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  1. There is always a time where heroes must return, or send some one in their place. There will always be villains. And heroes will always come to fight those villains. Years ago, human kind thought they could do without these heroes. They felt the world would be a better place if all heroes just vanished for good. And so, that is what they did. One by one, all heroes took the roles of their alter egos permanently. Or, at least what they thought would be permanent. But, when a super villain by the name of Syndrome threatened the safety of humans, it was supers that came to rescue, saving the day. With Syndrome defeated, most humans were able to see the good in supers and allowed them to come out of hiding.
    While most humans did see the good in them, there were a few humans who still hated supers with a passion. And not just the heroes. Any person having powers of any kind. Now with the war between heroes and villains growing stronger, this group of humans leaps at their chance to pit them all against each other, while keeping their own hands free of blood and their images spotless.

    Yeah, I know, its not the best written plot. But the rp itself and the awesome people who have already joined in will make up for that and real plot will unfold once we begin! Here's who we have so far:

    Jack-Jack- Auntie Phaz
    OCs (although I dont have genders listed beside the roles, I am allowing 5 females and 4 males, just for the sake of keeping genders even. So, be sure if you claim a role you put what gender that character will be. Also, if you have two characters, you have to play one male and one female, just to be fair to everyone else).
    Frozone's kid was added later to the list so that character doesn't fall under the rules listed above for OCs.

    Hero (Male)- Cats
    Hero (Male)- Mippu
    Hero (female)- Mippu
    Hero (female)- Rin Mico
    Neutral (female)- AHeartlessNobody

    Neutral (female)- Reserved for Crow
    Villain (female)- Minami
    Villain (male)- Rin Mico
    Villain (male)- Kurogane86
    Frozone's Kid (female)- KayKay

    1. This is Adept. Meaning I expect two or more paragraphs per character, though I prefer more. NO ONE LINERS WHATSOEVER. Know your basic grammar and give people something to work with.
    2. No speed posting. As hard as this may be, we have to give other people a chance to reply. The suggested amount of time between posts is a couple of hours, that way other people get chances too.
    3. No drama in the OOC. Be professional and don't harass each other. Anyone starts drama and they will be kicked out.
    4. Language is mild. Cussing is allowed but now every single post please.
    5. Keep it fun. Its an rp based on a Disney movie. This should be obvious XD

    6. More rules may be added later, so keep an eye out.
    Details for the rp
    ~This will take place years after the first movie. I'm thinking possibly ten years later (Violet would be 24, Dash would be 20, and Jack-Jack would be 11), though depending on what other people think it may be even later.
    ~There will be other supers in this rp as well. This will be a small group rp with a limited number of spaces though so not too many. There will be Heroes, Villains, and neutral characters.
    ~The fun of this being years later and Jack-Jack having been a baby then is that Jack-Jack can be molded into something whoever plays him wants. He could be good like his family, or he could be his own person and be something completely different. Its all up to whoever plays him.
    (Another thing that might be cool is if someone wanted to take up a kid of Frozone. Or any of the super heroes/villains mentioned in the movie for that matter.)

    Ideas we came up with in the interest check:
    ~Jack-Jack gets tired of living in the Shadow of the 'Incredible' title and joins the villains of the plot.
    ~Possibly Frozone's child could be the one to convince Jack-Jack to join the villain side, seeing as the two would likely be good friends.
    ~There is a group of humans out there that are planning to use the villains to destroy the heroes and secretly plan to kill the villains once they had them do their dirty work, so that they don't have to get their own hands dirty and keep their images in killing off all the supers.
    (guys, if I'm missing any of our ideas, let me know XD)
    Here are the CSs for the characters. Everyone, including those with canons, must fill these out.

    Hero or Villain:
    Super Alias:
    Theme Song: (for fun XD)
    Crush: (Not sure if this even applies, but if your character has one, feel free to put it in. also, just because you put another character's name here, doesn't mean its written in stone you get that person as a love interest. that's all up to them and if you guys discuss it before hand. in other words, don't be high school girls fighting over the class hottie)

