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  1. I want to dazzle...
    I want to shine...
    I want to be...

    Puell@ Aeternus

    189 Production. A fine, fancy little Production Centre. It doesn't have much of a reputation now, and it looks as good as new, like a star ready to rise before it shines to its fullest. The President of 189 Production, Nobunaga Kodaka, has chosen to hire two Producers to aid him in managing the new idols. With the talent of these two Producers, he knows that the company's idols will begin to flow in....

    .... and so they did. Now what? The rest of it is up to the hands of our Producers. The goal of 189 Production - produce the greatest idol, and make our idol girls turn from girls to l@dies!

    Sounds simple? Sounds simple. Done simple? No! This idol journey will be like any idol journey that ever existed - idol-like, a journey, and full of obstacles! There is fun and games, but it isn't just fun and games.

    Like most of the series, I want a female-only crew of idols. If you want your character to be a trap for some apparent reason, do drop me a message.
    This Roleplay will mostly be idol activites and conversations. You have been warned.
    I know the youngest idol in the series has been younger, but let's stick to a minimum age of 10. Maximum age - I'd like a 40 as long as you don't look too old then. You'll need to be energetic if you're an idol, so I would prefer it if most of the idols to be below 20.
    I do not want any canonical characters to be played. Try to avoid being related to a canonical character for the most-part. You can, however, throw a subtle hint or two, like watching one of their performances and such.
    Basic Iwaku rules.

    Basic Trivia and some information:
    189. 1 is I, 8 is Ha, that can be read as Wa in some cases, and 9 is Ku. 189 means Iwaku.
    In the series, the Producer is never really called by name in audio, but simply 'Producer'.
    Like the rest of the series, I will not describe how our President looks.

    Applications for Producers (1 for male, 1 for female)
    Name: (Optional)
    Age: For these chaps, a 17 and above is a must.
    Role in Story: Male/Female Producer
    Other Information:

    Applications for Idols (Max. 14 spots, twins or sometimes siblings e.g. Futami twins or Jougasaki sisters can share one spot)
    Gender: Female
    Age: 10 to 40 please
    Title: An alias perhaps?
    Noteworthy Skills or Talents:
    Interests and Hobbies:
    Image Colour:
    Role in Story:

    Reserved Roles Taken

    Male Producer - GreenSea
    Female Producer - Crow

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  2. Name: Karasuma Kobato
    Gender: Female
    Age: 16
    Title: Dove among crows
    Appearance: Kobato is about 162 centimetres tall, with a BWH of about 79-63-80. Her eyes are a hellish crimson red, and her hair, a chaos black hue, with a criss-cross ribbon tying around a certain portion of her hime-cut hair. Her skin is white as snow, akin to a phantom. She veils herself in a red jersey that covers her seirafukku. She does wear thigh-highs and red sneakers. She is sometimes seen with a red-black striped scarf wrapped around her neck.
    Weight: 40kg
    Personality: Kobato is a nice person at heart. She is actually energetic and eager, but she hides this personality by maintaining a princess-like demeanour, although her internal personality might slip out on occasion. She treats others the way she wants others to treat her - with respect. She often overreacts to thinks in a dramatic way, mostly for a comedic effect. She understands that she can sometimes be intimidating in terms of appearances, so she is not one to judge a book by its cover. She is a little clumsy, often tripping.
    Noteworthy Skills or Talents: Being a good samaritan, if that counts. She is also skilled at the keytar.
    Interests and Hobbies: Ever since young, she has had great interest in being an idol. She also takes interest in origami.
    Image Colour: Crimson
    History: The Karasuma family was once a prestigious family, until a couple generations ago, they went bankrupt, only to recover back to an average lifestyle two generations later. Basically, it was two steps backwards, one step forward. Even though they are no longer wealthy, and simply live life in an ordinary, average manner of being neither poor nor exceptionally rich, the Karasuma family still follows some of its old traditions, and an extent of its pride.
    Kobato knew about this, and knew that her family name was pretty much unknown right know, compared to many years ago where they were noteworthy. During that time, she took an interest in idols. She then wondered if she could be like them, since people were always intimidated by her demonic appearance.
    After mustering up some courage, she chose to do what she wanted to do for a while - be an idol. It all began with being scouted by 189 Production...
    Role in Story: Idol
    Other Information: She fulfils a similiar role to Haruka, Ai, Uzuki and Mirai of the other titles of the iDOLM@STER series. However, unlike them, she appears to have a more frightening, demonic appearance. When not talking, she gives off an eerie aura. Her family name and her own name signify that she is a dove among a murder of crows. She really loves sweet food items, and still believes in Santa Claus, even to the extent of claiming that Santa ignited the flame of wanting to be an idol.
  3. Name: Ryohei Matsunaga
    Gender: Male
    Age: 21
    Appearance: A pretty decent built for a male, his stand 5'8" tall with a weight of 126 Ib. He has a short shaggy brown hair (which he dyed light blue later on), black onyx eyes, sharp chin, and a pale white skin. As for daily clothing, Ryohei usually went for a simple t-shirt, and jeans. While he was working, he usually wear a blazer to show some professionalism.

