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  1. After years of research, many close calls, near victories, and devastating defeats, the underground laboratory in Parrington has finally discovered the cure for the plague wreaking havoc across the country. Unfortunately, despite the new cure's 100% success rate on those infected with the plague, even those close to death, the cure is considered illegal due to its ingredients. Despite the scientists pleading with President Ruellan to make an exception for the sake of the country's well-being, he refuses to allow the cure to be mass-produced for distribution across the country. Worse yet, the scientists working in the underground lab have all been dismissed, removed from the project and sent home. New scientists - ones with less experience, less skill, and more loyalty to the cruel government - have been assigned to the lab, and the future of the country is still at stake.

    Luckily for the country, the old scientists aren't ready to give up hope so quickly. They know that their cure works, and it's just a matter of mass producing it and providing it to the people. Unfortunately, it's now illegal to do so, and being caught working on the cure is grounds for imprisonment and, if deemed guilty by trial, even death. They're going to need some help, some cash, and a lot of luck.

    This RPG will, as I'm sure you've guessed, be about mass-producing a cure for the plague that's overtaken the country. It is not based in the real world, but rather, an alternate world - everything is modern, however, so it's basically like being in the real world. The country in question, Bollorey, is ruled by a cruel and harsh totalitarian government headed by President Nicholas Ruellan, and it's currently being absolutely decimated by a mysterious plague that spreads like wildfire.

    Players in this RPG will be able to make up to three characters, and they can choose for their characters to be scientists, citizens, or police officers. The scientists will be the ones attempting to mass produce the cure, but mass production of an illegal substance is difficult and costly! Gathering the ingredients, processing them, turning them into the cure, and distributing the cure will not be an easy task, but the scientists know that the fate of their country is in their hands.

    Citizens will have a lot of freedom to choose what they want to do - they can help the scientists by gathering/donating cash, collecting ingredients and delivering them to the scientists, and delivering the cure to the people. Alternatively, they can choose to help the police by spying on the scientists, reporting suspicious/illegal activities to the police, or interfering with the work of the scientists. Some may even choose not to take sides, instead going about their day-to-day business and just trying not to anger the government. The police, meanwhile, work for the government and are responsible for arresting all those who are partaking in illegal activities, or suspected of doing so. Their job will be to arrest the scientists and any who are helping them, but some officers may be sympathetic to the cause and even help out, risking their own jobs and lives to do so.

    Gathering money for the cause will be done through posting - each post made by a scientist or a citizen actively helping the scientists (including any who are partaking in espionage and simply pretending to help the scientists) will generate a certain amount of money, adding to the group pot. Once there is enough money to produce a batch of the cure and the ingredients are all assembled in one place, the scientists may begin to work on that batch. Once it's made, the process will repeat, with some people now having the task of delivering the batch of cure to the people. There will be a pre-determined number of areas that will each need a batch of the cure, meaning that players will need to make that many batches in order to successfully cure all the sick people in the country.

    There will be an end goal in this RPG, that being to successfully cure the country of the plague raging through it, but if people enjoy the game, it can be extended and new goals can be made - creating a vaccination to prevent the plague from reappearing, for example, or even taking down the corrupt government.

    If this idea seems interesting to anybody, let me know! I personally find it pretty exciting, and I hope that there's enough interest to create it. If you know anyone else who may be interested, direct them here so they can let me know as well - if there doesn't seem to be much interest on this thread, I won't bother with making it, as much as I'd love to. If you have any questions, feel free to ask either here or in a PM and I'll get back to you as soon as I can! Thank you for taking the time to look at this!
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  2. This does definitely seem interesting! While I am one to usually go for a lighter theme, trying to collect money and ingredients in an open world (Country?) just seemed too good to pass up.

    One thing I would like to know though, how will game mechanics work here? Is there for example a map of the country, with a limit to how far one can travel, or a monetary system like in TKoE?

    Glad to see you again, Princess.
  3. Yeah there would be a map of the world. A few different means of collecting ingredients would be provided, and people who are collecting them would have the choice of how to get them (for example, you can spend money out of the group pot to buy them off the black market in some back alley, or you can travel to the remote edge of the country where it's grown, or you can deal with the hassle of trying to cross the border and buy some in a neighbouring country where the substance is legal. I'd have average travel times for each city listed, but if someone decides to boot it without stopping the time would be shorter, and likewise, each stop would add to the travel time.

