The Incredibles Have Returned (IC)

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Jamie was fairly used to having a lot of time to herself. Well, at least she was before her younger sister had been brought into their small family. Now most of her spare time was spent entertaining or looking after little Silvia. Not that she minded though. She loved the kid to death and enjoyed the time that the two always got to spend together. Like now. She went through the house with her sister, grabbing things the girl would need for school that day and stuffing them into her backpack. She was getting her sister ready in a much less organized fashion than her mother might have, but it would do. Once she had all the stuff together, she fixed her lunch and the two were heading toward the door.

"Jamie, can we take Ralph on the skateboard? Please, please, pleeeeeease?"

Jamie smiled at the little blonde girl at her side, looking up at her with bright blue eyes and begging for her to do something that they had been told time and time again not to do, "Silv, you know mom and dad don't like me taking you on the skateboard. Especially being pulled by that big horse." She said joking, jabbing her thumb toward the husky that stood in the kitchen eating his food.

"Awwwwww! But..." The little girl frowned deeply and looked down at her shoes in the most pitiful way, "But you get to do it all the time and I never get to. It's no fair." She always seemed to put on this pitiful act, thinking it would work on Jamie. And she sure did have a right to think that, because it always did work. Jamie was a sucker for giving her sister what she wanted. She just couldn't help it, the little girl was just too cute.

"Alright, alright. But don't tell mom and dad, okay?" She laughed and grabbing the leash from where it hung on a hook in the kitchen she grabbed her skateboard, walking out of the house with the girl in tow and the dog beside her. It only took a moment to get the little girl on her back and the leash hooked onto the husky's harness, but once they were all set she hopped onto the skateboard and gave the dog a quick command. Soon the dog was running down the side walk, happily running while pulling Jamie and Silvia on the skateboard.

Doing that it didn't take long to get the girl to the school. She stepped off of the skateboard just outside the front of the building, standing on the steps as she pulled the helmet off of the girl and began patting her blonde hair down so that she didn't look like a mess going into the school, "Okay, you have fun today. I'll be here to pick you up after school."

"Wait, aren't you coming to the museum?"

"The museum?" Jamie stood up straight in confusion and it took a moment for her to realize just what her sister was talking about, "Oh, you mean your field trip? But that's next week."

The little girl shook her head, "Uh-uh. It's today. And you promised you would come!" The little girl pointed out, making Jamie sigh heavily.

"Man, I need to start writing this stuff down." She looked down at her and nodded, ruffling her hair with her hand, despite how she had just tried to fix it moments before, "Alright, Squirt. I'll be there. I just have to run those errands and do those chores for Mom and Dad first, okay?" When the girl nodded she smiled and bent down to scoop her up into a big bear hug, kissing her cheek, "I'll see you then." She watched the girl go inside and then she was off.

The errands and chores her parents wanted her to do were quick. Mail a letter. Pick up a few things from the store. Give Muchi(their dog) a bath once she got back, clean the kitchen, and then finally do some clothes. But once all that was done she was heading out on her skateboard as fast as she could toward the museum. She was a little late and her sister's class was probably already inside. Hopping off of her skateboard, she began walking up the steps to head inside.

Only when she walked inside, she found herself almost knocked down when a loud explosion from further in the museum shook the building, causing a panic throughout the place. Her eyes widened as she looked around, trying to find the source of all this, and it was when she traveled further into the building that she saw an older man, bombs strapped to his body, walking out with a rather expensive looking painting.

Bomb Voyage. Wasn't he getting too old for this? One would think so, but then again a lot of older supers hadn't retired yet, so why should the villains? Either way, with him planting bombs within the museum he was just as dangerous as any other villain. And sure enough, as she stood there, another bomb did go off, closer to where the shaking of the building caused her to actually fall down this time, further inside the building and the man headed in that direction, likely to go for another piece of artwork. She thought about trying to stop him, but a more important thought came to her mind.

Her sister.