    Personality: Despite being a producer, he sometimes adore other idol on his rival company but he keeps his idol to his top priority. As a producer, he's not strict when it comes to training but when a member made a mistake, he can severely mad at them. Outside of his producer life, he usually jokes around and friendly. Ryohei also known as the shameless monster, which mean he could do anything shameless towards his friend or idol when the idol don't have any schedule or outside.

    History: Ryohei is a 21 years old university student, who doesn't have any ambition nor the will to live. Throughout his 21 years of living, he was severely being target of bullying and even when it's at home, he was targeted as the black sheep. Ryohei have tried several attempt of suicide but failed at the end, mostly due to his cowardliness, at end result, he stole a great amount of money and ran away from home. With his money he managed to buy a small apartment room enough for him to live, with the left over he used that money to extend his education and cover his daily expense by part time work.

    One day, it was a normal day for Ryohei, as he walked across the road, incidentally, he saw an newly establish idol group perform. He murmured every mistake that they had, the producer was awed by Ryohei's skill and took him to the company. At first Ryohei doesn't have any interest about the job but when it comes to money, he manage to reach agreement with the company. With just a year he managed to give back his parent's stolen money back.

    Role in Story: Male/Female Producer

    Other Information: -
  4. It's kinda funny how I know an iM@S character with an awfully similiar name. Then again, there are hundreds.

    Ah well, I guess accepting wouldn't hurt.
  5. 0__0 I don't know any iM@S chara name though..
  6. Hmm... Unknown to the series? Very well, I'll be sure to monitor and guide just in case. Unlike band RPs this is an official business.

    Hmmm... now that I think of it, we do need rivals. I have them planned as NPCs a couple arcs in...

    I will make rival applications tomorrow.
  7. Name: Kondou Kanade
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Kanade is average in height and has an above-average bust, although she's not impressively large, either. She has red eyes and waist-length hair which she dyes a variety of colors. At the moment, it's mostly pink with deep red tips, and fading to white near the roots. She usually wears her hair up in twintails, but can change her style as she needs to. She usually dresses in simple, cute outfits when she isn't just in her school uniform due to showing up at the production office right out of school.

    Weight: Average/Typical.
    Personality: Kanade is a driven young woman who gives everything her all. One wonders where she has time to sleep between school and her work as an idol, and from her occasionaly abuse of energy drinks, it's possible she sometimes doesn't. She maintains a sweet and innocent persona, for her work, but she has an...edge to her that suggests she's not as nice as she lets on. While she'd never do it in public or an interview, she has no problem with complaining about just how much work being an idol really is.

    Noteworthy Skills or Talents: Kanade is a competent singer and dancer, but she's got a lot to learn. She has a talent for passing off mistakes and slips as intentional or otherwise improvising to recover from a minor gaffe.
    Interests and Hobbies: Like many rookie idols, Kanade really wanted to be one from a young age. She's also a decent cook.
    Image Colour: Pink
    Kanade is the youngest of several siblings, all of whom are successful in various prestigious fields. Her parents had things all planned out for her, too, and being an idol is definitely not a part of it. Her auditioning is in part petty rebellion against her parents' wishes, seeking her own dream instead of following someone else's plan or doing what makes the family look the best. She'll be the best damn idol she can if that's what it takes.

    Whether it's to distance herself from her family, or more that since she was actually scouted her family has virtually disowned her, Kanade is living on her own in a small apartment. It's usually a complete mess with little organization, and she'd probably never have it looking nice on her own.
    Role in Story: Idol

    I can cook up specific measurements or height/weight if I need to, but I don't usually think in such terms on characters. I probably should for an idol, because those sort of vital statistics matter.