    Money would only exist in the form of a group pot that goes towards the production. To manage that, we'd have a starting number (say we start with 50 units, whatever the unit in this world ends up being) and for each post somebody makes with a cure-aligned character, they must end it with an updated money count. So if each post is worth 10 units, the first person to post would end their post with something like "Group Pot: 60" or "new count 60" and everyone would go off what the last count was. If somebody spends the money (for example, a citizen working for the scientists buys 500 units worth of illegal substances on the black market) they'd just update the count to be 500 units less than it was before, plus the 10 for their post.

    The world itself wouldn't necessarily be open, but the country would. Think North Korea - the country is basically closed, with contact cut off to neighbouring countries and the rest of the world. What kind of effect the plague is having elsewhere in the world is totally unknown to the people of our country because they can't contact anyone outside without actually physically crossing the border, which is gonna be basically impossible to do (I will make it possible, but difficult).

    It's good to see you too. I've missed it here. I feel bad about Evertrue finally dying - I was hoping I'd come back and those last few stragglers would have kept it alive for me to make the necessary changes to make it manageable again.
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  4. Its intriguing. The character I would like to play would be under the civilian branch. A sort of mob boss to say. King under the table. Powerful with connections and at the start of the RPG neutral. Or would you deem this overboard?
  5. Someone like that would have to have their hands in the president's pockets in order to not be caught. Corrupt governments are generally either where crime thrives or where crime is virtually nonexistent. A character like that would have to either be paying off the president to keep his head off the executioner's block or would have to be getting paid BY the president to do some dirty work under the table. I don't think a full-on mafia-esque type of faction could function in this country, though.
  6. Fair points, I understand.
  7. What a cool idea! :D I am definitely intrigued. Keep me posted.
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  8. I'm also interested in joining this if there's room
  9. Four people expressing interest is enough to give me hope for this. I'll throw together a thread after work tomorrow and we'll see what happens :)
  10. This sounds like a pretty unique and creative idea. I am super excited for it, its hard to find a refreshing idea
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  11. Mind another hopping in?
    Figure the Scientists might need a guard, right? :)
    As for character number two, I was thinking a police officer that wants the cure released.
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  12. Yes! Someone guarding the scientists would probably be a civilian role, albeit a brave af one. Perhaps retired police, former bodyguard, something like that :P
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  13. what kind of characters would you be looking for?
  14. Nothing in particular at the moment, it will really just depend on what people make. If we have like six scientists and nothing else, for example, I'd close off scientists for a bit so people would have to make police or citizens.
  15. An OOC/Sign-Up thread for this RPG is now live! CLICK HERE
  16. Ha 'The Last of of Us' feel. Not that, tat is necessarily a bad thing.
  17. Except, you know...without zombies. Which are kind of a staple in TLOU.
  18. Actually, the 'staple' was survival. It plays out systematically; do I kill this person or a sneak about? thematically played through out the game--the most prominent being the conclusion about Ellie herself. Secondly the 'Infected' aren't 'Zombies'. The they go through a sort of metamorphosis (no like a butterfly." As the infection spread it coalesces with what left of the human remainder. They also have cellular growth were in most--if not not all zombies have cell degradation. Therego after a certain point zombies cant sustain them selves, they're are mindless and only seek one thing. The infected seem to spread through a type of fungal infection.

    Excerpt taken from "The Last of Us'

    "When the Infected are near death, they will seek out damp and dark areas to settle in. Even after an infected individual has died, the fungus will continue to grow. It grows in to big fungal plants around the body so much as only a few inches but can cover large areas. By this point, the corpse becomes skeletal and brittle, and the fungus sticks the body to whatever surface it is on. The fungus will begin to emit spores from the body which will infect anyone that breathes them.
  19. My statement might come off as as "smartass"--and there is no denying there are similarities. But not enough to codone that the two are one i the same. One of most conclusive evidences; and a most conclusive answer: There are many interpretations to what a 'vampire' or a zombie is to us There problem yo each of us. I'm personally into them. Just thought Id wish you luck! Zombies are officially dead. And no I sm not saying that in They are walking corpses. On the other hand, infected are living beings that have been infected by some pathogen.. =3
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  20. By the way that was a typo; It It was meant to say "Not necessarily a bad thing." Gotta love speck check. >.>
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