    Okay, thats it for now. If I come up with anything else I will add it in later.
    Jamie Sanders
    Age: 21
    Hero or Villain: Neutral
    Super Alias: Metal Essence
    Power: She can manipulate metals, and in the cases when she get really emotional, electricity as well. She doesn't try to use the electricity part though because she can't really control it like she can the metal manipulation. When she uses her powers to a certain extent, not causally as she normally does, her brown hair turns white. Her skin will also fade to a almost ghostly pale.
    Weakness: Her weakness is her love for her family and her inability to really control her powers when she gets too emotional.
    Interests: Jamie loves to build things and make something new. A lot of times this is achieved by making figures and such out of metal using her powers, but other times it can be things like putting together machines or working on vehicles.
    Fear: She's terrified of the dark (this comes from a reoccurring nightmare she's had since she was a young child of being trapped inside a dark room and unable to escape) and of course of loosing her family.
    Theme Song: I'm Still Here
    Crush: None as of yet. Jamie is kind of a loner at this point in the rp, but eh, someone might be able to break through her shell XD
    Her History~ Jamie spent the first few years of her life being moved from home to home after being thrown in foster care as an infant. What happened to her real parents, Jamie has yet to find out, but either way she has no information on them. It wasn't until she was seven and had been in ten different homes, that she was finally adopted by a rather well off couple unable to have kids on their own. After being adopted, she grew up as a child rather normally. She had great loving parents who cared very much for her. With her going that little bit of time without parents at all, it made her adore this couple all the more and made her the most thankful child a person could ask for.
    Her Powers~ When Jamie was fifteen, she had been home with her new boyfriend (who was a couple of years older than her) when her boyfriend tried to convince her to 'do things' with him. When she refused, he began threatening her. In a few moments, those threats grew real as he began trying to forcefully drag her to her bedroom. That was when strange things started to happen. She knew something was wrong when in the hall, the light-bulb above them began flickering and blew out. But that didn't stop her boyfriend. He continued to force her down the hall and to her room, where, the moment they walked in, a wrench Jamie kept on her desk few straight at them, hitting him in the head. Her parents got a call from a very hysterical Jamie and the ambulance was called. She told a very basic story of how she had wacked him on the head when he began to attack her. Because it was in self defense she was not charged, but her boyfriend when he woke up was another story. He was charged with attacking her. No one believed his story about the strange things that had happened or about the wrench flying at his head.

    Her Now~ After that situation with her boyfriend, Jamie became withdrawn, only really trusting and socializing with those in her small family. She began practicing secretly with her powers, growing talented in her metal controlling powers, though coming to fear her electricity powers due to their un-controlling nature. She continued to keep her parents in the dark about these powers and when she was sixteen they adopted another girl. The girl was close to a year old when she was adopted from Russia and Jamie quickly came to care about her just as much as she did her parents. She even will often babysit the girl on the weekends when she is out of daycare and her parents are working. It was during her time babysitting that her younger sister caught her using her powers to build a metal figure. The little girl thought it was the coolest thing ever, but Jamie of course made her swear to never tell anyone including mom and dad about her powers. So far the little girl has kept true to her promise. Now that she is 21 she is currently searching for an apartment to live in, but for now still lives with her loving parents and little six year old sister.
    Appearance: Her hair is dark brown. As stated above, when she uses her powers to a certain extent, her hair will turn white and her skin to a very pale color. She most often wears a pair of baggy jeans and an old green hoodie. There really isn't much to her appearance and it's not like she wants there to be. She was never one for showy outfits or for standing out. Especially after that experience with her boyfriend. She likes to stand in the background and not to be noticed. And so, she purposly makes herself look as plain as possible, to blend into crowds and go un-noticed.

    Other: While she is fixing up and altering a rather cool motorcycling, she actually still prefers to ride her skateboard around town. This skateboard has special plates in the bottom of it that, when the snap on wheels are removed, can react with her powers, making it very much like a hoverboard.

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  2. Really? No one wants to be an omnimorph?

    I guess I'll take Jack Jack, if that's all right. I'll try and have a CS up shortly.

    EDIT: Added CS.

    Name: John 'Jack-Jack' Jackson Parr

    Age: 11

    Super Alias: Incredible Kid

    Power: Jack is an omnimorph capable of manipulating his own molecular structure to achieve a variety of effects. To put it simply, he can transform his body into any physical material or substance, from metal to steam or even fire. He is also capable of rearranging his molecules to pass through solid objects or make himself light enough to fly through the air. He can even disperse all his molecules and bring them back together in another place, granting him a limited form of teleportation, albeit one that can be very dangerous if not used carefully. Jack can shapeshift by altering the physical aspects of his appearance to take on the forms of animals, other people, or even inanimate objects. The amount and variety of transformations he can undergo is limited only by his imagination and endurance, and there have been times when he demonstrated the ability to develop brand new superpowers on the fly through changing his body in radical ways.

