The infestation needs to be Purged.

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  1. There was a planet titled Coldarous, a planet that had been infested with 3 races.
    Chaos space marines.

    The devastation caused on this planet is unimaginable. Some find it to be surprising that the planet is still existing with the destruction that has been caused on it and the amount that have died on that planet. There are still races still attacking the planet but this conflict has happened for eons now.

    These races are trying to expand to our planets but there has been a cry out for help from different cities as, there was also more races causing chaos and Havoc. Heroes are required to purge these mutations but who has the courage to face an entire race back to their homeland and attempt to extinct them there?

    ( No restrictions. I haven't put much in as, I am leaving it to you to choose what planet you are from and what you are on that planet as, whatever planet you are on, will have a race trying to infest it anyway. )