    Kanade herself is a bit of a recycled character, though since her origins are as a magical girl who (in a Madoka-inspired game) wished to become an idol, one could say she's in her natural element here. She was something of a "generic heroine" type in personality, which is honestly something I'd like to shake away from.
  8. Name: Anna Mochizuki
    Gender: Female
    Age: 14
    Title: vivid_rabbit
    Appearance: Deep purple hair, blue eyes, slim build, small nose, big ears, big hair, usually a pink turtle neck that is way too big for her, blue shorts, five friendship bracelets on her left arm, small eyebrows, big bangs, little to no breast, sweatshirt pocket in the turtleneck that holds her cellphone.
    Height: 152 cm
    Weight:41 kg
    Personality: Tries to act way more mature than she actually is, more shares her opinion in text, texting the person she's talking to to share her opinion rather than speaking to them face to face. Pauses in her speech to collect her thoughts as she is very scared of older people. Her personality virtually changes based on what clothes she is wearing from 'shy and scared' to 'energetic and whimsical'. Says 'bibi~' between words sometimes. When in tight situations refers to herself in the third person.
    Noteworthy Skills or Talents: Typing
    Interests and Hobbies: Online games, Texting
    Image Colour: Dark Purple
    History: Anna's family is a very quiet one, consisting of her mom, her dad, and herself. As a single child, she had no ambition to really make friends and lived that way in her lonely corner, until her parents bought her a phone....Anna was on that phone day and night, playing the latest games, exchanging phone numbers with students in class and even starting her own little chat sessions with her friends, talking about their day every day. When Anna heard of a contraption that could do 10x more things than a phone could ever do, she jumped at the opportunity. When she asked her parents for a 'computer', they said a decent computer was far more expensive than Anna has even anticipated. Anna was for the first time in her entire life at the age of 13...Lustful. She had heard so many amazing things on this 'computer', the games she could play on them having 'revolutionary graphics' and 'an amazing experience, and she felt sad when her parents told poor little Anna that they did not have the money. Her fourteenth birthday came around, Anna very excited with the hopes of finally obtaining a computer. She told all of her friends that she would get one, and invited all of her friends to the party.

    When the party came around, all of her friends..Made fun of her when she didn't get a computer. They called her a liar, that her pants were on fire, and so forth. She cried, and cried, until her parents got an idea after the party when they saw a poster on the street. They displayed the poster to little Anna, and it was of an idol job at 189 productions that paid. Her parents told her that she herself could save up for her own computer, and in the job, she could make new friends! Anna herself was amazed at such a thing, but also scared as she had never had a job before. Let alone as an idol. When the day came to actually audition to be one, she was very shy, in a turtle neck that was way too big for her, but short and shoes that looked absolutely adorable. They let her in. Anna ran back to her parents and celebrated, but Anna was also very worried still. As she saw many idols that were way prettier and older than her, so agreed with herself to wear the turtle neck as long as she could so she wouldn't be made fun of that she wasn't 'hot enough' similar to the situation at her birthday party. Except with visual appeal and not a computer.
    Role in Story: Idol
    Notes; Somewhat a mixture of Yukiho and Chihaya when it comes to personality and dialogue, and acts her cellphone similar to Iori's bunny, but is her own person. You could say her 'thing', similar to Haruka tripping a lot, or Azusa being super lucky and nice, is that she takes a few seconds to comprehend the situation before taking action. Say the other idols go to rehearsal and she takes a few seconds before realizing and following them. Anna2.jpg
  9. Eliza - I kinda did forget to state this in the rules, but no canon characters, and Million Lives and Cinderella Girls are very much canon. Anna's one of my favourite Million Lives, but I doubt she can partake. Sorry.
  10. R-9 pilot accepted.
  11. Name: N/A, however, she goes by 'Producer', 'Produnu', 'P-san', 'P-chan', 'Miss', 'Miss Producer' and so on. Her real name will be unstated throughout the Roleplay.
    Gender: Female
    Age: 25
    Appearance: Miss Producer stands about 1.46 centimetres tall, and her BWH is a 75-58-77, pretty tiny if you ask me. Even her face and smooth skin gives the impression of a child who is just about to start Middle School, and even those are taller nowadays. Her eyes are a sparkling olive black, with occasional black eyebags below them, and her hair, a dark hue of bluish-green, tied into a straight ponytail, and the end of the ponytail, it is tied once more. She has semicircular frames on her spectacles, and has a hairclip on her right hair area that resembles a yellow-hued P, although the colour often changes to match her tie. Her outfit is standard office lady suit wear, with black thigh-highs and office shoes. The ties she wear within her suit vary between red, green, blue, yellow, orange, purple and violet.
    Personality: Miss Producer cares a lot about her idols, and is not fond of favouritism, although she might unconsciously do it if she has a crush on of them for whatever reason. She is always enthusiastic about work, but wishes to find time for enjoyment. She likes a hard worker and wishes to be the guiding wings for all the budding idols in 189 Production.
    History: Miss Producer had a regular life in a family of one sibling, her parents and herself. At the age of 15, she made a debut as an idol who simply went by 'Nanairo Momo', produced by 620 Production(Ro-Fu-Rei=Ro-Pu-Rei). She was quite the superstar and quickly rose to the tops, gaining the title of Ultimate Idol. However, one day, a couple months after turning 20, Nanairo Momo mysteriously disappeared. No one knew what happened to her, but there was speculation that ranged from simple unnanounced retiring, to even exaggerated ones like being abducted by aliens and death! Whatever it was, she was gone.
    Five years forward, Nanairo Momo was but a relic of the past, remembered by the oldies and those into the oldies. This person no longer exists. Instead, Miss Producer was ready to roll. Miss Producer was, at some point, hired by 189 Production to be a Producer.
    Role in Story: Female Producer
    Other Information: She is into younger men. As in, a really big age difference. She also enjoys playing MMORPGs in her freetime. Her physical appearance has not changed for the past 10 years, thus one might recognise her as Momo Yellow.
  12. Let's bump this baby up!