    Weakness: Although Jack's powers allow him to do almost anything, they still come with limitations and flaws that make him far from invincible. While he can change his physical form into anything he thinks of, he is only able to manipulate the total mass of his default human body. He cannot shift into something that has more mass than he does, meaning he will always transform into roughly the same amount of any given substance he changes into. Also, it is difficult for him to transform his body into more than one thing at a time. While he can change different parts of his body into different things, it is much more difficult and tiring than changing his whole body into the same substance at once. Doing multiple rapid transformations back to back leads to exhaustion and could result in him losing control of his form, which carries the risk of his molecules drifting apart permanently. He is also vulnerable to anyone or anything that is equally as adaptable as himself so long as it matches his transformations with their individual weaknesses.

    Interests: Drawing, acting, music, tinkering, cooking, fireworks

    Fear: Jack's greatest fear is not having his own identity as a superhero or even as a person. Having grown up as part of the Incredibles, his entire sense of himself is directly tied to his family members and their profile as a team. His current struggle is in finding out who he really is apart from his parents and siblings and whether he truly wants to embrace the family legacy.

    Theme Song: Rancid- "Time Bomb"

    Crush: Kari McKeen

    Biography: Born the youngest son of Bob and Helen Parr (aliases Mr. Incredible and Elastigirl), John, or 'Jack-Jack' as he was affectionately called as a baby, was born into a superpowered family that had only recently begun to accept their roles as heroes once more by the time he was one year old. They originally believed their baby boy was the only member of the family to not have powers of some kind until he was abducted by the villain Syndrome, an event that seemed to catalyze Jack's own emerging abilities. After Syndrome was defeated, the Parrs became the face of a renewed surge of costumed vigilantism throughout the country as the Incredibles, the first family of superheroes.

    The next several years were filled with various adventures for the Incredibles, most of which Jack did not participate in. Instead he spent his time being watched by Kari McKeen, the only babysitter willing to accommodate his family's unique needs and highly irregular schedule. By the time he was nine, Jack's parents decided it was best he begin training to become a hero since his powers were developing rapidly and growing more and more unmanageable. Over time he was instructed on the responsible use of his abilities by his parents as well as his older siblings, Violet and Dash. Eventually he started to accompany the team on their missions and joined as a full member of the Incredibles when he was ten years old.

    Appearance (open)


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  3. I could play Frozone's kid.​

    Name: Lin Best
    Age: 14
    Hero or Villain: Hero
    Super Alias: Frysta
    Cryokinesis -
    Differs from her father's ability in that it directly reduces the kinetic energy of atoms to make things colder as opposed to firing ice blasts at things to freeze them. Also, she can manipulate ice freely, forming weapons or other constructs out of them. She can melt into ice and then reappear at a different location with ice. Water vapor in the air can be used to form ice by freezing it if ice is needed.

    Weakness: Does not create ice out of thin air, only manipulates what is there. Her ice isn't any special or magic kind of ice and is affected by what any other ice would be affected by.
    Interests: Practicing her power, reading, napping
    Fear: Failing to keep her powers in check and doing damage.
    Theme Song: (for fun XD)
    Crush: N/A

    Lin was born to Lucius Best, AKA Frozone, and his wife Honey. She first started displaying her powers when she was one, freezing a milk bottle. At first Frozone was pleasantly surprised that she seemed to have the same powers as him, her taking after her father becoming a common joke in the family. Once she could speak properly, holding real conversations and all, Frozone began trying to teach her how to control her powers.

    Despite the similar results of their powers, it soon became apparent that they worked quite differently. Frozone used moisture in his body and the air to fire off ice blasts and freeze things or create ice. Lin's power worked at an atomic level, actively working to lower the temperature as opposed to just creating ice. In the end, he couldn't teach her much aside from some uses of created ice.

    Her powers became a slight problem at school. Though supers were already accepted into society again by the time she was old enough for school, freezing a student completely was rather unacceptable. Unlike Frozone, she didn't just cover him in ice. Every atom in his body had stopped moving. So much as touching him without care could kill him. And that was just what happened. The teacher touched the boy's body a little too hard and cracked him.

    The incident managed to get covered for her sake thanks to efforts by the Incredibles and Frozone, but she had to change schools. She distanced herself from the others, not wanting to hurt anyone else. Practicing control over her power, she decided to become a super hero, naming herself Frysta. While yet to go solo, she has gone out a few times with her father to help save people. Though she can't make up for what she did to the boy, she believes in her ability to save people and learn from that experience to never lose control, ever.