She had to find Silvia and the other students and get them out of here if there were actually bombs planted here. And so, scrambling to her feet she began her search, running about the museum, only to find the teacher ushering students outside to evacuate the building. Upon seeing this, she rushed over, "Where's my sister? Silvia?"

The teacher looked at her, obviously worried, "Some of the students are missing. It must have happened in the crowd. Two or three of them are still in there."

Hearing this, she rushed back into the building, looking about , pointing anyone she saw left over in the direction of the entrance. She did find the few students that the teacher had mentioned was missing and took them to the entrance herself, but her sister she had yet to find. She was the only one missing and everyone else had evacuated the building by now. She searched and searching and finally her searching came to an end, though, it wasn't how she had expected. She came skidding to a stop, to see her sister cowering, sitting in a corner of one of the rooms, cowering while Bon Voyage stood by, gathering as much artwork as he could from the walls. He was using her as a hostage.

She made a move to run toward her, only stopped when the man, silent of course, held up a finger and pointed to the end of the room where her sister was, a small bomb laying there, then gestured to the button in his hand. One push of that button and the bomb would explode. It was much like the bombs he had used in here. Enough to do some serious damage, but only lethal close up. And it was close enough to Silvia to be as such.

Her hands were tied. There was nothing she could do but stand there, watching her sister cower helplessly. If she moved forward, he would set off the bomb. She had to wait. It took a long moment and soon he apparently had all he wanted and moved to the door of the room. At this, sure he was leaving her sister, Jamie did move to the girl, grabbing a hold of her and ready to carry her out of here when she looked up at Bon Voyage once more.

A sickening grin was spread across his face and in that moment, her eyes widened. He had been waiting for her to go over to her sister. He didn't want any witnesses. He pressed down on the button and the explosion went off.

In that instant, Jamie did the only thing she could thing she could do. She didn't even think about it. It was instinct, her powers working on their own. Suddenly, right before the explosion, thick sheets of metal from one of the sculptures tore off and layed over them in a half circle as the two of them knelt on the floor. The metal was tight around them, blocking out the small blast, singeing the outside of it. Inside Jamie held the little girl close to her, shielding her with her own body just in case her metal shield failed, her eyes closed tightly until the loud explosion died down.

Slowly she sat up and looked at the metal around them. It seemed to have blocked everything out and when she was sure it had and she checked to make sure her sister was alright, she lifted her hand, clutching at the air and then jerked it down to rip the metal out form around them. By now, her brown hair had faded into a snowy white and her skin a ghostly pale. She was angry and now she wanted to stop that man.

Standing up straight, she looked down at her sister, "Go to the entrance. Your teacher will be there." With that, the girl ran off and Jamie turned her blue eyes over to the man. The metal that had been shielding them began to crinkle on the ground, as if it were as flimsy as paper, she scraping sound of it almost deafening. With that, she pushed her hands forward and the metal flew at the man, a piece hitting his body rather hard, knocking him into the wall while nails and screws ripping from the walls and sculptures around them flew and stuck into the metal, on the sides of him. With that, the metal sheets were over his middle and the metal was nailed into the wall, pinning him there for the law enforcements to find.

With the man unable to escape, Jamie made her way through the empty and destroyed place, going toward the back of the museum as her hair and skin faded back to their natural colors. She didn't want to go through the front and risk people asking her questions and so here she left out of the employees entrance and began heading home. Her sister was safe with her teacher and Bon Voyage was ready for the cops to find. Everything was fine. And she hoped it would stay that way.

Of course, it never did, did it?


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Only people with special abilities or equipment could have seen what Jamie Sanders did. Eva Mode and Han Yong Suk for instance, had rushed to the scene but didn't make it in time to do anything to help, but still saw what happened.

"Now that's how real Supers do it, Han." Eva said with a grin, looking at the aftermath. She flipped her brown bob cut hair as Han busily typed on his phone: "WHY DID YOU STOP ME? I could have taken him down!!!" He showed it to Eva who gave him a disapproving look.