    Anyone else ready to roll?
  13. Name: Naomi Nakahara
    Gender: Female
    Age: 15
    Title: Firefly
    Appearance: Naomi is half African American, half Japanese so her skin is medium shade brown, and her hair is short, curly and black. She has bright magenta eyes, that are always shining with mirth. Naomi is a small girl in all aspects. She's short, only standing at 162 cm, and her bust size is practically non existent (a trait that annoys her to no end).
    Naomi wears her hair in two low pig tails, with her bangs cut short at the top and left to grow long on the sides. She decorates her hair with pretty hair ornaments and barretts, but she's never dyed it and doesn't plan to.
    As for attire, Naomi usually wears graphic t-shirts over long sleeved plain colored shirts, along with shorts and tennis shoes. The only form of jewelry that she wears are homemade bracelets with bells on it, that her grandmother makes.
    Weight: 49 kg
    Personality: Naomi can only be described as a hyperactive motormouth. She always manages to get excited over anything and keep an optimistic attitude when facing all kinds of obstacles and situations. She's a very curious girl and when something peaks her interest she'll batter you with questions until her curiosity is satiated.
    Noteworthy Skills or Talents: Naomi is a folk singer, she uses her talent in ululating to give her songs a peaceful feel. She's also a somewhat good dancer but her dancing doesn't match her singing style, as she is extremely energetic. She has a history in gymnastics, so she incorporates that into her displays.
    Interests and Hobbies: Naomi only recently decided to become an idol when she found out that her grandmother had once attempted to be one, but failed the audition. So Naomi wants to achieve greatness to make her grandmother happy.
    Image Colour: Orange
    History: Naomi never planned to become an idol, in fact her dream was to become a famous pet stylist for celebrities in America, where she had been living at the time. However, her father's business transferred him to Japan in the city where Naomi's mother was born. The family moved in with Naomi's grandparents and it was then that Naomi got to know her grandmother.

    Naomi found out that her grandmother had once attempted to become an idol but failed the audition. Becoming an idol was her grandmother's dream and when she couldn't achieve it, she fell into a deep depression and resigned to getting a job as a librarian. Naomi felt bad for her grandmother and sought to become an idol to make the woman happy. She even used her grandmother's planned stage name 'Firefly' as her title.

    Despite the fact that she never planned to become an idol, Naomi likes the life of an up and coming idol.
    Role in Story: Idol
  14. Well, it's good for the accepting. Welcome to 189 Pro!
  15. I will get a character up shortly.
  16. Glad to hear. Now we will have three idols.
  17. @Crow Can you message me with specifics?
  18. I won't let the dream of becoming idols die. We will all turn from girls to l@dies together!
  19. Even if there's only a few of us, we'll soldier on!
  20. sorry for the late appearance guys!
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