    Other: I'm open to changing her history/siding to match what we need as far as the plot goes. Just depends on what plot we go with I suppose. ​
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  4. Name: Damian Rodas
    Age: 24
    Super Alias: Smoke
    Power: Smoke manipulation- User can create, shape and manipulate smoke, collection of airborne solid and liquid particulates and gases emitted when a material undergoes combustion or pyrolysis, together with the quantity of air that is entrained or otherwise mixed into the mass. It is commonly an unwanted by-product of fires, with smoke inhalation being the primary cause of death in victims of indoor fires. The smoke kills by a combination of thermal damage, poisoning and pulmonary irritation caused by carbon monoxide, hydrogen cyanide and other combustion products.
    Weakness: Sometimes Smoke's powers don't work for him, and he has to relay on his fighting skills. When his power's don't work he his very vulnerable.
    Interests: Fighting, guns, cats, and Movies.
    Fear: Being alone in the world.
    Theme Song: "Battle Born"- Five Finger Death Punch
    Crush: N/A
    Biography: Damian was put under the guardianship of his incredibly abusive and alcoholic aunt after his mother died giving birth to him and his father abandoned him. Brutally abused in his home and locked up in a closet like an animal as his aunt drank and engaged in sexual activities and relentlessly bullied at school, Damian accepted his place in society as always being seen as a freak. Murdering his aunt after finally reaching his breaking point, Damian fled from society and eventually joined a traveling circus where he was made part of the freak-show. While at the circus, Damian meet some really nice performers, who also had powers. The other performers would teach Damian how to fight, and how to control his powers. Bonding with his fellow performers in the show, Damian finally felt as if he had a family, until a horrendous attack occurred, by vicious audience members, destroying the circus and killing all whom Damian felt attachment for. After the incident Damian would become the anti-hero now as smoke.
    Other: He has a cat that he loves to death. This cat is the only family he has.
  5. Name: Eva Mode

    Age: 28

    Super Alias: E-Mode/E (basically took up Edna Mode's title)

    Power: duplication/nullification/magnification by skin touch

    Weakness: aside from her inexplicably bad luck and clumsiness, her powers are basically useless on an all-out battle

    Interests: fashion and costume designing, "geek" stuff

    Fear: honestly none much on tangible things and more on losing her position/people she cares for

    Theme Song: none

    Crush: /soon/

    Biography: Being Edna Mode's heir, Eva lives up to the expectation and continues to create amazing costumes and other props for Supers. She went on to extend the Mode Manor (as shown in the movie) as a base and second home for Supers in the area. She barely uses her own abilities, having little to no time for them while running her business, but is nonetheless quite proficient in them. She had studied fashion and robotics in Japan where she also studied the biology of Supers with the help of her own powers. She's currently working on exoskeletons and cooking.




    • She's highly superstitious; reading the Zodiac religiously and brings lucky charms around.
    • Her fortune always reads "bad luck" every year without fail. Truth is, she's really just clumsy.
    • She looks like a sweet and mild-mannered school girl but she's a love child of a biker gang leader and a renown politician. She tries not to swear as often as she actually does and pretends to be all cute and cuddly though she's actually quite brash.
    • Like Edna, she's petite. And like Edna, she expects a lot from herself and others.
    • She has a funny accent too.

    Name: Han Young Suk (prefers Han)


    Super Alias:

    Power: "Audiokinesis" (can hypnotize with songs or push things with screams, when magnified by Eva he can talk to animals)

    Weakness: can't talk

    Interests: drawing superheroes, potato dishes, looking in with the fads

    Fear: being forgotten

    Theme Song:


    Biography: Until he was about ten years old, it was thought that he had no voice at all but when he got violently bullied, he screamed and injured his attackers. Upon discovering his abilities, he kept them hidden until he met Eva in Bunka Fashion College who knew he was a Super almost immediately then took him in and helped him hone his ability. He still can't control it when he talks, though. He basically tagged along with her since, with a sibling-like relationship.




    • When using his ability, he shouts nonsense like "POTATO!" or "BUTTS!"
    • He's quiet but he's also pretty cocky.
    • He uses his phone to communicate. He types what he means to say.
    • He may be from a renown fashion college and looks serious but he's kind of slow on the uptake.
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  6. My computer keeps deleting my CSs -_-
  7. Omigosh you guys I am SO sorry. I forgot to watch the thread and so I wasn't getting notifacations on this! I thought no one was posting ;-; I'll read though everyone's CSs and see who we have missing. Update coming soon!
  8. Alright guys, so I read over everyone's CSs. Everything looks good so far.

