a wildfire. I don't actually get home every day until 4, and my teachers are busywork-crazed. "Read the chapter for tomorrow!" they said. "It's all very important!" they said.

    But yeah all that aside this roleplay is really grabbing my interest and I'd absolutely love to join.. But I won't if I can't meet expectations.

    + additional questions.

    Are we trying to keep all alien races humanoid?

    How do they all communicate after meeting? Communicator tech? Or is communication going to fall under the psions?

    How are they going to meet? Where?
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