The Inferno

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  1. The Inferno
    Hell, as some may call it, is a horrible place, as it is known to be. It is the place you go when you are dead, it is the place where the evil are condemned when they die.
    And their is Satan, the warden of hell, The most corrupt of them all. He is seen as the evilest being in all of existence, and he lives up to the title. He has foot soldiers that inspire fear and pain into the bodies of all who have been sent to hell. He represents all of the seven deadly sins.
    The Seven Deadly Sins, you ask? Greed, Gluttony, Sloth, Wraith, Pride, Envy, and Lust; each of them ruling over a level in hell. They each methodically torture those guilty of their patron sin, and each are strong demonic forces.
    And how did you find yourself here, in the domain of Satan, the lowest level of all; how did you manage to commit each of these sins? And to advance unto heaven, you must fight your way out of hell, working against forces that await you on every level of hell, until you must finally face Satan himself.
    - This is somewhat of a religious role-play, But it doesn't focus on just one side of this aspect.
    - Your character may/will die. Your character is already dead, but if you die within hell, you are sent to limbo.
    - I request that every post has a minimum of a single paragraph
    - Please spellcheck and grammar-check your posts.
    Character Sheet​
    Why am I in hell?:​
    Brief History:​
  2. Name: Ellis Reed
    Age: Technically 157, but looks around 18 since that's the age the died at.
    Gender: Male
    Why am I in hell?: I'm in hell for being an angel that committed the seven sins, especially envy, so God sent me to hell to repent.
    Personality: Ellis acts kind to your face, but is a sly, cruel person behind your back. He is good at sweet talking, and persuading people, which makes people think he's a nice person. But really Ellis is very sneaky, and will inflict pain upon you for the stupidest reasons. Ellis is calm, and collected, but he is a truly cold character.
    Brief History: When he was a human, Ellis lived a poor life. His family had a massive dept from gambling, and they lived in a 'bad part of town'. This led Ellis to grow up jealous off all the things other people had, yet took for granted. Ellis kept quiet about this though, since if he had no power, and speaking his mind could lead to trouble for him. On the day before Christmas Ellis was in a tragic road accident, where a car spun out of control and hit Ellis, killing him. Ellis was firstly sent to heaven, since he'd acted kindly in his life (although only because he was poor, and needed to suck up to others). Surrounded by heavenly wonders which he would of never imagined of, Ellis basked in the seven sins. His thirst for more kept growing, and he always wanted what he couldn't have. As a punishment for doing this, God sent Ellis to hell. If Ellis could overcome the seven sins, plus escape hell, then God promised to let Ellis back into heaven.
    Appearance: His wings, hair, and outfit have turned black, as a sign of an angel that has fallen to hell.
    Is this charrie ok?​
  3. Yes, I like the idea of being a fallen angel that was sent to hell rather than being sent to earth as to lead a poor life. However, I would rather you left the wings out of the plot. You can use the same image, just do not use the wings IC. Putting that aside, you are ACCEPTED
  4. Sure, I don't mind not having/using the wings. They could just be disabled as another part of the punishment :3. Thankies for accepting me!
  5. Name: Lucy Vintarow
    Age: 20
    Gender: Female
    Why am I in hell?: Lucy has always been in hell, she was never born, never breathed her first breath. Her mother aborted her. Being seen as a child of Lust in gods eyes. She was sent to hell for all eternity until she could one day cleanse herself of...well herself.
    Personality: Lucy is very "in your face" She isnt afraid to speak her mind and dosent care what others think of her, she is selfish and will do ANYTHING to have her way with you. she will use you to get to the top, even if she has to kill you.
    Appearance: (
    I figured her appearance should match her reason for being in hell. that is just general black hair, black eyes, pale skin, very revealing clothing.
    Brief History: Lucy's mother was a whore. Working the streets of the slums to make a few bucks. One day Her mother met a very wealthy handsome man. He promised her mother fame and fortune, a life free of poverty, to live in a haven of her dreams with him. Her mother agreed and went with this man. Her mother and this man had a very passionate love life, all was perfect for a very long time. One day Her mother discovered she was pregnant. The man furious and having no want for children, no desire to raise "another whore." He threw her mother out back onto the streets by her hair, back on the street were she was found. Her mother unable to support the child and having a new hatred for the father aborted the child at a free clinic. Lucy went to heaven but was quickly cast out. God saw her life would have played out and told her that the only way she would ever enter the gates of heaven is to redeem herself. She lived and grew up by the hands of other Demons, when she came of age they used her for their sicks games of pain and torture. After her years of suffering she is tired of the games and wants of hell, and she will do anything to get it.
  6. Finally, another person is interested! ^.^
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