    Kaykay, I have the spot reserved for you until you finish your CS.

    Mippu, everything looks great :3 Love the characters.

    Cats, interesting power. I like it.

    Rin Mico, I'm sorry to hear that ;-; I'd be frustrated with that too. Why don't you try writing it in a word doc and then paste it here, that way if it doesn't post, you still have it to try again and dont have to re-write it :3

    Imma have my CS up on my first post in a minute. Just putting some finishing touches on it.
  9. Oh, right. This thing. I thought it was dead cause nobody had posted for a long time haha. I'll get back to working on it.
  10. Yeah lol. I didn't watch the thread. And when I did just a few days ago, I got really busy with work and hadn't gotten around to checking on everything.

    I just posted my CS up top XD Man that took longer than expected lol.
  11. Yay, can't wait!!
  12. I'll have my CSs up soon
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  13. I'm away from my computer now I'll put together a cs when I get back
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  14. Name: Chris Renner
    Hero or Villain: Villain
    Super Alias: Darkness
    Power: Shadow manipulation - Darkness is able to use shadows in any way he sees fit. He is able to create armor, weapons, abendages and even monsters using his power. He can control not only his shadow but the shadows of anything he finds.
    Weakness: Light destroy's his shadow creations. the bigger the shadow the less sturdy.
    Interests: Darkness loves to collect supers icons and place them on the lining of his jacket.
    Fear: Darkness fears a world where Supers rule, he was raised in a family of Villains and has only known villainy.
    Theme Song: (for fun XD) Back in Black - AC DC
    Crush: (Not sure if this even applies, but if your character has one, feel free to put it in. also, just because you put another character's name here, doesn't mean its written in stone you get that person as a love interest. that's all up to them and if you guys discuss it before hand. in other words, don't be high school girls fighting over the class hottie) none
    Biography: Darkness was raised from a family of Villains, he was raised to one day take over the family buisness. When his family went underground because the supers were gone his parents stopped thier goals of villainy. As Darkness grew so did his hate, he hated the peace, he hated how his parents gave in to becoming law abiding citizens, he hated his job, he hated everything that is until the supers came back. When the supers came back Chris Renner died and Darkness was born. He quickly started pulling small crime jobs until he was recruited by the Villain corps. Now he works with other villains in order to take down the supers.
    Appearance: vampireboy5.jpg
    Other: no one has ever seen his real face
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  15. Alright, Darkness looks good. Just make sure his powers don't get too OP with the 'making anything from shadows' thing XD

    Also, for everyone, make sure your character has an active alter ego. XD they can't be their super selves 24:7 after all haha.
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  16. I'm pretty sure all of us has that covered. And if it's allowed in plot people can bunk in the Mode Manor when they're in the area.
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  17. WIP

    Name: Donovan Bellaire
    Hero or Villain:Villian
    Super Alias: NightShade
    Power:Pheremone Manipulation-can use pheremones from himself and others to induce sleep, influence emotions/desire, and even alter his appearance.
    Increased agility
    Weakness: powers can dissapear when taken by surprise, extremely weakened, or under trauma/stress. Limited strength
    Interests:monster movies, adventure games, flowers
    Fear: of dying
    Theme Song:(will pick one soon)
    Other:Only wears the glasses as his alter ego (Clark Kent Style :3)

    Name: Kylie Patience Warren
    Hero or Villain: Hero
    Super Alias: Fauna
    Power: Animal Morpher
    Weakness: can only turn into smaller animals, nothing bigger than herself. Can't hold forms for more than a couple of hours. Hard to control with new animals
    Interests: ballroom dancing, horror novels, hamsters
    Fear: fire
    Theme Song: (will pick one soon)
    Crush: tba
  18. Looks good Rin.

    So far we are just waiting on three people. I've messaged them a couple of times, so those spots may open back up. Not sure, but we'll see.
  19. Name: Minami Nyx
    Age: 21
    Hero or Villain: Villain
    Super Alias:

    - Self chosen: Black Death
    - Police given: The Soulless/Reaper

    Power: Negative Force Manipulation.
    - The ability to manipulate many negative forces, be it spiritual or physical.
    Minami's powers include;

    • Anti-matter manipulation
    The user can create, shape and manipulate anti-matter for various effects. The user can draw cosmic energy from dark matter to perform feats such as telekinesis and force-field projection.
    With dark matter the user can form constructs or manipulate gravity to some extend.

