The Importance of History In Your World

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  1. A world's history, both geological and life related, is important to how the world is in its modern day. All new things are founded upon the past, and knowledge or omission of historical events plays into this in a huge way. So tell me, how do you use your world's history in its setting? Do you purposefully omit things that the modern peoples know nothing of? Do you have them believe in events that never took place? Are genealogy and history a huge obsession for your culture? What about archaeology? What do you think and how have you used history, knowledge of history, and omission of history in your worlds and how you can use them in the future?
  2. I find it really depends. Sometimes a worlds history needs to be told right away, and other times you can add to it throughout the course of the Roleplay. However I don't think a history is ever complete, just like we are still finding out things about human history right now, there should always be room for discovery. Personally I use history to further the story I feel it gives more depth and something all players can use
  3. Even so, I'd think that, especially if you are going to do a discovery heavy RP, it is important to plot out big points of discovery, such as if there were paleo species or everyone was just brought on giant space barges.
  4. In my past worlds, the history has always been this sort-of fixed entity. There are holes in the timeline, of course, but it has always been known to people in the world more or less. Recently, I've moved away from that mindset and come to a more realistic, more exciting one. People believe many different versions of history and even so, not everything is accurate.

    I think history is an important and powerful tool in shaping a world, because it is in essence, shaping the world and its peoples.