"It's Bomb Voyage. He specializes in explosives. If I let you shout, you'd just do the same thing. Let's get that kid's contact. She could come in handy." Eva dismissed her companion and marched off past people. She was too small to push anyone away and Han was following her unenthusiastically like some kind of tall noontime shadow, so when the crowd cleared, Jamie was nowhere to be found. Eva swore aloud, realized what she said and cleared her throat. She tried again. "Oh fiddlesticks. We lost her."

Han tapped her on the shoulder and pointed to the distance where Jamie was heading away from the museum. Eva smiled. "Well done. Call her for me. And be careful. Focus on your target." Eva held Han's hand and helped him control his ability, aiming his voice at Jamie.

"Jamie Sanders, stop where you are please." Han carefully whispered. With how far Jamie was from them, his small whisper would sound like his voice was projected on earphones on her. Some people winced and looked around. Eva pulled Han's ear and scolded him. "I said focus!"

She waved, trying to catch Jamie's attention as she walked to her. Han waved too, because Eva may not be visible behind the crowd.


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Darkness watched the scene from the shadows. "Tsk, stupid old man voyage. He should have known better than to pull a stunt like that at his age." Darkness was leaning up against a fan grate watching the super kid dissappear into the crowd. "She has great potential but looks like shes already chose her side. Oh well her loss."

Darkness watched the crowd looking at them like he was watching an ant hill. He held his hand out over the edge of the building. A shadow started to materialize in his hand in the shape of an anvil. "It would be so easy to cause a little chaos now." The shadow anvil was almost complete but quickly disipated. "To bad I have stuff to do." Darkness leaned back into the shadows getting absorbed into the darkness.

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Donovan tried to hide his smile, but couldn't help it. He didn't have to worry if any one was watching. They were all too focus on the chaos that ensued in front of him, crowds of people piling on top of each other as they tried to see firsthand what had happened so they could gossip about it later, people pouring out as they escaped within an inch of their mundane lives. Cops raced around and yelled as they tried to keep everything under control all the while doing they actual jobs of clearing out the building and cuffing the villain. Police cars and ambulances idled on the streets, doing check up on the people who were in the building when Bon Voyage attacked. "If you could even call it that," Donovan remarked to himself with harsh laugh. The hair prickled on the back of his neck and he turned sharply to look behind him, feeling a slight threat.

There was nothing but more people, craning their necks to take in the scene. Donovan frowned, eyeing a suspicious patch of shadows, before shrugging the feeling off and turning in time to see the local cops leading Bon Voyage into a cruiser while a cheer surged through the crowd. The years had not been kind to the old super. Their eyes met and Donovan gave him a slight nod before turning on his heel and heading down the street. His shoulder brushed a young dark skinned girl as he passed. He hid his annoyance and gave a polite smile. "Sorry, didn't see you there," he apologized before pardoning himself to continue down the street.

Kylie stared after the man as he continued on his way, her hand reaching up to touch the where he had brushed her on her shoulder. She didn't know why, but there was something about this man that she didn't like. It was something about his smile...

Giving up on the topic, Kylie turned back to the museum. She was way too far to actually see anything, but that was fine with her. She just grew out some canine ears, thankful that she had worn her biggest hoodie which covered them splendidly. They twitched slightly under the fabric, filtering through the chatter of the crowd and focusing on a young cop who had located Bon Voyage. "...he was just there against the wall, a piece of metal holding him still. But it was weird, Chief. It was like someone had nailed him there or something. And get this, there were scorch mark in a part of the room, evidence of a bomb going off, but one of the walls was if something covered that part from the blast..."

Kylie tuned out, retracting her ears and began to walk with her hands in her pockets. So it was some kind of super, she thought as she kept her head low to keep from being noticed. Maybe a strength one? And the scorch marks thing...maybe someone who could do force fields? Her thoughts immediately strayed to Violet, the popular up-and-coming super and one of her own personal heroes. Kylie bit her lip as she thought. "Nah, I doubt it was actually her," she concluded aloud as she continued on.
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