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  1. Among the quiet villages and towns of 18th century Europe, demons known as the Ill hid within the most beautiful works of art, sparked to life by the torment of their creators. Attracted by their jewel-like allure, the unwary find themselves possessed by the Ill and driven to horrific acts of violence. Only the hunters of the Ciste Vihad can dispel the Ill.

    There are things in this world that human beings must never touch, that is why you must never touch which is unknown to you. For if you do, the Ill will worm it's way deep into your soul. It will see your greatest longings and fears, and it's sweet whispering will never stop haunting you until you lose all sense of reason. For human reason is the biggest obstacle to stop an Ill devouring your heart. Once it has devoured your heart, you will harm your closed loved ones without a second thought and you will be taken over completely.


    If you don't know yet, this is based on a manga called March Story, but you don't really need to have read the books to join in. We are a group of Ciste Vihad hunters; traveling across the land in search of ill infested artifacts and removing them. Should we come across an ill who has stolen the body of a human, we have two options.

    If the ill has not yet taken a human life, and their hands are unstained with blood, the ill can be exorcised and the human saved. But the moment the ill takes a life, the humans union with the ill is complete, and the human can no longer be helped. at that point our only option is to destroy the ill before it can harm anyone else.

    The stories of the ill are often horrifying and terrible. The stories of the hunters are often worse. It takes great tragedy to push someone to this line of work, and all had experienced the horror of the ill. What will your story be?


    Jump right in, no skellie needed. Just post a picture of your character! Each character may have one special gift or power.



    Hannah looked around the dingy, cheap motel room they were camping in for the night. The group had heard rumor of a 'demon' haunting these parts; stealing the eyes of the townsfolk. Usually, these reports of demons uncovered an ill. She glanced out the window and noted that the sun had finally gone down. Good, the ill was said to come out only at night. She stood and started to wake her companions. It was time to be moving along. They had work to do. Once they had all been woken she picked up her blade and waited by the door. She was anxious to be going.
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    Name: Ivy Lawson

    [​IMG] The sword is a Katana with a blue/black handle.

    Extras: She can fight with a sword like an extension of her self thanks to years of training. Power is that she can see and speak to the demons without begin corrupted. But she still has to be careful near the artifacts for she could still become posed and because of this power it is possible that she would be easier to convince.

    Ivy woke up hearing Hannah. She got up without asking questions. She went to the bathroom and made sure she was ready, and then she grabbed her Katana. Finally she was ready and went to the door. "Okay ready when you are."
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    Name: Luna Rayne
    Luna is able to use the element lightning. She can use it as a weapon or to boosts her physical attributes ( Mostly speed. )
    Luna 5 senses are also sharper than most
    Her weapons are the two short blades in the picture ( wasn't sure if the picture was blurry or not.. )

    Luna was the last to awake as usual. She was quite lazy at times. " Ahhhhhh. " Luna yawned. " Hannah.. It's so early. " She groaned as she sluggishly got to her feet and picked her weapons off the floor without so much as looking at them. Finally, she opened her cool brown eyes and scanned the room. She noticed she was the last to get ready again. "Ughh." She groaned once more.

