THE iDOLM@STER Collection [Requires some extent of series knowledge]

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  1. The world of idols. It is indeed a grand place to be.
    Maidens of all ages and heights enter this realm, wishing to rise towards victory, fame, the title of the greatest idol.
    Some make it, some don't.
    Will you make it? You will never know until you take the first step into the gates...


    The world of iDOLM@STER is a vast one. Idols from all walks of life enter the realm of idols to seek great success. As of now, various idols from various Productions are constantly peparing for various events, fulfilling separate goals together.

    But hey, enough with the chitchat. Let's get on with the main paperwork and all that.

    If you want to be an idol, you will need an agency to promote you, isn't that right? What? What do you mean you're independent? I don't care if you're freelance, you won't last long if you're freelance!

    • [​IMG]

      This is where the ball first started rolling in the series. As of now, 765(read as Namco) Production produces 50 different idols, both the 13 experienced members of 765PRO ALLSTARS and the fresh new 37 MILLIONSTARS of the mobile installment Million Live. The current President is Takagi Junjirou.

      There are currently hiring Producers.

      RyuGuKomachi has disbanded
      Both the 13 765PRO members as well as Million Live characters are present. The 13 765PRO members have veteran advantage, while the other 37 are rookies.
      In addition to the NPC Producer, 4 more Producers are ready to be hired.

      Experienced company
      Enhanced bond
      Enhanced fame

      Higher-than-average budget-to-staff ratio

      Who knows~ The real weakness arises within individuals.
    • [​IMG]
      Where do I even begin? Ah yes, 961(read as Kuroi) Production. You think they went bakrupt? Ka-pow? Well, evil, or rather, chaotic evil, never gives up! Kuroi Takao, the President of 961 Production, is unwilling to let any puny rats get under his nose, and he will ensure that he crushes them hard with a variety of underhanded tactics up his sleeve and down his connections. And yeah, that's probably why his previous idols quit in the first place.

      This company is not hiring Producers.

      Original characters will be used in this case. Two to five idols will be present to form a unit.
      The idols are at first unaware of Kuroi's evil deeds, but learn later.
      Kuroi brainwashes his idols into thinking that he's playing fair and the other agencies are rolling dirty.

      Dirty play brings you heights
      High budget-to-staff ratio
      Capable of tinkering and toying with other companies

      Intensive foul play

      Your boss is a total dick and you're more likely to defect from this hellhole than any other company
      Foul play may backfire
      Foul play does not work on 346 Production. That's some serious suicide.
      Mostly rookies, unless otherwise stated.
    • [​IMG]

      You think we forgot? You think they're dead? Oh, they were never dead. They were never unsuccessful. 876(read Banamu) Production is pretty small, but you know what they all say, small things come in big packages. By small I mean, only three idols in their arsenal. Three idols in one single unit known to many as Dearly Stars, how did President Ishikara Minori even survive the idol industry with her measly low-staff low-idol company? Well, read this thing again.

      This company is hiring 1 additional producer in addition to a current NPC Producers/Managers, Okamoto Manami and Ozaki Reiko.

      Any form of 'ultimate event' that happened in other forms of material didn't happen. Ai's mother never returned to the idol industry, Eri... what happened again? Ryo was never found out to be a boy. Instead, an alternate route where the trio became a unit occured.

      Heavy, hard to seperate bond
      Connections with 765 Pro
      Slightly enhanced fame

      Moderate budget-to-staff ratio

      Ridiculously small staff numbers.
    • [​IMG]

      The beautiful castle. The beautiful castle where the magic happens. Lead by an unknown President, 346(read Mishiro) Production owns this wonderful, enchanted fortress, and it promises to make your fairy tale dream come-
      Fine, fine, I'll stop this. 346 Production is a humongous company with a great variety of facilities, at least 30 floors in its building, and a whopping 187 idols from the Cinderella Girls spinoff being produced by various Producers. This company is so huge, they actually need to divide the idols into sub-agencies that are formed once in a while, each sub-agency produced by one Producer.

      This company won't stop hiring Producers anytime soon!

