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The Infection

Discussion in 'THREAD ARCHIVES' started by Retr0, Jan 10, 2017.

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  1. Charlie woke up to an alarm going off, not the kind you set to wake up in the morning, but the kind that means there's trouble brewing. With quick movements Charlie grabbed his gear and ran down the hall passing others speaking worriedly. He reached a room at the end of the underground base and stood in line waiting for orders. What he was greeted with was a digital message that had been sent worldwide. "To all people anywhere in the world, we The Pure have something to share with you. From as long as humans can remember we have been imperfect. As the only Pure in this world we plan to fix that. A week from now all humans will be eliminated and we, The Pure, will start the world anew." The sirens shut off as well as all electronics and from above ground there was sounds of screaming...and explosions.
  2. Zirus groaned at the alarm that awoke her from her peacefully slumber. Grumbling the girl got up and quickly ran out of her room and pass the others occasionally saying 'Hi' to a couple of people before continuing down the blank halls. Everything underground was blank and she always felt like it needed a revamp of some kind. Reaching a room Zirus stood behind Charlie and was greeted with a digital message. She flicked up her phone and quickly took a picture. Her phone was mostly used for taking or saving important images or voicemails. It was extremely useful. Alright weird. The 'Pure'? Who the hell were they? She jumped once an explosion and screaming was heard. Then she noticed that her phone had turned off "What the hell?" She mumbled. The blue head ended up using backup power to restore her phone though a few minor tweeks.
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  3. "Bombings from above ground!" He rushed to a nearby computer and looked at the news. "The entire state of New York is being bombed. It's gonna be completely shut down. We gotta go up and help people evacuate." He pressed a button on a desk which lit up signs all throughout the base that meant evacuation help was needed. Then he strapped on his backpack and made his way towards the stairs. "C'mon Zaria let's get a move on!"
  4. Quickly getting into action Zirus ran up the stairs only to see Chaos on the outside once they were there. Burning buildings. Mess of people flying left or right. Rubble falling everywhere. New York. The place she used to hate with a burning passion was now crumbling to utter shambles. Now Zirus was starting to hate this place less and less. Hey she lived here still. This was her home those 'pure' idiots were destroying. "Help me!! My baby!!" A voice suddenly screamed out in panic. Looking to the left a lady and her child were stuck in z building covered by rubble. "I got this one" She told Charlie before running and jumping managing to fit herself in between the rubble. Grabbing the mother and her child Zirus with all her strength managed to lift them both out before it tumbled over. With the bluenette still inside.
  5. Charlie nodded his head and went to the street. "This way! This way!" He shot up a flare so people could see the direction they should evacuate in. Then, through the crowds of panicked civilians, he could see them. The Pure, they sent in guards to keep people out of the city. As he looked at the great number of them he saw one kicking a man that was on the ground. Quickly he ran taking his pistol out. "Hey! Let him go!" He shot. The bullet hit the guards shoulder and he backed up covering his wound with his hand. Charlie ran up, punched the guard, and helped the man stand up. He looked back to the guards, more were arriving. Hopefully the other sections were cleared.
  6. Glass smashed and a body tumbled out. Groaning Zirus got up and ran. She saw the pure start to move in on them. Yelping when a bullet hit her leg she twisted half her body and shot. It managed to skim one of the guards. Jumping up on some fallen rocks the girl traveled by roof as it was a a way to escape the bullets. Zirus felt the extreme pain and limped in her run before painfully jumping off. Finally she saw Charlie and tried to make her walking as normal as possible before grabbing the mans other arm. "My sections clear" The girl gruffly spoke before looking back at the guards. "Oh and thanks so much for helping me get out of a pile of rubble that nearly god dam killed me" She growled sarcastically before starting to drag her own leg.
  7. Charlie laughed, "Sorry! Kinda getting shot at. Don't forget you signed up to risk your life!" He shot at another guard and hid behind cover. "There's to many of them, we'll have to come back when we are more prepared and healed up!" He shouted over the sounds of gunshots. Suddenly a chopper landed not to far from the area. "That's our ride! Move it or lose!" He shot a few more times just for the heck of it and ran.
  8. Rolling her eyes the girl hid behind the rock and started shooting as well despite being terrible at it. "You know I could just leave you here to fend for yourself. I could" Zirus shouted ober the gun shots. Now's really not the best time for one of her temper tantrums. Once she saw the chopper though her instincts kicked in and despite getting shot in the shoulder jumped up. Grabbing Charlie by the arm she hoisted him up with her. "Ugh...those pure are gonna pay!" She growled finally killing one of the guards. The one that shot her leg in the first place. Panting she sat back and held her exposed shoulder (Since the bullet tore through her jacket and white tee-shirt) while trying to pull up her her pant leg for her leg wound.
  10. "Well, true you could do that but that's just chickening out really. Doesn't mean I wouldn't stay and fight." He said jumping into the helicopter. Charlie looked at Zirus's wound. "Better patch that up, pilot got any first aid packs?" He asked. The pilot pointed towards the back. "There ya go, try not to hurt yourself. I don't have the time to train new recruits, especially now with the Pure running the city. By the way pilot, we need to set up a new base of operations... try to find an empty building." The helicopter, now in the air, started off towards the edge of the city.
  11. "I swear if I weren't hurt right now" Zirus growled and snatched the med kit away from Charlie. "I know how to patch myself up thank you! I'm not a five year old. Also I don't need training, I can take care of myself" She glared before opening up the kid. Rolling up her pants and taking off her jacket Zirus first started to clean up her wounds hissing a small bit. After they were clean she used some tweezers to pull out the bullets often groaning in pain. Finally they were out and she finally bandaged herself up. Sighing in exhaustion the girl lied her head back and closed her eyes. "So troublesome" She grumbled in a bad mood like usual.
  12. Charlie laughed. "Take it easy." The pilot waved. "Alright let's go." The helicopter landed softly on top of a building on the edge of the city. Charlie jumped out, pistol in hand just in case. "Lets search the building first, we don't want any damn "Pure" here."
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