The Incredible Vending Machine

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  1. yey
    'nother pointless game to pass the time

    so, the premise is basically this : you insert something (annnnnything) into the vending machine and the next person to post gets something else in return. the items don't have to be super related. just have fun with it.

    example :

    member 1 - inserts : lemon
    member 2 - gets : lemonade; inserts : GwaziMagnum
    member 3 - gets : sexybeast ; inserts : xyz
    and so on.

    i'll start.

    inserts : fluffy kitten
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  2. gets: sausages!; inserts: a coin
  3. gets : a bank ; inserts : a rocket
  4. gets: Neil Armstrong's body back from the dead

    inserts: birth control pills

  5. Gets a uterus; inserts a dinosaur
  6. Gets a komodo dragon; inserts a popsicle
  7. gets: a frozen pizza stick

    inserts: a computer
  8. Gets: The Internet
    Inserts: A thank-you note
  9. gets: a birthday present
    inserts: a car charger
  10. Gets : Maximus Prime.
    Inserts : Jell-O.
  11. gets jell-o; insterts a comic book
  12. gets dead parents;

    inserts dirty laundry.
  13. gets clean laundry; inserts hand
  14. Gets Batman's parent's hand; inserts a lobster
  15. gets lobster thermidor; inserts Japanese stationery
  16. get's a cute dango pen; inserts a sonic screwdriver
    This is my favourite thing... ever. :3
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  17. gets a dead dalek; inserts unlimited blade works
  18. gets Saber Waifu; inserts homework
  19. gets an F; inserts Mystic Eyes of Death Perception
  20. gets: hooker teacher
    inserts: an anime figure
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