      As this is closer to the anime's continuity, the sub-agency Cinderella Project has to be in one whole piece of 14 under one Producer. For other combinations, go cray-cray. Each sub-agency can hold from three to fifteen idols.
      If an idol has been claimed, you need to seek permission from the roleplayer playing the idol before they can be in your sub-agency. Other than that, feel free to add idols of your choosing to your arsenal. No reserving idols for sub-agencies please.
      If an idol from your sub-agency is unclaimed, she can be used as an NPC controlled by you.

      Very high budget-to-staff ratio
      An actual success rate
      Great variety of idols, 187 idols


      You know what goes with '187 idols to produce' now don't you?
    • 189

      Wait, literally who? Literally what? 189(Pronounced Iwaku) Production is so new, it doesn't even have a proper logo... yet. Like a new flower, it blooms, ready to face hardships while riding a metaphorical hard ship. They don't have much of a history, but hey, now is a good time to start.

      This company is currently hiring two Producers, one male, one female

      Only original characters please. And Original characters go here.

      Pretty new, a chance to shine


      Low budget-to-staff ratio
      Still new, zero bond at the start of the RP
      The only agency in the RP that starts from Square one.
    • Unless you're a trap or something, female idols only(for now)
      If you run a sub-agency in 346, do not reserve the idols you intend to produce, just reserve the Producer.
      Original character idols can only be used in 961 and 189. All other idols must be canon.
      4 apps maximum for the time being, otherwise you'll end up competing against yourself. Producers don't count towards character count, and you only get to play 3 Producers.
      Please do not use that one recoloured picture of monochrome Rin with blue eyes.
      Have fun.
      After ready the rules, include 'I'm a l@dy' in the others section of your app.
    • (Insert Picture here)
      (Insert quote in italics here)

      Alias: Optional
      Age: Youngest idol in the entire franchise is 9. Don't go lower because that's physically impossible.
      Gender: Female
      Role: Idol
      Agency: Any of the five
      Sub-agency: 346 idols only. If you are unsure, leave this blank.
      Appearance: Canon or original, describe any traits not found in above picture, especially height. Preferably metres and centimetres.
      BWH: I don't usually do this, but you know... idols...
      Personality: I will pay attention to this and make sure it is at least close to the original for canon idols.
      History: A little optional.
      Image Colour:
      Strengths: Your various strengths. If you are a veteran, put 'veteran' here.
      Known talent:
      Writing sample: Optional for original idols, but go ahead. I need to see if you really understand this character before you play her.
      Others: Things that don't fall up there?
    • (Insert Picture Here)
      (Insert quote here)

      Name: Optional
      Age: Keep it realistic
      Role: Producer
      Agency: Which of the five?
      Sub-agency: What is the name of the sub-agency you manage?
      Appearance: In addition to any displayed traits, especially height.
      History: Rather optional
      Writing Sample:
    • Put this underneath your Producer app for 346 Producers.

      Sub-agency name:

      Member template(3 to 15):

      Member name:
      Member Age:
      Member Appearance:
      Member Description: (IMPORTANT to ensure I know if you know the character well enough)
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  2. Post reserved for 765 employee list.
  3. Post reserved for 961 employee list
  4. Post reserved for 876 employee list even though there are like three ladies only
  5. Post reserved for 346 employee list.
  6. Post reserved for 189 employee list
  7. I might need this post.
  8. While under construction, Idol application templates are up.
  9. Interested in joining~ But you already know that ^^
  10. You wish to reserve anything?
  11. I think I will make a pair of twins for 765 Productions and another one for 346 Productions if I am allowed to~
  12. Well... I hope you read the brief rules before beginning to make your application. Have fun!
  13. oh gosh didn't see the whole canon thing. Wait I am going to change my character choices~ Won't be taking twins~ Give me a second and I will get back to you~
  14. I will be taking... Anzu Futaba and Akane Hino from 346 Productions


    Makoto Kikuchi and Haruka Amami

    if that's alright~?
  15. Alright then.
  16. awesome thanks I will have them up soon~
  17. I'd like to reserve an idol for 365 productions

    Anna Mochizuki
  18. Like all Million Lives, Anna's in 765. But very well. I'm glad to hear more reserves.
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  19. This looks interesting though I am hesitant to join.
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