    Weakness: Manipulating the anti-matter beyond a certain extend may bring the cosmic energy out of balance.
    The strain on ones body from using this ability may render the user immobile.

    • Energy manipulation

    The user can create, shape and manipulate energy. This enables the user to create constructs, draw energy from the ground and manipulate the energy in his/her own body and others.
    This ability

    Weakness: Anyone that can destroy energy leaves this ability useless.
    Will drain the user's energy supply.
    May be limited by types of energy, or endanger the user when multiple energies are mixed.

    • Necromancy
    The user's magical abilities revolve around manipulating death, life-force and souls for various means. The user can also communicate to the deceased. This ability can be used in both good and evil sense.

    Weakness: User may risk losing his/her soul when in contact with the dead for too long.
    Spirits or souls may need a host body to remain in the world of the living.
    Spirits are by no means under the user's control, unless the user sacrifices something of value.
    User may be haunted by lingering spirits.

    • Demonic creation
    The user can create demonic entities from their own energy to do their bidding.

    Weakness: The created entities cannot be manipulated by their creator, thus they may rebel.
    Creation of an entity costs a lot of energy, thus it may render the user weak or even unconscious.

    User may not be able to dispel his/her creation.
    • Pollution/Disease manipulation

    The user can create, manipulate, shape, form, cause and heal many, if not all, shapes of disease. This includes their severity, contagiousness and method of spreading.

    Weakness: The user may unwillingly spread disease.
    Basic healing abilities and even modern medicine can heal most, if not all, diseases.
    Users with enhanced healing or regeneration properties may be immune to diseases.

    She has only truly attempted to summon a demonic entity once. The summoning went wrong and affected Minami's appearance. Minami was left with one demon, different from the one she had summoned. She has never done it since.

    Weakness: Her mind is extremely weak to psychic attacks. She is constantly tormented by whispers, trying to corrupt her. Most of her abilities have severe weaknesses that may render her immobile in battle. The demon following her unnerves her and makes her skittish and distance.
    She also has times in which she goes a bit crazy, going into a state of mind only focused on destruction.

    Interests: Research in summoning, sowing fear to lighten her own, stealing and destroying things.
    Fear: Most of her abilities frighten her, as well as the demon that stays by her side. Her biggest fear, however, is being overtaken by her own powers.
    Theme Song:

    Her "Destruction mode" theme song:

    Crush: None

    Minami was born into a family of 5; her parents, her two siblings and herself.
    Her mother was a hardworking woman that tried her best to support her family, in contrast to her father; who was a lazy drunk that would often yell or get physical with all of them.

    As the eldest of her siblings, Minami took it upon herself to protect her younger brother and sister from their father's drunk anger and was often beaten in their stead. When she was 8 years old she discovered she could make little creatures appear out of nowhere and she happily showed off to her siblings. After doing some research, Minami attempted to summon a demon she had read about.

    The attempt went horribly wrong. The demonic energy exploded and blew up most of Minami's house, leaving the girl with demonic looking features. Her room was scattered across the street, her siblings nowhere to be found and her parents lay crushed under a support beam in their bed.

    Minami was picked up by police officers and after the investigation they concluded it had been a gas leak, coming from the boiler in the hallway. Minami was taken to the hospital and after being released, was taken to an orphanage.

    Having lost her mother and siblings, along with the horrendous bullying from the other children at the orphanage, Minami fell into a depression. She started to notice a shadowy beast following her whenever she was outside. That's when the voices came.

    At first they were voices of comfort, telling the girl that she did not deserve any of this treatment, that it wasn't her fault the summoning went wrong. They quickly became much darker, telling her to kill the bullies that tormented her, to blow up everything and everyone around her.
    After almost doing what the voices told her, Minami fled the orphanage and lived in solitude, her shadowy "companion" and the voices following her everywhere.

    After many years Minami has learned to repress most of the whispers and the eerie stare of the beast following her, strengthening herself by training her abilities. Unfortunately they both remain till this day and have long driven her to a path of madness and destruction.

    Appearance and Costume (open)

    Her usual clothes:

    Other: The blast of demonic energy that erupted from Minami's attempt to summon left her infused with demon-like features. She has dark scaly skin all over her back and sides, has grown a tail through the years and is starting to sprout horns. On her back, several spiky protrusions have started to form along her spine.

    The beast, or demon, following her is constantly by her side. It is completely silent and though it protects her when she is being attacked, it does not do anything else.

    Show Spoiler
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