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  1. Pheonix sat in front of the large campfire in the middle of her village this day had been a great day for the wedding had been agreed upon by the two chief's of each tribe for there daughter and son to marry this would end the 400 year fight between the two and bring peace between the lands. Pheonix didn't move a muscle as she looked around her at the men and women dancing and celebrating this was not the way she wanted her life to go but she new that she could never out run destiny no matter where she went it would always find her. Her hand turned into a fist as she clutched the hem of her deer skin dress she was anxious and ready to leave but that would be rude so she just stayed where she was and watched the fire dance.

    Sohin was dancing around and drinking with his fellow soldiers and brothers after all this time of preparing and training for war and the fear of losing each other or even worse losing there tribe it had all come to an end after a simple agreement between the two chiefs. He sighed as he looked at his sister she was like a fallen deer knowing that she wasn't going to escape the beast that was hunting her. He left the group of women dancing and he sat down net to her "do you at least want to go say hello to them sister I mean you are being rude." He whispered in her ear knowing that she had no intention of going any where.
  2. Raven:

    Sitting opposite the campfire legs crossed Raven watched the celebrations in silence. He had no desire to marriage like he had no desire to be here. His father and Chief of their tribe was thrilled by the happy positive outcome that a new era of peace and prosperity would come to their lands. "this is ridiculous look at them dance" he groaned looking to his younger sibling whom looked equally as excited to be here. Seeing the other tribes siblings he kept his gaze fixed towards the fire. He knew he really should go meet his future wife but he would choose to procrastinate as long as possible.


    Kneeling beside her elder sibling she nodded "well at least it is almost over...soon we can return home ad prepare for your wedding" she said smirking to her brother. even though deep down she was saddened that he was marrying a woman not in their tribe she knew many young woman that had interest in Raven if he only opened his eyes and looked for once.
  3. Pheonix caught site of a shadow moving behind the trees that where closest to her she got up and grabbed her bow and looked over at her brother mouthing "cover for me." She ran away from the camp fire and into the woods following the shadow to her mothers tree where she slid to a stop and was right in front of a man and she bowed to him. "Sir what is it."
    The man held out a slid a paper to her "find out as much detailed info as you can about this man and then kill him" with that the man went back into the shadows and left.

    Sohin nodded his head to his sister and he got up and decided to go speak to the other family and he glided around the fire and the dancers and he got in front of Raven "Hello my name is Sohin I just wanted to congratulate you on the soul twining of you and my sister." He gave a low bow and sat down in front of raven and he pulled out a pipe and started to smoke it "would you care for some. He held the pipe out to raven.
  4. Raven was a little unprepared when Sohin appeared in front of him. Was it really worth celebrating? He found the situation rather unnecessary. Having to play the kind prince role he accepted the man's praise "thank you for your kind words" he said with a small smile as Sohin offered the pipe Raven politely declined. "I do not partake in smoking I find that it can cause great warrior's to lose focus" he said trying not to offend in any means. Keeping his legs crossed he returned his gaze to the flames.

    Seira, still seated beside her older sibling was shocked. She knew her brother was extremely up tight but he actually performed better than expected. She had kept her eye on the princess earlier before she vanished wondering what sort of woman she was. Looking back to Raven and seeing Sohin she got up and bowed to him then left to join her people's dancers who were preforming one of her favourite dances. As she moved around the fire moving her body perfectly in tune she viewed all the people. There were many happy faces but some unhappy. The ones who were unhappy were the ones who did not wish for an alliance. They had grudges against the other tribe.
  5. Pheonix ran through the woods and she slowed as she made it back towards the fire she sat back down where she had previously been and she raised her eyebrow at the conversation her fiance and her brother where having. She wondered if she should go intervene she new that her brother was very outgoing unlike her. She looked over at her father who mouthed to her to go go see if the prince wanted to dance. She sighed and got up and went over to Raven and she spoke in some what of her foreign tongue "would you like to dace sir." She looked him strait in the eye not daring back down.

    Sohin smiled at his sister and he got up and went back to his seat where he started to converse with his battle brothers over the fine evening. He laid back and continued to smoke his pipe. His vision became blurry and he laid his head back on one of the logs and looked up at the sky.