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  4. Viktor woke up quickly, one of his trademark qualities. He rolled over and pushed his light, 6'6" body off the ground. He checked himself over and looked at his companions. His power was quite simple, he was immune to physical harm, unless self-inflicted. He walks over to the door by Hannah. He picks up his claymore from where he left it leaning, picking the little spider off the hilt and putting it on his shoulder.
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  5. Hannah nodded when the group was up and ready. "Let's go." She said. "And remember, keep on your toes. This is supposedly a very quick ill, it's been tormenting this region for quite awhile." She shouldered her blade and stepped past the tall Viktor, who dwarfed her five foot frame. "Let's get this over with, and get out of here." Her ever-somber mood didn't change with X's happy voice.
  6. Viktor nodded and followed behind her. His eyes dancing brightly in the dark.
  7. Luna sheathed her blades and let out another yawn. " Yeah, yeah." She replied to Hannah, ignoring the others at the moment. "Lets just get this over with." Luna wasn't particularly worried. She couldn't fathom anything moving faster than her anyways.
  8. Hannah led the way out of the dingy motel and out into the streets. She kept a sharp eye out. The stories they'd heard said the demon killed anyone who went out after dark, stealing their eyes before he killed them.
  9. Viktor hefts his sword to his shoulder. He stopped in the street and turned in a circle. His gaze wasn't so focused on the task at hand, but on 'checking out' the rest of the hunters, his eyes flicking up and down their person.
  10. "Quite the hobby this demon has. How many pairs would you say it's gathered?" He turns to Luna and tilts his head with a grin.
  11. Hannah glanced back at them with sharp eyes. "Shush." She said sharply. "We're on a job. We'll chatter later." She knew she was always strict with her group, but hey, she hasn't lost anyone yet and she doesn't plan on doing so anytime soon. Once again, she turned her eyes forward, and found herself face to face with the ill itself. It used to be a man, but a pair of grotesque horns protruded from the top of his head, blood red. The sign of an ill. She lifted her blade, but as they'd been warned it was extremely quick. It knocked her aside before she had time to react. "Such lovely eyes." It growled. "They look delicious." The creautre eyed her one more moment before turning to the rest of the group.
  12. Luna followed along vaguely noticing the tall hunters curious glances. She struggled to hold back a blush, she was childish that way. When he spoke she would reply without looking at him directly. " Hmph..." She shrugged. " I could care less. " She lied. Luna wondered if he was trying to spook her. he was about to ask him a question before Hannah stepped in as a leader should. Suddenly Hannah was knocked aside. This was a shock to Luna because Hannah seemed to always be on her guard. Luna quickly gripped the hilt of her blades and analyzed the target. SHe had a hard time taking her attention away from Hannah, trying to see if she were injured or not. Luna immediately began thinking of the best course of action.
  13. Viktor holds his sword in front of himself. He's rather attached to his eyes. He steps to the side to give the quicker Luna more access. He glances at Hannah to check if she's okay.
  14. Hannah cursed herself for being caught off guard, and took quick stock of hurts as she scrambled to her feet. Other than a mildly scraped arm, she was fine. She raised her blade. While the creature's attention was focused on the group, she may be able to get it from behind. She tried to be as quiet as possible as she crept up behind the creature, hoping it's attention would stay on the others.
  15. Viktor tilts his head, "We were just talking about you. How many eyes do you have... demon?" He blinks his unique eyes and smiles innocently at the Ill.
  16. Hannah seemed to be okay and Viktor seemed to be as calm as ever. Luna would take the opportunity to strike. Not noticing Hannahs attempt to take it down from behind She lunged at the target. Her first step was literally lightning fast and that was all she needed to close the distance. She launched her fist into its stomach sending it backwards and immediately followed by slashing at it with one of her blades. Unfortunately her reach wasn't vast enough and she ended out only opening a small cut on the creatures chest. Unknowingly Luna sent the creature right towards Hannah
  17. Hanna cursed again as Luna lunged forward to hit the creature, knocking it back into Hannah. It yelled angrily at the hurt, and Hannah was on the ground once more. She started to struggle to her feet when the creature siezed her throat and lifted her up. "Stupid humans." He screeched. "I will kill you all." It flung Hannah towards the rest of the group, slamming her into them.
  18. Viktor slides as he gets knocked back. He uses one arm to steady Hannah, trying to keep her from getting hurt, and of course holds his sword with the other. He looks up at the demon and swings his sword up to his shoulder. Once he's let go of Hannah he moves around them and grabs the hilt of his sword with both hands, poiting the tip at the demon. "Do you know who we are," he asks?
  19. Luna realized her mistake the second the creature was out of her reach. She froze for a moment as it tossed Hannah in her direction. The speed at which she was coming would've injured Luna. She could do nothing but move out of the way as Viktor caught her. She froze again as the creatures attention was now on her. Suddenly Viktor took control and confronted it directly. Leaving Luna to curse herself for this sloppy performance. She looked back at Hannah and then back at the creature in front of her. She gripped her blades once more. This time she would wait patiently for an opening
  20. Hannah's blade flew from her hand when she was thrown, and when she didn't hit the ground as she was expecting, she looked up at Viktor with a thankful sigh. She filed away in the back of her mind that she'd have to thank him later. The creature twisted to face them with a snarl, and she finally spotted the artifact that caused it all. It stood out, a golden pocketwatch on a thin chain. She wobbled a bit on her feet, she'd be feeling this battle tomorrow, but stepped forward next to Viktor. The creature moved away, then moved it's hand. A blade of what looked like blood flew towards them. Hannah, now unarmed, had no choice but to sidestep and hope Vicktor could handle it. She couldn't use her gift, not without being incredibly weakened.
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