'The Incredibles' rp anyone?

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  1. So, I suddenly got int he mood to do an rp based on the Incredibles. I would like to point out that this will be the first group rp I have done in a REALLY long time XD but we'll see how this goes.

    Basically I don't have a plot as of right now, so I thought it might be cool to post what I do have in mind right now and see if other people who are interested want to jump in and put some ideas in so we can all come up with the plot together :3 I figure we would enjoy the rp a lot better that way. So, you all toss in some ideas and I will be the final judge on what ideas stay and what ideas go. Anyway, these are some of the things I have so far:

    -This will take place years after the first movie. I'm thinking possibly ten years later (Violet would be 24, Dash would be 20, and Jack-Jack would be 11), though depending on what other people think it may be even later.
    -There will be other supers in this rp as well. This will be a small group rp with a limited number of spaces though so not too many. There will be Heroes, Villains, and neutral characters.
    -The fun of this being years later and Jack-Jack having been a baby then is that Jack-Jack can be molded into something whoever plays him wants. He could be good like his family, or he could be his own person and be something completely different. Its all up to whoever plays him.
    -Another thing that might be cool is if someone wanted to take up a kid of Frozone. Or any of the super heroes/villains mentioned in the movie for that matter.

    Anyway, like I said, I didn't have much thought up yet. Heres the character list. Feel free to claim a character and throw out some ideas of your own :3

    Violet- Memoria
    Dash- Kawazoe gem

    OCs (although I dont have genders listed beside the roles, I am allowing 5 females and 4 males, just for the sake of keeping genders even. So, be sure if you claim a role you put what gender that character will be. Also, if you have two characters, you have to play one male and one female, just to be fair to everyone else).

    Hero (Male)- Mippu
    Hero (female)- Mippu
    Hero (female)- Rin Mico
    Neutral (female)- AHeartlessNobody
    Neutral (female)- Crow
    Villain (female)- Minami
    Villain (male)- Rin Mico
    Villain (male)- Kurogane86

    Anyways, don't be shy :3 Just post your ideas and we'll have a discussion.
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  2. Oh and before anyone posts saying they are interested, this will be an adept to advance rp. Meaning probably about 3 or more paragraphs per post.
  3. I'd like a Neutral Role.

    Say, you know those giant monsters or Kaiju seen in Superhero shows? Is it alright if my neutral role is that?

    If so, what is the size limit in metres?
  4. What gender would your character be? I have to know so I can put it beside the claim on the first post.

    Hmmm I know what your talking about. But I'm not so sure about a character having that ability. To me that would be a bit too OP.
  5. I'm thinking of a she-monster for now. Female.
  6. Okay. Just remember she has to have some way of having a secret identity when around humans.
  7. damn, I was just thinking about stuff like living in a cave or in the depths of the sea.
  8. I know you said super heroes/villains in the movie...but can I play descendant/relative of Edna Mode who is actually a super?? (points to profile picture)
    Pretty please? T_T
  9. Hi, I'd like to take Violet, if that's okay.
  10. Of course you can play a super relative of Edna! That'd be pretty awesome. Like I said encourage people to play people related to the real characters from the movie :3 but I do still have to know the gender of the character and whether or not they will be a hero or villain.

    And yes Memoria, you can take Violet.
  11. Cool! Thanks.
  12. This sounds so cool ^^ Could I play a neutral female, or are those taken?
  13. Sorry both neutral spots were taken already. But we do still have room for another female. She'd either have to be a hero or villain (if you wish, I will allow one or two characters in the rp to start off villains and somewhere in the middle realize they're wrong and change sides).
  14. Ah, a villain then ^^
  15. Is there still a villain female slot open?
  16. Yes Rin. You may. Until Mippu says what her character is and the gender Im going to g ahead and say that as of now all female spots are taken until other wise notified.
  17. Thanks! :3 if i come up with a super i might take a spot
  18. Is there a spot for a hero girl or am I too late?
  19. I'll take the last female spot for Edna's relative.
    Can I make her a hero but more of a back-up? I wanted her ability to be nullification/magnification of others' abilities with skin contact. Or does she have to have a combat usable ability?

    @Mistress Dizzy I'm so sorry!

    Okay, I take it back, Edna Mode's relative will be male.
  20. Actually I'm gonna rescind my app. I think I've got one too many RPs. ^_^;; One of them finally got going, so the character slot is all yours!
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